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1907 Dallas County Postal Service Employees

Adel:Hotchkiss, Albert C.Postmaster$1,600
Lawson, T. J.Ass't Postmaster$204
Ferguson, Clement A.Rural DeliveryIN$864
Lawson, Montie M.Rural DeliveryIA$540
Snyder, John E.Rural DeliveryOH$900
Wilkin, Thomas J.Rural DeliveryIN$900
Booneville:Cook, Sherman M.Postmaster$300
Burgett, John W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Bouton: Arthurs, William S.Postmaster$250
Shannon, FrankRural DeliveryIA$900
Dallas Center:Loring, George H.Postmaster$1,200
Gates, Miss BessieClerkIA$120
Elliott, John W.Rural DeliveryIN$900
Shunk, Harry E.Rural DeliveryPA$900
Stevens, William H.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Ward, James A.Rural DeliveryIL$900
Dawson:Gaskill, AlburnPostmaster$418
Lenihan, ThomasRural DeliveryWI$900
De Soto:Lowry, Theodore A.Postmaster$611
Chaplin, Albert J.Rural DeliveryIA$864
Mark, Frank S.Rural DeliveryIA$540
Dexter:Downey, Frank C.Postmaster$1,400
Barr, Joseph L.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Fairholm, William R.Rural DeliveryIN$900
Williams, Clyde B.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Granger:Fees, Miss MabelPostmaster$421
Frazier, Bert F.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Kennedy:Reynolds, Archie R.Postmaster$39
Linden:Glenn, Mrs. EttaPostmaster$753
Holloway, IsaacRural DeliveryIN$900
Young, Elwood S.Rural DeliveryIN$900
Minburn:Crawford, Miss Minnie B.Postmaster$631
Clement, Frank C.Rural DeliveryOH$900
Clement Eugene E.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Jones, Charles H.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Perry:Hoeye, Frank M.Postmaster$2,200
Hoeye, Fred B.Ass't Postmaster$1,000
Boblett, Clarence E.Clerk$800
Graney Edward P.ClerkNY$900
Smith, Harry L.ClerkPA$800
Gray, Edward S.Rural DeliveryOH$900
Lutze, Charles S.Rural DeliveryIL$900
Ogden, Austin W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Thornburg, Westley A.Rural DeliveryIA$450
Redfield:Winter, Edgar O.Postmaster1,200
Hollett, George M.Rural DeliveryIN$900
Hollett, Owen W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Meade, NelsonRural DeliveryMO$900
Van Meter:Trindle, Abner C.Postmaster$747
Smith, Howard T.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Waukee:Danford, Michael F.Postmaster$814
Harrod, Harry F.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Spear, Edward O.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Wilson, Clarence L.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Woodward:Preston, Zenas G.Postmaster$991
Pike, George L.Rural DeliveryIA$864
Rhoads, Loren W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Shaw, Elmer A.Rural DeliveryIL$864
Sixbury, Chauncey E.Rural DeliveryIL$900

Source: Official Register of the United States, 1907: Vol. II, The Postal Service, pages 144-160
Transcribed and contributed anonymously January 2020

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