1925 Iowa State Census - Dallas County

Adams Township Dexter, Union Township Redfield, Union Township
Adel, Adel Township Granger, Grant Township Spring Valley Township
Adel Township Grant Township Sugar Grove Township
Beaver Township Lincoln Township Union Township
Boone Township Linden, Linn Township Van Meter Township
Bouton, Beaver Township Linn Township Van Meter, Van Meter Township
Colfax Township Minburn, Sugar Grove Township Walnut Township
Dallas Township Perry, Spring Valley Township Washington Township
Dallas Center, Adel Township       Ward 1 & 2 Waukee, Walnut Township
Dawson, Dallas Township       Ward 1 Woodward, Des Moines Township
Des Moines Township       Ward 2  
DeSoto, Van Meter Township       Ward 3

1925 State Census of Iowa: LEGEND

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, for the Dallas County IAGenWeb Project July 2015 - December 2017

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Transcriber's Notes:
  The following text was taken from the column header information found on the census schedule form.  This text describes the type of information the
  enumerator should record.

  Most of the Tenure Columns (5A-5F) were left blank by the enumerator(s).

  This LEGEND will help you understand the transcribed information.

 1. Place of Abode:
    Street, Avenue, Boulevard or Road; House Number
 2. NAME:
    of each Person whose Place of Abode on Jan 1, 1925 was in this
    Family. Enter Surnames First, Then Given Name and middle Initial, If
    any. Include Every Person Living on Jan 1, 1925. Omit Children born
    since Jan 1, 1925.
 3. RELATION: Relationship of this Person to the Head of the Family
    A Sex
    B Color of Race
    C Age at Last Birthday
    D Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced
    A Home owned or Rented
    B If Owned, Free or Mortgaged
    C Value of this Home
    D Amount of Mortgage Debt Against this Home Jan 1, 1925
    E If rented, Amount of rent paid Monthly
    F If Owned Amount of all Insurance Carried on this House
    A If Foreign Born are You Naturalized
    B No. Years In U.S.
    C No. Years In Iowa
    1. High School Attended (Check Proper Space /):
       A Rural
       B Grade
       C High School
       D College or University
       A RURAL - State Highest Reader Completed as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
       B GRADE in GRAMMAR - State Highest Grade completed (Grades 1 to 8 Incl.)
       C HIGH SCHOOL - State Highest Grade Completed (Grades 9 to 12 Incl.)
       D COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY - State No. Years Attended
    3. How Many Months of School attended in Year 1924
    4. Whether able to Read
    5. Whether able to Write
      Place of Birth of each Person enumerated and Name, Place of Birth,
      Age and Place of Marriage of Parents. (If Place is in U. S. give
      State or Territory, if outside of U. S. give Country)
    Person enumerated
      A Place of Birth
      B Name of Father
      C Place of Birth
      D Age last Birthday
      E Full Maiden Name of Mother
      F Place of Birth
      G Age last Birthday
    Parents of Person enumerated
      H Place of Marriage
      A Are You a Veteran
      B Branch of Service in Which You Served
      C What State Enlisted or Drafted From
      A Are You a Veteran
      B Branch of Service in Which You Served
      C What State Enlisted or Drafted From
      A Are You a Veteran
      B Branch of Service in Which You Served
      C What State Enlisted or Drafted From
    A Are you engaged in Agricultural Pursuits
    B Are you engaged in Professional Services
    C Are you engaged in domestic and Personal Services
    D Are you engaged in Trade and Transportation
    E Are you engaged in Manufacturing and Mechanical work
    F Are you a Laborer unclassified
    G No. months in 1924 unemployed because of illness from communicable diseases only
    H Amt. of salary or income loss because of illness from communicable diseases
    I No. months in 1924 unemployed on account of labor conditions
    What Church are You Affiliated With

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