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R. L. Polk's Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913

Dallas County, Iowa

ADEL. Population, 1,289. The judicial seat of Dallas county, is an incorporated town located on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, and on the north fork of the Coon river, 22 miles west of Des Moines. This is the trade center for a rich farming section and has 4 churches, 2 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Dallas County News and the Dallas County Record. Telegraph and telephone facilities. Exp, U. S. Albert C. Hotchkiss, postmaster.
Adel Abstract, Land & Loan Co, R E Joy pres, S M Leach treas, H H Crenshaw, secretary.
Adel Auto & Supply Co (J W Batterson, F R Puffer).
Adel Dry Goods Co (H M Graber, H W Cavander).
Adel Furniture Co, Luther & Hubbard Propr.
Adel Lumber Co, J H Oslund agt, lumber and coal.
Adel Mill Co, L M Macy pres, flour and seed.
Adel Post-Block Factory, A W Vaughn propr.
ADEL STATE BANK (Capital $50,000), S M Leach Pres, Robert L, Leach Cashier.
Alexander Joseph H, produce.
Archer Harry, mason.
ARLINGTON HOTEL, Andrew J Goodrich Propr, The Only Strictly First Class Hotel in the City, Headquarters Commercial Men.
Baldwin Frank, jeweler.
Barkalow D G, physician.
Barr Robert S, lawyer.
Blanchard D A, vice-pres First National Bank and hardware.
Bonewell C S & Co, restaurant.
Bornberger John F, tailor.
Buckley Wm, harnessmaker.
Buckman & Bales, hardware.
Carroll Edmund L, coal.
Colfax Center Mutual Telephone Co, William MacGiniss sec and treas.
Cornelison John G, grain.
Cosad Charles H, drugs and jeweler.
Crankshaw Harry H, insurance.
DALLAS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO, John A Regan Mngr, Abstracts of Title Furnished to Any Parcel of Real Estate in Dallas County, Our Work Guaranteed Correct and Charges Reasonable.
DALLAS COUNTY BRICK & TILE WORKS, H R Straight Supt. Mnfrs of the Famous Adel Vitrified Clay Products.
Dallas County News, News Publishing Co publrs.
Dallas County. Record (weekly), Dallas Publishing Co publrs.
Dawes Edward A, clear manufacturer.
Decker Jeremiah, carpenter.
Dingwell E W, lawyer.
Dunn Charles, mason.
Eclipse Lumber Co, E C Chance mngr.
Fairmont Creamery Co, R J Woodward mngr.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital and Surplus $65,000), J W Russell Pres, D A, Blanchard Vice-Pres, Wm Roberts Cashier, V W Miller Asst Cashier, LR Roberts Asst Cashier.
Flinn Dairy Co, J H Alexander mngr.
Forrester Bros (J S and C A), drugs.
Frush R C, dentist.
GOODRICH ANDREW J, Propr Arlington Hotel and Mayor.
Graham Morris J, nursery.
Gross Wm G, notions.
Harmon Wm, bill poster.
Harsh Abraham, mason.
Harvey Frank W, baker.
Hawkeye Telephone Co, Lester A Byers manager.
Heston & Stacy (H B Heston, H W Stacy), drugs.
Hilt James C, live stock.
Holmes Harry A, restaurant.
Jackson Mrs Sarah, milliner.
Johnson Orville A, real estate.
Kinnick W B, live stock.
Kulp Roy, veterinary surgeon.
LEACH ROBERT L, Cashier Adel State Bank.
LEACH S M, President Adel State Bank.
Lee & Hennen (Ebenezer Lee, George Hennen), livery.
Ligier Leonard N, restaurant,
Luther & Hubbard (Daniel E Luther, Adelbert C Hubbard), proprs Adel Furniture Co.
McFarland Jennie E, propr lowa Hotel.
McKay Franklin D, dray.
Mershon Clinton E, physician.
Middlekauff Frank, contractor.
Middlekauff & Hutzell (Charles Middlekauf, Harvey Hutzell), contractors.
Miller David H, lawyer.
Miller V W, asst cashier First National Bank.
Nelson O W, rr, tel and exp agent.
Newcomer J F, carpenter.
News Publishing Co, J B White pres, J Russell sec, publrs Dallas County News.
Record Publishing Co The, F B Kinnick pres, E A Witmer sec, W I Kortright mngr, publrs Dallas County Record.
REGAN JOHN A, Mngr Dallas County Abstract Co.
Rickerson Harry V, clothing.
Roberts L R, asst cashier First National Bank.
Roberts Wm, cashr First National Bank.
Russell Burton, lawyer.
RUSSELL J W, Pres Russell Loan & Title Co and Pres First National Bank.
RUSSELL LOAN & TITLE CO (Member Abstracters’ Assn of lowa; Capital $10,000), J W Russell Pres, L V Russell Sec and Treas: Real Estate, Loans and Abstracts of Title.
RUSSELL L V, Sec and Treas Russell Loan & Title Co.
Schultz Ida, milliner.
Scott Mnfg Co, W E Scott mngr, stethoscope mnfrs.
Scott Walter E, physician and propr sanitarium.
Simcoke J L & Co (James L Simcoke), general store.
Skinner Emery, hardware.
Smith Lon B, grocer.
Smith Samuel T, clothing.
Stever J H, well borer.
STRAIGHT H R, Supt Dallas County Brick & Tile Works.
Tawney J F & Co (J Frank Tawney, Edward Van Cleve), general store.
White & Clarke (J B White, G W Clarke), lawyers.
Williams George W, grocer.
Wilson W C, livery.
Witmer E Arthur, dentist.
Woodyard Richard J, feed and flour.
Wright Thomas, shoes.

BOONEVILLE. Population, 100. On the Raccoon river and the C.. R. L & P. Ry, in Boone township, Dallas county, 14 miles s. e. of Adel, the judicial seat, and 15 southwest of Des Moines. Has a bank. Tel. W. U. Exp, U. S. Telephone connection. Earl R. Compton, postmaster.
Berney J W, live stock.
Booneville Mercantile Co, general store.
Booneville Savings Bank (capital $10,000, G A Gutshall pres, Cc Cook cashier.
Brown F E, physician.
COMPTON EARL R, Mngr Booneville Mercantile Co and Postmaster.
Cook C C, lumber and wood.
Farnsley P G, live stock.
Forret John, carpenter.
Hubbard D, general store.
Jordan Bros, saw mill.
Robinson Wm, live stock.
Rush Charles, restaurant.
Swallow Harry, rr, exp and tel agent.

BOUTON. Population, 178. On the C. M. & St. P. Ry, in Beaver township, Dallas county, 18 miles n. of Adel, the judicial seat. Has Evangelical, Lutheran and Methodist Episcopal churches, a newspaper and bank. Exp, W, F. & Co. Tel. W. U. Telephone connection. Wm. S. Arthurs, postmaster.
ARTHURS WM, Postmaster.
Bouton Electric Light & Power Co.
Bouton Opera House.
Calhoun J, restaurant.
Capp Wesley, harness and livery.
Dilenbeck Lumber Co.
DILENBECK SAVINGS BANK (Capital $15,000), B C Dilenbeck Pres, Wm S Arthurs Cashr.
Dissinger J W, grain and live stock.
Lobes & Heck, general store.
Ryan J F, rr, exp and tel agt.
Stiles S, general store.
Thornburg L E, agrl implts and autos.
Treloar R R, meats.

DALLAS CENTER. Population, 769. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L. Ry. in Adel township, Dallas county, 8 miles n. e. of Adel, the judicial seat, and 21 n. w. of Des Moines. Has 6 churches, a graded high school, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the New Times. Tel. WU. Exp. Adams. George H. Loring, postmaster.
Barrett Anson, horse buyer and shipper.
Bartlett Clinton, pumps and mills.
Becher Benjamin, barber.
Bomberger Charles E, tailor.
Brenton Bros (Charles R and Clyde E), bankers and live stock.
Buck R S, hotel.
Burger O W, carpenter and contr.
Butterfield E J, physician.
Callahan Mae, millinery.
Childs J H, physician.
Citizens’ Savings Bank (capital $20.000), D F Hoover pres, S E Emert cashr.
Clark Wm, carpenter.
Criley Benton H, physician.
Dallas Center Auto Co, O A Repar and F E Nazarene.
Dallas Center Grain Co, grain.
Dallas Center House, J M Hall propr.
Deiling N J, vet surgeon.
Donaldson & Cabbage, grocers.
Ebersole Bros, genl store.
EMMERT ELMER A, Publr New Times.
Ferguson Thomas W, harnessmkr.
Fox John, seed corn.
Gould H E & Co, clothing.
Hall J M, propr Dallas Center House.
Hilficker Wm, tinsmith.
Jensen & Wise, drugs and jewelry.
Justice W H, dray.
Keller Mrs C G, milliner.
Kellogg Arthur V, dentist.
Kramer James I, painter.
Labor Adolph, tailor.
Lockwood & Warren, genl store.
Loos J H, confr and restaurant.
Loring Joseph O, general store.
Malloy J H, restaurant.
Miller C E, carpenter and contractor.
Muller O K, real estate and insurance.
Murphy B, horse buyer and shipper.
Nazarene Edward L, general store.
New Times, Elmer A Emmert publr.
Poessnecker Charles, painter.
Routt Lumber Co, Hiram Routt mngr, lumber and implements.
Snyder Walter A, harness, hardware and implements.
Stevens W H, painter.
Sullivan Bros, hardware.
Sumner S A, furniture and hardware.
Susong Warren S, photographer.
Updegraff S L, drugs.
Wallace Ira G, genl store and meats.
Whitaker Robert, grain.
Wineland John L, wagonmaker.
Wise D W, feed mill.
Yetter I, livery.
Zuck Daniel B, live stock.

DAWSON. Pop. 275. On the North Raccoon river and on the C, M. & St. PL Ry. in Dallas township and county, 28 miles n. w. of Adel, the judicial seat. Has a United Brethren church and a bank. Exp. W.. F. & Cu. Tel, W. U. Telephone connection. A. Gaskill postmaster.n
Anderson J W, hdware and agri implts.
Black Ella, milliner.
Brock & Muir, carpenters.
Brown L A, mayor.
Byers Jacob, hotel.
Clark G L, carpenter.
Dawson Cement Tile Co.
Dawson Coal Co, T C Thorpe mngr.
Dawson Cornet Band.
DAWSON SAVINGS BANK (Capital $15,000), W H McCammon Pres, L M Bickal Cashr.
Deardorf V G, drugs.
Delohoyde W W, general store.
Disbro Charles, mason.
Eldridge R F, physician.
Everhart H, mason.
GASKILL A, Postmaster.
Hiles Mrs L G, hotel.
Kelley & Kelley, live stock.
Livingston L S, restaurant.
McColl Lumber Co.
Roberts Joseph, general store.
Wahner Charles, meats.
Wells, Fargo & Co Express.
Western Union Telegraph Co.
Witter R S, livery, coal and grain.

DE SOTO. Population, 356, An incorporated town on the C, R I & P Ry, in Van Meter township. Dallas county, 7 miles e of Adel, the judicial seat, and 22 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank, Tel, W. U. Exp, U. S. Telephone connection,
BOWERS BROS (Wm and Stephen), General Store.
Brewer Martin T, physician.
De Soto Mercantile Co, general store.
Duffy Mrs John, hotel.
Erwin B F, tinner.
Exchange Bank, M S Kile & Sons proprs.
Jensen & Long, meats.
Jorden Charles J, carpenter.
Kelley Orval A, hay presser.
Kile Lumber Co.
Kile M S & Sons, proprs Exchange Bank.
McCombs & Anderson, brick and tile mnfrs.
Mann L M, general store.

DEXTER. Population, 767. Dating its settlement from 1868, is an incorporated town located on the C, R. L & P. Ry, in Union township, Dallas county, 17 miles s. w. of Adel, the judicial seat, and 46 from Des Moines. Has German Lutheran, Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian and United Presbyterian churches, a graded public school, a normal school, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Sentinel, Tel, W. U, Exp, U. S.; F. C. Downey, postmaster.
Bissell Frank, real estate.
Blohm George A, grocer and meats.
Boehmer Henry, laundry.
Boggess W R, wind mills.
BOLTE FRED G, Publr Dexter Sentinel.
Bryant J W, harness.
Chambliss Bluford & Son (Bluford and Clayton), hardware.
Coulter Charles, house mover.
Crane Charles & Son (Charles and George), General store.
Curtis Roy K, restaurant.
Dexter Canning Assn, George W Drake, manager.
Dexter Mutual Telephone Co, C H Kime manager.
Farmers’ Co-operative Creamery Assn, James L Keachie mngr.
Fett Lou, livery.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DEXTER THE (Capital $25,000, Surplus $6,000) George Lewis Pres, F F Winsell Vice-Pres, M F Palmer Cashier.
Fitting F H, notary public.
Gowens F L, grocer.
Gowin Wm, restaurant.
Graham R, live stock.
Green Bay Lumber Co, C H Best mngr.
Hammond James E, poultry.
Hemphill Burton C, grain.
Hemphill Wilber J, dentist.
Hincroff Mrs E, carpet weaver.
Houck Isaac, hardware.
Hubbell Claude, rr, exp and tel agt.
Leeper Ray S, auto garage.
McMullen F J, photographer.
Molte Fred, jeweler.
Palmer M F, notary public.
Percy Allen T, lawyer.
Pohle Edward, drugs.
Porter Edward D, racket store.
Redburn Joseph, clothing.
Scott Lydia, midwife.
Sherman Benjamin H, physician.
Simcoke Louis L, shoes.
Stanley & Son (James G and Wm A), drugs.
STATE BANK OF DEXTER (Capital $25,000), J E Savage pres, F H Fitting Cashier.
Storm C F, live stock.
Todd John H, real estate.
Walker George W, carpenter.
Ward John B, wagonmaker.
Whetzel Wm A, general store.
White Charles G, veterinary surgeon.
Wilson Miss B, milliner.
Winsell F F, physician.
Yaple John L, agricultural implements.

GARDINER. A rural post office in Dallas County, five miles from Perry, its banking and shipping point, with which place it is connected with an electric railway.

GRANGER. Population, 225. On the C, M. & St. P. Ry, and Des Moines & Perry Interurban in Grant township, Dallas county, 21 miles n. e. of Adel, the seat of justices and 20 n. e. of Des Moines. Has Catholic, Christian and United Brethren churches and a bank. Exp. U. S. Tel, W. U, Mrs. N. A. Vail, postmaster.
Bank of Granger, F R Burket cashr.
C M & St P Ry.
Granger Drug Co, drugs and clothing.
Granger Elevator Co, grain.
Hayatt T W, r r, exp and tel agt.
Kohls Wm. restaurant.
McCahill H A, hardware and implts.
Miles S L & A, lumber.
Newland E J, livery.
Schulte C & Sons, genl store.
Sharrin John, live stock.
Smith Dr C G, drugs.
Surber J A, hotel.
VAIL MRS N A, Stationery, Post Cards and Postmaster.
Wells, Fargo & Co's Express.
Western Union Tel Co.
Weston D C, drugs.
Wilson Ira, hardware and implts.
Wrights John, meats.

KENNEDY. Population, 8. On the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in Colfax township, Dallas County, 6 miles w. of Adel, the judicial seat and banking point. Exp, W, F. & CO. C. V. Dawson, postmaster and rr agt.
Dawson, C V & Co, general store.

LINDEN. Population, 315. An incorporated town on the C, M & P Ry, in Linn township, Dallas county, 17 miles west of Adel, the county seat and 37 west of Des Moines. Has Christian, Friends and Methodist Episcopal, churches and a bank. Exp. W. FL. & Co Tel, W. U. Mrs. Etta Glenn, postmaster.
Craft & Son, hardware.
Diddy F E, druggist.
Dille C M, genl store.
Flack L W, cashr Linden Bank and mayor.
Gilmore Lee, livery.
GLENN MRS ETTA, Stationery and Postmaster.
Godown Lee, live stock.
Hall's Creamery & Cold Storage Co.
Hardenbrook W H, restaurant.
Hoyt W R, carpenter.
Hunter W L, painter.
Jones W, creamery, eggs and poultry.
Linden Bank (cap $26,000), Geo H Messinger pres, L W Flack cashier.
Miller Joseph, live stock.
Neola Elevator Co, lumber, grain and coal.
Pennington Orville J, physician.
Raabe H C, rr, exp and tel agt.
Roland D Z, genl store.
Skinner B, carriages and implts.
Travis H A, meats.
Walker Ira S, gen store.

MINBURN. Population, 388. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L. Ry, in Sugar Grove township, Dallas county, 10 miles n. of Adel, the county seat, and 30 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school and a bank. Tel, W. U. Exp, Adams. Hazel E. Nourse, postmaster.
Busby E, restaurant.
Criterion The, Zerwehk & Zerwehk publrs.
Danner D G, genl store.
Des Moines Elevator Co, B Greenfield mngr.
Flynn Patrick, harness.
Gottschalk S R, genl store.
Greenfield B, mngr Des Moines Elev Co.
Hagenstein Albert, meats.
Haymond W D, grain.
Hill Bros, brick and tile.
Hinchliff James, physician.
Kenyon James, contractor.
Kenyon Valere, milliner.
Minburn Co-operative Assn, genl store.
Minburn Hardware & Furniture Co, G W Clark propr.
Minburn Implement) Co The, Frank Thomas pres, H E Jones sec and treas, J R P Hingly manger.
Minburn Mutual Telephone Co, C E Bassart mngr.
Minburn Pharmacy.
Minburn Savings Bank (cap $15,000), J D Wisenand pres, A F Quile cashier.
Niel C A, lumber.
Nelsen A H, rr, exp and tel agt.
NOURSE HAZEL E, Postmaster.
Nourse Wilson, genl store.
Schoonover B L, wagonmaker.
Smith Lewis P, tinsmith.
Warford J W & Son, livery and feed.
Zerwehk & Zerwehk, publrs Criterion.

MORAN. Population, 12. On the P & D. M. Interurban Ry. in Dallas county, 18 miles n. e. of Adel, the county seat, and 4 from Woodward, its banking point. A. J. Horton, postmaster.
Gilligan J E, restaurant.
MORTON A J, Postmaster, General Store, Hardware and Implements.
McColl Lumber Co, lumber and grain.
Michael Roy, rr and exp agt.

PANTHER. In Washington township, Dallas county, 9 miles n. w. of Adel, the county seat, and 7 w. of Dallas Center, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

PERRY. Population, 4,630. An incorporated city located on the C, M. & St. P. and on the M. & St. L. Rys. (depots 1/2 mile apart), and on the Inter-Urban (Electric) Ry, in Dallas county, 34 miles n. w. of Des Moines and 18 n. w. of Adel, the county seat. It is lighted by electricity, heated by Yargan system of hot water heating, has water works owned and controlled by the city, a volunteer fire department, a modern opera house with a seating capacity of 700, 4 banks, 2 daily newspapers, The Chief and The Advertiser, 2 weeklies, The In dependent and Prohibition Journal. There are 7 churches, excellent schools, the Perry Normal College, and a free public library. The principal industries comprise block factories, brick and tile works, marble works, cigar factories, washing machine factories, saw mill, calking machine factory, candy factory, nursery, creamery, broom factory and bottling works. The city is in the heart of a rich agricultural district and its railway facilities make it an ideal location for factories, etc. Tel, W. U. Exp, U. S. and W. F. & Co. Telephone connection. Frank M. Hoeye, postmaster.
Advertiser Co The, Roscoe E. Zerwekh res and mgnr, publrs The Advertiser.
Advertiser The (daily), The Advertiser Co publrs.
Ahrens George A, insurance.
Ahrens John F, tailor.
Ainley Albert, hardware.
Ainley D & Co, W H Clark mngr, jewelers.
Allard Ernest A, painter.
Allgood A D, flour and feed.
American Calking Machine Co, Edmund Nichols pres, Charles D Marckress sec and treas.
Anderson A E & Co (Alfred E. Anderson) restaurant.
Anderson J B, drugs.
AT LAST WASHER CO, A S Kibby Pres, A. J. Kibby Vice-Pres, E. C. Kibby Sec, C E Kibby Treas, Mnfrs Washing Machines.
Aubry Wm H, livery.
Ballard Wm, florist.
Berkeman John H, photogr.
Bills Chauncey, restaurant.
Bills Frank, restaurant.
Bradley Harry E, restaurant.
BRAMAN CHARLES H, Propr Braman Electric Co.
BRAMAN ELECTRIC Co, Charles H Braman Propr, Electrical Construction and Supplies, Electric Lighting and Power Plants.
Broomfield S J, carpenter.
Brown Percy, dairy.
Brown & Foltz (A A Brown, H A Foltz), dentists.
Bruce John, hides and produce.
Bruce & Henry (Harry S Bruce, Frank Henry), meats.
Buckley G L & Co (George L Bulkey, Mary Heness), general store.
Butler Electric Co, W H McCammon pres, W Nelson sec and mngr, mnfrs electrical apparatus.
Capen A J & Son (Arthur J and Harry), hardware.
Cardell Walter W, lawyer.
Carnegie Library, Flora Bailey librarian.
Cavadas & Sklavenitis (Sam Cavadas, John Sklavenitis), shoe shining.
Chief Printing Co, The, Scott Snyder pres, R M Harvey genl mngr.
Chief The (daily), Chief Printing Co publrs, C C Nye editor.
Citizens State Bank (cap $50,000), S S Dilenbeck pres, B C Dilenbeck cashr.
City Hotel, Morgan Maurer propr.
Clarke Wm, jeweler.
Coakley J B, drugs.
Correy's Orchestra, J B Correy dir.
Cottage Hotel The, Mrs E M Humphrey propr.
Cox Wm & Son, implements.
Crist Louis, cigar mnfr.
Crosby Fred A, cigars.
Culbertson Robert H, cigar mnfr.
Cunningham Co (Katheryn Cunningham) milliners.
Daw John F, drugs.
Day Guy H, jeweler.
Dealy & Co, Frank Dealy, mngr, notions.
Diddy M L, general store.
Diddy Pharmacy Co, Hay Diddy mngr.
Digman Nellie F, grocer and queensware.
Doidge Renfred E, physician.
Dooley Edward P, drugs.
Dowling & Wright (J A Dowling, J A Wright), grocers.
Dugan H S, lawyer.
Dunlap Z B, insurance.
Emms B Roy, optician.
Erwin E. Paul, osteopath.
Erwin Minnie B, osteopath.
Fate Henry, well borer.
Ferguson Joseph K, meats.
First National Bank (capital $50,000), Pattee pres, W H Pattee cashier.
Foltz-Grosenbaugh Eloise, physician.
Forgrave Walter E, ladies tailor.
Fox James roofer.
Free Samuel P, physician.
French B F, china ware.
French Leonard A, real estate.
Gamble Furniture Co, L. B Morgan mngr.
Giddings Herbert G, lawyer.
Gilbert Earl J, repair shop.
Gilbert Thomas J, hardware.
Globe Mnfg Co, B C Dilenbeck pres, H C Modlin sec, washing machines.
Goodman Joseph, carpenter.
Gough James A, tailor.
Graney Dennis, shoes.
Graves Charles A, dry goods.
Green Ross, dray.
Hall John D, real estate.
Halsey Cyrus, drayage.
Halsey & Knee (Charles Halsey, Elmer Knee), drayage.
Hamlin Frederick C, dentist.
Harper & Ward (R W Harper, W. E. Ward), grain and stocks.
Harvey Allen, publr The Independent.
Hasslinger W G, dyer.
Hausserman Charles, meat S.
Hawkeye Telephone Co, S E Clapp mngr.
HAYWARD E W (Hayward Realty and Sales Co), Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, Florida Lands.
HAYWARD W C (Hayward Realty and Sales Co), Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, Florida Lands.
Heaton George, W. J. estate.
Heaton Wm H, dry goods.
Heiss Albert W, real estate.
Hightshoe S & Son, carpenters.
Hitchler Charles W, feed barn.
Hoagland Clyde R, general store.
Hoeye Frank M, postmaster.
Howard E C & Son, housemovers.
Howell Orl, piano tuner.
Hoyt Henry A, lawyer.
Hutchinson Robert B, confectioner.
Independent The (weekly), Allen Harvey publr.
Iowa House, F L Willis propr.
Jackson & Young, painters.
Jacobson Nels, contractor.
Johnson G W, carpenter.
Johnson Theodore F, physician.
Johnston Robert M, baker.
Jones Electric & Engineering Co, A. E. Jones mngr.
Kellar Wm O, photographer.
Kelly & Kelly (J I and D J), live stock.
Kearns & Ainley (Emma V Kearns, O A. Ainley), books.
Koran Louis, tailor.
Kurtz Edward C, wagon maker.
Lambert Ira G, restaurant.
Lester Ernest A, livery.
Lester George, 2d hand goods.
Lezek Louis, junk and hides.
LING FREDERICK W, Propr, Stewart House.
Livingston & Turner (F M Livingston), dairy.
Lyon Morton, electrician.
McCammon H Bro (Wm H and Samuel), clothing.
McCOLL, DONALD D (McColl Lumber Co).
McCOLL EVA A B (McColl Lumber Co.).
McCOLL LUMBER CO (Donald D and E A B McColl), Lumber, Grain and CoaI.
McLaughlin Bros grocers.
Maurer Charles E, horse breeder.
Meier & Derby (L F Meier, W C Derby), dry goods.
Melick George R, real estate.
Miller Bros (E F and W H), hardware.
Miller Henry, hardware.
Miller Wm E, chiropractor.
Miller & Van Patten (R W Miller, A Van Patten), cement blks.
Moody Bros (Howard and C L), harness and implts.
Mowrer Wm P, physician.
Muir Alexander, grocer and notions.
Nash Harry A, insurance.
National Wood Works (Nels Jacobson, Art Zimmerman, J. F. Johnson.)
Needham Harold S, news.
Neola Elevator Co, W N Wimmer mngr.
Nye C C, editor The Chief.
Oldham Clint D, marble works.
O'Malley Bernard, cattle breeder.
O'Malley James F, cattle breeder.
Osmundson Spade Mnfg Co (Henry Osmundson).
Pattent James, livery.
Paul Irvin N, physician.
Pearson & Son (Eric and E Conrad), contractors.
Peck Mrs Nina, milliner.
Pefley Jacob M, gunsmith.
People's National Bank (capital $50,000), John P. O'Malley pres, E D Carter cashier.
Perry Artificial Ice & Storage Co, J C. Paul pres, R M Shortley sec and mngr.
Perry Bottling Works (H M Shiveley).
Perry Boy Band, Henry Springer leader.
Perry Cigar Co, E C Reynolds propr, cigar mnfrs.
Perry Commercial Club, Allen Harvey pres, Adrian Cross sec.
Perry Dress Club (Roy Purrington, J O Thornberry) pantatorium.
Perry Electric Light, Power and Heating Co. C R Lyon pres and genl mngr.
Perry Electric Railway Co, B C Dilenbeck pres, Chas E Wilson sec.
Perry Free Library, Flora B Bailey libr.
Perry Gas Co, John Carmody receiver.
Perry Land Co, I S Peddicord propr.
Perry Normal College, C. Durant Jones pres.
Perry Nursery, E F Edmundson propr.
Perry Produce Co (John Henneberry).
Perry Savings Bank (capital $50,000), W H McCammon pres, John Carmody, cashier.
Perry Town Lot & Improvement Co, B C Dilenbeck pres, Chas E. Wilson sec.
Perry Washer Co, E D Weaver mngr.
Perry Water Works (Municipal), Adrian Cross supt.
Phillips-O'Malley-Tiernan Furniture Co, T N Phillips pres, G W O'Malley sec treas, furniture.
Powell Albert, 2d hand goods.
Prohibition Journal The (weekly), C Durant Jones mngr.
Putnam & Fauch (U G Putnam, Richard Fauch), confectioners.
Rail Shoe Co, Wm A Rail pres, H P Mack treas and mngr.
Rathburn & Cleveland (Donald Rathbun, Frank Cleveland), grocers.
Reid Frank H, jeweler.
Reitz Wm, carpenter.
Repp Noah M, vet surgeon.
Reynolds Juanita, milliner.
Richardson F D, genl store.
Ringheim H & E, dry goods.
Rishel Jacob, sewing machines.
Robert Alpheus L, carpenter.
Robinson Clothing Co, W B, Robinson pres, H A Nash sec.
Roddan Oscar F, clothing.
Roland Martin H, optometrist.
Ross Arthur J, physician.
ROUSE & WILTSE (H A Rouse, A. A Wiltse), Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Collections and Notaries Public.
Rowe Orville V, painter.
Rude Auto Co (P C and J R Rude).
S F W Repair Co (W E Sidney, Albert Fallien and Clyde C Waters), machine shop.
St James Hotel, H B McNab propr.
Schaeffer Bert T, grocer.
Schoon Joseph A, confectioner.
Scoles John C, photographer.
Scurry Philip, plumber.
Sheehan Fuel Oil Burner Co, P E Sheehan pres and mngr.
Shenton George, hardware.
Shotwell & Co, I G Gourley mngr, produce.
Skinner Ira H, restaurant.
Smith James H, contractor.
Snyder Lida, milliner.
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co, E W Miller mngr.
Starr John, grocer.
Starkey Mrs Mary, real estate.
Steltzer Harry I, real estate.
Stephens & Flynn (P Stephens, Edward J. Flynn), shoes.
Stewart House, Frederick W Ling, Propr, Only First Class Hotel in City, Headquarters Commercial Men.
Swartz Clarence S, genl store.
Taylor Charles E, carpenter.
Thomas Frank M, real estate.
Thornley Stacy M, loans.
Tiernan Thomas M, lawyer.
Timeon Charles, carpenter.
Towne Horace A, chinaware.
Trout Alexander W, physician.
Van Camp Packing Co. R W Hain mgr.
Vanlaningham George W, loans.
Walton A W, bill poster.
Ward & O'Conner (H P Ward, P. H. O'Conner), real estate.
Wasson Mrs J H, greenhouse.
Waters Motor Co (Henry M and Clyde C Waters), automobiles and garage.
Welch James, grain.
West Side Market, George Stein propr, meats.
White Martin, cattle breeder.
Wickham George C, dentist.
Wilcox Bros (Roy L and Ira M), bowling
Wilcox Wm E, carpenter.
Wildman Frank A, auctioneer.
Williams Frank, painter.
Williams Harry T, painter.
Willis David, auctioneer.
Winegar Wm H, lawyer.
Winner Charles H, jeweler.
Worth George W, pianos.
Wray Frank P, drugs.
Zook Bros (Charles and I A), laundry.

REDFIELD. Population, 659. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., and on the Raccoon river, in Union township, Dallas county, 9 1/2 miles west of Adel, the county seat. Has Christian and Methodist churches, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Review. Tel. W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co, Edgar O. Winter, postmaster.
Armfield George W. agricultural implts.
Baldridge & Cowell (Wm E Baldridge, Edward Cowell), meats.
Beck A A, dentist.
Case Obadiah M, r r exp and tel agent.
Chance Harry F, general store.
Chapman George, painter.
Cook Bros (John H and George), brick masons.
Cunningham Truman, vet surgeon.
De Camp Silas A, carpenter.
DeVore James, sorghum mill.
Diddy Claud A, drugs.
Diddy Produce Co (C A Diddy).
Ellis S J, hog breeder.
Fitch Charles, livery.
Forsyth D R, drugs.
Girard Joseph P, hardware and furn.
Goodwin Wm J, clay products.
Hawkeye Telephone Co, Frances Meade mngr.
Hollett G Matthew, drayage.
Huggins I W, baker.
Judson J E, clothing.
Keefer C J, general store.
Kipping R C & A S, grocers.
Knapp J W, live stock.
Leeper Martin V, poultry breeder.
McCall Lumber Co, T C Chance mngr.
McGriff Sanford, mason.
McLane Eli, restaurant.
Mabbitt & Eppard (Wm S. Eppard), flour mill.
Massure H L & Sons (H Lee, Fred and Cole S), feed mill.
Moorman Allen, physician.
Nelson Bros (Mark and George), threshers' supplies.
Newton W C, publr Redfield Review.
Noell F W, mason.
Norton & Patty (Wm Norton, C H Patty), feed barn.
Parkhouse C J, harnessmaker.
Patty D Sylvester, grain.
Patty & Bailey (C Patty, F A Bailey), implements and coal.
Redfield Auto Supply Co., A. E. Smith pres and mngr.
Redfield Brick & Tile Works, W J Goodwin pres, W A Queale mngr.
REDFIELD PUBLISHING CO, W C Newton mngr (Weekly).
Redfield Savings Bank (capital $15,000), W. D. Scott pres. N T Mahoney cashr.
Reynolds & Keefer (Elvin E Reynolds, C W Keefer), lumber.
Seaman R, furn and undertaker.
Shephard W Marcellus, livery.
Shillito Edward, carpenter.
Shillito John A, carpenter.
Simcoke W O, cattle breeder.
Sloan George W, poultry breeder.
Smith Alva E, produce.
Southwick Frank S, cattle breeder.
Spillers & Miller, auctioneers.
State Bank of Redfield (cap $25,000). M Holmes pres, G. W. Curtis cashr.
Thomas Linn, carpenter.
Thornburg Matthew W, physician.
Vath Albert E, jeweler.
Wilcox Mrs L, poultry.
Winter Ed O, post master.
Wood Albert G, genl store.

VAN METER. Population. 386. An incorporated town located on the Coon river and on the C. R. I. & Ry., in Van Meter township, Dallas county, 7 miles s. e. of Adel, the judicial seat, 3 from De Soto and 19 s w of Des Moines. It dates its settlement from 1860, and has Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren churches, a weekly newspaper, the Reporter and a bank. Exp., U. Tel., W. U.; A. C. Trindle, postmaster.
Boston Market Co, meats.
Brenton Bros Lumber Co.
City Hotel, Mrs J B Crawford propr.
Crawford Mrs J B, propr City Hotel.
Griffith D T, agrl implts.
Hawkeye Telephone Co.
Landers B W, restaurant.
Malander R E, grocer.
Martin W W, grocer.
Newmann Dr, dentist,
Pearn Harry T, harness.
Platt Pressed & Fire Brick Co, J L Platt jr pres, C B Platt mngr.
Riggs W E, publr Van Meter Reporter.
Schlarb H G, general store.
Summers Nelson P, physician.
Trindle A C, Stationer and Postmaster.
Van Meter Drug Co.
Van Meter Mercantile Co, general store.
Van Meter Reporter, W E Riggs publr.
VAN METER STATE BANK (Capital $25,000), G H Messenger Pres, Clarence Dunn Cashier.
White O V, hardware.

WAUKEE. Population, 340. An incorporated town located at the crossing of the M. & St. L. and the C., M. & St. P. Rys. (depots 1/4 mile apart), in Walnut township, Dallas county, 6 1/2 miles east of Adel, the county seat, and 15 west of Des Moines. Has Catholic, Christian, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and 2 banks. Tel., W. U. and Postal. Exp., Adams and W., F. & Co. M. F. Danford, postmaster.
Ball Harvey R, restaurant.
BANK OF WAUKEE (Private, Responsibility $1,000,000), S M Leach Pres, C R and C E Brenton Vice-Pres, Samuel F Foft Cashier.
Carter J H, grain, live stock and implts.
Central Nurseries, Don Ferree and G E Dav proprs.
Copeland Harry, live stock.
Copeland Henry, live stock.
Copeland Jesse, real estate, mayor.
Crispin & Duncan (E G Crispin, I Duncan), general store.
DANFORD M F, Postmaster.
DANFORD ROBERT G, Stationery, Confectionery, Etc.
Farmers' Elevator Co, H Q Shoeman mngr.
Hulse E S, general store.
Hunter Samuel, livery.
Huston F E, live stock.
Jones B F & Son (B F and G. E), drugs.
Kent Wm P, live stock.
Kenyon Isaac A, general store.
Kudej John, r r, exp and tel agent.
Leonard N M, live stock.
Luther Rolland, furniture.
McMahon George T, physician.
Miller E F, wall paper.
Mullin Thomas, live stock.
Nugum J M, real estate.
Sandmier John C, poultry breeder and agt M & St L Ry.
Schraeder Frank, meats.
Scott Milton, livery.
Shaw John W, harnessmaker and shoes.
Smith Clark, feed mill.
Smith Roy, well borer.
Snow Mrs M, grocer.
Swallow Alden, live stock.
Swallow W Z, live stock.
Waukee House, Clarence Huston propr.
Waukee Nursery Co (W E Wragg).
Waukee Lumber Co, F S Whiting mngr.
Waukee Savings Bank (capital $10,000) H L Leonard pres, A A Leachy cashr.
Wilson Silas L, mason.

WOODWARD. Population, 712. Formerly known as Colton, is an incorporated town in Des Moines township, Dallas county, on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., 22 miles n. e. of Adel, the county seat, and 28 from Des Moines, with which it is connected by electric railway. It contains Baptist, Christian and Methodist churches, a graded public school, 2 banks, an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the Enterprise. Exp., W. F. & Co. Tel., W. U.
Arnes Easton, painter.
Barlow Mrs J S, grocer.
Bliney George, carpenter.
Black Diamond Store Co, genl store.
Brolsma, J G, drugs.
Brookins David J, physician.
Brown W S, well borer.
Calonkey H P & Son, proprs Woodward Creamery.
Chelesnick & Kramer, genl store.
Conger Benjamin F, live stock.
Craft W. S & Son (Wm S and Wm. J.), general store.
Crank Charles M, jeweler.
Dilenbeck Lumber Co.
Elliott James R, live stock breeder.
Farmers' Bank of Woodward (capital $20,000), Charles R Brenton pres, Chas D Hoon cashier.
Grimm John L, wagonmaker.
Hall Wm D, hardware.
King & Tomlinson, grocer.
Lee G E, publr Enterprise.
McCall Bros (Anthony M and David D), lumber and grain.
Miller Sisters, milliners.
Naiden H R & Co (Henry R. Naiden), drugs.
Noland J W, livery.
Phillips Coal Co, miners.
Pierce S J, meats.
Pike G L, restaurant.
Putnam M A, 2d hand goods.
Robbins R R, live stock.
Rogers Alfred R, physician.
Roupe F B, restaurant.
Scandia Supply Co, genl store.
Shumway G, genl store.
Smith Andrew C, mason.
Staker & Co, agricultural implts.
Stiles G P, genl store.
Trunick A A, grocer.
Wade & Mertz, furniture.
Woodward Cornet Band, Daniel J Rhoda leader
Woodward Creamery, H P Calonkey & Co, proprietors.
Woodward Mutual Telephone Co, R H Naiden manager.
Woodward Opera House, W P Craft manager.
Woodward State Bank (cap $35,000), H P Calonkey pres, H S Taylor cashr.
Zimmer R M, hotel.
Source: Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913, Vol. XVI, Published Biennially by R. L. Polk & Co., Des Moines, Davenport and Detroit
Anonymously transcribed and contributed. Page formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall and added 15 January 2020.

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