Sixteenth Census of the United States

1940 U.S. Federal Census Dallas County, Iowa

Enumerated District Number following the name of area enumerated

Adams Township, 25-1A DeSoto, Van Meter Township, 25-29 Perry, Spring Valley Township, Ward III, 25-21A
Adams Township, 25-1B Dexter, Union Township, 25-26 Perry, Spring Valley Township, Ward III, 25-21B

Adel, Adel Township, 25-2

Sheets 1A - 13B and 14A - 61A

Granger, Grant Township, 25-14 Redfield, Union Township, 25-27

Adel Township, 25-4 

includes Dallas County Hospital

Grant Township, 25-15 Spring Valley Township, 25-22
Beaver Township, 25-6 Lincoln Township, 25-16 Sugar Grove Township, 25-25
Boone Township, 25-7 Linden, Linn Township, 25-17 Union Township, 25-28
Bouton, Beaver Township, 25-5 Linn Township, 25-18 Van Meter, Van Meter Township, 25-30
Colfax Township, 25-8 Minburn, Sugar Grove Township, 25-24 Van Meter Township, 25-31

Dallas Center, Adel Township, 25-3

Dallas Center, Sugar Grove Township, 25-23

Perry, Spring Valley Township, Ward I, 25-19A

Walnut Township, 25-33

includes Hadden Hill Mining Camp

Dallas Township, 25-10 Perry, Spring Valley Township, Ward I, 25-19B Washington Township, 25-34
Dawson, Dallas Township, 25-9 Perry, Spring Valley Township, Ward II, 25-20A Waukee, Walnut Township, 25-32

Des Moines Township, 25-13

includes Zook's Spur & Moran

Perry, Spring Valley Township, Ward II, 25-20B Woodward, Des Moines Township, 25-11
Descriptions Maps:  Dallas Center     Granger     Perry

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