Redfield Chronology

 1847 David Daily built the first log cabin of the valley. No title recorded.
1853-1855 Frink & Walker Stage Coach Route
1853-1855 The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in Wiscotta
1856 Thomas Cavanaugh sold to James Redfield, Achsah Moore Redfield and Luther Redfield
1857 Maulsby's Store established by Irwin Maulsby General Merchandise
1860 New Ireland name changed to Redfield to honor James Redfield.  Post Office with Ira A. Smith, postmaster.  Masonic temple charted June 1860, Wiscotta
1861 James Redfield elected to serve in Iowa Senate. Company H 39th Iowa Volunteer Infantry mustered in park
1862-1863 The Christian Church organized.  The Telegraph line came through.
1864 Colonel James Redfield killed in war between States.
1865 M. E. Church moved to Redfield from Wiscotta.  The Newport Woolen Mills and Wiscotta Mill built.  Latter by Bowles & Homer.
1866 Marshall Post, first GAR post organized in Dallas County
1867 Early frame two-story schoolhouse built.  cost $3,200.
1868 The Western Stage abandoned business.
1869 Methodists built their own church on present site.
1870-1880 "Martial" Band gave concerts
1879 Narrow Gauge Railroad laid.
1880 October 29 ordered instruments for Cornet Band
1881 Population of 400.  Citizens voted t incorporate in August.
1882 REDFIELD COURIER newspaper published, edited by T. J. Floyd
1883 Fred's Opera House completed
1884-1887 REDFIELD RECORD was Redfield newspaper.
1888-1889 Morning Star Newspaper.
1889 Bell purchased for school.  first brick school of four rooms
1889-1904 REDFIELD CLIPPER newspaper edited by J. H. Mills
1891 Railroad changed to (Standard) wide gauge rails.
1892 State Bank of Redfield.  Library Association formed at Freed's Hall, March.
1893 Diddy Store began by Claude Diddy, pharmacist.
1894 State Bank "laid out" addition called East Oak Park addition of Redfield.
1896 Goodwin & Myers Brick & Tile Works replaced Cooley.
1900 A disastrous fire leveled a block of business (south side of Thomas).
1901 Redfield Savings Bank organized.  The librarian was Miss Jessie Lamb.
1904 THE REVIEW newspaper organized with G. B. Brown, editor.  First automobile in Redfield purchased by A. E. Smith (Alvy).
1906-1907 Woman's Club took charge of the library.
1908 Population 770.  January, new brick school building east of first one.  Goodwin Tile Factory burned. $20,000 loss.
1909 Flood caused extensive damage to log and rock dam.  Don Towns purchased Maulsby's Store.
1910 River to River Road named Mississippi to Missouri via Redfield highway.  C. E. Cave began his hardware --later Kohl Hardware.  New building at Redfield Savings Bank.
1911 August 29 Scott Block burned.  Hose cart purchased for fires.
1913 Two theaters -- Plaza and Persian.  Concrete Dam built on the Middle Raccoon River for power supply.  Later November, electricity, first street lights.
1914 Water system installed Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong's building for new bakery.  People's Theater -- Bill Curtis
1917 June -- Opening of Redfield Free Library.
1918 100 foot pole for Old Glory at center of intersection.  Enlistment ceremony.  armistice November 11, 1918, Jail used in bonfire.
1919 Consolidation of Schools approved.  Redfield Post No. 261 American Legion Post organized.
1921 The sanitary sewer was laid.
1922 The new Consolidated School building was completed and dedicated, April 14.
1927 Last season of Dexfield Park, Swimming Pool, Pavilion, Merry-go-round.
1932 Before July 4, Dexfield reopened briefly.
1940 M. V. Eppard's Artificial Ice Plant opened in time for Old Settlers.  Dick Patty opened first locker in October.
1941 Redfield Public Library opened.
1946 School hot lunches were begun.
1947 Kindergarten was begun in Redfield school.  Record flood -- highest water level in 52 years.  Redfield Osteopathic Clinic and Hospital opened in September with Drs. Peace.  Rainbow Girls organized Sept. 18.
1948 President Truman at Dexter Plowing Matches.
1949 Theater and Produce fire in November.  Straight's Housing Development.  Seven rural schools moved to town.
1951 Grand opening of new Redfield theater -- Mr. & Mrs. Val Gorham.  Redfield P. T. A. organized with Mrs. Clarence Mabbitt, president.
1952 The last passenger train from Des Moines to Spirit Lake.
1956 November 26, Charter night for Redfield Lions, Lucius Fitch, president.  Northern Natural established gas storage plant.
1959 Fall -- Dexfield Community School opened for its first year.  Ben Kammer, superintendent; Billie Lamb, high school principal.
1960 Redfield Centennial held.  November, L. S. Heins sold REDFIELD REVIEW & DEXTER SENTINEL  New owners named the paper DEXFIELD.  Paved the streets.
1962 Redfield Hall of Honor started by Lions.  Award to Mark Bandy and Willard Patty.
1963 Award to Elsie Patty, artist in Colorado.
1964-1967 Willard Johnson, Willard Sutherland, Nile Cave and Lt. Col. Tom Wacht, Redfield Hall of Honor awards.
1968 Floyd Davis made honorary member of library board for 25 years of service to Redfield Library.  Maxine Toler Vanevenhoven, Hall of Honor award. 
1969 Brick yard was automated C. C. Armstrong Honor award
1970 Cargill Plant east of town became Bean Storage.  Esther Godwin Harper, Honor award.
1971 Hal Hunt, Hall of Honor award.
1972 Robert Goodwin, Hall of Honor award, congressman elected from Redfield, Redfield Hospital sold to College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, New Brenton Bank opened in Redfield.  First section of Senior Citizens Home opened.
1973 Hanging Rock bridge loss.  Katherine Moorman Steinbrenner, Honor award.
1974 Howard Hunt, Hall of Honor award.
1975 Bonnie Rote became the first woman to serve on city council.  David Welu opened law office in Redfield, James J. Mills, Honor award.
1976 Arlys Cummins Beaver awarded Hall of Honor.
1977 Bonnie Brinkley, Hall of Honor
1978 Rex Harvey, Hall of Honor, Contract for a "huge" water tower, new well and replacement of water mains of Redfield.
1979 Council approved First Responders.  Merrill Hunt, Honor award.
1980 Blue Star homes in Redfield (volunteers to assist children in time of need.)  Cleve Leeper, Honor award.
1981 November, the first Redfield bank robbery.  Glen Short, Honor award.
1984 Neighborhood Watch organized.  New control valves installed in gas lines.  RAGBRAI XII came through town July 24.

Source:  1860 - 1985 Redfield, Iowa Quasquicentennial

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