C. B. & Q. Railroad (Among others)

Compiled from Burlington City Directories transcribed by Des Moines County Historical Society Volunteers

The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad may not have been the first organized railroad system in Des Moines County, but it certainly has the most storied history. During the early years of Burlington, IA, the booming river town grew furiously because of 2 things, the Mississippi River and the railroad. Both drew flocks of eager men and women seeking to find their fortune or at the very least, make good, honest livings for their families.

This is a work in progress of employees that span the years that rail lines brought people to and from the east and west coasts of the United States of America.

1871 C, B, & Q Employee List

1873 C, B, & Q  Employee List

1889-90 C, B, & Q Employee List

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