Town of Adel Biographies

Excerpt from The History of Dallas County, Iowa, published in 1879 by the Union Historical Company of Des Moines, Iowa

Andrews, Jos.

Adams, L. W., teamster.

Adams, Wm., laborer.

Allen & Coapman, grocers and hardware.

Alpaugh, J. E., book-keeper.

Andrews, H., retired.

Ashton, Thomas, superintendent D. M. Adel & W. R. R.; born in England, February 8, 1834; came to America in 1842, and to this State in 1856, locating in Adel November 20, 1856, and engaged in the livery business, and was the first one engaged in this business in the city; in 1862 he enlisted in Co. C, 39th Infantry, and served three years as postmaster of the regiment; he was taken prisoner at the battle of Parker’s Cross Roads, and paroled; after he was mustered out he returned and engaged in the livery business and farming; he owns 136 acres of land; he married Miss Sarah Wisner, July 4, 1861; she was born in Michigan; has three children: Eddie, Iva and Ray; lost one; he was appointed superintendent of the narrow gauge railroad in May, 1878.

Bailey, R.R., laborer.

Barr, R. S., attorney.

Barker, G. W., collecting agent.

Baugh, M. H., attorney, firm of Baugh, Smith & Sweeley; born in Brown County, Ohio, April 19, 1833, and was raised there until sixteen years of age, when he came with his mother to Iowa; they located in Mahaska County, near Oskaloosa, in 1849; he completed his education and studied law with Judge Loughridge, and was admitted to the bar under examination by Judge Lecompte, of Leavenworth City; he was engaged in teaching in St. Joseph, Missouri, for a time; then returned to Oskaloosa and practiced law with his brother, George H., of that city; he came to Dallas County in 1870, and since then has practiced his profession here; he held office of city recorder in Oskaloosa, and other town and school offices; married Miss Margaret Thompson, in Oskaloosa; she was a native of Indiana; they have seven children: five sons and two daughters.

Beardsley, H. C., janitor, High School.

Bly, John W., sheriff of Dallas County; born in Montgomery County, New York, December 10, 1839; he was brought up and lived there until February, 1861, when he married Miss Mary M. Miller, from Montgomery County, New York; came to Iowa and located in Dallas County in June, 1864; she died in 1873, leaving three children: Omar, Josie and Motie; Mr. Bly was elected sheriff of Dallas County October, 1877; he has held office of justice of the peace, assessor and town clerk and other town and school offices; he married Eliza A. Miller, from Indiana.

Boak, T. J., dealer in groceries and provisions; born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, in 1823; he was brought up in Wayne County, Ohio; he went to California in 1852 and remained there seven years, and came to Iowa and located in this county in May, 1859, and engaged in farming and buying and shipping stock until 1871; then came to Adel and engaged in mercantile business; he still owns a farm of over 300 acres in Van Meter township; he has held school and road offices; he married Mary A. Burns, from Rochester, New York, in 1845; they have five children: Crosby, Clara Belle, Arvilia, Carrie and Matie.

Brenton, A.G., drug clerk.

Brenton, Dr. J. B., physician; born in Henry County, Kentucky, March 15, 1815; he was raised in and near Indianapolis, Indiana, coming there when only nine years of age, in 1824; he received his education there and studied medicine; he practiced medicine in Indiana until 1853, when he came by wagon to Iowa, and was about six weeks on the way, and arrived in this county October 13, 1853, one of the early settlers; he engaged in practice of medicine, his practice extending to five different counties.� In the early settlement of a new country, the life of a physician is one of constant exposure, being obliged to go in all kinds of weather; he has made it an invariable rule never to let the weather prevent him from answering the calls of suffering humanity, let it be ever so cold and stormy,. or the night ever so dark; he rode from here to New Jefferson the coldest day he ever knew, with the thermometer thirty-nine deg. below zero; the snow was deep, and no track made across the prairie; he came out here on account of his health, and has only been sick one day and two nights in twenty-five years; he has practiced medicine over forty-four years, and is still in the prime of life; he has been twice married; ;his first wife was Eliza St. John, from Indiana; she died in 1840; in July, 1842, he married Elizabeth Glen; she was born in Kentucky and raised in Indiana; they have six children:� William H., Dallas Center; Archibald G., drug trade, here; Clarinda J.; Andrew T., physician, Adel; Leone A., teacher in High School; James M. F., engaged in teaching; William H. was in the army; Archibald was in the 4th Regiment Iowa Infantry, Co. I, and was transferred to the 2d Iowa Battery; he was discharged on account of disability, and re-enlisted in the 46th Regiment Iowa Infantry, Co. C.

Brockway, Wm. F., watch-maker and jeweler, and postmaster at Adel; born in Wayne County, New York, February 5, 1851; when five years of age he came with his parents to Buchanan County, Iowa; he was brought up there; he served apprenticeship in watch-making and jewelry trade there and in Des Moines for five years, and came to Adel May 15, 1871, and engaged in this present business; he married Miss Iris Byers, from this town, April 1, 1872; they have three children: Leta, Charlie and Della.

Buckman, S. T., hardware dealer.

Burch, --, carpenter.

Byers, J. M., retired.

Caldwell, Timothy J., M.D., physician and surgeon, was born in Vermillion County, Indiana, July 21, 1837; his father was William Caldwell; his grandfather was a prominent Baptist minister; he participated in some of the skirmishes with the Indians in Ohio, and built what is known in history as the Caldwell Blockhouse, located in Preble County. The subject of this sketch attended school and completed his literary education at the Newport Seminary, in his native county; he came with his parents to Iowa and located in Dallas County, in September, 1853; after working on the farm, helping his father for three years, he commenced reading medicine, and attended lectures in the medical department of the State University at Keokuk, now called the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and graduated from this institution in February, 1861; he located in Adel and practiced his profession there until 1864, when he was commissioned Assistant Surgeon of the 23d Regiment Iowa Infantry, and served in that position until the close of the war, returning to Adel in 1865; after practicing a few months he spent the following winter at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; since then has reaped the benefit of a thorough review of medical and surgical science; he spent the winter of 1877-8 in the city of New York, reviewing his profession; he went through he whole course at Belleview Medical College and University; he obtained all his medical education by zealous and untiring efforts at his own expense, and now stands at the head of his profession; he married Miss Melissa V. Maulsby, of Dallas County, Sep. 30, 1869; she is a native of Indiana.

Callvert, Judge S. A., was born in Albany, Whiteside County, Illinois, February 12, 1843. When twelve years of age he moved with his parents to Lucas County, Iowa, where they remained but a short time, then removed to Ringgold County, and there spent three years of his early life, attending preparatory school; in 1858 he again removed with his parents to Washington County, Iowa, and entered Washington College, where he received his classical education; during the winter of 1864-5, he attended the University at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and soon afterward entered the office of Judge Miller, of Iowa City, under whose able instruction he pursued the study of law until he was admitted to the bar before Judge Conklin, October 18, 1865; he then went to Marble Hill, Missouri, and practiced his profession until 1870, when he returned to Iowa and located in Nevada, Story County, where he continued his practice successfully for mare than a year; but not yet feeling fully satisfied as to his place of permanent settlement, and more encouraging prospects opening elsewhere, one more move brought him to Adel, Dallas County, in September, 1871, where the paved pathway to profit and promotion soon began to appear; he pursued his calling here diligently for more than six years, gaining a good practice and growing in favor with the people, until in March, 1878, he was honored with the appointment of Judge of the Second Circuit of the Fifth Judicial District, and in October, 1878, he was elected to the same position by the people, which he now fills so acceptably, with credit to himself and honor to his constituents.� On the 22d of June, 1868, he married Miss Rachel B. Berger, of Iowa City; they now have a family of three children living and one dead, their youngest darling, Mary Josephine, was called away on the 10th of last December.� During the war he served in Co. H, 2d Iowa Infantry.

Campbell, G. W., tailor.

Carnahan, J., livery stable.

Caselman, L.A., carpenter.

Chapman, A., grocer and artist.

Clarkson, Jas. L., farmer.

Cole, M. B., merchant.

Conger, Major E. H., county treasurer; the subject of this sketch was born in Knox County, Ill., near Galesburg, March 7, 1843; he resided there with his parents until 1868, where he received his education, being a graduate of Lombard University, Galesburg; he also is a graduate of the law school, at Albany, New York, and was admitted tot eh bar in 1866; in 1868 he removed to Madison County, Iowa, and located one-half mile south of Dexter, where he engaged in farming and stock business; five years later in 1873, he engaged in the banking business in Dexter, as a successor to his father, deceased, and moved his family to Dexter in 1874; he sold an interest in his bank to G. G. Pierce, in 1875, and the firm name was changed to Conger & Pierce; after selling an interest to Mr. Pierce in the bank at Dexter, he, with his brother, purchased the exchange bank at Stuart, the oldest bank in the place, which they are successfully operating; in 1862 he enlisted as a private in Co. I, 102 Ill. Infantry, and served three years; in 1864 he was commissioned Captain, and at the close of the war was brevetted Major; he was engaged in the battles of Resaca, Georgia, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and numerous skirmishes; in the fall of 1878, he was duly elected to the office of county treasurer, which office he fills in a most satisfactory manner, and is highly respected as a public officer and citizen; June 21, 1866, he married Miss Sarah J., daughter of E.W. and Laura Pike; she is a native of Ohio, but was raised in Galesburg, Illinois; they have one daughter, Laura V., and have lost one son, Lorentus.

Coons, M. E., grocer.

Coons, J. W., clerk.

Crawford, Wm., laborer.

Dack, W. J., wagon-maker.

Dack, John, blacksmith.

Diddy, A., laborer.

Diddy, M. L., clerk.

Diddy, Levi, justice of the peace; born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, September 25, 1818; when eight years of age went with his parents to Ohio; then removed to Indiana in 1828; he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, helped raise the first house in Elkhart, Indiana; helped build the first mill in that county, and helped build the first bridge across the St. Joseph river;; his father was the first county judge in Elkhart County, and filled that position until his death; in 1850 Esq. Diddy determined to see the West; he started from home April 1st on foot; he went to Davenport, from there to Iowa City, then to Cedar Rapids, from there to Des Moines; came to Adel, then to Warren County, then to Pella and Muscatine, and through Illinois by way of Dixon and Joliet, to Indiana, on foot all the way and arrived home about the middle of June in good health, and good condition; he married Sarah Burns, from New Jersey, November 15, 1838; they came to Iowa in a Prairie Schooner, with an ox team; started September 6, and arrived in Adel October 6, 1852; they were early settlers; there is no one living in Adel now that was here when he came; he has held offices of assessor, coroner, township school director, was express agent for eight years, has held office of justice of the peace for the past ten years; they have eight children, four sons and four daughters; he had two sons in the army: John W. enlisted in the 39th Reg. Iowa Infantry, Co. C; William A. enlisted in the same regiment and company; he was taken prisoner and paroled, and came to St. Louis and died there.

Dilley, Amos, superintendent of schools Dallas County; born in Trumbull County, Ohio, March 16, 1833; he attended school there and completed his education at Meadville, Pennsylvania; he engaged in teaching in Ohio and Michigan, and came to Iowa in 1858, locating in Keokuk County, and engaged in teaching until the breaking out of the rebellion, when he enlisted in April, 1861, in the First Reg. Iowa Cavalry, Co. I; the first year in the service they were engaged in pursuing the noted Guerrilla Quantrell and his band, and they had innumerable fights and skirmishes with them; one of the hardest fights he was in during the war was with this band of outlaws at Spring Hill; out 75 engaged, 35 were killed, beside the wounded; he was in the battle of Prairie Grove, capture of Little Rock and Camden, Battle of Little Missouri, and Jenkens Ferry, and up the Red River expedition with Gen. Steele; he was promoted Orderly Sergeant, then First Lieutenant, and then was commissioned Captain; was in the service five years; mustered out in February, 1866; after the war he came home, read law and was admitted to the bar; in 1867 he was appointed county superintendent; he was elected and served two terms, and is again serving his third term; he married Miss M. J. Bowman, in Stark County, Ohio, in March, 1853; they have two children: Grace and Zoe.

Ely, S.W., shoemaker.

Ely, Jared, shoe shop.

Emihiser, Ira, teamster.

Ford, A. Frank, proprietor of the Forrester House; born in Lycoming County Pennsylvania, November 28, 1843; at a very early age his parents removed to Ashland County, Ohio, and he was raised there; upon the breaking out of the rebellion he enlisted in the 42d Reg. of the Ohio Infantry, Co. H, in 1861; he was in the siege of Vicksburg; was besieged in Cumberland Gap three months, and half starved; up the Red River campaign with Gen. Banks; and at Black River and New Orleans; he was in 13 battles and skirmishes; was in the service three years and three months; he came to Iowa in 1867, and located in Dallas County; has been engaged in hotel business here for the past five years; he married Miss Jennie Miller, October 8, 1869; she was born in Michigan; they have three children: Fred., Ward and Bert, and have lost one son.

Ferguson, C.A., hack man.

Ferguson, C.D., teamster.

Fox, Benj., retired.

Frush, E. F., farmer.

Gallup, E., carpenter.

Garoutte, M. C., harness-maker; born in Hancock County, Illinois, August 24, 1845, and came with his parents to Iowa when only six years of age; they located in this county; he was raised on a farm until he learned his trade here in Adel; he spent about eight years in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah; then returned here and engaged in his present business in 1876.

Garoutte, S. J., lumber merchant.

Garoutte, L. W., grocer.

Geniser, J., tailor.

George, M. M., manufacturer and dealer in harness and saddlery hardware; born in Huron County, Ohio, December 25, 1821; he was raised in Ohio, and removed to Wisconsin, and lived there until 1866, when he came to Iowa, and located in Dallas County, and engaged in business; he was in the army; enlisted in the 48th Reg. Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. A; he has held town and school offices; he married Clarissa Taylor, from Livingston County, New York, in 1844; she died in 1857, leaving one daughter, now Mrs. Mary Greene; married Mary Wright, from the State of New York, in June 1859; she died January 8, 1876.

Gilkinson, J. A., painter.

Gonser, Samuel, lawyer.

Graves, J. B., barber.

Greene, S. H., attorney at law and mayor of Adel; born in Adel, Dallas County, February 13, 1850; he was raised here, and received his education partially here, and in Oswego, New York; he studied law, and entered the law department of the Iowa State University, and graduated in the year 1871; with the exception of a short time he published a paper he has practiced his profession here since then; he is the oldest person now living in Adel that was born here; he holds office of mayor of the town; he was elected in 1874, and at every election since then has been re-elected; he married Miss Jennie Hickey, from Oskaloosa, May 20, 1872; they have two children: Norman and Belle.

Greene & Clark, attorneys.

Grop, J. B., retired.

Hathaway, J.P., teamster.

Haddon, W.W., fireman on railroad.

Haptanstall, J., gunsmith.

Hedge, Susan.

Hempstead, H. W., carpenter.

Hill, M. M., hotel keeper.

Hoey, L., carpenter.

Hoey, E., carpenter.

Hoeye, M. M., laborer.

Holt, B. H., cabinet-maker.

Holt, Mrs. L., milliner.

Hoppe, Charles, teamster.

Hotchkiss, A. C., clerk of courts.

Houghton, F. E., druggist.

Howe, John G., recorder of Dallas County; born in Franklin County, Indiana, September 19, 1838; he was brought up there until sixteen years of age; he came to Iowa in 1854; lived in Muscatine and Louisa counties, and came to Dallas County in 1857; he was in the army; enlisted August 11, 1862, in the Thirty-ninth Regiment Iowa Infantry, Co. C; he was in a number of fights and skirmishes, and was in the second battle at Altoona, October 5, 1864; went with General Sherman from Atlanta to the sea, and with him to Washington; after the war he returned here, he was appointed deputy recorder in February, 1877, and was elected recorder of the county at the recent election, in October, 1878; he married Miss Sarah E. Diddy, from Elkhart, County, Indiana, June 5, 1860; they have three children: James W., William O. and Charles N.; they have lost one daughter: Anna Belle.

Hughes, R.J., pastor Presbyterian church.

Ingle, C. W., dealer in washing machines.

Isenhart, W. H., teamster

Irvin, J. F., physician; born in Butler County, Ohio, March 22, 1829; he was raised in Indiana and received his education there, then studied medicine and graduated in 1850, and engaged in the practice of his profession; he came to Iowa and located in Adel; he has been married twice; his first wife was Mary J. Ludlow, from Indiana; she was a native of New Orleans; she died in 1865; he married Martha E. Andrews, from Indiana, in 1866; he has nine children.

James, W. G., dry-goods, clothing, hats and caps; born in Scott County, Indiana, June 27, 1821; he was brought up there and in Johnson County; in 1842 he went to Missouri, and lived there six years, and came to Iowa and arrived in Adel July 8, 1848; he entered land from government, and engaged in farming until 1855, then built a steam saw-mill; he engaged in the mercantile business January 1, 1870; he owns a farm of 200 acres, beside his town property; he has held town and school offices; he married Sarah A. Hutson, from Indiana, in 1840; they have no children. Mr. and Mrs. James are among the earliest settlers, and there is no one living in Adel that was here when they came to this county.

Jolly, J. M., grocer.

Jones, J. J., clerk.

Joy, Mrs. A. L., milliner.

Kenersen, H., cooper.

Kating, P., laborer.

Knowles, A., insurance agent.

Kryshe, Wesley, farmer.

Lambert, L., banker.

Lambert, B.F., clerk.

Lee, R. M., stock-dealer.

Long, Melissa, Mrs.

Loomis, S.D., drayman.

Loomis, George W., manufacturer and dealer in furniture; born in Onondaga County, New York, March 16; 1841; when thirteen years of age he came with his parents to Iowa, and located here in Adel, in 1854, and was brought up here; he was in the army; enlisted in July, 1862, in the Twenty-third Regiment Iowa Infantry, Co. A; he was in the siege of Vicksburg, Port Gibson and battle of Champion Hills; his regiment led the charge at Black River Bridge; he was also at the siege of Spanish Fort, and the taking of Mobile; he was wounded at the battle of Black River Bridge; after the war he returned here, and for the past four years has been engaged in the furniture business; he holds the office of town clerk; he married Miss Mattie C. Clark, from Indiana, November 17, 1868; they have two children: Mary L. and John C.; have lost two little girls.

McAllister, John, carpenter.

Malton, J. W.

Marsh & Royer, blacksmith.

Marsh, A.G., blacksmith.

Martino, Henry, laborer.

McKay, Donald, butcher.

McLaughlin, George, shoemaker.

McLaury, John, publisher and editor of the New Era; born in Grant County, Wisconsin, March 14, 1840; he was raised in Wisconsin until sixteen years of age then came to Iowa, to McGregor in Clayton County, and learned the printer’s trade, and afterward engaged in the printing business there; he came to Des Moines in 1874, and came to Adel in 1876; since then he has published a newspaper here; he married Miss Constance L. Piedfer, from Green County, New York, January 25, 1876.

McMullen, William, wagon-maker.

McMullen & Co., photographer.

McMullen, C.F., teacher.

Mead, E.W., farmer.

Miller, Fred., porter Forrester House.

Michner, J.C., physician.

Newton, Avery C., firm of Noel & Newton, publishers of the Dallas County News; born in Berrien County, Michigan, February 12, 1853; when 10 years of age he went with his father to Illinois; he came to Des Moines in 1871 and entered the office of the Leader and learned the printing business; he came to Adel in November 9, 1875; the following year he associated with his present partner, Walter A. Noel, in publishing the Dallas County News; he married Miss Martha A. Perkins, daughter of Judge Perkins, in April, 1878.

Nichols, A. B., blacksmith; born in Cleveland, Ohio, June 30, 1825; he was raised in Indiana; learned his trade there and came to Iowa, and arrived in Adel April 11, 1855; he was in the army; enlisted August 15, 1862, in the 89th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Co. B; he was detailed by Gen. Dodge as blacksmith in the 4th Division, 15th Army Corps; was in the service three years; he married Lucy A. Crofutt, from Pennsylvania, in August, 1850; have eight children, five sons and three daughters.

Nichols, N.B., retired.

Nichols, G. W., teamster.

Noel, Walter A., firm of Noel & Newton, publishers Dallas County News; born in Adel, Dallas County, May 4, 1856; he was brought up and has always lived in this county; he learned the printing business, and in 1876 he associated with A. C. Newton, and bought the Dallas County News; his father is one of the oldest settlers here.

Noel, Cole, real estate agent.

North, T. R., attorney at law; born in Union County, Ohio, June 23, 1839; he lived in that State until 12 years of age, then removed with his parents to Clayton County, Iowa, and then to Kosciusko County, Indiana; he received his education in Ohio and Indiana, and commenced the study of law until the breaking out of the rebellion, when he enlisted in the 57th Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Co. K.; he was in the battle of Stone River; after his return from the service he completed the study of law and was admitted to the bar in February, 1864; he came to Iowa and located in Adel June 16, 1864, and since then has practiced his profession here; he married Miss Frances E. Whitaker from Milford, Indiana, in 1858; she died in 1862, leaving one daughter, Sarah M., Mrs. J. H. Witman; he was again married, to Miss N.E. Stewart December 31, 1864; she was born in Illinois but was raised here; have five children: Ettie, Austin, J., and little girl and boy not named.

Novinger, John, miller.

Nye, Anna, boarding house.

Nye, J. B., laborer.

Orton, W. T., laborer.

Orton, Edgar, laborer.

O’Neal, Mrs. Susan.

Perkins, Judge Jeremiah, attorney at law; firm of Perkins & Barr; Judge Perkins was born near Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina, January 7, 1816, and was raised there until 14 years of age, when he came with his mother to Wayne County, Indiana, where he learned the carpenter and cabinet maker’s trade; after remaining there for three years he removed to La Porte County in 1833, where he worked at his trade; having a taste for study he devoted his leisure moments during the busy season, and his entire winter to mental pursuits and reading law, and was admitted to the bar in La Porte about the year 1845; he came to Iowa by wagon and arrived at Newton, Jasper County, October 28, 1854, and was admitted to the bar under the celebrated Judge McFarland; the following year he came to Dallas County and located in Adel in June, 1855, and engaged in the practice of his profession; he built the house where he now lives, with his own hands; the first term of the district court was held the July following his coming here; his honor Judge McFarland presiding; he appointed Judge Perkins prosecuting attorney; in August, 1856, he was elected prosecuting attorney on a republican ticket in a democratic county; in 1861 he was appointed county judge to fill vacancy and was subsequently elected for four successive terms and filled that position for nine years; during the same period he was elected recorder of Dallas County and held that office for four years, and also held the office of county auditor for three years; few men in Dallas County have held more offices and none have discharged their duties better and to the more complete satisfaction of the people; he married Miss Eliza Kennedy, a native or Richmond, Indiana, February 4, 1841; she died April 5, 1876, leaving six children.

Patty, L. R., physician.

Perkins & Barr, attorneys.

Phillips, A. C., teacher.

Phillips, M. E., principal of the public school; born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August, 1843; he was raised and attended school there, completing his education at Greenwood Seminary; then engaged in teaching;; in 1860 he went to Michigan and was principal of schools at Constantine for three years; he was principal of the schools at Lena, Stephenson County, and at Ashton, Lee County, Illinois, for a number of years; he came to Adel in 1875 and since then has occupied his present position; he has been engaged in teaching for the past twenty years; he married Miss M. E. Wetzel in Lena, Illinois, January 25, 1866; have two children: Orville P. and Llewellyn A.

Piquane, J., butcher.

Preston, A. S., teamster.

Preston, F. B.

Proutee, E. P., carpenter.

Rickerson, C. G. D., carpenter.

Rickerson, W. H., teamster.

Rider, L., carpenter.

Risser & Son, merchants.

Rohner, J., baker.

Roland, J. G., carpenter.

Rodenbaugh, Chas., carpenter.

Roush, F., carpenter.

Royer & McKay, butchers.

Rudrow, W. S., farmer.

Russell, J. W., real estate and loans.

Sloan, T., livery.

Shenton, D., Pastor, M. E. Church.

Skinner, G. W., laborer.

Smalley, Addison R., attorney; born in this county, in Des Moines township, February 10, 1848; he was brought up here, and is one of the oldest, if not the oldest native born citizen now living in Dallas County (his father being one of the earliest settlers in the county); he commenced reading law in Hamburg, Fremont County, and continued it here, and was admitted to the bar in 1875, and has practiced law here for two years; he was a candidate for the office of district attorney for this district in the recent fall election, and his opponent was only elected by five votes, owing to alleged irregularities in one township in Polk County, where a new election will probably be ordered; Mr. Smalley married Miss Marietta Hooper, from Fremont County, Iowa, February 28, 1872; they have two children: Leon H. and Myrta.

Smart, J.C., plasterer.

Smith, D. W., firm of Baugh, Smith & Sweeley, attorneys; born in Erie County, New York, February 6, 1843; when ten years of age he came with his parents to Iowa; they located in Cedar County in 1853; he attended school and afterward studied law and graduated in the law department of the Iowa State University; he came to Adel in 1875, and since then has practiced his profession here; he also owns a set of abstract books; he has held the office of mayor of Adel; he married Miss Narcissa Macy, from Indiana, May 24, 1870; they have three children: Jennie, Carl M. and Clara.

Smith, W., boarding house.

Smith, Daniel, teamster.

Steck, H.F., jeweler.

Stickney, Gilbert, teamster.

Stiles, Messrs. E. H. & Co., milliners.

Sweeley, S., grocer.

Sweeley, M. J., of firm Baugh, Smith & Sweeley.

Swearingen, Leonard, auditor of Dallas County; born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, October 12, 1831, and was brought up and lived there until May, 1856, when he went to Mercer County, Illinois, and lived there eight years, then came to Iowa and located in Dallas County in 1864, and engaged in farming; he has held the office of justice of the peace, and all the different town and school offices; he was elected auditor of this county in October, 1877; he has been married twice; his first wife was Elizabeth Moore, from Pennsylvania; she died in September, 1870, leaving four children; he married his present wife, Miss S J. Robinson, from Illinois in 1872.

Tawney, Henry, retired.

Tawney, J. W., plasterer.

Trainor, James, teamster.

Tutor, W. A., dentist.

Varner, I. O., attorney.

Walsh, Thomas C., deputy treasurer; born in Culpepper County, Virginia, December 25, 1834; lived there until 1847; he, with his parents, then removed to Frostburg, Maryland, where he lived until 1856, and then came to Iowa and located at Des Moines; he remained there about one year, and then came to this county and located in Redfield, where he has lived ever since; November, 1863, he married Miss Sarah A., daughter of Hon. Elza Lank, of --, Indiana; they have by this union three sons and three daughters: Reno, Effie, Cynthiaetta, Mark, Grace and Ray; in 1873 Mr. W. was elected county treasurer, and served until 1876; was deputy U.S. enrolling marshal; was appointed in July, 1864, and served until the following October, and was afterward in the service nine months.

Ward, S. L., engineer.

Warford, J., butcher.

Welch, Amos and George, painters.

Welch, Geo., laborer.

White, J. B., attorney at law; born in Kentucky, January 14, 1849; when five years of age he came with his parents to Iowa; they located in Keokuk County in 1854, where they lived a short time, and also lived in Mahaska and Marion counties; he commenced reading law in Marion County with Stone & Ayres; he entered Oskaloosa College, and graduated in 1871; he completed his law studies, and was admitted to the bar in 1872; he came to Adel in January, 1873, and was appointed principal of the public schools of Adel, and held that position for two years; he then engaged in the practice of his profession; he received the degree of A.M. and A. B. from Oskaloosa college; Mr. White has a great taste for the study of languages, and is quite a linguist; he is familiar with Greek, Latin, French, Spanish and Italian; he married Miss Mary Greene, in Adel, April 30, 1874; she is a daughter of Benjamin Greene, an old and honored settler of Dallas County; they have had one son: Victor Greene, who died in 1876.

White & Woodin, attorneys.

Whitman, J. H., lawyer.

Witham, Samuel, blacksmith.

Wright, Wesley, tinner

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