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 "The Medical and Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa,"

Compiled by Charles H. Lothrop, M.D., J. C. Hopkins, Printer, Lyons, Iowa 1876

Dallas County, Iowa Listing

*U. S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions

Aiken, E. R.MinburnAlbany Medical College, NY 1851Regular
Brookings, D. J.XeniaRush Medical College, Chicago 1869Regular
Brenton, J. B.AdelPhysicians and Surgeons, Keokuk IA 1869Regular/Honorary
Bice, D. C.DeSotoMedical Dept., Iowa State University 1875Regular
Caldwell, T. J.AdelPhysicians and Surgeons, Keokuk IA 1863Regular
Caldwell, J. J.Boonevilleno information Regular
Caldwell, JohnVan MetreCleveland Medical College, OH 1845Regular/Honorary
Criley, Benton H.*Dallas CentreJefferson Medical College, Philadelphia 1871Regular
Duncan, J. K. L.WaukeePhysicians and Surgeons, Keokuk IA 1875Regular
Henderson, C. R.AdelJefferson Medical College, Philadelphia 1865Regular
Irwin, J. F.Adelno information Homeopathic
Kirkpatrick, Dr.Minburnno information no information
Kersey, J. H.RedfieldBellevue Hospital Medical College 1866Regular
Maulsey, M. B.Redfieldno information no information
Mitchner, J.Adelno information no information
Mowrer, Peter A.PerryMedical Dept., University of Pennsylvania 1851Regular
Mowrer, Milton P.Perryno information Regular
Pangburn, SamuelPerryMedical College of Ohio, Cincinnati and 1866Regular
Bellevue Hospital Medical College 1869Regular
Pieball, J. C.Boonevilleno information no information
Roper, Dr.Dexterno information no information
Rust, R. H.Redfieldno information no information
Sanks, J. O.Xeniano information Regular
Smith, Eugene J.DexterRush Medical College, Chicago 1872Regular
Vance, A. W.Dexterno information Regular

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