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Des Moines Twp., Section 4, Dallas County, Iowa

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From the Woodward Centennial book (published in 1983):
"p. 348:  Daniel and Sophia Rhoads Family

     Among the early pioneers were Daniel and Sophia Rhoads, who came from Highland County, Ohio in 1849 and built their home on Xenia, Section 4, in Des Moines Township, Dallas County, Iowa.

     It is recorded in the History of Dallas County, published in 1907, that "the home of Uncle Dan Rhoads" (as he was lovingly called) became the home for every stranger -- his hospitality extending to the learned, the rich and the poor and all.
     Their home was a meeting house for church services, for they were members of the Methodist Church.  They, with other early settlers, erected a church nearby that was designated "Old Ship Zion."  This church was dear to their hearts and loyally supported to the limit of their ability until it was sold and the money invested in the Woodward Methodist Church in 1882.
     In 1873, Sophia passed away and after that time, his youngest daughter, Hannah, stayed with him, striving to make his home life as pleasant as possible.  He had given to Des Moines Township, a piece of ground that he thought most suitable for a "silent city" and in December, 1883, he was carried from his home which he had built to rest in the "silent city" beside the one he had missed so sadly."
This wonderful piece of history and photo was contributed by Sue Renkert whose great-great-great grandfather, Daniel A. Rhoads, donated the land for the Xenia Cemetery.  The cemetery is located on 130th Court, east of the intersection of 130th Court and U Avenue on the south side of the road, just east of Woodward.  The town of Xenia is gone now, but the cemetery remains.

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