Fifteenth Census of the United States

1930 U.S. Federal Census Dallas County, Iowa

Adams Township Adel Town (of), Adel Township Adel Township 
Beaver Township Boone Township Bouton Town (of), Beaver Township
Colfax Township Dallas Center Town, Adel Township Dallas Center Town, Sugar Grove Township
Dallas Township Dawson Town (of), Dallas Township DeSoto Town (of), Van Meter Township
Des Moines Township [Zook Spur unincorporated included] Des Moines Township(2) [Moran unincorporated included] Dexter Town (of), Union Township
Granger Town (of), Grant Township Grant Township Lincoln Township
Linden Town (of), Linn Township Linn Township Minburn Town (of), Sugar Grove Township

Perry - Ward I, Spring Valley Township

Sheets 1A-18B   and   19A-31B

Perry - Ward II, Spring Valley Township

Sheets 1A-22B   and   23A-38B

Perry - Ward III, Spring Valley Township

Sheets 1A-12B  and  13A-24B

Redfield Town (of), Union Township Spring Valley Township Sugar Grove Township
Union Township Van Meter Town (of), Van Meter Township Van Meter Township
Walnut Township Washington Township Waukee Town (of), Walnut Township
Woodward Town (of), Des Moines Township

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Transcriber Note:  Servants or hired help that lived-in were also considered lodgers by the enumerators.

KEY to Column Headings:

Col       Col    
PG = Stamped Page number
# Line Number        
SN = Sheet Number
1 ST = Street, avenue, road, etc.   17 R/W = Whether able to read and write
2 HN = House number (in cities or towns)   18 BRTH = Birth place of person enumerated
3 DW = Number of dwelling house in order of visitation   19 FTHR = Birth place of Father
4 FN = Number of family in order of visitation   20 MTHR = Birth place of Mother
5 LN, FN =  Name of each person whose place of abode on April 1, 1930, was in this family   21 NL = Language spoken in home before coming to the U.S.
6 REL =  Relationship of this person to the head of the family; Homemaker indicated by an H, i.e., Wife-H   22 YR = Year of immigration to the U.S.
7 O/R = Home owned or rented   23 NAT = Naturalized or alien
8 VAL = Value of home, if owned, or monthly rental, if rented   24 ENG = Whether able to speak English
9 R =  Radio set   25 OCC = Occupation, trade, profession
10 F? = Does this family live on a farm?   26 IND = Industry or business
11 SEX = Male - M, Female - F   27 WK = Class of Worker: Employer-E, Wage or Salary Worker-W, Working on own account-O, Unpaid worker, member of the family-NP
12 RACE = White-W, Negro-Neg, Mexican-Mex, Indian-In, Chinese-Ch, Japanese-Jp, Flipina-Fl, Hindu-Hin, Korean-Kor, Other races spelled out in full   28 EMP = Whether actually at work
13 AGE = Age at last birthday   29 UNEM = Line number for unemployed
14 MAR = Martial condition: Single-S, Married-M, Widowed-Wd, Divorced-D   30 VET = Whether a veteran of the US military or naval forces mobilized for any war or expedition
15 MD = Age at first marriage   31 WAR = What war or expedition
16 SCH = Attended school or college any time since Sept 1, 1929   32 FARM = No. of farm schedule

Abbreviations were to be used in the columns as shown:

  • Cols. 18, 19, 20, and 21 - Use no abbreviations for state or country of birth or for mother tongue.
  • Col. 6 - Indicate the home-maker in each family by the letter "H" following the word which shows the relationship as "Wife-H"
  • Col. 7 - Owned = O, Rented = R
  • Col. 9 - Radio Set = R.  Make no entry for families have no radio set.
  • Col. 11 - Male = M, Female = F
  • Col. 12 - White=W, Negro=Neg, Mexican=Mex, Indian=In, Chinese=Ch, Japanese=Jp, Flipina=Fl, Hindu=Hin, Korean=Kor, Other races spelled out in full
  • Col. 14 - Single=S, Married=M, Widowed=Wd, Divorced=D
  • Col. 23 - Naturalized = Na, First Papers = Pa, Alien = Al
  • Col. 27 - Employer=E, Wage or Salary Worker=W, Working on own account=O, Unpaid worker, member of the family=NP
  • Col. 31 - World War = WW, Spanish-American War = Sp, Civil War = Civ, Philippine Insurrection=Phil, Boxer Rebellion=Box, Mexican Expedition=Mex

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