Dallas Co. Chapters
Royal Arch Masons

Chapter #37 Tyrian - Adel, Dallas Co.

Charter granted 10/17/1867.  No. of members yr. ending Sept. 1882: 60 No. of members yr. ending Oct. 1890: 53

MEMBER NAME NOTES (refer to key at bottom of page)
Bailey, Chap. Ad-81/RSMD,GMSV-82/m-90  (Chas.)
Bailey, C.D. Ad,GMSV-90
Barngrover, J.S. m-82.90
Barr, R.S. RSMD-79/RAC-82/CH-90
Barto, John Ex-79/m-82
Bly, J.W. m-90
Braley, A.H. Dr-79
Bradt, A.G. Ad,RSMD-82
Bowers, D. Di-79
Brenton, W.H. m-82,90
Briggs, G.C. Ex-80/RSMD-82
Briggs, S.G. Dr-79
Brockway, W.F. RSMD-79/CH-82/GRTV-90
Brown, W.H. m-82
Bryan, George E. m-90
Buckman, S.T. Ex-79/RSMD-80/GCh,K-82/K-90
Byers, Charles Ex-80
Byers, Clarence RSMD-80/m-82,90
Caldwell, T.J. RSMD-82/m-90
Callvert, S.A. m-82
Campbell, S.B. Di-78
Chance, T.C. Ex-82
Chase, Carlos Di-80
Clements, A. Ex,RSMD-82
Conger, E.H. Ex,RSMD-80/m-82
Dack, W.J. GMTV-82/S-90
Deaters, L.J. Se-90
DeMotte, J.S. m-90
Dennis, J.S. Di-79
Diddy, Levi Sc-82
Dilley, A. HP,OHP-79/HP-80,82/HP,GCh-81/D-90 
Callvert, S.A. RSMD-79
Clark, J.D. Di-78
Clayton, L.W. Ad-90
Cox, C.E. Di-78
Crain, D.S. RSMD-79/Di-82
Dack, W.J. RSMD-79
Deane, Chas. E. Di-78
DeMotte, C.W. RSMD-79/m-82
DeMotte, J.S. m-82
Diddy, Levi RSMD-79
Diggs, E.P. Ex,Di-82
Dilley, A. HP-78/RSMD,GCh,HP-79
Doud, Frank Ex-78/Di-82
Fleischman, J.E. D-79
Ford, A.F. RSMD-79/D-82 (Oct. 1881)  (A.P. Ford)
Freed, D.A. Ex-80/m-82,90
George, M.M. RSMD-79/Di-82
Ginn, Robt. Di-78
Gustine, J.W. Di-82
Hackett, Isaac Di-82
Haines, A.W. m-82
Harper, H. m-82
Haskins, A.D. Di-78
Hayes, C.W. RSMD-79/Di-82
Hempstead, H.W. RSMD-79,82
Hill, H.P. RSMD-80/m-82
Hill, J.W. Ex,Di-82
Hodgdon, Albert S. Ex-78/m-82,90 (Hodgden)
Hoeyr, William m-90
Hoyt, Thomas Ex-80/m-82,90
Hutchins, A.C. Ad-90
Hutchins, F.M. m-90
James, W.G. Di-81
Jennings, Jacob m-90
Jennings, Thomas m-90
Jennings, Wm. Di-78
Joy, J.R. S-78,80,82/S,RSMD-79/PS-90
Kendall, E. m-82
Kennedy, F.A. m-82,90
Kinney, R.N. m-82
Knowles, A. RSMD-79/HP,GMFV-82/m-90
Lander, S.H. Ex,RSMD,S-82
Landis, J.M. Di-78
Leach, S.M. RAC,T-90
Lennon, J.D. Di-79
Lyon, A.J. Ex-81/RSMD,PS-82
Maulsby, Irwin m-82,90
McClure, J.O. Ex-82
McKissick, William m-90
McLaughlin, George RSMD-79/m-82,90
McLucas, J.M. m-82,90
Milar, Theo. m-82
Mills, Moses Ex-80/m-82,90  (Mode Mills)
Mitchell, George S. Di-82
Moody, John A. m-90
Morgan, I.G. Di-78
Nelson, W.A. m-90
Nettles, G.T. m-82,90
Noel, Cal. m-90 (?same as Cole?)
Noel, Cole RSMD-79/m-82
Noel, Walter A. Ex-78/RSMD-79/m-82,90
Novinger, John  Ex-81/Se-82/Sc-90
O'Neil, Ed m-82
Orton, Miles Ad-80/m-82,90
Perkins, J. RSMD-79/D-80 (10/9/1879)
Rawson, C.D. Ad-90
Rinehart, G.L. m-90
Roberts, Thos. m-82,90
Roberts, William Ad,GMFV-90
Russell, J.W. T-82/GCh,*HP,HP-90
Russell, W.S. Di-80
Shepard, H.B. Ad-90
Slusser, F.M. Di-78
Smart, A. Di-80
Smart, David Di-78
Smith, A. Di-82
Smith, C.K. Ex-82/m-90
Stephens, J.M. Dr-79
Stewart, Shaw Ex-81/Di-82
Swearingen, L. Ex-79/RSMD-80/m-82,90
Sweeley, M.J. Ex,RSMD-82
Thomson, J.R. Ex,Di-82
Thornton, Lea m-90
Todd, J.C. Di-78
Topping, H.V. Dr-79
Ustick, N.M.Y. Di-80
Van Meter, H.G. m-82
Van Meter, J.J. m-82,90
Van Meter, J.R. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Willard, Ezra Di-80/reinstated-82/m-90
Winans, B.T.C. RSMD-79/m-82
Woodin, D.W. RSMD-79/m-82,90  (Wooden)
Wooster, J.O. RSMD-79/m-90
Zinn, C.H. Dr-79
Chapter #86 Palmyra - Perry, Dallas Co.
Charter granted 10/16/1878.  No. of members yr ending Sept. 1882: 32 No report given for 1890.
MEMBER NAME NOTES (refer to key at bottom of page)
Brown, W.B. Ex-80/m-82
Chandler, William H. Ex-78/RSMD-79/HP-80,82/HP,GCh-81
Childs, H.P. Di-80
Clark, J.D. GMFV-82
Conger, S.O. RSMD,GCh,Sc*-79/m-82
Courtney, Henry Ex-82
Cox, C.E. RSMD-79/PS-82
Ford, J.F. Ex-81/Sc-82
Gill, L. Ex-79/m-82
Ginn, Robert RSMD-79/Se-82
Gribben, M.W. m-82
Gribben, W.W. Ex-79
Griswald, Ed. Ad-80/m-82
Haskins, A.D. HP,RSMD-79/CH-82
Hazen, J.M. Ex,GCh,*K-82
Holmes, Henry J. Ex,S-78/RSMD,S-79/GMSV-82
Hoyt, Henry A. GCh,HP-78/S-80,82
Hunt, E.D. m-82
Jennings, William Sc-78/m-82
Lane, C.L. Ex-82
Leonard, George Ex-78/RSMD-79/m-82
Lods, H.P. Ex-79/T-82
Lunt, Edward D. Ex,RSMD-79
Morgan, J.G. Di-80
Morgan, I.G. 78/Ad-79
Osborne, B.F. Ex-81/m-82
Otis, A.W. Ex-79/m-82
Oyler, David Ex-82
Pangburn, Samuel RSMD-79/m-82
Parks, W.H.A. Ex-82
Pickerel, L.H. Ex-82
Russell, G.H. Ex-81/K-82
Selby, B.B. Ex-78/RSMD-79/RAC-82
Selby, E.D. Ex-78/RSMD-79/GMTV-82
Smart, David K-78/Di-80
Smith, C.H. Ex-80/m-82
Warford, John Ex-79/m-82
Weaver, C.A. Ex-78/RSMD-79/Di-82
Willis, A.E. Ex-80/m-82


Ad - admitted
D - died
Di - dimitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Dr - dropped (dismissed)
Ex - exalted (raised to a higher degree)
Exp - expelled
Su - suspended (possibly for non-payment of dues or unmasonic-like conduct)
m - found on membership rolls for indicated year 18--

*Proxy - indicates he attended the Grand Chapter, annual convocation as a proxy (ex. GCh,HP*-78 This man attended the Grand chapter as a proxy High Priest in 1878)
C - Chaplain
CH - Chaplain of the Host or Captain of the Host
GC - Grand Chaplain
GCh - Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa
GMFV - Grand Master First Vail
GMSV - Grand Master Second Vail
GMTV - Grand Master Third Vail
HP - High Priest
K - King
PS - Principle Sojourner
R - Recorder
RAC - Royal Arch Captain
RSMD - received Royal & Select Masters degree in the indicated year
S - Secretary
Sc - Scribe
Se - Sentinel
Ss - Steward & Sentinel
T - Treasurer

Key to years:
78 - 1878 annual report (10/1/1877-9/30/1878)
79 - 1879 annual report (10/1/1878-9/30/1879)
80 - 1880 annual report (10/1/1879-9/30/1880)
81 - 1881 annual report (10/1/1880-9/30/1881)
82 - 1882 annual report (10/1/1881-9/30/1882)
90 - 1890 annual report (10/1/1889-9/30/1890)

1. Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, for the Years 1878 to 1882, Inclusive,
Vol. IV, Original Edition; Muscatine, Iowa - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1883.
2. Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, at its Thirty-Seventh Grand Annual Convocation, Convened at Cedar Rapids, Thursday October 9th, A.D. 1890, Original Edition; Des Moines - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1890.

- compiled by: Sharyl Ferrall 2003

Complete data-base for all of Iowa
(over 12,000 names)

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