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Jonathan M. MCKAY



Photograph was taken at the G. H. Thornbrue Studio in Adel, Iowa. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with Jonathan's birthdate indicated as "born Aug 11 1858" on the back of the photograph.  Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Jonathan and his family:

Jonathan M. MCKAY was b. 1859 in Des Moines, IA to parents Donald MCKAY (b. 1831 in Scotland) and Catharine RAMAGE (b. 18 Jan 1834 in Franklin, PA).

Census records provide the following details:
1860 census of Des Moines Township, IA:
Jonathan RAMAGE, age 50, a Farmer, born PA
Eliza RAMAGE, age 50, born PA
Marice RAMAGE, age 24, a Farmer, born PA
Benjamin F. RAMAGE, age 22, a Farmer, born PA
James RAMAGE, age 20, born PA
Mary RAMAGE, age 18, born PA
Jonathan RAMAGE, age 16, born PA
Albert RAMAGE, age 12, born PA
Samuel RAMAGE, age 9, born PA
Donald MCKAY, age 29, a Brick Mason, age Scotland
Catharine MCKAY, age 26, born PA
Jonathan M. MCKAY, age 1, born IA

1870 census of IA:
Donald MCKAY, age 40, a Stone Mason, age Scotland
Catharine MCKAY, wife, age 36, Keeping House, born PA
Jonathan MCKAY, son, age 12, at Home, born IA
Frank D. MCKAY, son, age 10, born IA
Madaline MCKAY, dau, age 8, born IA
Ronald MCKAY, son, age 7 months, born IA

1880 census of Adel, IA:
Donald MCKAY, age 51, a Butcher, born Scotland, parents born Scotland
Kate MCKAY, wife, age 46, Keeping House, born PA, parents born PA
John MCKAY, son, age 21, at Home, born IA
Frank MCKAY, son, age 19, Works on Farm, born IA
Maddie MCKAY, dau, age 17, at Home, born IA
Renny MCKAY, son, age 10, at Home, born IA

1900 census of Adel Township, IA:
John M. MCKAY, age 42, born Aug 1857, married 8 years, born IA, parents born Scotland/PA, a Janitor
Eugenie MCKAY, wife, age 38, born Jun 1861, married 8 years, 5 children/4 living, born IA, parents born IN/MO
Miles L. CAMPBELL, son, age 11, born Aug 1883, born IA, parents born IN/IA, at School
Roscoe D. CAMPBELL, son, age 10, born Jul 1889, born IA, parents born IN/IA, at School
Chester B. MCKAY, son, age 6, born Aug 1893, born IA, at School
Eva E. MCKAY, dau, age 5, born May 1894, born IA

1910 census of Twin Lakes Township, IA:
John MCKAY, age 51, married 18 years, born IA, parents born Scotland/PA, a Laborer
Emma MCKAY, wife, age 48, married 18 years, 5 children/4 living, born IA, parents born IN
Chester MCKAY, son, age 17, born IA, a Lather
Eva MCKAY, dau, age 15, born IA, a Hair Dresser

I am hoping to locate someone from this MCKAY Family so that the photograph can be returned to its rightful place, with family.  If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.


Be sure to include "Jonathan M. MCKAY Photo" in the subject line of your email to Shelley.

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