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   Violet Hill Cemetery is in the northeast part of Perry, Dallas Co., IA.  It is bounded on the south side by Park Street and on the west, north and east by agricultural land.  It is divided into two sections by 8th Street which goes north and south through the middle, making two distinct parts.  The west side has a burial dated 1849, Welcome H. Willis but it is though that this is memorial rather than an actual burial.  It was in the late 1860's before other burials are listed.  There were no burials on the east side until about 1925.

   There are three other cemeteries in the Perry area which were used prior to Violet Hill:  the Moore, the Mowrer, and the Valley View.

   By 1867 the Mowrer and Valley View cemeteries were not sufficient so they condemned land owned by Mr. Miller and bought it for $40 an acre.  They bought only 10 acres at that time.

   The first burial was Mrs. C.M. Cross on March 2, 1878.  Later 10 more acres were purchased and southwestern portion became the Catholic cemetery.  It contains some very large stones.

   They added on to it on the south and by 1922 they needed more land so they again added 20 acres across the road to the east.

   The first burial in this latest addition was a 16 year old girl, Harriet Critchfield on May 29, 1923.

   Right inside the main gate to the east is the "Soldiers Monument" dedicated to soldiers/sailors of the Union, War of 1861-1865.

   A semi-circle of War Veterans of World War 2 with a monument in the center is in the east seciton.

   Very neatly laid out cemetery, well taken care of and has serenity.

Provided by Velma Renfrow, circa 1980s.

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