Van Meter Village Biographies

Akers, E. D., carpenter.

Bogue, C. W., dealer in hardware; born in Henry County, Indiana, in 1840; came to Iowa in 1866, and located in Des Moines; removed to Van Meter in 1869; married Rachel E. Pearson; she was born in Ohio; have five children: India, Cora, Charity, Walter and Wallace. Are members of the Society of Friends. Republican.

Bogue, C. W., hardware merchant.

Briggs, G. C., dealer in lightning rods.

Bullis, H. A., restaurant.

Calver, Elizabeth.

Clayton, John, retired farmer; was born in Pherson County, North Carolina, 1801; came to Iowa in 1848, and located in this township; married Rebecca Day in 1827; she was born in Pherson County, North Carolina, in 1804; have one child living: Susan Mary, now Mrs. Parker; lost three children: J. H. died in 1864, J.C. died in 1866, Julia A. died in 1866; Mrs. Clayton died August 22, 1876. Republican.

Clayton, W. T., proprietor of meat market; born in Lawrence County, Indiana, in 1837; came to Iowa in 1853, and located in this county; came to Van Meter in 1868, and engaged in the mercantile trade, and continued until February, 1877; engaged in his present business in 1878; enlisted in Co. A, 23d Iowa Infantry in 1862, and discharged in 1865; married Frances E. Ruberson in 1866; she was born in Indiana in 1848; have five children: Clara, Edgar, Harry, Jessie B. and Deleo. Are members of the M. E. Church. Republican.

Clayton, L. W., farmer.

Cook, Samuel, dealer in grain, owns elevator; born in Steuben County, New York, in 1850; came to Iowa in 1868, and located in Dubuque; came to this county in 1875; married Ada Hathaway in 1876; she was born in New York; have one child: May.

Curran, J. F., teacher.

Dennis, Rev., pastor, U. B. Church.

Dodge, C. M., physician.

Doty, S. L., harness-maker.

Drew, Samuel, coal-miner.

Gilliam, Humphrey, laborer.

Goar, Eli, merchant.

Goar, B.F., dry goods merchant.

Graham, Richard, hotel keeper.

Hall, Ira, laborer.

Haynes, R., engineer.

Hobaugh, M.A., blacksmith.

Honaker, John, bookkeeper for Chicago and Van Meter Coal Company; born in Lewis County, Missouri, in 1843; came to Iowa in 1865, and located in Van Buren County; removed to Van Meter in 1877; married Margaret Bain in 1870; she was born in Maryland in 1852; have three children: Agnes, Jennie and Nellie. Republican.

Hoppers, G. W., laborer.

Hunt, P., plasterer.

Jennings, W. H., postmaster, and dealer in general merchandise; born in Gurnsey County, Ohio, in 1846; came to Iowa in 1854, and located in Louisa County; removed to Van Meter in 1868; married R. A. Clayton in 1870; she was born in Indiana in 1847; have four children: Mary E., Anna V., Rosa B. and W. H. Are members of the United Brethren Church. Mr. Jennings enlisted in Co. C, 11th Iowa Infantry in 1863, and was discharged in 1865; was in several engagements: Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta and others. Republican.

Joplin, John, engineer.

Kenworthy, S. B., miller.

Lindthurst, Chas. F., business railroad agent; born in Pennsylvania in 1831; came to Iowa in 1869, and located in Grinnell; removed to this County in 1876; married Catherine B. Price in 1859; she was born in Pennsylvania in 1835; have six children: John, Ella, Martha, Jennette, Charles and Kate.

Lindthurst, John, operator.

Little, M.A., dealer in drugs and medicines; established in 1870; born in Orange County, N.Y.; came to Iowa in 1868, and located in Van Meter; married Maggie Andrews in 1878; she was born in Keokuk.

Little, Coe, stock-dealer.

Logan, A.M., carpenter.

McCoy, H. C., laborer.

McNair, C., blacksmith.

McNair, Sarah, widow.

Martin, Henry, coal-miner.

Moore, T. E., miller.

Murnahan, James, engineer.

Osborn, Rev., pastor, M. E. Church.

Parker, Silas, retired farmer.

Patten, Joel, carpenter.

Peck, I. S., butcher.

Ruberson, James B., dealer in drugs and medicines; born in Jackson County, Indiana in 1850; came to Iowa in 1865, and located in Dallas County; engaged in the drug business in the spring of 1878. Greenback.

Seamas, J. B., broker.

Sheppard, H. B., clerk.

Smith, E. K., physician.

Thompson, James, blacksmith.

Thomas, L. S., shoemaker.

Van Meter, J. R., proprietor of Van Meter Mills; born in Bartholomew County, Indiana, in 1824; came to Iowa in 1850, and located in this township; married Mary Peabody in 1855; she was born in Highland County, Ohio, in 1834; have five children: Ellen, Mary, Jacob, Carrie and Henry. Are members of the Christian Church. Mr. Van Meter was captain of Co. C, 46th Iowa; enlisted in 1864, and was discharged in the same year. Republican.

Walker, John, superintendent of Chicago and Van Meter Coal Company; born in England in 1821; engaged in present business in 1877; married Jane Harvey in 1853; she is a native of England. Democrat.

Welch, J. W., justice of the peace.

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