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Holdings for Des Moines County Death Records

Source and persmission granted by State Hisorical Society of Iowa; Original transcript April 11, 2015

Please allow some flexibility in the spelling of names as transcribing can often be interpreted.


NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateCountyMother's Maiden Name
, Blackiec.1884 20 Dec. 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Abel, Charley Henry09 July 1870Iowa31 Jan. 1937Des MoinesBruer
Abel, Ella01 Feb. 1865Iowa06 Dec. 1939Des MoinesBall
Abendreth, Emily A.01 Aug. 1886Iowa28 June 1925Des Moines 
Abrisz (Baby Boy)25 Nov. 1928Iowa25 Nov. 1928Des MoinesGoetz
Abrisz (Baby Girl)03 June 1922Iowa03 June 1922Des MoinesGoetz
Abrisz (Baby Girl)30 July 1921Iowa30 July 1921Des MoinesGoetz
Abrisz, Joan28 Sept. 1929Iowa20 Jan. 1930Des MoinesGoetz
Acheson, Oliver Guy26 June 1891Iowa11 July 1939Des MoinesWilson
Ackerman, August Herman09 Apr. 1876Iowa16 Feb. 1937Des MoinesUnknown
Ackerman, William F.06 July 1870Iowa17 May 1934Des MoinesUnknown
Ackerson, Peter05 Oct. 1840Sweden22 Feb. 1931Des MoinesUnknown
Adair, Agnes Jane25 May 1865Illinois27 Oct. 1925Des MoinesStevenson
Adams, Arthur A.18 Dec. 1858Iowa21 Feb. 1923Des MoinesSwain
Adams, Bertha M.09 Jan. 1896Iowa04 May 1932Des MoinesShepard
Adams, Edwin D.23 Nov. 1856New York23 Aug. 1930Des MoinesWetmore
Adams, Emma04 Feb. 1836Pennsylvania02 Apr. 1922Des Moines 
Adams, Horace Edward24 Sept. 1904Iowa29 July 1934Des MoinesFahlgren
Adams, John W.11 Apr. 1924Iowa10 May 1924Des MoinesNelson
Adank, Adam24 Apr. 1838Switzerland23 Feb. 1925Des Moines 
Adank, George20 Oct. 1873Wisconsin11 Nov. 1923Des MoinesHegnauer
Adank, Mary19 Oct. 1841Switzerland12 Mar. 1922Des Moines 
Addichs, Fredericka23 Apr. 1841Germany03 Mar. 1922Des Moines 
Adelhardt, Menthona (Sister)c.1860Missouri01 Mar. 1928Des Moines 
Adelhelm, Christian F.26 Nov. 1843Germany24 Jan. 1922Des MoinesKurtz
Ademeit, Junior03 Apr. 1922Iowa23 Nov. 1925Des MoinesSimms
Ademeit, Marie13 Dec. 1913Iowa20 Nov. 1922Des MoinesSimms
Adolph, Caroline16 Dec. 1852Sweden18 Nov. 1923Des Moines 
Adolph, Gust23 June 1843Sweden11 Apr. 1929Des Moines 
Adolphson, Amanda Johanna21 May 1850SwedenOct. 1931Des MoinesJohnson
Adolphson, Axel F.31 July 1863Sweden09 Nov. 1930Des MoinesUnknown
Adolphson, C.J.14 June 1841Sweden29 Mar. 1925Des MoinesButler
Adolphson, Carl Lindahl14 June 1904Iowa02 Mar. 1936Des MoinesLindahl
Adolphson, Peter12 July 1861Sweden13 May 1935Des MoinesUnknown
Aerl, Eva S.08 Apr. 1874Illinois07 Jan. 1924Des MoinesButler
Agnew, Alberta1871Illinois29 May 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Agnew, Elizabeth10 Apr. 1864Ireland06 Feb. 1936Des Moines 
Agnew, Elizabeth18 Mar. 1871Iowa01 Apr. 1924Des MoinesMcIver
Agnew, Hugh Francis09 Dec. 1862Iowa24 July 1937Des MoinesMcIver
Agnew, John James28 July 1878Iowa25 Dec. 1934Des MoinesUnknown
Agnew, Thomas C.18 Dec. 1852Ohio06 Jan. 1939Des MoinesMcKeever
Ahlers, Lena25 May 1891Illinois16 Oct. 1930Des MoinesHartman
Ahlstrand, Gust A.06 Nov. 1856Sweden04 Oct. 1935Des Moines 
Aicher, William10 Feb. 1862Iowa07 July 1932Des MoinesSwoboda
Aid, Jacob28 June 1859Ohio06 Aug. 1936Des MoinesLind
Aiken, Elizabeth S.10 Jan. 1847Mississippi06 Oct. 1933Des MoinesShaw
Ainsworth, Henry24 May 1854Tennessee23 Mar. 1922Des MoinesClinard
Albee, Evelyn Ross19 July 1919Iowa21 Nov. 1922Des MoinesRoss
Alber, Frank Henry03 Aug. 1910Iowa04 Mar. 1936Des MoinesHanks
Albright, Ailey Minerva28 Oct. 1853Iowa13 Sept. 1935Des MoinesSargeant
Albright, Edwin Murrel03 Feb. 1887Iowa07 Sept. 1935Des Moines 
Albright, Eva Mae21 Dec. 1912Illinois30 Sept. 1938Des MoinesKemp
Albright, Nancy Olive14 June 1857Iowa21 Oct. 1933Des MoinesSargent
Albright, Silas Marten22 Nov. 1872Denmark14 Dec. 1937Des MoinesFrend
Alcantara, Mary (Sister)09 Sept. 1881Iowa17 June 1937Des MoinesVerwayen
Aldershof, Marie30 July 1882Holland27 Feb. 1929Des MoinesEites
Alderson, David J.26 Mar. 1849West Virginia23 Jan. 1936Des MoinesJohnson
Alexander, James Leslie15 Sept. 1853Iowa21 Oct. 1921Des MoinesSkinner
Alexander, Robert M.24 Feb. 1849Illinois15 Mar. 1929Des MoinesPinegar
Alfred, Asher E.14 Mar. 1908Iowa18 Mar. 1936Des MoinesArmstrong
Allen, Ellen E.17 Nov. 1844Indiana23 June 1930Des MoinesHoover
Allen, John Shurman11 Mar. 1865Indiana31 July 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Allen, John Wassom07 Feb. 1853Iowa24 Jan. 1932Des MoinesWassom
Allen, Lenard Clark01 Mar. 1885Illinois26 Apr. 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Allen, Nancy Moore10 Mar. 1854Illinois18 Dec. 1931Des MoinesElenore
Allen, Robert11 May 1833Ireland21 June 1924Des Moines 
Allen, Robert Johnc. 23 Aug. 1867Indiana24 July 1938Des MoinesReid
Allender, Iliff Max06 Jan. 1901Iowa23 Feb. 1937Des MoinesFickle
Allender, James Carver22 Jan. 1859Iowa18 Apr. 1925Des MoinesThompson
Allison, Eunice G.14 Feb. 1876Iowa27 Nov. 1921Des MoinesMcNeeley
Allison, Harriet09 Sept. 1856Illinois04 July 1928Des MoinesCarothers
Allison, James19 July 1854Ireland04 Jan. 1932Des MoinesBarr
Allison, Mary Ann09 Aug. 1848England07 Aug. 1928Des MoinesCollins
Allison, Samuel Morris07 Oct. 1873Iowa20 Nov. 1929Des MoinesLeadbeater
Allison, William Andrew29 July 1871Iowa03 Feb. 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Allweine, Philip J.08 Mar. 1875Pennsylvania26 Jan. 1922Des Moines 
Almendinger, George05 June 1928Iowa18 June 1928Des MoinesMooney
Alspach, Erastus C.21 Dec. 1862Iowa17 Dec. 1935Des MoinesRankin
Alter, Leon Charles08 Dec. 1933Iowa15 Dec. 1933Des MoinesDeeds
Alter, Mary18 Dec. 1849Iowa30 Mar. 1926Des MoinesPatterson
Alton, Ida Dora21 Aug. 1877Illinois06 Apr. 1931Des MoinesCollins
Alvine, Lena17 Nov. 1875Illinois10 Nov. 1923Des MoinesStanton
Ambler, Henry "Harry" A.19 Jan. 1862Iowa13 Oct. 1934Des MoinesAndrews
Amenell, Verner Eugene30 Apr. 1929Iowa22 Jan. 1933Des MoinesGustafson
Anderlitschke, Marie Thresia08 Dec. 1867Austria19 Nov. 1931Des Moines 
Anderlitske, Albert14 June 1865Germany24 Apr. 1931Des Moines 
Andersen, Charleyc.1861Sweden19 Aug. 1923Des Moines 
Andersen, Emma Laura08 Apr. 1916Iowa23 Aug. 1925Des MoinesRudiger
Anderson (Baby Boy)16 May 1935Iowa16 May 1935Des MoinesRichards
Anderson (Baby Girl)27 Nov. 1922Iowa27 Nov. 1922Des MoinesBrown
Anderson, Agnes M.10 July 1860Iowa27 Dec. 1928Des Moines 
Anderson, Albert E.03 July 1888Iowa29 July 1930Des MoinesFreed
Anderson, Alfred C.Oct. 1866Sweden10 Mar. 1934Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Alice18 Dec. 1874Iowa31 Dec. 1935Des MoinesGrohl
Anderson, Almac.1856Sweden22 Feb. 1926Des Moines 
Anderson, Andrew Gus26 Apr. 1858Sweden25 Jan. 1935Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Anna16 Oct. 1855Sweden05 Oct. 1921Des Moines 
Anderson, Anna26 Nov. 1841Sweden01 Mar. 1928Des Moines 
Anderson, Anna Christine11 May 1864Norway23 July 1937Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Anna M.07 Apr. 1865Sweden26 May 1930Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Anna Murray28 Dec. 1871Illinois13 Nov. 1931Des MoinesWarden
Anderson, August07 July 1874Illinois02 July 1926Des MoinesNelson
Anderson, August (Mrs.)09 Feb. 1880Iowa14 May 1925Des MoinesRuppert
Anderson, Augusta25 May 1857Sweden18 Nov. 1931Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Axel11 Sept. 1867Sweden07 June 1922Des MoinesYundal
Anderson, Carl August15 Jan. 1857Sweden07 Feb. 1923Des MoinesAndusdotter
Anderson, Carl Frederick28 Sept. 1859Sweden20 Apr. 1937Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Carl Ludwig18 Nov. 1860Sweden28 July 1936Des Moines 
Anderson, Carolina Amalia15 Mar. 1863Sweden05 Dec. 1938Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Caroline Marie22 May 1857Sweden25 July 1934Des MoinesJohnson
Anderson, Charles A.17 July 1853Illinois05 June 1927Des MoinesDavis
Anderson, Charles Edward29 May 1886Iowa19 Dec. 1934Des Moines 
Anderson, Charles Frederick09 Feb. 1870Sweden11 Dec. 1928Des Moines 
Anderson, Charles J.09 Oct. 1850Sweden08 July 1928Des Moines 
Anderson, Charles J.07 Nov. 1862Sweden17 Apr. 1923Des Moines 
Anderson, Charlotte01 Oct. 1853Sweden22 Mar. 1931Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Christina Louisa16 May 1850Sweden05 Feb. 1925Des Moines 
Anderson, Claude Sr.05 Oct. 1877Iowa14 July 1936Des MoinesTempleton
Anderson, Claus August03 Aug. 1859Sweden26 Feb. 1927Des MoinesKamp
Anderson, Elvira Jeannettc.1921Iowa19 Dec. 1921Des Moines 
Anderson, Emil T.01 Nov. 1884Sweden14 Feb. 1931Des MoinesBurk
Anderson, Emma24 Oct. 1881Sweden05 Oct. 1932Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Emma15 Aug. 1871Iowa26 Feb. 1929Des Moines 
Anderson, Emma C.05 Nov. 1864Sweden05 Aug. 1938Des MoinesAnderson
Anderson, Emma Charlotte27 Feb. 1870Sweden10 Sept. 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Eric P.May 1858Sweden03 Jan. 1934Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Frank B.22 Feb. 1863Iowa15 Mar. 1939Des MoinesVertz
Anderson, George09 Oct. 1855West Virginia30 Jan. 1922Des MoinesBrunn
Anderson, Gerald19 Jan. 1922 05 June 1927Des MoinesTolander
Anderson, Gustave A.11 Aug. 1884Iowa22 Jan. 1922Des Moines 
Anderson, Hannah23 Nov. 1873Sweden23 June 1926Des Moines 
Anderson, Hannah15 Mar. 1858Sweden07 Apr. 1929Des MoinesGustafson
Anderson, Hans12 May 1850Sweden02 Dec. 1934Des Moines 
Anderson, Harry C.03 Mar. 1886Iowa08 Sept. 1929Des MoinesSpain
Anderson, Harry Hamilton10 Jan. 1868Virginia02 June 1933Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Hattie26 May 1883Iowa04 Sept. 1927Des MoinesBuckingham
Anderson, Helen W.27 Sept. 1889Iowa22 Dec. 1935Des MoinesBirch
Anderson, Hilda Victoria27 Oct. 1872Sweden17 Sept. 1937Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Hilmer William13 Dec. 1907Illinois06 July 1930Des MoinesCarlson
Anderson, Isaac Ferdinand03 Apr. 1870Sweden29 May 1924Des Moines 
Anderson, Jeanette Marie26 Jan. 1923Iowa10 Feb. 1923Des MoinesBrandt
Anderson, Joanna22 Mar. 1851Sweden02 Jan. 1928Des Moines 
Anderson, Johanna S.20 Feb. 1855Sweden10 Dec. 1935Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Johanna Sophia15 Dec. 1859Sweden18 Dec. 1926Des Moines 
Anderson, John26 Jan. 1861Sweden06 Sept. 1935Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, John Albert04 Feb. 1859Sweden07 Dec. 1929Des Moines 
Anderson, John August29 Sept. 1849Sweden23 Nov. 1937Des Moines 
Anderson, John B.04 Aug. 1855Sweden08 Mar. 1935Des Moines 
Anderson, John E.21 Oct. 1891Sweden03 Dec. 1924Des MoinesRobock
Anderson, John E.17 Oct. 1892Iowa20 July 1934Des MoinesKling
Anderson, John L.c.1872Illinois17 May 1929Des MoinesNelson
Anderson, John Oscar28 Apr. 1900Iowa29 Jan. 1937Des MoinesGustafson
Anderson, John T.28 Apr. 1844Sweden03 Aug. 1927Des Moines 
Anderson, Judith Naoma19 Jan. 1888Iowa03 Aug. 1929Des Moines 
Anderson, Knute01 Jan. 1878Iowa06 Apr. 1929Des Moines 
Anderson, Landine Catherine03 June 1846Pennsylvania17 Apr. 1935Des MoinesFordney
Anderson, Leroy S.12 Mar. 1862Iowa11 July 1930Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Lillian Bell01 Jan. 1897Missouri17 Dec. 1928Des MoinesCinnamon
Anderson, Louis06 Oct. 1860Sweden13 Apr. 1934Des MoinesUnknown
Anderson, Margaret06 Apr. 1857Iowa30 June 1926Des MoinesBracken
Anderson, Mary Elenora12 May 1868Pennsylvania14 May 1938Des MoinesForsythe
Anderson, May28 May 1859Illinois01 Dec. 1930Des MoinesJacoby
Anderson, Melvin Francis27 Mar. 1925Iowa13 Mar. 1926Des MoinesWimmenberg
Anderson, Nels Alfred23 June 1847Sweden28 May 1923Des Moines 
Anderson, Oscar27 Jan. 1887Iowa17 May 1928Des MoinesCling
Anderson, Peter A.14 Dec. 1854Sweden18 June 1924Des Moines 
Anderson, Peter John07 Oct. 1884Iowa04 Dec. 1929Des MoinesQuinlan
Anderson, Rose Olive13 May 1892Iowa26 Mar. 1936Des MoinesAnderson
Anderson, Thomas F.30 June 1873Iowa23 Feb. 1925Des Moines 
Anderson, Victoria03 Aug. 1868Sweden28 Oct. 1922Des MoinesPierson
Anderson, Walter J.20 Oct. 1887Iowa27 Mar. 1936Des MoinesRyan
Anderson, Wilhelmina C.08 July 1872Sweden22 Feb. 1923Des MoinesSwanback
Anderson, William Lewis28 June 1857Maryland01 May 1936Des Moines 
Andre, Charles Edward20 June 1856Iowa18 Mar. 1932Des MoinesScheeirs
Andre, Cora Louise22 July 1864Iowa26 July 1923Des MoinesScheurs
Andre, Emma G.27 Nov. 1855New York02 Aug. 1928Des MoinesShurer
Andre, Katherinec.1841Germany19 Apr. 1930Des MoinesUnknown
Andrew, John14 July 1850England28 July 1925Des MoinesHutchcroft
Andrew, Lydia04 July 1861Iowa29 Mar. 1938Des MoinesUnknown
Andrew, Mary Jane29 Oct. 1840New York23 July 1934Des MoinesUnknown
Andrews, Catherine Isabelle26 Aug. 1857Iowa21 Feb. 1929Des MoinesWaddle
Andrews, Horace08 July 1858Ohio19 Aug. 1923Des MoinesHackenberry
Andrews, John C.16 Mar. 1879Indiana28 Aug. 1938Des MoinesWagner
Andrews, Margaret15 June 1898Iowa09 Feb. 1923Des MoinesPopriter
Andrews, Marthac.1886Iowa18 Feb. 1924Des MoinesBergren
Andrews, Mary Louise08 Aug. 1863Pennsylvania05 Sept. 1923Des MoinesO'Connor
Andrews, Rachel Brown11 June 1848Pennsylvania14 Dec. 1923Des MoinesRotz
Andrews, Robert Ross27 May 1851Iowa09 Sept. 1939Des MoinesUnknown
Andrews, William Lawrence06 Oct. 1883Iowa11 May 1937Des MoinesWood
Andries, William H.25 Feb. 1855New York04 Nov. 1937Des MoinesUnknown
Angst, Gustavus23 Aug. 1862Iowa02 Feb. 1936Des Moines 
Anhalt, Wilhelmina31 Aug. 1850Germany09 Aug. 1924Des MoinesSchultz
Annegars, George Henry22 Sept. 1840Germany03 Jan. 1925Des Moines 
Anneger, Mildred01 Feb. 1916Illinois05 Jan. 1929Des MoinesFort
Annegers, George H.24 Jan. 1870Illinois19 Dec. 1921Des MoinesPahlmann
Antle, Leona14 May 1922Illinois04 June 1937Des MoinesDouglas
Antrobus, Arpen C.30 Mar. 1843Pennsylvania15 Sept. 1939Des MoinesPenney
Antrobus, Augustine M.04 May 1839Indiana17 Jan. 1925Des MoinesDonnell
Appel, Mabel Augusta09 Aug. 1897Iowa20 Mar. 1931Des MoinesSchlipf
Appleby, Susan Elizabeth01 Apr. 1863Illinois07 Feb. 1929Des MoinesTracy
Appleton, Eugene G.18 Apr. 1869Iowa22 Apr. 1931Des MoinesCoggshall
Appleton, Jamie Fuller16 Feb. 1874Iowa21 Sept. 1939Des MoinesCogshaw
Apt, Priscilla28 Dec. 1873Illinois03 Nov. 1932Des MoinesMiller
Archer, George Henry06 Nov. 1853Iowa11 Sept. 1933Des MoinesTalbott
Archer, John Fletcher10 Aug. 1861Iowa09 Apr. 1934Des MoinesTalbott
Archer, Julia07 July 1880Iowa03 Aug. 1939Des MoinesJones
Archibald, Elizabeth08 Sept. 1847Illinois01 Apr. 1935Des MoinesFarley
Argersinger, Nancy Isabel09 Sept. 1865Iowa24 Jan. 1938Des MoinesFerrel
Arlin, Lucratia Crabb17 Mar. 1842New York20 Dec. 1922Des MoinesRichardson
Armentrout, Margret15 Feb. 1851Iowa14 Oct. 1936Des Moines 
Armknect, Charles23 Dec. 1850Germany24 Apr. 1932Des MoinesDiefenbak
Armpriest, Caroline01 Apr. 1853Germany04 Oct. 1936Des MoinesWehagh
Armson (Baby Boy)09 Feb. 1922Iowa10 Feb. 1922Des Moines 
Armstrong, Emma20 June 1879Iowa09 Aug. 1933Des MoinesPatterson
Armstrong, Mary06 Mar. 1834Pennsylvania12 July 1931Des MoinesRotz
Arnold, Amelia A.08 Dec. 1850Illinois14 Oct. 1926Des MoinesWoodman
Arnold, Cora27 June 1857Illinois16 Sept. 1930Des MoinesHardy
Arnold, Dominica23 Jan. 1853Pennsylvania03 Dec. 1927Des MoinesAllwein
Arnold, Effie18 Sept. 1865Iowa13 Nov. 1936Des MoinesJackson
Arnold, Elijah02 Jan. 1857Iowa23 Feb. 1937Des MoinesVandermark
Arnold, Harryc.1872 22 Oct. 1928Des Moines 
Arnold, John16 Dec. 1869Iowa10 Feb. 1927Des MoinesVandemark
Arnold, John H. Sr.25 Dec. 1848Pennsylvania21 July 1921Des Moines 
Arnold, LaVera26 Sept. 1918Iowa26 June 1933Des MoinesSmith
Arnold, Philip A.11 July 1868Pennsylvania13 Jan. 1926Des MoinesAllwein
Arnold, Rolla D.16 Mar. 1899Iowa19 Jan. 1926Des MoinesStrothman
Arnold, Rollin01 Jan. 1842West Virginia26 Mar. 1924Des MoinesWard
Arthur, Cuthbert Mae22 Feb. 1851Illinois03 Jan. 1932Des MoinesCuthbertson
Arthur, Frederick Miller19 May 1890Iowa13 Dec. 1933Des MoinesSwanson
Artz, Fanny Annegers03 Oct. 1872Illinois02 Dec. 1929Des MoinesPahlmann
Asby, Mary Katleen20 May 1888Iowa20 Dec. 1937Des MoinesRigsby
Aschoff, Emma21 Mar. 1859Iowa12 Apr. 1930Des MoinesKichner
Aschoff, William15 July 1869Iowa05 Mar. 1935Des MoinesSalters
Ashby, Eliza02 Mar. 1873Illinois02 Mar. 1933Des MoinesCarter
Ashby, Henry1863Iowa03 Feb. 1932Des MoinesWintz
Asher, Ida05 Dec. 1868Illinois22 May 1930Des MoinesMartin
Ashway, Lewis05 Nov. 1853Maryland11 June 1925Des Moines 
Asmussen, Louise05 Apr. 1851Germany14 May 1935Des MoinesPortner
Aspelmeier, Fred C.25 Jan. 1851Germany27 Nov. 1927Des MoinesKrueger
Aspelmeier, Walter Henry19 Dec. 1893Iowa22 July 1926Des MoinesDuermeyer
Aspelmeyer, Charley Fredrick18 June 1864IowaJune 1934Des MoinesCreger
Aston, Homer06 Nov. 1885Illinois11 Mar. 1925Des MoinesLee
Atherton, Sarah Adeline11 June 1867Illinois01 Feb. 1928Des MoinesHennsey
Atkin, Marionc.1851Iowa19 Feb. 1929Des Moines 
Aubin, Bibianna06 Jan. 1854Canada22 May 1931Des MoinesUnknown
Augsburger, Elizabeth Caroline25 Aug. 1861Iowa11 Feb. 1938Des MoinesKober
Augsburger, Ellen Adeline11 Dec. 1885Missouri26 July 1934Des Moines 
Augsburger, John23 Feb. 1883Iowa28 June 1937Des MoinesSpiegel
Augsburger, Joseph J.02 Mar. 1859Iowa27 Nov. 1922Des MoinesKlein
Augsburger, Nicholas24 Nov. 1854Iowa29 July 1927Des MoinesKlein
Augustein, Minnie05 Oct. 1866Iowa18 July 1924Des MoinesKopp
Augustine, Arthur Leslie09 Aug. 1925Iowa10 Aug. 1925Des MoinesPeters
Augustine, Susana Lee07 Feb. 1869Iowa28 May 1928Des MoinesHarvey
Avery, Carolina18 Apr. 1878Iowa20 Feb. 1935Des Moines 
Avery, John W.27 Jan. 1872Iowa15 May 1926Des MoinesStaff
Avery, Kenneth William31 Dec. 1924Illinois14 Jan. 1928Des MoinesWolford
Avis, Frank M.14 June 1857Iowa16 Nov. 1929Des MoinesWells
Avis, Lewis C.06 Apr. 1852Iowa13 Nov. 1932Des MoinesUnknown
Avis, Venus Mary22 May 1866Wales27 Mar. 1935Des Moines 
Axman, Bernard (Mrs.)09 Apr. 1895Iowa30 Sept. 1938Des MoinesWiesner

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