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BARKER, John T, was born near Mt. Zion, Iowa, Oct. 20, 1842, and died at his home in Union township, Davis county, Iowa, Oct. 14, 1906. His boyhood days were spent in the community where he was born. Aug. 6th, 1862, he responded to the call of his country for volunteers and enlisted in the 19th Iowa Infantry. He participated in the battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which the soldiers of this regiment so well remember. He, with a great many others of his regiment, were taken prisoners at Sterling Farm, La., and were taken to Tyler, Texas, September 29th, 1863. There they endured the hardships of prison life until they were exchanged, July 22nd, 1864. He was also at the siege of Vicksburg, and also participated in the taking of Spanish Fort, near Mobile, and was honorably discharged July 10th, 1865. Jan. 30th, 1867, he was united in marriage to Miss Kate Denning. To them were born six sons and two daughters, the oldest daughter dying in infancy. The rest were permitted to be at their father's deathbed and funeral. He united with the Presbyterian Church about the time he was married and ever after lived a Christian life. He had been greatly afflicted for the past twenty-five years with epilepsy, but bore his suffering patiently, of late often remarking to his friends that he would rather depart and be with Christ, which is far better. The funeral was held at Chequest church, and burial in Rouch cemetery, Rev. McClure of Troy.

BARKER, J. S., farmer and stock raiser, post office Bloomfield, was born Nov 7, 1854, in Van Buren, Co, Iowa. His father was one of the pioneers of that county, where he still lives at the age of 81. John owns a farm of 120 acres. He was married Nov 21, 1867, to Miss Artie Johnson, who died May 17, 1875, leaving two children, Harvey M., and Archie J. He was married again Jan 21, 1879, to Miss Sarah E Franklin. They have one child; Katie F. Mr. B is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

BOYD, J.S; farmer, postoffice Bloomfield; was born Feb 26, 1837, in Putnam Co., IN.  He came to this county in Feb 1861, He married June 30, 1861, to Mary R J Harbert, and they have 3 children, one living; Robert, Ada, and John.


CLYMAN, Albert, farmer, section one, Drakesville; owner of 120 acres. He enlisted in Co D, 3rd Ia Calv, and served four years. He was in the battle of Pea Ridge, and was wounded at Helena, Ark., by a gun shot wound through the right lung.


DOWNING, Samuel Bell, At the age of 12 his parents came to Van Buren Co., IA.
He enlisted in the Mexican War, in 1846, in company E, Third Missouri Cavalry, and served two years. He was ordained a minister in the Christian Church. Including the Stiles, and West Grove churches of Davis Co., Ia.

DOWNING, Moses,  Bloomfield was born Jan 19, 1833, in Fountain Co., IN, and came to Davis Co., IA, with his mother in 1848, his father having died while he was very young; they located in Salt Creek twp, where he grew to manhood on the farm, being educated in the common schools. At the age of 20 he commenced teaching, and taught during the winter for 23 years, and farmed during the summer. In 1863 he began preaching in the Christian church, continuing it for 15 yrs. In 1869 he was elected County Superintendent, and held the office one term. In 1878, he came to Bloomfield and accepted the office of deputy treasurer, where he remained two yrs; then taught one term in the city schools, after which he clerked in stores, being engaged with Moore, Dilliner, & Co. He was ordained a minister in the Christian church 1863, and has performed more marriage ceremonies than any other man in the county, numbering 191 (@ time of print- 1882); the first being Feb. 22, 1863 Conrad Ritz to Miss Ellen Bales. Mr. Downing was married May 28,1850, to Miss Martha Robbins, a native of Indiana, and they have had six children.


HANEY, J., the subject of this sketch was born in Allegheny County, Pa., July 8, 1832. When six years of age, his father being dead, his mother came to Ripley County, Indiana, where he resided until 1854 receiving his
education in the common schools. While in Ripley County, he engaged in selling goods. In the fall of 1854, he came to Van Buren Co., and the next spring to this county of Davis, settling on his present farm, of 148 acres,
in section 13, on which he has a good residence, plenty of shade trees, and orchard of 324 trees. His postoffice is Milton. He was married in August 1853, to Eliza Wildman, of Ripley Co., and had 8 children, Jas P., John F., Luella, Jos A., Rhoda, Mary E., Sarah M., and Clara M. He was married the second time to Elizabeth B. Knight, of Davis Co., in Nov., 1869, and had four children, Alvy F., Orr D., Orrin W., and Ira.

HARWARD, L S., general merchant, Bloomfield; was born June 17, 1842, in Van Buren Co, Iowa. In 1843, his parents came to Davis Co., and located in Salt Creek Twp., where they entered the land on which they live. Here he grew up and finished his education in Troy Academy. At the age of twenty, he clerked two years for his brother at Floris, then taught school three years, and in 1872 formed a partnership with his brother, and two years later bought him
out. In 1876, he moved his stock of goods to Bloomfield, and in Jan, 1880, took into partnership Mr. J B Young, but bought him out again in August, 1881, and has since been alone. He carries a large and well-selected stock,
and is making money, which shows what a live Hawkeye is capable of doing in the way of business, when he has a mind to. He was married, June 14, 1866, to Miss M E Jay, a native Hawkeye, born in Davis Co., and they have two
children, Edgar L. and George D.

HENDERSON, J. C., farmer, section 15, post office West Grove; was born December 18, 1826, in Blunt Co., TN., and when eight years old moved with his parents, William and Elizabeth, to Putnam Co., Indiana, where they lived till 1837, when they moved to southwestern Missouri, and three years later to Jackson county. He was raised a farmer and received a limited education. In 1849, he came to Davis Co., to Fabius Twp., where he resided till 1865, when he purchased his present farm, in this twp of West Grove, where he has since lived. It contains 320 acres of splendid land. He was married in March, 1851, to miss Ellen Stanley of this county.  They have seven children: Letitia E., George W., May E., Unity E., John C., Minnie E., and Henry Harrison.  Mr H is a democrat.

HINING, John H., farmer and stock-raiser, post office Floris.


JONES, Maston, 45th Ia Inf, Co D. First Lt, commisioned 5-10-1864. Reformed attorney, twp clerk, board of suprv, and district attorney from 1870 to 1874.


LANG, Wm., farmer, postoffice Bloomfield. His early life was spent attending school and helping on the farm. At the age of 21 he came to this county, and the land not being in market, he left money with his brother to pay for his claim. He was here 6 years, then returned to Indiana, and made several trips back and forth. He settled on his farm in 1849, where he has since called home. He has a fine farm of 130 acres, with a good two story residence, a good barn, and orchard, of four acres, of bearing trees. Mr l is a member of the Christian Church, and of the Good Templars.

LEACH, Chas., He came to Van Buren Co., Ia, in 1839, and four years later came to this county and located which was then all timber; the first year clearing away enough to build a cabin and plant a little corn.

LEACH, John C., one of the first settlers of this county, and during the war, in Feb, 1864, enlisted in Co D, 3rd Ia Calv: was on the raid in Ark and Mo. He has been a justice, township clerk, and was county supervisor for four years.

LIKES, George, deceased; was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1814, where he lived for ten years, then resided 12 yrs in Cincinnati, Oh, then in Ripley Co, Indiana. until 1855, when he came to this county March 5, where he lived until his death, Aug 30, 1868. Mrs. B E Baker; was born in Pike Co,
Ohio, in 1832. In 1853, her father John Bromley came to this county, where, in Jan 28, 1858, she was married to Geo Likes, and by this marriage had 3 children: Sarah Catherine, Geo Washington, and Columbus B. She was again married to B E Baker,

LIKES, Urias, farmer and stock raiser, section 17, postoffice Troy; was born Jan 15, 1817, in Phila, Pa.
He came with his parents to Ohio in 1821 and four yrs later to Indiana. When 16, he went to Boone Co, Ky., and worked on a farm, attending school, and flatboating on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers; He then spent two years in Versailles, Ind., then farmed in Ill, and Michigan, and arrived in
IA in 1853, settling in Van Buren Co, for 3 yrs. Sept 4, 1856, he was married to Miss Elizabeth A Barker, a native of Ohio; they came to this county in the same yr., locating in Roscoe twp, and in 1865 moved to their present farm. His family consists of 5 children, Charles M, Mary J D, Sarah J, Geo W, Margaret E., and 2 deceased, Lucy J and John J.

LOWE, Daniel, stock raiser, section 26, post office Drakesville; was born in Vermilion Co., Ind., in May, 1838, where he lived till 1841, when his father Obediah Lowe, moved to Scotland Co., Mo., to wait for the treaty to be made with the Indians, which took about a year and a half, he then moved into this county when the Indians gave possession, and staked out his claim on the section where the subject of this sketch now lives. Mr. L. was reared a farmer and educated in the common schools, and lived with his parents till he reached manhood. He now owns 650 acres of improved land on Soap Creek, all in cultivation, with good buildings and orchard. Mr. L has more stock than any one else in the Twp. He was married in Dec. 1863, to Miss Sarah A Mounts, a native of Ross Co., O. They have three children ............

LYNCH, J K., farmer and stock-raiser, section 15, post office Eldon.


MARTIN, Volney, farmer and stock raiser, section 23, post office Troy.

MATHEWS, A., farmer, section 11, post office West Grove; was born April 10, 1823, in Bracken County, KY, and at the age of twelve years moved with his parents to Marion Co., Indiana. His parents were Theodore and Frances, natives of Virginia. In the fall of 1856 he came to this county, first settling in Fox River township for three years, then in Wyacondah township nine years, and during that time was engaged in milling. In 1868 he moved to his present farm, in this township, where he has since resided, his farm consisting of ninety acres of finely improved land. He was married in Sept. 1845 to Elizabeth Higgins. They have ten children: Nancy Ellen, Maria F., George W., Wm. A., Mary J., John, James T., Nettie B., Minnie and Edward. He is a member of the M E Church.

McCLURE, Wm. H., farmer, section 20, postoffice Floris; was born Oct 12, 1829; in Jessamine Co, Ky. At the age of one year he moved with his parents to Orange co., IN., where he lived about 15 years. In the fall of 1844, his father moved to Iowa Territory and settled in Van Buren Co., and three years later came to this county. He settled on the farm he now owns in 1854, consisting of 320 acres, now highly improved. He is engaged in stock raising. He was married 11 Mar 1851, to Miss Letitia Prevo, daughter of L T Prevo, who came to VB co in 1837, and moved to this county in 1840. They have been blessed with nine children.

MOOTS, John S., farmer and stock raiser, post office Oak Springs; is a native of this county, born Oct 9, 1850; lived at home with his father, George M., until he was twenty seven, getting his education in common schools. He now owns a farm of 50 acres of well improved land on Soap creek. He was married, Feb 10, 1878, to Miss Ruthanda Mounts, a native of this county, and they have one child, Evans. Mr. M is a member of Jefferson Lodge No 86, AF & AM at Drakesville.

MOOTS, George, farmer and stock raiser, section 30, is a native of Logan Co., Ohio, born Dec 13, 1808. He was raised a farmer and educated in the subscription schools. At an early age he went to the harness and saddler trade with John Hooper of Clark Co., Ohio, and at the end of two years embarked in business for himself in Logan Co. Five years later he came to Scotland Co., MO, and five years later to Davis Co, Iowa, where he has lived since. He staked out the first claim in Marion Twp, on what is now section 24, before the Indians gave possession. He has been a very successful farmer, although once he had his house burned down, and once had a large security debt to pay. His farm is located on Soap Creek, and contains 120 acres, brick house, good barns and orchard. He was married in June 1833, to Miss Mary Moots, a native of Ross Co., Ohio; they have had eight children.

MOUNTS, Rebecca, section 22, post office Oak Springs; is a native of Ross Co; born May 17, 1822; was educated in subscription schools, and reared on a farm, living with her parents, until she married John Mounts, who was a native of Ross Co, Ohio, living until he was grown, then he moved to Pekin, Illinois, and two years later returning to Ross Co. Six years later they came to this county where she has lived ever since. Mr. Mounts died 7-5-1874, since which time, she has, with the help of an agent, managed her farm of 400 acres. It is well improved, under good cultivation, with good orchard and buildings. She has been the mother of nine children, seven now living.


NOEL, Peter, J., farmer and stock-raiser, sections, 14,15 ,and 16. Post office Eldon or Hickory; states where born marriage, and children. Came to DC in 1850.


PEARSOLL, Jacob, farmer and stock raiser; section 2; post office Troy. In the spring of 1843 he moved to Iowa, and located where he now resides. Owns a farm of 240 acres, with good house, barn, orchard, etc. He married Elizabeth Crossit, a native of Ohio, whom was left to the guardianship of a paternal uncle, who gave her a limited education. Her parents died well off, but what become of the property she don't know. They have a family of five children.

PROCTOR, MRS. HANNAH, section 15, post office Ash Grove, is a native of Yorkshire, England, born in 1825; at an early age her parents came to America, going to Ohio, where she lived until married to James Proctor in the spring of 1842, when they emigrated to Van Buren county, Iowa, where they lived one year. Mr Proctor was a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. They came to this county in 1844. They raised a family of thirteen children, William R., John W., Joseph, Ester Ann, Alice, Mary, James, Joshua, Clary, Tommie, Lovey and Francis and Mary Bell, deceased. Mr Proctor dies in 1875. Mrs Proctor has a nice farm containing 167 acres, well improved.


SHIELDS, Wm., Came to this county in 1842. He is one of the oldest settlers of this county, coming here while the Indians were camped all around him.

STARK, Greenup, farmer and stockraiser, postoffice Belknap; deceased children before 1882; Lucinda, Josiah, John and James. 9 Children total.

STARK, Josiah, His father died in Decatur Co., In.
retired farmer, coming to this county when injuns and deer and wolves were plenty. He has a tame red fox. In the spring of 1844, DP Krumrine, Josiah Stark, and R S Rose caught an enormous wolf, and the day after, the people gathered from all the  surrounding county to see a great wolf and dog fight, .....

STARK, W. B., farmer and stock-raiser, postoffice Floris; was born June 6,1833, in Decatur Co., IN. At the age of ten his father died, and he remained there, living with his mother till 1847, when they came to this county. He
was reared a farmer and was educated in the subscription schools. On reaching this county he worked for seven dollars a month, driving six yoke of oxen for four months. He soon after entered a farm of 160 acres, where by hard work he has made one of the best farms in the county. He served during the war in company D, 45th Ia Inf. He was married in December 1852 to  Miss M McCormick, a native of Indiana; they have been blessed with five children,
P. A.(Persis Ann), Jas S., Henry L., Ruby E., and Mary desceased.  Mr S has won the respect and confidence of all who know him.  He and his wife have been members of the Baptist church for 23 years and he is an Odd Fellow.

STEELE, John A., farmer and stock raiser; section 18, postoffice Bloomfield. Came to Iowa in 1851, owns a fine farm of 180 acres, well improved. Mr S has held the office of twp trustee, and is a member of the Grange.

SWAIM , John, farmer, section 20, postoffice Floris, was born May 31,1821, in Jefferson Co., Oh; when quite young his parents, Elias and Rachel, removed to Belmont, then Monroe, where he lived till eighteen years old, when he learned the carpenter's trade in Harrison Co, and served as apprentice with Thomas Bradley for four years; then came to Iowa, and
settled in this county, in 1845. He now owns a good farm of 200 acres, well improved; everything about the place showing the thrift and industry of its owner. He was married in August 1843, to Miss D Hale, and they have four
children; George M, John H, Rachel, and Florence. In politics, Mr. S is an independent democrat, and is one of the most substantial and intelligent farmers in the township.

SWINNEY, Isaac, farmer and stock dealer, section 28, Floris. He has a fine farm of 400 acres, 300 in cultivation, the balance in woodland pasture. There is a living spring on the farm, which has supplied his stock with water for over 30 years. He has just completed a new house, large and commodius.

SWINNEY, James, postoffice Belknap. In July 1862, he enlisted in Co B, 13th Ia Inf, was in the battles of Chickasaw, Arkansas, and most all battles with Sherman's command. He was discharged at Washington in June 1865. He was wounded Nov 25, 1863, at Mission Ridge, in the leg, which laid him in a hospital over a year.


WARRINGTON, J A., Postoffice Bloomfield. His father Benjamin is descended from the Warrington's of NJ., and they are from a very old and titled English family. His father started for California in 1851, and drowned in the Platte River. In June 1861, he enlisted in Co F, " Black Hawk Cavalry" of Illinois, but mustered as Missouri troops, being the 7th Mo. He was appointed Sgt Major of the regiment and at his own expense, for the 11th Mo. Calv. recruited a new unit. The captain sold his farm, moving nearer to town to allow better educational facilities for his children. While in the Army, he was wounded in the knee, from which he still suffers. He is a Mason, and an Oddfellow, and a member of the IOGT.