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R. L. Polk's Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918-1919

Dallas County, Iowa

ADEL. Population, 1,500. The judicial seat in Dallas county, is an incorporated town located on the C, M & St P Ry, and on the north fork of the Raccoon river, 22 miles west of Des Moines. This is the trade center for a rich farming section and has 4 churches, 2 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Dallas County News and the Dallas County Record. Telegraph and telephone facilities Exp, W F & Co. Stephen A. Douglas postmaster.

Adel Abstract, Loan & Land Co, R E Joy pres, S M Leach treas
Adel Auto Co, J W Batterson propr desk
ADEL CLAY PRODUCTS CO, H R Straight Supt, Mfrs of the Famous Adel Vitrified Clay Products
Adel Hardware Co, W W Rudrow pres
Adel Light & Power Co, L M Macy pres
Adel Lumber Co, John H Oslund agt, lumber and coal
Adel Opera House, John Ruskin mngr
ADEL STATE BANK (Capital $50,000, Surplus $38,500), S M Leach Pres, Robert L Leach Cashr
Arlington Hotel, Andrew J Goodrich propr
Baldwin Frank, jeweler
Barkalow D G, physician
Bonberger John F, tailor
Bonewell Carlen S, confectioner
Bradbury F O, restaurant
Buckman & Baes (Wm W Buckman, Oscar K Baes), hardware
Burkett Auto & Supply Co, H R Archer mngr
Button Robert, feed barn
Capper Engineering Co, Charles Capper
Clampitt S F, grocer and meats
Cole A C, real estate and insurance
Colfax Center Mutual Telephone Co, Wm McGiniss sec and treas
Conant G W, produce
Couch S F, notions
Cousins Laura E, osteopath
Cozad Charles B, drugs and jeweler
DALLAS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO, John O Miller Mngr, Abstracts of Title Furnished to any Tract of Real Estate in Dallas County, Our Work Guaranteed Satisfactory
Dallas County News (weekly), News Publishing Co publrs
Dallas County Record (weekly), Vic T Sweeley publr
DeCamp Ralph, bill poster
DINGWELL, E W Attorney-at-Law, Notary in Office
Douglas Stephen A, postmaster
Eclipse Lumber Co, Edward C Chance mngr
Elliott John H, restaurant
Farmers Elevator Co, grain
Felwin M H, junk
Finley M T county auditor
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $59, 000, Surplus and Profits $15,000), Wm Roberts Pres, L R Roberts Cashr
Ford Garage, Harry Archer mngr
Forgrave Carolyn E, county supt of schools
Forrester C A, drugs and jeweler
Franklin Charles, house mover
Frush Roy C, dentist
Graham Morris J, nursery
Gross Wm D, notions
Guthrie W Scott, county treasurer
Harvey Frank W, baker
Heise F E, blacksmith
Heston & Stacy (H B Heston, H W Stacy), drugs
Hill James C, live stock
Hoffman R L, electrician
Holtzman Wilfred D jr, architect
Hotel Iowa, Mrs Hahn propr
Inkenberry Irving, photographer
Iowa Telephone Co, John O'Neal mngr
Irvin H C (U S A), physician
Joy Ralph E, clerk of court
Kinnick W B, live stock
Kulp Roy, vet surgeon
Leach Robert L, cashr Adel State Bank
Leonard A G, vulcanizer
Luther D E & Son (Daniel and Rollin Luther) furniture
Luther Irvin E, grocer
McGriff Charles V, sheriff
McKay Franklin D, dray
Mershon Clinton E, physician
Middlekauf & Hutzel (Charles Middlekauf, Harvey Hutzell), contractors
Miller David, lawyer
Miller John O, mngr Dallas County Abstract Co
Naiden F S, county engr
Nelson Otto W, r r, tel and exp agt
News Publishing Co, J B White pres
Orr E R, clothing
Prouty Bertha H milliner
Roberts L R Cashr First National Bank
Russell Burton, lawyer
RUSSELL LOAN & TITLE CO, J W Scott Mnfg Co, Walter E Scott mngr
Scott Walter E, physician
Shultz Edwin S, dry goods
Simcoke James L, insurance
Skinner Emery, hardware
Skinner Jesse, machinist
Smith Lon B, grocer
Snyder J W, shoes
Spillers & Son, meats
Standard Oil Co, Guy Rickerson mngr
Stever John H well borer
Sumner Ruth V, county recorder
Sweeley Vic T, publr Dallas County Record
Tawney J F, squab farm
VanCleave & Heyn (E W VanCleave, Vaughn A W (Est), J F Tawney mngr, coal, A W Heyn), dry goods and shoes
Ward Don, cigars
Welch Walter, restaurant
White and Clarke (John B White, Charles F Clarke), lawyers
Williams George W, grocer
Wilson Wm C, livery
Witmer E Arthur, dentist
Woodyard Richard J, flour and feed
Wright Thomas, shoes

BOONEVILLE. Population, 100. On the Raccoon river and the C, R I & P Ry, in Boone township, Dallas county, 14 ½ miles southwest of Des Moines. Has a bank. Tel, W E Exp Am. G W Taylor, postmaster.

Abegg and Manning, grocers and confrs
Allen Albert, livery and garage
Berney J W, live stock
Booneville Merchantile Co, general store
Booneville Savings Bank (capital $10, 000), G A Gutshall pres, C C Cook cashr
Cook C C, cashr, Booneville Savings Bank
Eastman Jay, r r, exp and tel agt
Hubbard D, general store
Nichols H A, blacksmith
Robinson Wm, live stock
TAYLOR G W, Painter and Paper Hanger, Justice of the Peace and Postmaster
Taylor & Patton, Wm Robison mngr, grain elevator
Trent C C, garage
Wollon Harry S, lumber and coal

BOUTON. Population, 250. On the C, M & St P Ry, in Beaver township, Dallas county, 18 miles north of Adel, the judicial seat. Has Lutheran and Methodist Episcopal churches, a newspaper, The Press, and an opera house, and a bank. Exp, W, F & Co Tel, W U. Mary I O'Malley, postmaster.

Anderson Paul O, physician
Wm S, publr Bouton Press and printer
Bellamy & Gontner, billiards Bouton Electric Light & Power Co
Bouton Grain Co, feed and coal
Bouton Implement Co
Bouton Opera House
Bouton Press (weekly), W S Arthurs publr
Capp Wesley, harness and livery
Dissinger C W, meats
Dissinger H W, live stock
Dissinger I E, hdwre and furn
Dissinger J A, contractor
Farmers' Bank, J P O'Malley pres
Farmers' Trust & Savings Bank (capital $15,000), Wm S Arthurs pres, J R Gardiner cashr
Gardiner J R, cashr Farmers Trust & Savings Bank
Globe Telephone Co, Charles Huberer pres
Hansen C C, real estate
Hansen S Lumber Co
Kinder A D, harness
Kling E B, autos
Loupe Faye, drugs
O'Malley Mary, postmaster
Rogers F L, r r, exp and tel agt
Smith W A, general store
Spencer R L, garage
Thornburg L E, farm implements
Wedding A L, blacksmith
Welker, J B, general store and restr

BROUGH. A discontinued postoffice in Dallas county. Perry is the banking town. Has rural delivery from Linden.

Heffelfinger D C general store
Hess Henry, blacksmith
Parker Wayne, blacksmith

DALLAS CENTER. Population, 950. Settled in 1869. An incorporated town on the M & St L Ry, in Adel township, Dallas county, 8 miles ne of Adel, the judicial seat, and 21 nw of Des Moines. Has 8 churches, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Times. Tel, W U Exp, Adams. S A Sumner, postmaster.

Adel Light & Power Co of Dallas Center (Brenton Bros)
Barlow W C, baker
Barrett Anson, horse buyer and shipper
Beard C F, r r, exp and tel agt
Blackledge W O, drayage
Bornberger Charles E, tailor
Bowman W B, produce buyer
Brenton Bros (Charles R and Clyde E), bankers and live stock
Butterfield E J, physician
Caskey Winnie Mrs, milliner
Christian A F, restaurant
Citizens' Savings Bank (capital $40, 000), George W Hammond pres, S E Emmert cashier
Clark R H, county supervisor
Commercial Club, Frank L Loring sec
Dallas Center Auto Co, D G Burkett propr
Dallas Center Feed Mill (F G Slein)
Dallas Center Grain Co
Dallas Center House, J M Hall propr
Dallas Center Times, E A Emmert publr
Dallas County Farmers Mutual Insurance Assn, H S Fox sec
Deiling N J, veterinary surgeon
Eckenberry M S, produce
Eckenberry M W, plumber
Emmert Elmer A, publr Dallas Center Times and printer
Emmert S E, cashr Citizens Savings Bank
Eno Eugene, gardener
Glew P B, physician
Greiff Martin, blacksmith
Griffith T E, restaurant
Hilficker Wm, tinsmith
Hilfinstein S W, general store
Hofnagle W G, plumber
Hoover Bros, cement blocks, lumber and farm implements
Howard Ray, real estate
Justice W H, dray
Keller C G, meats
Kellogg Arthur V, dentist
Labor Adolph, tailor
Labor Conrad, electrical supplies
Lassen C Fred, furn and hardware
Lentzinger R L & Co, clothing
LORING FRANK L, Town Clerk, Sec Commercial Club, General Insurance and Real Estate
Loring Joseph O, general store
Lyric Theatre, Geo Hammond propr
Miller C E, contractor
Miller D K, real estate and auctioneer
Miller H S, furniture and undertaker
Miller Leland A, laundry agt
Moser Henry, Auto Co
Murphy B, horse buyer and shipper
Nazarene E L & Son, general store
Nazarene F E, apiarist
Nazarene & Ferguson, vulcanizers
Rhinehart W O, blacksmith
Shirley J E Auto Co
Silkebaken M M general store
Smith Arthur, wagonmaker
Snyder Walter A, harness, hardware and implements
Sumner S A, postmaster
Susong Warren S, photographer
Thompson Ebb, meats
Updegraff S L, drugs
Whitaker Robert, grain
Wilson Ray, wind mills and pumps
Wise C J, drugs and jeweler
Yelter I, livery
Zuck Daniel B, live stock

DAWSON. Population, 350. On the North Raccoon river, and on the C M & St P Ry, in Dallas township and county, 28 miles nw of Adel, the judicial seat. Has a United Brethren church, a grain elevator and a bank Exp, W, F & Co Tel, W U; E C Livingston, post master.

Anderson J W, hardware
Bickel L M, cashr Dawson Savings Bank
Brown G D, automobiles
Byers J Mrs, hotel
Dawson Cement Tile Co
DAWSON SAVINGS BANK (Capital $15,000), W H McCammon pres, L M Bickel Cashier
Delahoyde W W, general store
Eldridge R F, physician
Everhart R F, machinist
Farmers' Elevator Co, grain and coal
Gaskell Kate, restaurant
Kelley & Kelley, live stock
Lee C A, rr exp and tel agt
LIVINGSTON E C, Postmaster
McColl Lumber Co
Palace Theatre, Twitter & Delahoyde proprs
Randolph J F, contractor
Roberts Joseph, general store
Robinson F E, billiards
Wilson E, meats
Witter R S, cement blocks

DE SOTO. Population, 345. An incorporated town on the C, R I & P Ry, in Van Meter township, Dallas county, 7 1/2 miles e of Adel, the judicial seat, and 22 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Tel W U. Exp, Am. G H Long, post master.

Anderson M W, garage
Benfield L O, hardware
Blackman E D, brick mnfr
Blackman E D & Son, live stock
Bowers Bros (Wm Stephen and James), general store
Burns H B, r r, exp and tel agt
Canine John, apiarist
Caudle Wm, cattle breeder Commercial Club
De Soto Savings Bank (capital $15,000), M S Kile pres, G M Kile cashr
Ellis S H, fruit grower
Emerson F H, cattle breeder
Erwin H F, tinner
Fudge C A, blacksmith
Gaige E M, physician
Harkins Bros, live stock breeders
Hemphill B C, grain and coal
Howell S S, sheep breeder
Hutchison C B, oils and dray
It Theatre, Commercial Club proprs
Jordan C B, apiarist
Jorden Charles J, real est and ins
Kaufman S L, live stock breeder
Keesey C V, live stock breeder
Landers B B, grocer
LONG G H, Insurance, Poultry Breeder and Postmaster
Maricle C A, general store
Mitchell P H, live stock breeder
Morril H H, drugs and furniture
Riley J G, live stock breeder
Shepherd O E, fruit grower
Thompson Robert, vet surg
Travis J A & L L, shoes and harness
Trulin J P & Co, lumber
Wheeler M D, livery and, autos

DEXTER. Population, 815. Dating its settlement from 1868, is an incorporated town located on the C, R I & P Ry, in Union township, Dallas county, 17 miles sw of Adel, the judicial seat, and 36 from Des Moines. Has German Lutheran, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, graded public schools, a high school, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Sentinel. Tel, W U; Exp Am; George A Crane, postmaster.

Andrews Meat & Grocery Co
Armfield W O, dray
Beach J D, grocer
Bills O C, baker
Bissell Frank, real estate and auto agt
Blohm George A, grocer and meats
Boehmer Henry, laundry
Boggess W R, pumps and windmills
Bryant J W, shoes and harness
Chambliss Bluford & Son (Bluford and Clayton), hardware and garage
Crane Charles & Son (Charles and George), general store
CRANE GEORGE A, Postmaster
Cue Pat, blacksmith
Dalen O, garage
Dexfield Park Co, mineral springs and amusements
Dexter-Farmer Canning Co
Dexter Gas Plant, W R Boggles mngr
Dexter Mutual Telephone Co C C Rogan mngr
Dexter Sentinel, E H Gunter publr
Farmers' Co-operative Creamery & Produce Co, J L Keachie mngr
First National Bank of Dexter (capital $25,000), Geo Lowis pres, Rex Spooner cashier
Gowens F L, grocer
Graham R, live stock
Green Bay Lumber Co, H A Smith mngr
Griswold G E, veterinary surgeon
Gunter E H, publr Dexter Sentinel and printer
Hager Jesse F, vulcanizer
Hammond James E, poultry and feed
Hemphill Burton C, grain
Hemphill Wilbur J, dentist
Hindorff E Mrs, carpet weaver
Houck C W, blacksmith and wagonmkr
Hough H H, insurance and city clerk
Jobst Otto, drayage Johnson George C, contractor
Knight W D, farm implts
Leeper F W, autos
Leeper & Angevine, farm implts
Lewellen J W, furniture and undertkr
McCleary Elmer E, horse trader and livery
Marston George W, real estate and ins
Meissner G R, restaurant
Mount R B, auto agent
Nolte Fred, jeweler
Pennington O J, physician
Percy A T, lawyer
Pohle Edward, drugs
Price C E, notions
Sherman Benj H, physician and moving pictures
Spooner Rex, cashr First National Bk
Stanley C B, r r, exp and tel agt
Stanley & Son (James G and Wm A), drugs
State Bank of Dexter (capital $25,000) F H Fitting pres, F C Williams cashr
Storm C F, live stock
Thompson I E & D, general store
Todd John H, real estate and loans
Willcox S F, hardware
Williams F C, cashr State Bank of Dexter
Williams M E, clothing and men's furn
Williams Nellie Mrs, corsets
Wilson B Miss, milliner

GARDINER. Population, 5. In Beaver township, Dallas county, 5 miles from Perry, its shipping point, with which place it is connected by electric railway, and 14 from Adel, the judicial seat. Rural delivery from Bouton.

Grant W R, lumber and grain
Smith Store Co, general store

GRAINGER. Population, 300. Settled in 1890. On the C, M & St P Ry, and Des Moines & Perry Interurban in Grant township, Dallas county, 18 miles n e of Adel, the seat of justice, and 2014 n w of Des Moines. Has Catholic, Christian churches and a bank. Exp, W, F & Co. Tel W U. Mrs N A Vail, postmaster.

Bank of Granger, E R Burket cashr
Duffy C, drugs
Farmers' Grain Co
Green Sol, grocer
Hartinger C L, lumber
Howar Robert, auto livery
Key WW, r r, exp and tel agt
Leonard A, garage
McCahill H A, hardware and implts
Orange Fred, hotel
Schulte C & Sons, general store
Sharrin John, live stock
Smith C G, physician
Stoner C W, restaurant
Taylor T C, county supervisor
VAIL N A MRS, stationery, School Supplies, Post Cards and Postmaster
Vail Ray D, general merchandise
Wall M J, meats
Wilson Ira, hardware and implts
Wilson Ray, drayage

GREENVALE. A discontinued postoffice in Lincoln township, Dallas county, 4 miles n W of Adel, the county seat and 6 ne of Linden. Has rural delivery from Linden.

KENNEDY. Population, 25. On the C, M & St P Ry, in Colfax township, Dallas county, 6 miles west of Adel, the judicial seat and banking point. Has a grain elevator. Exp, W, F & Co. C V Dawson, postmaster.

DAWSON C V, Postmaster and R R Agt
Dawson C V & Co, general store
Seders A W, blacksmith

LINDEN. Population, 325. An incorporated town on the C, M & St P Ry, in Linn township, Dallas county, 17 miles west of Adel, the judicial seat, and 37 west of Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Exp, W F & Co; Tel, W U; Fred Frazier, postmaster.

Armour Grain Co
Blowers W M physician
Craft & Son, hardware
Diddy F E drugs
Empress Theatre, M B Wigton propr
Flack L W, cashr Linden Bank
FRAZIER FRED, Postmaster
Gilmore Bros, garage
Gilmore Lee, livery
Harden E M, implements
Hardenbrook W H, restaurant
Jones W, creamery, eggs and poultry
Linden Bank (capital $30,000), Charles Cockerill pres, L W Flack cashr
Linden Mutual Tel Co, E D Barnett mngr
Miller Joseph, live stock
Neola Elevator Co, lumber, grain and coal
Raabe H C r r, exp and tel agt
Roland J V, general store
Spillers J H & Sons, general store
VanMeter J N, physician (USA)
Walker Ira, general store
Webb Dr, physician

MINBURN. Population, 500. An incorporated town on the M & St L Ry, in Sugar Grove township, Dallas county, 10 miles n of Adel, the judicial seat, and 37 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school, a newspaper and a bank. Tel, W U; Exp, Adams. Hazel N Luellen, postmaster.

Armstrong C C, hotel and restaurant
Black Newton P, real estate and cashr, Dallas County Savings Bank
Bryant M Mrs, moving pictures
Dallas County Savings Bank, Newton P Black cashr
Danner D G, general store
Des Moines Elevator Co, John Crawford mngr
Farmers' Elevator Co, W N Crawford manager
Gottschalk S R, general store
Hanson Lumber Co John Shafer mngr
Hill Bros, brick and tile
Hill & Burkett, stock buyers
Hinchcliff James, physician
Howard O E, poultry, creamery and harness
Little Ernest, physician
Minburn Co-operative Assn, genl store
Minburn Hardware & Furniture Co
Minburn Mutual Telephone Co, C H Kime mngr
Minburn Pharmacy
Minburn Savings Bank (capital $15,000), J D Wisenand pres, A F McQuie cashier
Morton H, drayage
Nelson A H, r r, exp and tel agt
Nourse Wilson, general store
Pleasant Hour Theater, Mrs M Bryant propr
Roush James, livery and feed
Shannon Frank, restaurant
Smith Lewis P, tinsmith
Thompson E, meats
Welch & McMullen, garage

MORAN. Population, 19.On the P & D M Interurban Ry, in Dallas county, 18 miles n e of Adel, the judicial seat, and 4 1/2 from Woodward, its banking point. Telephone connection. A J Horton, postmaster.

BENSON HARRY G, General Store
Cook A A, lumber and grain
Gilligan J E, restaurant
Michael Roy, r r, and exp agt

ORTONVILLE. A discontinued postoffice in Dallas county. Has rural delivery from Waukee.

Ortonville Elevator Co

PANTHER. In Washington township, Dallas county, 9 miles s w of Adel, the Judicial seat, and 7 w of Dallas Center, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Panther Co-operative Assn, genl store

PERRY. Population, 5,800. An incorporated city located on the C, M & St P and on the M & St L Rys (depots 12 mile apart), and on the Inter-Urban (electric) Ry, in Dallas county, 34 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 18 n w of Adel, the judicial seat. It is lighted by electricity, heated by Yargan system of hot water heating, has water works owned and controlled by the city, a volunteer fire department, a modern opera house with a seating capacity of 700, 4 banks, a daily newspaper, the Chief and a weekly, The Tribune. There are 7 churches, excellent schools, and a free public. The principal industries comprise block factories, marble works, cigar factories, washing machine factories, sawmill, calking machine factory, candy factory, nursery, broom factory and bottling works. The city is in the heart of a rich agricultural district and its railway facilities make it an ideal location for factories, etc. Tel, W U Exp, Adams and W, F & Co. H A Nash, postmaster.

Ahrens John F, tailor
Ainley Book Store (Oscar and Albert Ainley)
Allgood Addison D, flour and feed
Anderson Alfred, restaurant
Anderson John B, drugs
Andrews Mabel E, osteopath
Arnold George, clothing
At Last Washer Co, A S Kibby pres, A J Kibby v-pres, E C Kibby sec, C E Kibby treas, mnfrs washing machines
Atkins J C, real estate
Aubry Wm H, livery
BAILEY FLORA B, Public Library
Bailey Floyd W, clothing
Ballard Wm, florist
Bartin & Tutt (F D Barton, A H Tutt), grocers
Bedwell M M, baker
Biddison T, chiropractor
Blake Steele, lawyer
Blue Lowell D, clothing
Bradley Harry E, restaurant
Brown Percy, dairy
Brown Albert L, dentist
Bruce Harry S meats
Bruce & Wood (John Bruce, F B Wood), hides and produce
Buckley G L & Co (George L Bulkley, Mary Heness), general store
Caffrey J J, cigars
Capne A J & Son (Arthur J and Harry E), hardware
Cardell Walter W, judge Superior Court
Carmody John, cashr Perry National Bank
Carpenter H E, cleaner and tailor
Chief Printing Co, R M Harvey mngr, publrs The Chief
Chief The (daily),
Chief Printing Co publrs
City Hotel, C G Jones propr
Coakley J B, drugs
Coleman J R & Sons, plumbers
Cornwell A L, propr Perry Iron & Metal Co
Cox Allen, junk
Cox C W, electrician
Cox Frank, agrl implements
Crist Louis, cigar manufacturer
Daw John F, drugs
Diddy Elmer & Son (Elmer & Ray) general store
Dignan Nellie F, grocer
Doidge Renfred E, physician
Donaker H C, notions
Don Carlos F H, lawyer and county attorney
Donovan M J, physician
Dooley Edward P, drugs
Dowling & Wright (James A Dowling, James A Wright), grocers
Dugan & Dugan (Harry S and George J), lawyers
Duncan F F, real estate
Dunlap Z B, insurance
DUTTON & CO (Andrew W and Minnie E Dutton), Bonds and All Kinds of Insurance
Elliott John W, cigars
Elliott J W & Son, billiards
Emms B Roy, optician
Ferguson Joseph K, meats
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $50, 000; Surplus $10,000), H M Pattee Pres, J L Blake V-Pres, W H Pattee Cashier, H L Thomas Asst Cashier
Foltz-Grosenbaugh Eloise, physician
Foltz Homer A, dentist
Fox James, roofer
Free Samuel P, physician
French Benjamin F, chinaware
French Leonard A, real estate
Gamble Furniture Co, L B Morgan mngr
George Wm, confectioner
Gilbert Earl J, repair shop
Gilbert Thomas J, hardware
Globe Mnfg Co, B C Dilenbeck pres, washing machines
Graham Wm F, general store
Grand Opera House, A W Walton propr
Graney Dennis, shoes
Grant Wilbur R, grain elevator
Graves Charles A, dry goods
Hager Wm, plumber
Hambright J E, cashr Security Savings
Hamlin Frederick C, dentist
Hand Henry H, clothes cleaner
Hannan D Edward, osteopath
Harper & Sons (R W and John), grain and stocks
Harter Charles w, dentist
Haskins Alexander D, insurance
Hausserman Charles, meats
Heaton Wm H, dry goods
Heiss Albert W, real estate
Henry L D, cashr Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
HOTEL PATTEE (American), Alex MacSwan Propr, Rates $275 Per Day and Up
Howard E C & Son, house movers
IOWA RAILWAY & LIGHT CO (General Offices Cedar Rapids, Iowa), M G Lyon Mngr
Iowa Telephone Co, L P Morris mngr
Jacobson Nels, contractor
Jarvis C U, dry goods
Johnson Theodore T, physician
Johnston C E, baker
Jones Bros, real estate
Jones Chautauqua System, C Durant Jones propr
Jones Electric and Engineering Co, A E Jones mngr
Jones & Jones (H E and Isabel), chiropractors
Kelly & Kelsey (J I Kelly, C W Kelsey), live stock
Kerns Book Store, C C Bowers propr
KURTZ EDWARD C, Manufacturer of Motor Truck Bodies and Cabs
Leoses Harry Mrs, restaurant
Lester Ernest A, auto garage
Lezek Louis, junk and hides
Lynch M H, physician
McCammon W H & Bro (Wm H and Samuel), clothing
McCarthy James, junk
McCOLL LUMBER CO (Donald D and Eva A B McColl), Lumber, Grain and Coal
McLaughlin Bros (Wallace and Bert), grocers wines
MacSWAN ALEX, Propr Hotel Pattee
Manhattan Oil Co, M Hall agt
Marckres C D & Co (C D Marckres) lumber and coal
Marckres H P, shoes
Maurer Charles E, horse breeder
Maytag L R, furniture
Meadows S E, transfer
Melick George R, real estate
Miller Bros (Edwin F and Wm H), hardware
Miller Henry, hardware
Miller J W, real estate and insurance
Modlin H C, real estate
Moore David, florist
Mowrer Wm P, physician
Nash Harry A, postmaster
National Wood Works (Nels Jacobson, J E Johnson), planing mills
Naylor J M, county supervisor
Nelson W O, real estate
Neola Elevator Co, W Tack mngr
Nobling Henry, blacksmith
Nobling & Nobling, chiropractors
O'Brien Bernard, horseshoer
O'Malley Bernard, cattle breeder
O'Malley James F, cattle breeder
Osmundson Spade Mnfg Co (Henry Osmundson, Howard Osmundson)
Pattee W H, cashr First Natl Bank
Paul Irvin N, physician
Pearson & Son (Eric and E Conrad), contractors
Pefley Jacob M, gunsmith
Peoples Trust & Savings Bank (capital $50,000), E D Carter pres, L D Henry cashr
Perry Artificial Ice and Storage Co, J C Paul pres, R M Shortley sec
Perry Bureau of Commerce, Roscoe Zerweck sec
Perry Gas Works, John A Reed propr, R B Ingell mngr
PERRY IRON & METAL CO, A L Cornwell Propr, Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds of Junk
Perry Marble & Granite Works (Mrs Jessie Oldham)
Perry Mill Co (J O Holdefer), flour mill
Perry National Bank (capital $75,000), W H McCammon pres, John Carmody cashr
Perry Nursery, E F Edmundson propr
Perry Packing Co, LeRoy Corliss pres, H J Ryner mngr
Perry Produce Co, propr
PERRY PUBLIC LIBRARY, Flora B Bailey Librarian
Perry Town Lot and Improvement Co, B C Dilenbeck pres, Charles E Wilson sec
Perry Washer Co, E D Weaver mngr
Perry Water Works (municipal), Adrian Cross city clerk
Phillips-Tiernan-Sherman Furniture Co, T R Phillips pres, L E Sherman John Henneberry sec
Philips T R, county coroner
Pond I O, physician
Pope W W, drugs
Poulos Gust, confectioner
Putnam & Fouch (U G Putnam, Richard Fouch), restaurant
Raber Land Co (D E Raber, C C Waters)
Reid Frank H, jeweler
Repp Noah M, vet surgeon
Rex Theatre, Marckres Bros proprs
Reynolds Juanita, milliner
Richardson Frank D, general store
Riggs R V, cigars
Ringheim H & E (Hannah and Emily), dry goods
Roberts A A, hardware
Roddan O F & Co (O F Roddan, Clarence Wiltse, Roy Zartman), clothing
Ross Arthur J, physician
Rude Auto Co (Perry C and John Rude)
St James Hotel, C W Council propr
Schaeffer Bert T grocer
Scoles John C, photographer
Scotch Woolen Mills (W B Robinson)
Security Savings Bank (capital $50,000), J E Davis pres, J E Hambright Cashr
Senff H C, harness and implts
Shenton George, plumber
Skinner Ira B, restaurant
Smith James H contractor
Smith O N, undertaker
Snorf & Ainley (E E Snorf, I E Ainley), grocers
Standard Oil Co, F E Farrell attdt
Starkey Mary Mrs, real estate
Stelzer Harry I, real estate
Stephens Harry I, real estate
Stephens & Flynn (Pasco Edward J Flynn), shoes
Stevenson T H, meats and grocer
Stewart Hotel
Strayer Wes G, drugs
Thornburg Louis B, insurance
Towne F A, dentist
Tribune The, Tribune Pub Co, publrs
Trout Alexander W, physician
Trevarthan Stanley, lawyer
Walton A W, bill poster
Walton L A, insurance
Ward H P, real estate
Weise H O, blacksmith
White J A, drayage
White Martin, cattle breeder
Wickham George C dentist
Wifvat Harry, lawyer
Wildman & Conaway, auctionneers
Wiltse A A, real estate
Winegar Wm H, lawyer
Wirick Leona Mrs, milliner
Woods Glen L, photographer
Worth George W, pianos

PHILDIA. In Dallas county. Rural delivery from Madrid.

Black Diamond Store Co
Mamula J, grocer
Phillips Coal Co

REDFIELD. Population, 740. An incorporated town on the C, M & St P Ry, and on the Raccoon river, in Union township, Dallas county, 10 miles west of Adel, the judicial seat. Has Christian and Methodist churches, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Review. Tel, W U Exp, W, F & Co H F Chance, postmaster.

Allen Caroline, milliner
Armfield George W, agrl implts
Armstrong G C, baker
Bailey Fred A, implements and coal
Ballard Hardware Co (Frank and E E Ballard)
Case Obadiah M, r r, exp and tel agt
Cave Charles E, hardware and furniture
CHANCE H F, Postmaster
Dalbey Lumber Co
Dalen Melvin, garage
Deford Lafe, real estate
Des Moines Elevator Co, O J Meredith mngr
Diddy Claude A, drugs
Diddy Produce Co (Claude A Diddy)
Ellis S J, hog breeder
Eppard W V, ice
Fairmont Produce Co (W L Danforth)
Fitch Charles, livery
Hawkeye Telephone Co
Hollett G Matthew, drayage
Hotel Cooper, V O Cooper propr
Hunt O W, fruit grower
Hunter Reuben R, veterinary surgeon
Judson Jesse E, clothing
Kipping R C, grocer and meats
Knapp J W, live stock
Leeper Martin V, poultry breeder
McColl Lumber Co, M E Chance mngr
Massure H L & Sons (H Lee, Fred and Cole S), stock breeders
Mattingly E R, blacksmith
Maulsby Edward, feed barn
Mentor & Cave, grocers and meats
Moorman Allen, physician
Nelson Bros (Mark and George), threshers' supplies
Parkhouse Charles J, harnessmaker
Patty Mr, garage
Peoples Theatre, W C Newton prop
Redfield Auto Supply Co, C E Smith propr
Redfield Brick & Tile Works, W J Goodwin pres, W A Queale sec
Redfield Drug Co (George Forsyth, Howard Nichols)
Redfield Garage, M K Ward
Redfield Milling & Power Co (A F Callison)
Redfield Publishing Co Wilbur C Newton mngr
Redfield Review (weekly), Redfield Publishing Co
Redfield Savings Bank (capital $15, 000), W D Scott pres, Parke Rogers cashr
Rogers Parke, cashr State Bank of Red field
Simcoke W O, cattle breeder
Sloan George W, poultry breeder
Spillers Roscoe, auctioneer
Spillers & Rogers, real estate
State Bank of Redfield (capital $25, 000), S M Holes pres, Parke Rogers cashr
Thompson J F, general store
Thornburg Matthew W, physician
Towns & Snorf (Donald Towns, Roy Snorf), general store
Travis P A, insurance
Ward M K, musical mdse
White H C, dentist
Wood Albert G, general store

SCANDIA. In Dallas county. Banking town is Madrid. Rural delivery from same.

Alrisson Ralph, billiards
Baldriner A, confectioner
Ciochetti Peter, baker
King & Tomlinson, general store
Lebowitz Roy, general store
Scandia Supply Co, general store

VAN METER. Population, 475. An incorporated town, located on the Coon river and on the C, R I & P Ry, in Van Meter township, Dallas county, 7 miles south east of Adel, the judicial seat, and 19 southwest of Des Moines. It dates its settlement from 1860, and has Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren churches, a weekly newspaper, the Reporter, and a bank. Exp Am, Tel, W U. Ada C Trindle, postmaster.

Brenton Bros Lumber Co
Burkett-Pearn Motor Co
City Hotel, J B Crawford propr
Cozy Theatre, O V White propr
DUNN CLARENCE, Cashier Van Meter State Bank
England Auto Co
Evans T J, wagonmaker
Fisher & Son, general store and under takers
Freeburn W A, r r, exp and tel agt
Griffith D T, agrl implts
Iowa Telephone Co
Kramme W L drugs
Landers B W, restaurant
Maeander R E, grocer
Martin W W, grocer
Miller Levi J, meats
Platt Pressed & Fire Brick Co, J L Platt jr pres, C B Platt mgnr
Summers Nelson P, physician
Trindle Ada C, postmaster
Van Meter Reporter, C J Zook, publr
Van Meter State Bank (Capital $25,000), G H Messenger Pres, Clarence Dunn Cashier
White O V, hardware and furniture
Zook C J, publr Van Meter Reporter

WAUKEE. Population, 450. An incorporated town located at the crossing of the M & St L and the C, M & St P Rys (depots 14 mile apart), in Walnut township, Dallas county, 6 1/2 miles east of Adel, the judicial seat, and 15 miles west of Des Moines, on river to river auto road. Has Catholic, Christian, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, 2 banks and a new $60,000 consolidated school. Tel, W U and Postal Exp, Adams and W, F & Co. Albert H Procise, postmaster.

Aldrich C C, farm implements
Ball Harvey R, restaurant
Bank of Waukee (private responsibility $1,000,000), S M Leach pres, Samuel F Foft cashr
Brenton Bros Lumber Co, Fred S Whiting mngr
Carter J H & and implements
Central Nurseries (Don Feree, G E Davis)
Copeland Harry F, live stock
Copeland Henry C, live stock
Crispin & Duncan (E G Crispin, I Duncan), general store
Des Moines Elevator Co, I S Thompson mngr
Dymond Harry, transfer
Farmers' Elevator Co, E E Osbun mngr
Foft Samuel F, cashr Bank of Waukee
Harrod J P, harnessmaker
Holroyd A D, blacksmith
Hurwitz Lavid, general store
Huston F E, live stock
Jones Thomas S, physician
Kenyon & Staver, general store
Leachey A A, cashr Waukee Savings Bank
Leonard Myron, drayage
Leonard N M, live stock
Longmire Samuel J, produce
McMahon George T, physician
Masterson George E, wallpaper
Morrill R E, drugs
Mullin Thomas, live stock
Myers D A r r, exp and tel agt
New Waukee Hotel, John T Gardner propr
Plaza Theatre (H F Crispin, Jesse J Potter)
Sandmeier John C poultry breeder and agt M & St L Ry
Smith Clark, feed mill
Waukee Auto Co (Branch & Carpenter)
Waukee Savings Bank (capital $10,000) W R Beck pres (Des Moines), A A Leachey cashr

WOODWARD. Population, 850. Formerly known as Colton, is an incorporated town in Des Moines township, Dallas county, on the C M & St P Ry, 22 n e of Adel, the judicial seat, and 28 from Des Moines, with which it is connected by electric railway. It contains Baptist, Christian and Methodist churches, a graded public school, 2 banks, an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the Enterprise. Exp W, F & Co. Tel W U. D J Rhoads, postmaster.

Adams H J, restaurant
Bond W C, jeweler
Brolsma J G, drugs
Brooklins David J, physician
Callihan F W, cigars
Carroll J P, restaurant
Cook A A, grain buyer
Cooper & Sons, furniture
Craft W S & Son (Wm S and Wm J), general store
Egan Bros, blacksmiths
Elliott James R, live stock breeder
Farmers Bank of Woodward (capital $30,000), Charles R Brenton pres Richard Rossman cashr
Grimm John L, wagonmaker
Heath Mrs, milliner
Hotel Charlotte, Martin W Siglin propr
Ineson Walton W, dentist
Iowa State Epileptic Colony
Kelley John, blacksmith
Kinsey E O, general store
Lee G E, publr Enterprise
Miller R E, agrl implements
Naiden H R & Co (Henry R Naiden), drugs
Newland J W & Son, auto garage
Norton E S, cream station
Ohl J & Son, auto garage
Perry Jesse R, clothing
Priece Charles, livery
Putnam M A, 2d hand goods
RHOADS D J, Postmaster
Robins Riley R, grocer
Ross H L & Son, bakers
Rossman Richard, cashr, Farmers Bank of Woodward
Rowe W E & Co (Walter E Rowe, Dewitt Bligh), general store
Scandia Supply Co, general store
Smith H S, physician
Spencer Wm, vet surgeon
Stuber Leon, live stock dealer
Taylor H S, cashr Woodward State Bk
Taylor J B grain dealer
Todd Wm F, meats
Vale & Newman, hardware
Wade A B, live stock dealer
Wheelwright Daniel W, physician
Woodward Cornet Bank, Daniel J Rhoda leader
Woodward Electric Supply Co, C Vaughn mngr
Woodward Enterprise, G E Lee publr
Woodward Mutual Telephone Co, Henry P Naiden mngr
Woodward opera House, J T Egan mngr
Woodward State Bank (capital $35,000) H P Calonkey pres, H S Taylor cashr
Wray A G, clothes cleaner
York Harry I, harness

Source: Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918-1919, Published Biennially by R. L. Polk & Co., Des Moines, Davenport and Detroit
Anonymously transcribed and contributed. Page formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall and added 11 February 2020.

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