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Des Moines County Birth Certificate Index (1909-June 1921)

Source and persmission granted by State Hisorical Society of Iowa

Please allow some flexibility in the spelling of names as transcribing can often be interpreted.


NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertifica Box # 
Aabel, Hans Austin13 Aug. 1916Des MoinesAustin0004B2485
Abel, Romana Merle19 Dec. 1910Des MoinesWright0482B2482
Abendroth, Louise Cristine11 Sept. 1913Des MoinesFreed0007B2483
Able (Baby Boy)07 Mar 1909Des MoinesWright0157B2481
Abrahamson, Maurice Arthur19 Aug. 1916Des MoinesSherman0006B2485
Abrahamson, Mildred Lillian30 Nov. 1917Des MoinesSherman0005B2486
Abramson, Julius Louis03 Oct. 1920Des MoinesSherman0521B2488
Abrisz, Mary Louise16 Aug. 1920Des MoinesGoetz0391B2488
Abrisz, Paul Henry22 Mar. 1915Des MoinesErbrodt0005B2484
Ackerman, Charlotte C.03 May 1918Des MoinesHilligoss0001B2486
Adair, Frances Isabelle10 Jan. 1919Des MoinesWords0001B2487
Adair, William Clifford03 Feb. 1918Des MoinesYoung0004B2486
Adams, Elsie Marie04 July 1920Des MoinesSandridge0326B2488
Adams, Lorain Elizabeth30 May 1918Des MoinesFahlgren0003B2486
Addis, Wiley Penrose30 May 1914Des MoinesWoodruff0001B2484
Ademeit, Gwendolyne I.20 Aug. 1916Des MoinesSimms0007B2485
Ademeit, Wallace James25 Aug. 1918Des MoinesSimms0005B2486
Adolph, LaVerne Elmer14 Oct. 1920Des MoinesWells0522B2488
Adolphson, Elsie Darline10 Apr. 1918Des MoinesNelson0002B2486
Adolphson, Herbert Stroh14 Oct. 1917Des MoinesStroh0009B2486
Adolphson, Violet Nadine08 Nov. 1919Des MoinesNelson0487B2487
Agnew (Baby Girl)27 May 1920Des MoinesWagner0224B2488
Agnew, Betty Lee27 May 1920Des MoinesWagner0225B2488
Agnew, Lillian May12 Dec. 1918Des MoinesMoyers0006B2486
Agnew, Paul Thomas10 June 1918Des MoinesKolz0007B2486
Agnew, Troy J.05 Apr. 1915`Des MoinesKolz0004B2484
Albee, Evelyn Ruth19 July 1919Des MoinesDeClark0286B2487
Alber, Frank H.31 Aug. 1910Des MoinesHanks0452B2482
Albers, William Edward05 Mar. 1920Des MoinesSayes0120B2487
Albert, Isaac27 July 1916Des MoinesLifchitz0005B2485
Albert, Jane12 Apr. 1915Des MoinesLipschitz0002B2484
Albert, Roy14 Nov. 1919Des MoinesWestenbeck0527B2487
Albright, Delbert Dale23 July 1918Des MoinesSchwab0008B2486
Albright, Dorothy Marjoorie26 Feb. 1915Des MoinesMeilahn0001B2484
Albright, Edith Esther14 Dec. 1912Des MoinesMeilahn0419B2483
Albright, Ethlyn B.03 Sept. 1913Des MoinesWesterbeck0013B2483
Albright, Joseph Hall27 Feb. 1912Des MoinesIda0326B2483
Albright, William Donald19 Nov. 1912Des MoinesMeilahn0328B2483
Albro, Marguerite Anita03 Jan. 1917Des MoinesWilcox0017B2486
Albro, Marguerite Anita06 Jan. 1918Des MoinesWilcox0009B2486
Albro, Russell Frederick02 June 1916Des MoinesWilcox0017B2485
Alexander, Marille Virginia13 May 1909Des MoinesGibson0011B2481
Alldredge, William C.28 Dec. 1913Des MoinesHandley0011B2483
Allen, Beulah Ione13 Feb. 1917Des MoinesHale0014B2486
Allen, Frances Evelyn28 Jan. 1911Des MoinesHumphrey0372B2483
Allen, Mary B.16 Feb. 1916Des MoinesHumphrey0015B2485
Allen, Robert Ballard31 Oct. 1920Des MoinesSutton0523B2488
Allen, Ruth24 Feb. 1915Des MoinesSiefken0010B2484
Allen, William Clair23 Dec. 1918Des MoinesHale0010B2486
Alley, Bernice Frances31 Aug. 1917Des MoinesBiklen0004B2486
Alley, Maxine May04 Apr. 1915Des MoinesBiklen0009B2484
Alley, Muriel Louise02 Apr. 1916Des MoinesBiklen0013B2485
Allsup, Bryan Asworth23 Feb. 1913Des MoinesAllsup0001B2483
Allum, Dorothy La Velle03 Sept. 1919Des MoinesMcLaughlin0371B2487
Almquist, Eugene Richard28 June 1920Des MoinesJohnson0281B2488
Almquist, Mabel Irene27 Apr. 1917Des MoinesJohnson0018B2486
Alpert, Louis25 Nov. 1917Des MoinesLiebschutz0002B2486
Ambrosick, Delrose24 May 1911Des MoinesSkumantz0198B2482
Ambrosick, Marjorie Frances Mary24 May 1916Des MoinesSkumantz0003B2485
Amenell, Alberta May19 Nov. 1911Des MoinesJohnson0471B2483
Amenell, Glenn Taylor27 Sept. 1909Des MoinesJohnson0181B2481
Amenell, Paul August08 June1918Des MoinesJohnson0012B2486
Andersen, Edna Marie24 Mar. 1918Des MoinesRudiger0013B2486
Andersen, Paul Arthur28 Dec. 1911Des MoinesRudiger0488B2483
Anderson (Baby )13 July 1913Des MoinesLund0005B2483
Anderson (Baby Boy)15 Feb. 1920Des MoinesMullin0048B2487
Anderson (Baby Boy)09 Nov. 1909Des MoinesSnider0314B2481
Anderson, Bernice Ursula27 Dec. 1919Des MoinesEnger0549B2487
Anderson, Charles Franklin17 Dec. 1916Des MoinesSoranson0001B2485
Anderson, Chester William06 Feb. 1911Des MoinesRose0170B2482
Anderson, Darlene Bernice07 Mar. 1918Des MoinesOwens0011B2486
Anderson, Fern L.18 July 1915Des MoinesPalmberg0011B2484
Anderson, Freddie Ernest30 Mar. 1910Des MoinesJudd0253B2482
Anderson, Gorden Richter03 Nov. 1910Des MoinesRichter0184B2482
Anderson, Helen Luseil05 Sept. 1917Des MoinesPalmberg0016B2486
Anderson, Helen Marguerite12 Mar. 1919Des MoinesUnknown0099B2487
Anderson, Helen Marie11 Nov. 1919Des MoinesBrady0486B2487
Anderson, Howard Laverne24 May 1913Des MoinesAnderson0014B2483
Anderson, Irene Louese27 May 1919Des MoinesRudiger0192B2487
Anderson, Jack Clayton17 Sept. 1918Des MoinesMahoney0017B2486
Anderson, James Edward28 July 1918Des MoinesSwanson0014B2486
Anderson, James Robert24 Aug. 1911Des MoinesQuick0244B2482
Anderson, John Robert12 Sept. 1915Des MoinesRose0003B2484
Anderson, Lawrence Harry14 July 1920Des MoinesLewis0327B2488
Anderson, Louise Charlotte15 Apr. 1917Des MoinesUnknown0011B2486
Anderson, Luella Anna28 Nov. 1918Des MoinesJohnson0015B2486
Anderson, Mable Marie03 July 1914Des MoinesJohnson0236B2484
Anderson, Margery Elizabeth06 July 1913Des MoinesRose0004B2483
Anderson, Murril Joy14 Apr. 1913Des MoinesPhillips0008B2483
Anderson, Norma Matilda16 Aug. 1913Des MoinesSamuelson0006B2483
Anderson, Paul John28 Feb. 1919Des MoinesQuick0054B2487
Anderson, Philip John09 Nov. 1909Des MoinesSnider0313B2481
Anderson, Ray Melvin23 Feb. 1920Des MoinesDorn0049B2487
Anderson, Richard Clarence08 Mar. 1910Des MoinesSwanson0237B2482
Anderson, Ruth Arlene22 Nov. 1918Des MoinesSwanson0016B2486
Anderson, Violet Edna Katherine01 Jan. 909Des MoinesPeterson0077B2481
Anderson, Wanda Gene26 Feb. 1920Des MoinesOwens0050B2487
Andre, Ruth Jeanette23 Apr. 1917Des MoinesGerpen0010B2486
Andreis, Freddie A.19 Mar. 1916Des MoinesMarchle0016B2485
Andrew, Arthur Thomas06 Feb. 1916Des MoinesJenkins0009B2485
Andrew, Richard Gale02 July 1917Des MoinesJenkins0007B2486
Andrews, Ada18 Mar. 1919Des MoinesUnknown0106B2487
Andrews, Audrey Geneviere02 June 1912Des MoinesNichols0159B2483
Andrews, Eleanor Caroline03 Nov. 1910Des MoinesPeterson0232B2482
Andrews, Lois Lavern09 Oct. 1913Des MoinesNickols0015B2483
Andrews, Marion Frances19 Jan. 1911Des MoinesBeck0314B2482
Andrews, Minnie Kathleen04 Nov. 1918Des MoinesUnknown0018B2486
Andrews, Raymond11 Aug. 1918Des MoinesJenkins0019B2486
Andrews, Velma Fern20 Aug. 1919Des MoinesNichols0333B2487
Andries, Charles William22 June 1919Des MoinesMarshal0235B2487
Andries, Elmer10 Dec. 1914Des MoinesYork0008B2484
Andries, Floyd Loyne13 Jan. 1911Des MoinesThomes0355B2483
Andries, Lloyd02 Feb. 1914Des MoinesMarshal0009B2484
Andries, Lucile Henrietta20 Apr. 1916Des MoinesThomes0012B2485
Andries, Martin Carl16 Sept. 1916Des MoinesGork0011B2485
Andries, Salman Elizabeth18 Dec. 1912Des MoinesAndries0013B2483
Angler, Francis Frederick13 Jan. 1914Des MoinesHoppmann0003B2484
Anhalt, Genevieve May12 Mar. 1916Des MoinesThomas0026B2485
Anhalt, Philip Thomas01 Jan. 1918Des MoinesThomas0020B2486
Anthony, George Edward20 Oct. 1912Des MoinesHartzel0473B2483
Anthony, Russell Irwin11 Sept. 1913Des MoinesHamler0172B2483
Anthony, William12 Apr. 1919Des MoinesNichols0170B2487
Antries, Lawrence Albert10 May 1921Des MoinesMarshall0001B2488
Appel, Clara Prudence28 Jan. 1920Des MoinesHole0001B2487
Appell, Alice Jacquette12 Apr. 1914Des MoinesRohlen0005B2484
Apt, Carrol Stanley30 Oct. 1919Des MoinesBryan0427B2487
Archer, Cecil Rodine31 Dec. 1915Des MoinesCampbell0006B2484
Archer, Francis23 Nov. 1910Des MoinesTimmerman0392B2482
Archer, Geraldine Frances19 May 1918Des MoinesLines0021B2486
Archer, Nyal02 Jan. 1919Des MoinesCampbell0002B2487
Armpriest, Pearl Marguerite02 Sept. 1919Des MoinesHardesty0372B2487
Armstrong, William Jr.08 Jan. 1918Des MoinesMoran0022B2486
Arnold (Baby Boy)16 Feb. 1909Des MoinesArnold0219B2481
Arnold, Agnes May18 Mar. 1916Des MoinesSmith0014B2485
Arnold, Bessie Hope23 Apr. 1917Des MoinesJohnson0012B2486
Arnold, Blanche Maria08 Aug. 1909Des MoinesSmith0094B2481
Arnold, Charles Henry30 Mar. 1917Des MoinesTurner0001B2486
Arnold, Delbert26 May 1919Des MoinesBence0193B2487
Arnold, Elizabeth Louise05 Aug. 1915Des MoinesParry0008B2484
Arnold, Florence Maria29 Nov. 1914Des MoinesJohnsen0010B2484
Arnold, Frances06 Mar. 1912Des MoinesTorn0308B2483
Arnold, Jane Eno26 Oct. 1911Des MoinesEno0325B2482
Arnold, Lillian20 June 1912Des MoinesJohnson0087B2483
Arnold, Lloyd Nickols09 Oct. 1909Des MoinesTorn0012B2482
Arnold, Mildred Mielvina31 July 1913Des MoinesSmith0012B2483
Arnold, Richard Eldon12 Aug. 1915Des MoinesTurner0007B2484
Arnold, Robert Edward31 Oct. 1913Des MoinesTurner0009B2483
Arnold, Robert Herbert27 Oct. 1913Des MoinesTorn0002B2483
Arpe, Dorothy May09 Apr. 1917Des MoinesMannell0008B2486
Asby, Anglesea Ruth02 May 1916Des MoinesTohe0002B2485
Asby, Chester Eugene14 May 1917Des MoinesYohe0006B2486
Asby, Dwight Everett28 July 1914Des MoinesHutchcroft0007B2484
Asby, Eunice Elizabeth28 Apr. 1914Des MoinesYohe0002B2484
Asby, Evan Beveridge23 Mar. 1911Des MoinesGohe0199B2482
Asby, Frederick Morris25 Apr. 1910Des MoinesWotte0507B2482
Asby, Harvard Chandler21 Feb. 1909Des MoinesHutchcroft0187B2481
Asby, Lillian Marguerite14 June 1912Des MoinesHutchcroft0010B2483
Asby, Violet May07 Sept. 1917Des MoinesWitte0015B2486
Ash, Virginia June15 June 1919Des MoinesZugg0236B2487
Asher, Adelaide Violet Pearl26 Sept. 1912Des MoinesGerlach0310B2483
Asher, Robert Allen Leroy18 Dec. 1916Des MoinesGerlach0010B2485
Ashway, Paul Louis02 July 1914Des MoinesThompson0004B2484
Asmussen, Willma27 Dec. 1911Des MoinesSteingraber0400B2483
Aspehueyer, Forrest Eugene25 May 1920Des MoinesJamisen0226B2488
Aspelmeier, Eduard Harding02 Nov. 1920Des MoinesJamison0585B2488
Aspelmeyer, Irine Elezbeth30 Sept. 1918Des MoinesHewett0023B2486
Aspemmirer, Florence Dorothy02 Feb. 1911Des MoinesDuermirer0470B2483
Astfalk, Edwin William25 Jan. 1912Des MoinesHeins0003B2483
Astfalk, Milton Frederick10 Nov. 1909Des MoinesHeinz0311B2481
Astfelk, Rose Marie29 Apr. 1917Des MoinesHaines0003B2486
Atherton, Charly Elwin18 Mar. 1917Des MoinesVanice0013B2486
Atherton, Stanley Earl13 Oct. 1914Des MoinesVornice0006B2484
Atkin, Helen Gladys21 Dec. 1915Des MoinesBartusch0366B2485
Augsburger, Mary Elizabeth24 June 1914Des MoinesNorton0001.5B2484
Augsburger, Willam Nicholas14 Dec. 1910Des MoinesNorton0212B2482
Augustine, Albert Phillip28 June 1918Des MoinesPeters0024B2486
Augustine, Glen Richard19 June 1919Des MoinesPeters0237B2487
Augustine, Paul Eugene19 Nov. 1916Des MoinesPeters0008B2485
Auld, Mary Imogene13 Jan. 1918Des MoinesRobb0025B2486
Austin, Helen Winifred25 June 1919Des MoinesBarlow0238B2487
Avery, Elwood Eugene13 Feb. 1919Des MoinesMiller0055B2487
Avis, Chester Harvy28 Feb. 1910Des MoinesLeicht0075B2482
Axman, Frances Josephine03 Feb. 1920Des MoinesKoerner0051B2487

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