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Royal Arch Masons -- Dubuque County, Iowa


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Part 1

Chapter #3 Dubuque
Dubuque, Dubuque Co.
Charter granted 9/18/1847
No. of members yr. ending Sept. 1882: 119
No. of members yr. ending Oct. 1890: 124


NAME NOTES =================== ================================= Allen, W.P. PS-82/GCh,*HP-90 Allison, W.B. m-82,90 Anderson, C. m-82,90 Andrew, G.W. m-90 Andrew, J.H. Ex-82,90 Archibald, W.F. Ex-90 Averell, E.H. m-82 Baehler, J. Di-90 Baird, W.R. m-82/GMFV-90 Ballaugh, P.S. m-90 Barker, J.J. m-82 Barnett, C.G. Ex-82 Batchelder, F.C. m-82 Baule, F. RAC-90 Baynes, J.C. m-90 Beattie, P. m-90 Beck, J.P. m-82 Beck, J.R. m-90 Beckwith, J.N. m-90 Bell, R.Z. m-82 Bentley, C.S. Ad-78/m-82 Benton, G.W. Su-82 Bett, R.T. m-82 Beyer, W. m-90 Bilbrough, J.E. Ex-82/m-90 Blackwell, W.J. Di-7 Blockinger, G. m-90 Blossom, Ed. Di-80 Board, T.R. m-90 Booth, C.H. m-82,90 Boothby, J.M. m-90 Boothby, R.M. Ex-82 Brewster, A.R. m-82 Brinkerhoff, J. m-82 Bruhler, John Ex-80/m-82 Burch, G.B. m-82,90 Burden, G. m-82 Burden, G.W. m-90 Buroster, A.R. Ex-81 Burt, J.P. GMTV-82/m-90 Burton, G.W. Su-82 Butler, F. m-82 Buxton, H.F. RSMD-90 Carnahan, A.S. Di-80 Chamberlain, E. m-82 Chapman, Joseph HP-78/GCh,HP,OHP-79/m-82,90 Chrissinger, I.M. m-82 Christian, C.E. m-90 Christman, A. m-82,90 Clapp, E.E. m-82,90 Clark, W.R. m-82 Cleaveland, E.K. Ex-80/m-82  (K.E. Cleveland) Conyngham, D.H. m-82 Cotter, M. m-82 Cotter, M.J. m-90 Crawford, P.W. m-90 Daggett, J.M. m-82 Daugherty, Abel W. GCh,*HP-82/m-90 Dean, C.B. m-82 Dennis, A.C. m-90 Dennis, J.B. m-90 Dickenson, W.P. RSMD,Di-90 Dickinson, George S. Di-78 Dorchester, H.G. Ex-80/m-82 Downer, A.M. Ex-82,90 Durham, L.H. Di-80 Emsley, D. m-90 Everett, J.T. re-instated-?/D-81  (Feb. 1881) Fairfield, C.R. m-90 Fanning, A.S. Ex-79/m-82 Ferris, J.M. Di-80 Fifield, G.A. m-90 Fifield, G. m-82 Fischer, G.L. m-82 Flanders, F.B. Ex-90 Fleming, J.A. RSMD-90 Fockler, L. Di-90 Fowler, S.M. Ex-82 Foster, George R. S-78,79,80,82/m-90 Gaines, E.S. T-90 Gardner, H.B. D-79 Gibbs, P.L. m-90 Gibbs, P.S. m-82 Gilliam, Charles GCh,K-78/GCh,K-79/D-82 (Dec. 1881) Gilliam, T.F. m-82/Di-90 (Gillian) Glasser, D.C. m-90 Gleason, C.W. m-90 Goble, M.D. m-82 Graves, E.P. Su-82 Graves, R.E. m-82,90 Gray, Geo. JR GMSV-82/m-90 Greene, J.H. m-90 Green, J. m-82/Su-90 Guilbert, E.A. CH-82/m-90 Haight, F. Di-78 Hanks, L.T. Ex-82/S-90 Hanson, J.W. m-82 Harrison, J.M. D-79 Harvey, L.H. m-82 Heller, R.H. m-90 Henderson, D.B. m-90 Henion, J.G. m-82 Herman, R. S-82/HP-90 Hermann, - RAC-82 Herron, A. m-82 Herren, Charles Ex-79/m-82 (Herron) Hervey, J. m-82,90 Hibbard, R.S. m-90 Hill, R.L. m-82,90 Hill, R.S. Ex-80 Hobbs, A. RSMD-90 Holmes, E.J. m-82 Hopp, John GMFV-82 Hopkins, B.B. m-90 Hopkins, W. m-82/Su-90 Horr, A. m-82,90 Howie, J. PS-90 Hutchinson, A.L. Di-82 Hyde, F.S. m-90 Jackson, E.R. m-90 Johnson, L.B. m-90 Jones, B.W. HP,GCh-80/m-90 Keepers, H. m-82 Keifer, P. Su-82 Keim, E.P. Ex-82 Kiene, P. Jr. Ex-80/m-82,90 (Keine) King, C.P. m-90 Kingman, H.M. m-82 Klein, C.D. Ex-90 Klein, C.S. Ex-90 Kopp, J. Ex-80/m-90 (Kapp) Knowlton, H.A. Ex-82/m-90 Krim, E.P. Ex-82 Lange, E.P. m-90 Levens, A. m-90 Levi, A. T-82/m-90 Levi, J. m-90 Lewis, W. m-82 Lindig, C. m-90 Looby, J. Di-82 Lull, J.H. m-82/D-90 (1/22/1890) Nelson, A. Di-78 Mackenzie, A.H. CH-90 McArthur, J.A. m-82,90 McBride, J. Su-90 McBride, J.M. m-82 McKinley, R.M. m-90 McKown, J.W. m-90 McNalley, J.H. Ex-90 (McNelley) McNeil, J.E. Di-78 Mehlhop, John Di-78 Mengis, F. m-82 Minshall, R.P. m-82 Mitchell, I.J. m-90 Morse, W.H. m-82 Munger, N.O. Di-82 Nelson, A. Se-90 Nerobing, J.W. m-82 Newburgh, J.W. m-90 Nicols, A. m-82/RSMD-90 (Nicoll) Orr, J.A. RSMD-90 Otley, R. m-90 Parker, B.F. m-90 Parker, J.W. m-82 Parker, T.W. RSMD-90 Patch, A.J. GCh,K-81/K-82/m-90 Patch, J.J. HP-79 Peaslee, E.C. m-90 Peck, A.E. Su-90 Perry, W.R. K-90 Peterson, C.J. m-90 Peterson J. Ex-82 Pitschner, C. m-90 Platt, I.M. m-82,90 Preston, I.M. m-82 Provost, G.B. Ex-82/m-90 Quackenbush, A.I. m-82 Rafoth, F.D. m-90 Reeves, C.H. m-90 Reinecke, L. m-82,90 Rhomberg, J.A. m-82 Rice, J.J. Di-79 Riche, J.P. m-82 Richmond, J. RSMD-90 Rider, Sam. P. Ex-81/m-82,90 Ritschatsch, E.J. m-90 Robinson, F.D. m-82 Robinson, J.H. m-82 Robinson, M.S. Di-79 Robinson, W.E. m-82 Roche, J.P. Ex-79 Rost, F.S. m-90 Rouse, H. m-82 Ruete, T.W. m-90 Salot, G. m-90 Salot, G.W. m-90 Schirber, A. m-82 Schreider, C.W. m-90 Scloth, C. m-82 Scofield, L. m-82 Scott, J.G. m-90 Seaman, L.W. Su-90 Sholes, Ed. Di-80 Simplot, H.F. Sc-82/m-90 Smith, J.W. D-79 Southwell, S.J. m-90 Spence, J.G. Sc-90 Staples, G.A. m-90 Staples, G.W. d-78/m-82,90  (G.M. Staples) Stark, A.E. m-82,90 Strelan, P.E. RSMD,GMSV-90 Strinski, F. m-82 Strobel, A. m-90 Swivel, J. m-82,90  (Swivell) Tasker, W. m-82 Taylor, J.W. Di-82 Thrift, W.H. Su-90 Torbert, W.H. m-82,90 Trenk, H.F. m-90 Trewin, C.B. RSMD,GMTV-90 Tuthill, E.S. m-82 Tuttle, Horace Di-80 Tuttle, L.B. m-82 Utt, W.H. m-90 Van Nest, B. RSMD-90 Van Wie, J.J. Ex-81/Se-82/m-90  (Van Mie) Wagner, F.C. m-82 Waite, R.E. m-82 Wakefield, N.W. Ex-90 Wallis, J.W. m-82 Werner, E. m-90 Whatmore, J.H. m-90 Wilber, C.A. m-82 Wilcox, J.S. m-82 Williams, A. m-82,90 Williams, C.R. Ex-82 Wilson, J. Ex-82 Wilson, J.H. Su-90 Wilson, S.S. Ad-79 Wilson, T.S. m-82 Woodward, A. m-90 Woodworth, W.J. Ex-90 Yaeger, M.D. Ex-82

    Part 2

    Subordinate Council - Dubuque Council, #3
    Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa
    (From report made in 1872)

  NAME                        NOTES 
  ==========================  ===========================
  Ainsworth, L.L.             dead
  Allen, W.P.                 R.I.M.
  Anderson, A.D.              

  Arthur, John A.             Capt. Of Guard
  Baird, W.R.                 Sentinel
  Barnes, M.S.                

  Booth, C.H.
  Brewer, Edward      
  Broadhurst, J.G.    

  Brown, P.E.
  Burton, Geo. W.     
  Chapman, Joseph             P.C.W.

  Clapp, E.E.
  Clark, W.H. 
  Dennis, J.S.        

  Everett, J.T.
  Fry, John J.                Steward
  Gilliam, Charles    

  Gilliam, T.F.
  Guilbert, E.A.               T.I.M.
  Hemenway, H.H.      

  Hempstead, S.
  Herron, F.J.        
  Hooper, W.  

  Horr, Asa
  Howard, J.B.        
  Johnson, Wm.        

  Kynett, A.J.
  Levi, A.    
  Lull, J.H.  

  Mehlop, John                Treasurer
  Minshall, R.P.      
  Rauh, Sol.  

  Rhomberg, Joseph
  Rouse, H.   
  Russell, A. 

  Schloth, C.
  Smith, W.W. 
  Tasker, Wm. 

  Thomas, J.B.
  Tuttle, Horace              Recorder
  Williams, A.

Keys and Sources

Ad - admitted D - died Di - dimitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated) Dr - dropped (dismissed) Ex - exalted (raised to a higher degree) Exp - expelled Su - suspended (possibly for non-payment of dues or unmasonic-like conduct) m - found on membership rolls for indicated year 18-- *Proxy - indicates he attended the Grand Chapter, annual convocation as a proxy (ex. GCh,HP*-78 This man attended the Grand chapter as a proxy High Priest in 1878) C - Chaplain CH - Chaplain of the Host or Captain of the Host GC - Grand Chaplain GCh - Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa GMFV - Grand Master First Vail GMSV - Grand Master Second Vail GMTV - Grand Master Third Vail HP - High Priest K - King PS - Principle Sojourner R - Recorder RAC - Royal Arch Captain RSMD - received Royal & Select Masters degree in the indicated year S - Secretary Sc - Scribe Se - Sentinel Ss - Steward & Sentinel T - Treasurer Key to years: 78 - 1878 annual report (10/1/1877-9/30/1878) 79 - 1879 annual report (10/1/1878-9/30/1879) 80 - 1880 annual report (10/1/1879-9/30/1880) 81 - 1881 annual report (10/1/1880-9/30/1881) 82 - 1882 annual report (10/1/1881-9/30/1882) 90 - 1890 annual report (10/1/1889-9/30/1890)


1. Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, for the Years 1878 to 1882, Inclusive, Vol. IV, Original Edition; Muscatine, Iowa - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1883.

2. Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, at its Thirty-Seventh Grand Annual Convocation, Convened at Cedar Rapids, Thursday October 9th, A.D. 1890, Original Edition; Des Moines - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1890.

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