Dallas County, Iowa Cemetery Directory

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Violet Hill Cemetery

St Patrick's Catholic Sections

Spring Valley Twp., Dallas County, Iowa

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Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateNotes
---1883In Memory of the Chinese Immigrant workers Located at this Mass Burial Site; Perry Historic Preservation 2014
-Alex--next to and looks like Naomi Ballard
-Baby Tom-- 
-Charles24 Mar 190030 Jul 1907 gravestone is red/brown and sits with a grey one at its back
-Elmer--next to RE Mellick's stone
-Eva May-- 
-Father--funeral home marker
-Fred J-- 
- Infant Son--next to Hubbs
- Lewis--cannot read age and date of death
-Mother--funeral home marker
-Sarah--Brooks Chapel funeral home marker
Unknown---funeral home marker with surname as Unknown
Unknown---funeral home marker with surname as Unknown; adjacent to Moore
AdamsAnne A18811970 
AdamsEthel Louise18881889 
AdamsMary18561943nee Hoeye
AdamsMary R25 Jun 187806 Oct 1914 
AdamsRobert07 Apr 190425 Feb 1935 
AeckEddie R19161960 
AgyArthur RAug 1846Apr 1889Co K 102 ILL Inf
AhrensJennie H18501933 Mother; w/o John F
AhrensJohn F18391920 Father; h/o Jennie H
AikenEdward R05 Jul 184518 Mar 1911 Doctor
AikenEmily A28 Oct 185413 Mar 1914 
AinleyDavid07 Mar 184831 Aug 1897 h/o Emma S
AinleyEmma S20 Aug 185021 Feb 1935 w/o David
AinleyMabel15y24 Jun 1893d/o A & M
AinleyMarion32y 1m 15d30 Nov 1886 nee Wallace; w/o Albert
AlbinFannie18571925s/s Mary L
AlbinMary L18341927s/s Fannie
AlbornAugust31 Jul 187915-Mar-1908 
AlbornBarbara18691944 w/o Henry
AlbornBenjamin F28 Jan 190208 Jun 1947  
AlbornBlanche M25 Dec 187928 Dec 1919  
AbornCharley1875- funeral home marker
AlbornElven C06 Jan 190327 Nov 1919  
AlbornFrank25 Aug 187302 Dec 1919  
AlbornHenry25 May 184530 Dec 1910 h/o Mary
AlbornHenry18721948 h/o Barbara
AlbornIda M14 Oct 187430 Mar 1821 w/o John
AlbornJohn04 Sep 186812 Dec 1905h/o Ida M
AlbornLeslie L07 Aug 190805 May 1925  
AlbornMary30 Aug 184715 Aug 1939w/o Henry
AlbornMyrtle1-Nov-190320-May-1907d/o Mr  & Mrs A
AlbornWilma C24 May 189712 Dec 1900 d/o Mr & Mrs John
AldrichJohn27 Oct 18273-Dec-1906Co K 47 Iowa Inf
AldrichS A18521917 
AldusMartha J55y 10m 11d19 Sep 1894 w/o Jas
AikenEmily A28 Oct 185413 Mar 1914  
AlexanderMahala07 Feb 181211 Nov 1887 w/o W
AlexanderWilliam08 Jan 181110 Apr 1882  
AllardLucy04 Nov 185629 Mar 1914 w/o N
AllardMentor Dan04 Dec 187911 Apr 1940  
AllardN29 Jul 184505 Jan 1923 h/o Lucy
AllardWaldo V19 Jun 189817 May 1904 s/o Wm & M
AllenCharles F18581937h/o Margaret E
AllenJohn H18451911s/s M Angie
AllenM Angie18621953s/s John H
AllenMargaret E18581947w/o Charles F
AllenMary04 May 186329-Apr-1902w/o AD; s/s James  & Lena Fairgrave
AllenRebecca A20 Aug 183216-Mar-1912  
AllshouseLucy A18711955w/o Olin B
AllshouseMarcia A15 Jul 184427-Aug-1933w/o Samuel
AllshouseOlin B18691935h/o Lucy A
AllshouseSamuel26 Jan 183831-Oct-1907h/o Marcia A
AmesEunice18091893nee Beardsley; w/o Seymour
AmesSeymour18051894h/o Eunice Beardsley
AmmermanLucy A15 Jul 185217-Aug-1907w/o Marshall
AmmermanMarshall30 Nov 184917-Sep-1922h/o Lucy A
AmmernamEsther18771958funeral home marker
AnfdersAlmiry C31 Dec 183521 Sep 1910 w/o Joseph H
AnfinsonAnna Sophia13 Jan 189430 Dec 1918 w/o Peter
AnfinsonBessie L19021964w/o Peter L
AnfinsonBeverly Ann19291935 
AnfinsonPeter L18881962h/o Bessie L
AndersFlorence C18571929w/o Frank
AndersFrank18581943h/o Florence C
AndersFred C18651927 
AndersJoseph H13 Dec 182726 Aug 1914 h/o Almiry C
AndersonAndrew10 Nov 185504 Jan 1929 h/o Emma
AndersonAugusta21 Aug 186502 May 1940  
AndersonClarice H03 Jul 188901 Apr 1939  
AndersonEdward W11 Nov 189805 Sep 1949  
AndersonEmma27 Oct 185525-Sep-1931Mother; w/o Gus
AndersonEmma08 Jun 186006 Feb 1908 w/o Andrew
AndersonFlorence23 Mar 188521-Jun-1915nee Harris; w/o Henry
AndersonFredSep 18443-Jul-1902h/o Jenne
AndersonGeorge M30 May 185913 Sep 1930  
AndersonGus25 Oct 184924-Aug-1916Father; h/o Emma
AndersonHattie G01 Mar 186401 Sep 1916 w/o GM
AndersonHenry05 Nov 188528-Jan-1943h/o Florence
AndersonHilma A07 Aug 189124 Sep 1962  
AndersonIda E18561945w/o Orlow G
AndersonJenne24 Jun 18382-Feb-1914w/o Fred
AndersonMarvin A19091970 
AndersonOluf30 May 185524 Oct 1914 Father
AndersonOrlow G18541933h/o Ida E
AndrewsCharles L27 Nov 184611 May 1922  
AndrewsFrieda18841960w/o Warren
AndrewsHattie L29 Oct 187625 Jul 1940  
AndrewsJno Clinton23 Mar 188507 Jan 1891s/o JD  & BD
AndrewsM Gertrude18 Dec 188725 Jul 1919  
AndrewsMabel E10 Jan 187527 Oct 1966  
AndrewsMary C23 Apr 185428 Aug 1935  
AndrewsMona A18681948 
AndrewsWarren18831965h/o Frieda
AndrewsWilliam C18691943 
AnfinsonIrvin B19181923 
AnfinsonLouis O18921927 
AntonArthur F05 Sep 18975-Feb-1917s/o F  & M
AntonFred L18761948 
AntonLaura08 Jul 18598-Aug-1933 
AntonMargaret O12-Nov-191512-Jan-1916d/o FL  & ME
AntonMinnie E06 Apr 18774-Aug-1970 
AntonOtto H19 Nov 185627-Oct-1922Rev
AppenzellerAndrew18541939h/o Elizabeth
AppenzellerAndrew W13-Sep-191811-Dec-2000h/o Shirley A
AppenzellerElizabeth18601898w/o Andrew
AppenzellerFrank18871976h/o June
AppenzellerJohn18821974h/o Lena
AppenzellerJune18911974w/o Frank
AppenzellerLena18841971w/o John
AppersonChester F18851939 h/o Naomi E
AppersonClyde W23 Jan 191721 Mar 1975 RM1 US Navy WWII
AppersonGeraldine L21 Mar 191218 Dec 1921  
AppersonNaomi E18901978 w/o Chester F
ArmstrongA W23 Apr 185526 Sep 1940 Rev; h/o Mary T
ArmstrongClarence R01 Oct 188516 Jan 1887 s/o Rev AW & MT
ArmstrongMary T23 Jul 185606 Mar 1936 w/o Rev AW
ArmstrongOscar E20 Nov 188013-May 1903  
ArmstrongPatricia14 Jun 193717 Aug 2008 nee Burkhart
ArnoldAndrew R18771972h/o Marguerite B
ArnoldDora C.18811967nee Schnoor; s/s John A.
ArnoldGeorge18791957h/o Nellie C
ArnoldJohn A.18791960s/s Dora C.
ArnoldMarguerite B18801982w/o Andrew R
ArnoldNellie C18791985w/o George
ArshongWilliam--no dates
ArthursEarnest Thomas-2-Jun-1942Iowa Seaman US Navy
ArthursElizabeth J18821965w/o William S
ArthursInfant-20-Jul-1906s/o William  & Elizabeth
ArthursWilliam S18811957h/o Elizabeth J
ArvesonAnna54y16 May 1905 Mother; w/o John
ArvesonJohn67y 2m 12d09 Jan 1913 Father; h/o Anna
AthertonWillard H18761970  
AubreyDelpha E18721945 w/o William H
AubreyWilliam H18631947 h/o Delpha E
BackofOra Cloe05 Jun 188610 Apr 1917  
BaileyAmelia M18531926w/o Thomas B
BaileyCyrus D06 Dec 184403 Apr 1917  
BaileyElizabeth C31 Jan 184910 Dec 1933  
BaileyFlora B15 Oct 187129 May 1952  
BaileyJune M19202002w/o Leon P
BaileyLeon P19161978h/o June M
BaileySusan1945200*funeral home marker
BaileyThomas B18491923h/o Amelia M
BaileyThos--Co L 32 US Inf
BailorG W28 Aug 185623 Sep 1921 
BailorJennie05 May 186708 Apr 1852 
BairJohn18 Mar 184518 Jun 1931 h/o Lovine
BairLovine23 Mar 184816 Dec 1904 w/o John
BakerEarl B11 Aug 188421 Apr 1924 Daddy
BakerEleanor M20 Jan 191817 Nov 1971  
BakerEva M9-Dec-181521-Sep-1998w/o Howard B; m/o Ed, Jim, Laura and Larry
BakerGlenn R18901908 
BakerHoward B03 Apr 1891-1913-Aug-1978h/o Eva M; f/o Ed, Jim, Laura and Larry
BakerJessie May07 Jan 186713 Jun 1897 d/o CM & JM
BakerJohn M60y 18d22 Dec 1886Rev
BakerLaura Belle18631939Mother
BakerLaura L18701966 
BakerM Hazel26 Feb 188906 Apr 1953 Mom
BaldwinDelbert E17 Aug 190124 Oct 1976  
BaldwinHildagarde25 Sep 190621 Jun 1947  
BaldwinJames E17 Aug 184601 Sep 1915  
BaldwinSadie26 Apr 187708 Aug 1962 
BallardArtemus R20 Oct 183729-Jun 1922Father; h/o Marilla L
BallardCharles R27 Sep 186610-Jul-1916  
BallardDavid Pattee18751972 
BallardEmma19 Jan 18713-Dec-1918w/o Charles R
BallardMarilla L27 Sep 184311-Feb-1924Mother; w/o Artemus R
BallardWilliam H H21 Sep 18712-Feb-1919  
BallentineDora A18751957 
BallentineEvelyn A18841962w/o J Leslie
BallentineHenry H6-Oct-19184114-Jan-1922h/o Mary N
BallentineJ Leslie18781944h/o Evelyn A
BallentineJulius Elwood30 Oct 184924-Feb-1924h/o Nancy Ann
BallentineMary N15 Feb 18476-Jun-1933w/o Henry H
BallentineNancy Ann19-Jan-19185021-Nov-1919w/o Julius
BalsbaughBeverly Ann-1925 
BalsbaughC Orville18911954h/o Mildred R
BalsbaughMildred R18931957w/o C Orville
BannisterJennie01 Mar 186607 Oct 1894w/o PB
BarkerAmos H28 Oct 187029-Mar-1909 
BarkerEliza07 Jun 185510 Feb 1920 w/o Wm J
BarkerMartin James17 Sep 187213 Oct 1934  
BarkerMyrtle27 May 187727 Apr 1917 w/o MJ
BarkerWilliam W24 Apr 189710 Aug 1900 s/o Wm J & E
BarkerWm J21 Jul 185430 Aug 1929h/o Eliza
BarnardCirilda15 Jan 184320 Nov 1919 Mother
BarnardEli01 Sep 184307 Apr 1919 Father
BarnardGrace A09 Aug 188118 Mar 1970 Daughter
BarnesElla Jean06 Aug 188022 Oct 1930  
BarnesJoseph Michael04 Jun 188423 Jun 1943  
BaronMartha R20 Mar 187903 Jun 1954 w/o Stanton L
BaronStanton L27 Jul 187723 Oct 1912 h/o Martha R
BarringerMartha A18951917 
BartlettWalter I26 Dec 187326 Sep 1904 b. Providence RI, d. Rockey Ford Col
BattlesCommodore P13 Jan 183631 May 1909  
BeachChas A18591930 
BeachFrank E18931919 
BeachJessie P18601939 
BeachLyman F19161921 
BealJohney-24 Jul 1885s/o JN & CA
BealeDennis18381928s/s Florence E
BealeFlorence E18701949s/s Dennis
BeattyAira M18651944w/o Thomas
BeattyThomas18611945h/o Aira M
BeckerAmelia E18371927w/o Phillip J
BeckerPhillip J18371921Co D 2 IA Inf; h/o Amelia E
BeckmanCarrie D18951992w/o Delbert O; m/o Dana LaRue Marjorie Lee
BeckmanDelbert O03 Mar 189420-Apr-1949Iowa PVT 101 FLD ARTY 26 Div WWI; h/o Carrie D; f/o Dana LaRue Marjorie Lee
BedwellGeo Frank12 Aug 187311-Nov-1922  
BedwellMaude May30 Jun 188021-Dec-1941  
BeersAgnes D19 Feb 188904 Oct 1954  
BeersArthur O18 Mar 187611 Mar 1904  
BeersD C07 Feb 184704 Jan 1921 Father
BeersFrank Raymond12 Jun 188230 Sep 1922  
BeersMother05 Apr 184826 Feb 1930  
Beeson Blanche06 Oct 188417 Feb 1913  
BellBessie18821962 w/o George W
BellGeorge W18791961 h/o Bessie
BellJack H26 Apr 191605 Nov 1921  
BellVerla M21 Apr 192528 Mar 1941  
BellamyJames F29 Oct 185403 Feb 1919 Father
BellamyMyrtle M17 Dec 189328 May 1895  
BellamySarah A28 Aug 186701 Feb 1961 Mother
BeltCharles M25y 15d05 Jan 1892 s/o Wm T & Anna
BeltLouisiana27 Aug 183021 Jul 1913 w/o William T
BeltWilliam T19 Aug 182312 Mar 1903 h/o Louisiana
BennettAbraham18371866 Co D 2 Iowa Inf
BennettBertha L18831941 funeral home marker
BennettCarrie B16 Sep 187701 Mar 1940 w/o Lindsey W
BennettDanford A03 Dec 184208 Mar 1911 h/o Mary A
BennettJulia A24 Aug 184812-May-1907nee Carhill; w/o Washington K, md -1913 Jan 1864
BennettLindsey W19 Jan 187323 Sep 1900 h/o Carrie B
BennettMary A05 Jul 184229 Apr 1909 w/o Danford A
BennettMyron D18601944 
BennettVinnie R18741922 
BennettWashington K17 Mar 184017-Feb-1927h/o Julia A Carhill, md -1913 Jan 1864
BenningtonFred N18721944 
BenningtonJ B18421916 
BenningtonMargaret K18471923 
BentleyCharles E18791922 
BentleyFannie R18501938Mother
BerglundA18831960funeral home marker
BerglundFanny21 Jun 188929 May 1922 w/o Axel
BerkemannFred18 Jun 18348-Jun-1907h/o Katherine
BerkemannKatherine21 May 18356-Feb-1913w/o Fred
BerryDonald01 Jun 191401 Jun 1916 
BerryHarry25 Dec 188912 Mar 1919 
BevanAlfred18431898h/o Margaret Davies
BevanMargaret18411889nee Davies; w/o Alfred
BevanWilliam Alfred-03 Jul 1943 Oregon Lieut Colonel Air Corps
BeverRussel B11 Sep 184412 Mar 1941 Co D 123 Reg Ohio Inf; h/o Ruth W
BeverRuth W28 Oct 184631 Jul 1821 w/o Russel B
BibbensI S15 Feb 183511 Apr 1885 
BiceCarrie A13 Sep 185526-Dec-1900w/o GW
BiceClyde Wm18761952Dr; h/o Harriett M
BiceHarriett M18801961w/o Clyde Wm
BiceHarry M26 Dec 187417-Sep-1910 
BiceRobert Eugene01 Jun 192426 Dec 1997 PFC US Army WWII; h/o Alma L, md 15 Aug 1948; f/o Doris & Dennis
BillinghamJoe6y 7m 15d03 Mar 1884 s/s Robbie
BillinghamRobbie5y 24d24 Feb 1884 s/s Joe
BillingsArabelle02 Dec 186730 Mar 1963 d/o LL & VL Naylor
BillsAddie T18701941 
BillsDorothy18781955w/o Edgar
BillsEarnest T17 Aug 187508 Jan 1896 s/o H & I
BillsEdgar Franklin17 Jun 187808 Mar 1913 Woodmen of the World Memorial
BillsEliza I04 Jul 184321 Jan 1926 w/o James A
BillsFred L18771936 
BillsHarriett E24 Aug 185221-Jul-1917w/o Martin A
BillsHenry H18401934Father; h/o Isabelle I
BillsIsabelle I18471930Mother; w/o Henry H
BillsJames A26 Jul 183703 Feb 1920 h/o Eliza I
BillsMartin A25 Apr 184229-Mar-1915h/o Harriett E
BirminghamIrene18931979 nee Dolan
BirminghamThomas C18831954  
BishopElsie Lenora23 Jan 192008 Nov 1923 d/o M & S
BishopGilbert19 Aug 188428 Nov 1885 s/o WH & SA
BishopMark25 Mar 189104 Sep 1976h/o Sophia Macek
BishopS A09 Sep 186127 Nov 1943 
BishopSophia02 Feb 189307 Sep 1944 nee Macek; w/o Mark
BishopW H08 Aug 185920 Dec 1926 
BlackMaude L18831967w/o Newton P
BlackNewton P18841971h/o Maude L
BlackNewton P Jr19081912s/o Newton P & Maude L
BlakeBrazil18381902h/o Rebecca
BlakeClara L18671959w/o Joseph L
BlakeJoseph L18611941h/o Clara L
BlakeRebecca18401930w/o Brazil
BlakeRobt P26-Apr-192230-Apr-1922 
BlakeSteele B07 Jan 188917 Jan 1941 s/o Clara L & Joseph L; Iowa PVT FA Central Officers Training Sch
BlakesleeGeorge W11 Feb 181718 Jun 1901 h/o Nancy M
BlakesleeNancy M08 Jun 182627 May 1914 w/o George W
BlakesleeWilmot44y 2m 28d20 Jul 1898 s/o GW & NM
BlanchAlida27 Aug 188003 Oct 1881 
BlanchardElizabeth R18701958 
BlanchardEmma18521901nee Bard; w/o JF
BlanchardJ Fredimund18551926 
BlodgettH H65y 24d04 Apr 1885 
BlodgettSusannah85y 16d02 Apr 1907 
BloomburgRichard Lee-9-Oct-1925 
BlougherElla J26y 3m 16d19 Jul 1890nee Carr; w/o JN
BlougherJohn18 Aug 181810-Jan-1901Aged 82y 4m 22d; h/o Margaret U
BlougherMargaret U25 Dec 182824-Dec-1917w/o John; death date provided by findagrave.com
BlueDavid18381909h/o Mary E
BlueMary E18381911w/o David
BluePeter71y 7m 10d12 Oct 1892 
BluePhebe63y 2m 9d22 Apr 1888w/o Peter
BlueViella14 Feb 187723 Oct 1896d/o D  & M
BoblettA Winnifred-12 Aug 1898"Winnie"
BoemerDonett M19561990 Funeral home marker
BohnerAnna28 Mar 188728 Jun 1904 
BohnerCaziah--nee Stamm
BohnerSarah--nee Buffington
BolenderFred S18801952h/o Mollie E
BolenderIsaac C30 Nov 184122-Apr-1904Co B 46 ILL Inf
BolenderLydia A18531931Mother
BolenderMinnie M18821904Daughter
BolenderMollie E18851971w/o Fred S
BoltLillian18741979w/o Walter
BoltWalter18691957h/o Lillian
BonineDavid H18361901h/o Mary A
BonineLee31 Mar 187927 Apr 1903 
BonineMary A18381929w/o David H
BookAudrey A19191997w/o Ronald H
BookC O22-Dec-191316-Feb-1916s/o Chas  & Mary
BookCharles E18771959h/o Mary B
BookGordon G18 Jan 192906 Feb 2004 US Army Korea
BookInfant--s/o Mr & Mrs RH
BookMary B18791961w/o Charles E
BookMyrtle I28 Feb 188031 May 1918 
BookRonald H07 Nov 191427 Oct 1873 Iowa SSGT US Army WWII; h/o Audrey A
BoothEdith E18761947w/o William J
BoothWilliam J18731955h/o Edith E
BorgAlex O18581929h/o Mathilda
BorgArthur A18831968Father
BorgDonald A19081909Son
BorgFae M19071968 
BorgFrank E19101940Son
BorgHazel I18861914Mother
BorgMathilda18631950 w/o Alex O
BoropDavid M24 May 188519 Feb 1946 Son
BoropLouie H31 Jul 185217 Apr 1939 
BoropMaria M22 Mar 186224 Mar 1913 w/o LH
BoropRuby I18921955 
BostetterDora17 Mar 186626-Mar-1923d/o Chas Marion  & Hannah S Hendrix
BottenfieldJane08 Nov 18333-Mar-1917  
BottenfieldJess17 Jan 187610 Oct 1914  
BowmanCarrie W-- d/o CH & WA
BowmanJulia A31 Aug 187929 Nov 1948 w/o Orie G
BowmanOrie G27 Feb 187530 Jun 1938 h/o Julia A
BowmanOrie Jr19111982Son; s/o Orie G & Julia A
BoydEllen M20 Feb 18845-Jan-1920 
BoydenJohn D23 Feb 184818 Aug 1917 Father
BoydenMattie09 Nov 184705 Dec 1907 Mother
BozeJessie L18 Jul 186513-Jan-1921 
BozeWilliam S23 Jul 18644-Jun-1943Father
BradleyElizabeth M18701951 
BramanAnna17 Mar 182531 Dec 1904 Mother; nee Howard
BramanFred H188119-1913 
BramanFred M28 Dec 185806 Aug 1902 
BramanSophia M23 Apr 186018 Jul 1931  
BranningGoldie Mae04 Aug 189927-Sep-1900d/o M  & L
BrantElizabeth13 Dec 18378-Apr-1909  
BreckenridgeAndrew21y 9m 13d29 Mar 1879  
BreedAllen15 May 18348-Jan-1911h/o Maggie
BreedMaggie06 Jun 183426-Apr-1913w/o Allen
BrelsfordElmer M18921961 w/o Mary L
BrelsfordKate K18661946 w/o Martin E
BrelsfordMartin E18621943 h/o Kate K
BrelsfordMary L18891949 w/o Elmer M
BrennanFrank P18931961 h/o Pearle A
BrennanPearle A18941972 w/o Frank P
BrewerArthur S04 Jan 188428 Sep 1874 PVT US Army
BrewerMaryetta18591930w/o Samuel M
BrewerMaud18751937funeral home marker
BrewerSamuel M18571922h/o Maryetta
BrewerWillard W18711955funeral home marker
BridgettLewis18761958h/o LuVerna J
BridgettLuVerna J18921971w/o Lewis
BriggleFrank B18801948  
BriggleFredric R09 May 189502 Oct 1948 h/o Nona E; Iowa PVT 13 Engrs WWI
BriggleJennie18731948 w/o John F
BriggleJeremiah16 Apr 184802 Jan 1914  
BriggleJohn F18721951 h/o Jennie
BriggleMary Ann08 Feb 184823 Mar 1935  
BriggleNona E19001981 w/o Fredric R
BriggleSherman U19 Apr 187011 Jul 1909  
BrodyDora18 May 189704 Jun 1907twin d/o JC
BrodyJesse18601938s/s Wrettie
BrodyNora18 May 189713 Jun 1907twin d/o JC
BrodyWrettie18691936s/s Jesse
BroehlMary E26 Feb 187019-Sep-1907 
BrokawElsie May22d09 May 1890 d/o EE & CA
BrokawKathryn G17 Mar 186731-Oct-1938  
BrokawRobert I19181921funeral home marker
BrokawT C18 Oct 186817-Oct-1910 
BrooksArthur S09 Mar 186513 Mar 1917 h/o Elizabeth E
BrooksElizabeth E23 Apr 187630 May 1946 w/o Arthur S
BrothersonEli25 Jul 185224 Nov 1915  
BrothersonLizzie29 Nov 186613 Aug 1989  
BrothersonMarion L3m 13d30 Jul 1885 s/o E & M
BrothersonMary21y 4m 11d24 Apr 1885 w/o Eli
BrownA Lew24 Sep 187103-Jun-1933 
BrownAda L06 Sep 185511 Jun 1918 
BrownArthur C18821931 
BrownBertie7m 18d22 Oct 1883d/o GH & IV
BrownCecil A23 Jan 188612 Feb 1886 
BrownCharles H18551909 
BrownDaisy18791949w/o Seymour
BrownEdna Mae18921978w/o George William
BrownElla28 May 185711-Mar-1932 
BrownGeorge William18921982PVT US Army WWI; h/o Edna Mae
BrownH B11 Sep 186116-Jun-1902 
BrownIda V18551936 
BrownJacob J25 Jun 185124 Jun 1930 
BrownKathryn1-Apr-190825-Nov-1908d/o AL  & M
BrownL R29 Mar 186216 Jul 1933h/o Sarah E
BrownMary E27 Mar 185124 Dec 1929 w/o William
BrownMattie11 Oct 184217-May-1918 
BrownMyrtle E03 May 187410-Aug-1959  
BrownRobert F18881937  
BrownSarah46y 6m 16d15 Jul 1882 w/o RC
BrownSarah E27 May 185816 May 1916 w/o LR
BrownSarah E30 Jan 187614 Jan 1902 d/o UC & RE
BrownSeymour187919*0h/o Daisy
BrownW B10 Jul 183823-Sep-1911 
BrownWilliam17 Jun 184502 Feb 1907 h/o Mary E; Father; Co G 1st W Va Vol Cav
BrownWillis C*y 6m **d13 Dec 1885 s/o GH & IV
BrownWm H30 Sep 186111 Apr 1900 
BrubakerCharlotte J18871969w/o George O
BrubakerGeorge O18671932h/o Charlotte J
BruceCaroline22 Apr 185228-Sep-1915w/o Ralph
BruceDonald L18-Apr-18151-Jul-1902  
BruceHarry S13 Jun 18856-Sep-1950  
BruceHazel18 Apr 189123-Jul-1987nee Henry
BruceRalph15 Aug 185230-Apr-1902h/o Caroline
BruceRuie23-Aug-191520-Jan-1994nee Osmondson
BruceSpencer Samuel20-Apr-189320-Apr-1893  
BrulportHarry E18971953 
BrulportW F25 Feb 187209 Jan 1912 
BrumfieldMary J18381929w/o Stanton J
BrumfieldRalph17 Aug 189607 Jan 1897s/o H  & MD
BrumfieldStanton J18401919h/o Mary J
BrundageCameron E19021919 
BryanDavid D18601936Father
BryanFrancis William30-Nov-19261-Jan-1927s/o William  & Amy
BryanIda M18661946Mother
BryanJohn C18581936s/s Louisa J
BryanLouisa J18471925s/s John C
BryanRalph B18911893 
BryanRaymond P18981898 
BryantBruce--s/o Hugh and Marie
BryantDorothy E19112004w/o Leo D; nee Vernon
BryantHugh18951970h/o Marie
BryantLeo D19081955h/o Dorothy E
BryantLinda Lee19361955d/o Leo  & Dorothy
BryantMarie18971987w/o Hugh; maiden name is Ellsworth
BuggeMary A18541921 
BuisEsther D17-May-19099-Jul-1990w/o George S, md 17 Aug 1932
BuisGeorge S19-Mar-190919-Feb-2002Vet WWII, Capt Mac; h/o Esther D, md 17 Aug 1932
BulkleyFrank07 Sep 186903 Jan 1897 
BulkleyLevi09 Jan 186714-Sep-1918 
BulkleyMary Josephine27-Feb-191227-Nov-1912  
BunchE P25 Aug 184626 Nov 1922GAR
BunchHuldah J22 Mar 185011 Jul 1931  
BunchLewis A22 Feb 187101 Jul 1890 
BurgessCyrus E18691925 Father
BurgessSarah O18701931 Mother
BuringtonBarbara13 Mar 183806 Apr 1938 w/o GM
BuringtonEvah M09 Jul 187021 Apr 1954 w/o Louis R
BurintonG M07 May 182831 Jan 1912 h/o Barbara
BuringtonLouis R12 Dec 186326 Jan 1954 h/o Evah M
BuringtonMable I M19 Jan 189526 Feb 1899  
BuringtonOrin R16 Apr 189323 Dec 1901  
BurkEva27 Jun 185829 Sep 1883d/o Lewis H & Eliza Harris
BurkeAndrew W18761939 
BurnettZilla10m 20d18 Nov 1896 
BurrellFrance V18 Oct 184203 Apr 1914 w/o R Burrell; w/o William H Clark
BurrellSarah Arlene18951948s/s Irene T Powers
BurrisBerta17y 1m 3d20 Jul 1887d/o C & E
BusslerMary A21 Feb 186405 Nov 1912  
CalhounGrace M18821967w/o Joseph
CalhounJoseph18801947h/o Grace M
CalhounRuth Eleanor19141987 
CallahanJohn A22 Jun 186030-Sep-1950h/o Kate A
CallahanKate A15 Jan 185927-Jan-1941w/o John A
CallahanMaurice12y1930born about 1925; info from newspaper article
CameronMyrtle G19011975 
CampCarl-- no dates; s/s Florence
CampChauncy74y 2m 3d17 Dec 1907 h/o Jane
CampClara H188619-- w/o Thomas H
CampFlorence-- no dates; s/s Carl
CampJane64y 3m 12d05 Mar 1909 w/o Chauncy
CampMargaret Virginia12 Dec 191014 Jul 1928  
CampThomas H18781947 h/o Clara H
CampbellA B12 Dec 183627 May 1913 h/o Clarrissa J
CampbellAnna M18921960s/s J Hugh
CampbellBenjamin B18311915 Father
CampbellClarrissa J18 Apr 185028 Aug 1924 w/o AB
CampbellJ Fred19131991h/o Martha C
CampbellJ Hugh18761934s/s Anna M
CampbellJohn12 Sep 186808 Aug 1945 
CampbellLaura20 Feb 187027 Jan 1811  
CampbellMartha C19162009w/o J Fred
CampbellWilma16-Nov-19147-Mar-1915d/o Mr  & Mrs JH
CanonAlice E18741953w/o Edward C
CanonAllen21 Aug 182815-Mar-1908Co I 83 ILL Inft; h/o Matilda E
CanonEdward C18701948h/o Alice E
CanonJames L12 Sep 185719 Jul 1895 
CanonMatilda E09 May 18315-Nov-1904w/o Allen
CapenArthur J17 Jul 185408 Sep 1913 h/o Emma
CapenConstance19 Oct 193216 Feb 1934  
CapenDwight D23 Aug 189904 Mar 1981 PFC US Army WWI
CapenEmma30 Dec 185607 Oct 1932 w/o Arthur J
CapenGrace Viola05 Feb 190923 Nov 1990 m/o Constance, Carol, Leora, Don
CapenHarriet E20 Jan 185625 Mar 1924  
CapenLeander E02 Apr 185225 Aug 1925  
CardellH H19 Dec 184009 Feb 1890h/o Mary I
CardellLola M18641964 
CardellMary I20 Feb 184513 Jul 1901 w/o HH
CarhillPearl18811966 w/o Scott
CarhillScott18811947 h/o Pearl
CarlileAlma A21 Jan 186620-Feb-1948  
CarlileEva R02 Jun 18562-Jul-1901w/o JA
CarlileJames A08 Nov 185522-Feb-1940  
CarlileJane E26 Sep 183125-Apr-1918w/o John
CarlileJohn01 Nov 183021 Oct 1890h/o Jane E
CarlileRay B18 Jul 187906 Nov 1892s/o JA  & Eva R
CarlisleDavid--Co B 4th Mich Inf
CarpenterElmer R.18991969h/o Sophia Klaes
CarpenterGeorge E.19242009h/o Mary E. Booth; f/o Peggy  & Judy; US Marines, Marshall Islands, Saipan, Tinian, Iwogima
CarpenterMary E.19292008(Booth) Stroschein; w/o George E; m/o Peggy  & Judy
CarpenterRachel05 Oct 185814 May 1945 nee Willis; s/s Joseph Willis
CarpenterSophia Klaes19021990w/o Elmer R
CarrHattie19051927nee Dillingham
CarrisAmanda V18651938w/o Eldridge G
CarrisBessie V13 Jan 188314 Jul 1918 w/o Francis S
CarrisEdith F27 Oct 189403 Sep 1915 d/o US & Katie M
CarrisEldridge G18581934h/o Amanda V
CarrisEva M19232015w/o Vernon W, md 06 May 1942
CarrisFrancis S18851960 
CarrisGrace V190419-s/s Roscoe A
CarrisKatie M18731950w/o Ulysses SG
CarrisIda Edna18771944w/o William H
CarrisLulu M18811966w/o Victor W
CarrisRachel Odeyne18881968 
CarrisRaymond T19071990 
CarrisRebbecca Ann-18 Jun 1965 
CarrisRoscoe A190419--s/s Grace V
CarrisUlysses S G18661946h/o Katie M
CarrisVernon W19101995h/o Eva M, md 06 May 1942
CarrisVictor W18791951h/o Lulu M
CarrisWilliam H18621950h/o Ida Edna
CarstenJennie M30-Jun 190031-Dec-1900d/o J  & L
CarstenMary Elizabeth08 Sep 18656-Sep-1913  
CarterElsie L08 May 185228 May 1931 w/o Francis Hart
CarterFrancis Hart25 Jun 185022 Jan 1911 h/o Elsie L
CaseAnn A22 Sep 18386-Mar-1910w/o John
CaseJohn14 Apr 183223-Apr-1910h/o Ann A
CaseM E08 Mar 182605 Dec 1920  
CassidayBetty08 Feb 191727 May 1918 d/o NL & Pacia
CassidayNorman18891975h/o Pacia Parker
CassidayPacia18831962nee Parker; w/o Norman
ChambersJane18311909w/o T
ChambersT18281911h/o Jane
ChapinAbbie Jane28 Nov 184617-Oct-1918Mother
ChapinCharles Ray19 Jun 188726-Sep-1905  
ChapinJames B14 Jul 18421-Nov-1927Father
ChappelearEliza J42y 7m 26d14 Oct 1887 w/o WJ
ChappelearRuth78y 15d07 Oct 1893 born Worcester Co Mass; w/o HA
ChappelearWm J40y 7m 15d26 Nov 1882 h/o EJ; Co E 70th Ohio Infantry
ChaseEllis L23 Dec 187308 Dec 1927  
ChaseJesse A03 Dec 183713 Feb 1911  
ChaseMatilda J27 Sep 183808 Feb 1903  
ChildsAlvin H19031937  
ChildsElmer N18631950 h/o Olive A
ChildsOlive A18761954 w/o Elmer N
ChristensenAlta04 Aug 188506 Jan 1945 w/o Nels
ChristensenAnna R18691944s/s Mads C
ChristensenChristian18501934h/o Maren
ChristensenDella M18771921Daughter
ChristiansenGeorgie20 Jan 188524 Sep 1885s/o OJ  & Ella T
ChristiansenMads C18681947s/s Anna R
ChristensenMaren18531941 w/o Christian
ChristensenNels16 May 188118 Sep 1921 h/o Alta
ChubbuckFrank E30 Nov 185324 Feb 1917 h/o Mary I
ChubbuckIrving J20 Dec 187706 Feb 1951  
ChubbuckMary I25 Aug 185322 Apr 1943 w/o Frank E
ChurchillFrances14 Apr 183823-Apr-1924  
ClappSamuel E25 Oct 186106 Oct 1950 Major 49 Iowa Inf SP Am War
ClarkAlbert27 Nov 184221 Sep 1913 h/o Marjorie Ann
ClarkAmanda E01 Jan 186116 Dec 1917  
ClarkBertha18751934nee McMichael
ClarkDale F10-Jun-191611-Jun-1916 
ClarkEllen M13 Jan 188230 Sep 1911 
ClarkElmer T18481928 
ClarkF Henry18921966h/o Goldie E
ClarkGlenn R23 Sep 189025-Mar-1955h/o Sara K
ClarkGoldie E18921988w/o F Henry
ClarkHenry A04 Aug 185204 Oct 1920 
ClarkMarjorie Ann12 Nov 184209 Apr 1930 w/o Albert
ClarkMattie A18531939 
ClarkSara K17 Nov 189417-Sep-1962w/o Glenn R
ClarkWilma I19151916d/o F Henry  & Goldie E
ClarkWilliam H52y 5m 19d13 Jan 1887 h/o France V (Burrell)
ClarkWm H--Co C 28 Wis Inf
ClarkeNaomi J14 Oct 184105 Jan 1906  
ClaytonH Winfred16 Oct 187505 Sep 1886  
ClaytonLina M19 Sep 186711 Nov 1886  
ClementsArthur D18741935 h/o Harriett M
ClementsFather07 Dec 182524-Aug-1909  
ClementsHarriett M18911976 w/o Arthur D
ClementsIda Jane10 Mar 187914 Jun 1890  
ClementsMargret18841968 funeral home marker
ClementsMother01 May 184329-Nov-1914  
CoffeeAlex D30 Jun 183113 Sep 1892 Father
CoffeeJoanna20 Jul 184027 Jul 1921 Mother
CoilJ William14 Aug 187601 Aug 1958 h/o Rose E
CoilRose E06 Sep 187809 Sep 1964w/o J William
ColburnHiram18731935h/o Pearl L
ColburnInez29-Jan-190615-May-1923nee Boud
ColburnPearl L18741939w/o Hiram
ColeBert21 Nov 188711 Dec 1904 
ColeBertha J18721907Mother; w/o Wilbur D
ColeE Loyd18931910Son; s/o Wilbur D & Bertha L
ColeEmma E18551927 
ColeMarvin L18841963h/o Ruth E
ColeRebecca23 Oct 183301 Jan 1908 Mother; w/o William
ColeRuth E18811962w/o Marvin L
ColeWilbur D18671960Father; h/o Bertha L
ColeWilliam23 Jul 182622 May 1904 Father; h/o Rebecca
ColeWilliam J18551916 
ColemanAlice M31 Jul 187208 Jan 1968  
ColemanBlaine D18851952h/o Otha V
ColemanCharles03 Jan 187127 May 1918  
ColemanDonald L24 Jan 191710 Feb 2005 h/o Loretta M, md 04 Aug 1940
ColemanEugene P12 Nov 191813 Sep 1921  
ColemanFannie L18951973w/o Ross V
ColemanOtha V18971978w/o Blaine D
ColemanRoss V18931977h/o Fannie L
CollinsAdeline Ann18701937w/o Joseph Henry; nee Ballentine; Sec 10, L-19106, Sp 1  & 2
CollinsJohn C19041953 
CollinsJoseph Henry18641938h/o Adeline Ann
CollinsMary D19081982  
ColtonBurton L18 Feb 187420 Nov 1916 Co B 52 Reg IA Vol SA
ColtonLeighton W22 Sep 187618-Jun-1905h/o Jane Ann
ColtonLorenzo F26 Jan 190231 Jul 1920 s/o BL & Nellie
ColtrinAdelbert E18731952 h/o Alma E
ColtrinAlma E18771953 w/o Adelbert E
ColtrinEdwin A16-Oct-182914-Jul-1908  
ColtrinFlora14 Jun 186511 Jan 1894d/o EA  & NA
ColtrinNancy18 Jun 18406-Jan-19 
ComlyClara18791951nee Raife
CommonAnn D18721961 w/o George R
CommonEdith May10 Jan 191103 Jun 1911 d/o GR & AD
CommonGeorge R18701966 h/o Ann D
ConleyHarry L06 Dec 187703 Jun 1905  
ConleyHattie E18561910 Mother
ConleyHenrietta01 Aug 185108 Mar 1934  
ConleyJohn27 Aug 183624 Nov 1901s/s Erma Conley Whipple
ConleyThomas J18541903Father
ConnerCynthia27 Aug 184525-Nov-1931"Mother"
ConnerWaldo04 Apr 183513-Jul-1905"Father"
CookBenjamin F18921948h/o Lois E
CookFather12 Dec 18485-Jul 1907 
CookIvan Sherman26 Jun 189609 Jan 1947  
CookLois E18911971w/o Benjamin F
CookMother13 Dec 18476-Aug-1921 
CookPearl22 Sep 187120 Oct 1853  
CookWallace W18691930  
CookWard N31 Mar 189421 Jul 1909 s/o Mrs & Mrs WW
CoonsGeorgie W11m 3d31 Aug 1888 s/o G & R
CooperBeverly-15 Jan 1920  
CooperFrederick L18891939 h/o Margaret
CooperMargaret18841964 w/o Frederick L
CooperMarjie13 Dec 190513 Mar 1908 d/o WE & PN
CooperMary E18 Feb 184918 Jan 1915 Mother; w/o Samuel
CooperSamuel12 May 182706 May 1902 Father; h/o Mary E
ConnerMartha E10 Dec 185311 Apr 1917  
ConnerOscar H01 Jan 184209 May 1905 Co G 11 IA Inf V V
CooperGuy E08 Jun 188614 Jan 1915 
CorbinEthel Grace11 Aug 190103 Sep 1904 d/o H & E
CorbusChester D18921984h/o Pearl V
CorbusLucien Ross16 Jul 189426 Feb 1908  
CorbusMargaret C25 Apr 186726 Feb 1953  
CorbusPearl V18941954w/o Chester D
CorbusW A01 Jun 186613 May 1915 
CornellEllen L.-7-Jul-1928Sec: FA, L-19254, Sp#1
CornelisonAletta M18841951w/o William R; nee Warble
CornelisonWilliam R18791970h/o Aletta M; s/o James Riley  & Telitha Green Cornelison
CornwellAlpheus22 Aug 183823 Jul 1909 h/o Fannie L; Co D 4 IA Cavalry
CornwellFannie L09 Dec 1843-h/o Alpheus
CorreyGeorge03 Feb 185406 May 1923 
CorreyGeorge W18741957h/o Sadie A
CorreyJane27 Feb 182905 Nov 1902  
CorreyOlive J18571945Mother
CorreySadie A18781957w/o George W
CorreyWillo Nellie Maxene01 Jul 191517 May 1917d/o Mr & Mrs WR
CortnerArthur W18911971h/o Myrtle E
CortnerMelva A19151916s/s William D
CortnerMyrtle E18931985w/o Arthur W
CortnerWilliam D-1918s/s Melva A
CourtneyAnnette24 Oct 186613-Sep-1958  
CourtneyDaisy29 Mar 187625 Feb 1914  
CourtneyEthel M18971976Mother; w/o Gaylord
CourtneyGaylord18931972Father; h/o Ethel M
CourtneyHenry30 Nov 185307 Jun 1883  
CourtneyJacob H15 Oct 185628-Jun-1928  
CourtneyJean Ann19312008Dau; d/o Gaylord  & Ethel M
CourtneyJoseph J29 Feb 186011-Mar-1925  
CourtneyLaura W03 Jul 186531-Jul-1935  
CoveyCecelia186802 Apr 1887Mother; s/s Celia; Aged 18y 9m 26d; w/o Geo H
CoveyCelia18871978Daughter; d/o Cecelia
CowanEdith M18911983w/o Frank
CowanFrank18891972h/o Edith M
CoxArleen22-Nov-19091957w/o Francis E. Cox; d/o John O. and Mable Coffman (Lowe)
CoxDaisy May18761957s/s Franklin L  & Nancy Jane
CoxFlorence02 Oct 189717 Jun 1978 w/o Leland
CoxFrancine L.8-Mar-19744-Jul-1974d/o Frances Lynn Cox
CoxFrancis Edwin14-Sep-19081972h/o Arleen Coffman; m2 Shirley A. Lennie; s/o James E.  & Dosha Cox
CoxFranklin L18761958s/s Daisy May  & Nancy Jane
CoxLeland M18 Oct 189323 Nov 1918 s/o Mr & Mrs Allen
CoxNancy Jane18801916s/s Franklin L  & Daisy May
CoxSarah18361921w/o William
CoxShirley Ann21 Jan 19--unreadablew/o Francis E., m 09 Aug 1958; nee Lennie
CoxWilliam18381918h/o Sarah
CraditJay Otis5y 3d28 Apr 1888s/o LB & SL
CraftEva M-Nov 1942s/s William D
CraftWilliam D-Jun 1949s/s Eva M
CraigBaum--s/s Milton B & Samuel M
CraigCharles M-1965s/s Mae L  & Eleanor C
CraigEleanor C-1916s/s Mae L  & Charles M
CraigFrankie1y 9m 4d13 Feb 1887s/o SM & NM
CraigMae L-1979s/s Charles M  & Eleanor C
CraigMilton B--s/s Baum & Samuel M
CraigNina M24 Aug 186024 Dec 1909 
CraigSamuel M--s/s Baum & Milton B
CraneAmanda21 Sep 185311 Dec 1923 born Dallas Co IA; nee Rouse; w/o Charles D, md 05 Dec 1875; m/o Arthur, Marnie, William, Susie, Belle, Harry, Harriett
CraneCharles D08 Apr 185110 Sep 1937 born Jo Daviess Co IL; h/o Amanda Rouse, md 05 Dec 1875; m/o Arthur, Marnie, William, Susie, Belle, Harry, Harriett
CraneChristie Belle31 Jul 188405 Nov 1910 d/o Mr & Mrs CD
CrannellAndrew J03 Dec 185831 Dec 1918 h/o Emma
CrannellEarl09 Aug 188929 Dec 1918 h/o Minnie E
CrannellEglon07 May 18776-May-1944 
CrannellEmma09 Jun 185605 Feb 1931 w/o Andrew J
CrannellMary L05 Aug 187721-Jun-1916  
CrannellMinnie E29 Jun 198903 Feb 1980 w/o Earl
CrawfordMearl M16 Aug 188816 Feb 1889 only s/o HG & Belle
CrispinAddeline L18631940w/o Joseph W
CrispinHarry T18891915 
CrispinJoseph W18611927h/o Addeline L
CrispinRalph01 Apr 190405 Oct 1980 PVT US Army WWII
CroftAlice Margaret08 Sep 185029 Jan 1898w/o WN
CroftC A03 Jan 187008 Apr 1892 
CroftWilliam06 Dec 183921-Apr-1917Co F 72 Regt Ohio Inf
CrossAdrian17 Aug 186807 Jun 1924 
CrossAdrian Brooks17 Nov 189311 Mar 1933 s/o Adrian & Emma
CrossAdrian S07 Nov 191204 Feb 1995 h/o Vivian M Slaughter
CrossAlvin Stewart24 Sep 186920 Aug 1912 h/o Annettie
CrossAnnettie08 Jul 187405 Mar 1943 w/o Alvin Stewart
CrossBessie18811882s/s Hattie
CrossBetty Jane-1929d/o DI  & EE
CrossClement M--Co K 104 Ohio Inf
CrossEmma31 Jul 187120 Jun 1943 
CrossFannie30 Jun 184617 Dec 1895 w/o CM Cross; m/o HD & BL Mott
CrossHattie18701871s/s Bessie
CrossJames-23 Aug 1925s/o Mr & Mrs James; s/s Gene Schmale
CrossLarry S19381997h/o Patricia A, md 11 Apr 1975
CrossMary J09 Feb 184423 Mar 1935 
CrossRachel41y 9m 18d02 Mar 1878w/o CM
CrossRichard E-Oct 1927 Baby
CrossRobert S12 Aug 183513 Dec 1927 Co E 19 Ohio Inf
CrossVera-1909Inf d/o Myrtle  & Earl
CrossVivian M03 Feb 191503 Jul 1978 nee Slaughter; w/o Adrian S
CrouchJohn Francis19151918 
CrouchJohn W18911917 
CrouseBobby B9-Mar-19281-Nov-1930 
CrowellArthur B18921961h/o Florence F
CrowellFlorence F18981970w/o Arthur B
CrowellHelen B12-Oct-19163-Dec-1919d/o Mr  & Mrs A
CrusanCharles18851947Father; h/o Gertrude
CrusanGertrude18851972Mother; w/o Charles
CrusanPhyllis Rae-1952infant
CunninghamWilliam F21y17 Jun 1896 
CurlerArthur Dow18861918-
CurlerCarrie Edna6y 1m 24d 05 Jun 1887d/o Lyman D & Lucie H
CurlerFlorence Margarite27 Dec 1891 2-Jun-1991w/o Arthur Dow; maiden name is Frantz
CurlerLyman D08 Apr 184325 Oct 1906  
CurlerRobert G7y 11m 18d 10 Apr relative of Sarah; cannot read all information
CurryElizabeth J18381926 Mother
CurryJohn R18591935  
CurryWilliam R18381923 Father
CurtisAlbert10 Dec 185403 Apr 1914 Rev; s/o Lieut Wm W & Rebecca; born Weston WV, died Perry IA
CurtisFaires19011968s/s Mary A
CurtisHomer S18841944 
CurtisLuella C18621954 
CurtisMartha R18951963 
CurtisMary A19151946s/s Faires
Cushman-13y 10m 13d25 Sep 1898child of R & M
CushmanEmma18911970 w/o Paul R
CushmanDavid O15 Jan 194425 Sep 2000 h/o Donna M Kaufman, md 21 May 1966; gs/o Paul R & Emma Cushamn, Charles E & Laura M Stackhouse;
s/o Orin O & Gladys B; b/o Larry C, Paul R, Darrell C & Sheryl G; f/o Kevin, Kenneth, Keith, Kerilyn & Kurtis
CushmanDonald E19121983 h/o Wanda M
CushmanGeorge22 Sep 189130 Mar 1944 Iowa PVT 1 CL 55 Engrs
CushmanGladys B12 Oct 192001 Aug 2007 w/o Orin O
CushmanLucille-22 Aug 1916inf d/o Paul & Emma
CushmanMargaret O18621933w/o Peter
CushmanOrin O07 Dec 192117 Dec 1982 h/o Gladys B; PVT US Army WWII
CushmanPaul R18911976h/o Emma
CushmanPeter18541949h/o Margaret O
CushmanWanda M19171981w/o Donald E
CustisAlbert18841966h/o Mary
CustisHarry W18631951Father
CustisInfant-1919s/o Albert & Mary
CustisMary18871968w/o Albert
DalbyGeorge I18531942 
DalbyMartha Jane18571909w/o George
DanaCharles F10 Sep 183521-May-1918Father
DanaCharlotte W03 Oct 186826-Feb-1952  
DanaChas Lee28 Dec 186120-Sep-1933 
DanaEugene Warren5-Feb-19094-Apr-1972s/s John J 2nd; Iowa SKD1 USNR WWII
DanaHarry W18741967h/o May A
DanaJohn J 2nd5-Feb-19098-Jul-1922s/s Eugene W
DanaLaura11 Nov 187126-Dec-1945nee Hulse
DanaLee6m 7d-1913 Oct 1876"Little Lee"; child/o CF  & SG; s/s Mary
DanaMary Abby2m -1913d02 May 1877d/o CF  & SG; s/s Lee
DanaMay A18781963w/o Harry W
DanaSarah G22 Nov 184010 Feb 1896w/o CF
DanksBetsey E14 Jul 183207 Oct 1897 w/o Henry S
DanksCharles Edward13 Oct 185904 Jun 1938 h/o Mary Alice
DanksHenry S02 Jun 182612 Jul 1903 h/o Betsey E
DanksMary Alice10 Nov 186306 Aug 1889 w/o Charles Edward
DarlingJune18931965d/o Sigle O  & Genevie VanDeBogart
DarmerMartha A20 Sep 183610 May 1917 w/o William C
DarmerMinnie B18761975 
DarmerWilliam C25 Feb 183607 Dec 1902 h/o Martha A
DaughertyD E--Sergt Co D 1 US** Engrs
DavisAda21 Mar 186613 Mar 1911 
DavisBenjamin19 Feb 189301 Apr 1912 s/o DT & Mary
DavisDavidApr 1846-cannot read death date; died in Angus ?
DavisDavid T18481936 
DavisDora M08 Sep 184625 Feb 1893nee Thompson; w/o HH
DavisHenry H18421922 
DavisT D18581922 
DaytonE S11 Nov 186026 Nov 1913h/o Lizzie A
DaytonKate02 Oct 186002 Mar 1903w/o HK
DaytonLizzie A11 Jan 187724 Mar 1903 w/o ES
DaytonLulu L18941933Mother
DaytonMartha A12 Oct 182119 Dec 1881 w/o MM; s/s Wm E
DaytonWm E11 Mar 185723 Feb 1919s/s Martha A
DeGroateHarry C18491906 
DeLaIzora G18781880 
DeLaReuben H18471925Father
DeLaTheresa A18461924 
DeMossCharles18581945h/o Rosa
DeMossRosa18601950w/o Charles
DennisElmer F18791950h/o Lettie M
DennisLettie M18831964w/o Elmer F
DennisMaurice E19121914 
DentCelia11 Jan 187918 Oct 1900Aged 21y 9m
DerrJennie18671942nee Weaber
DialCornelia06 May 183508 Feb 1917 w/o Valentine S
DialValentine S03 Jun 183306 Apr 1904 h/o Cornelia
DibbernGeorgia B18911918 
DibbernLouis H18851942 
DibbernMertice E18831975 
DibbernTillie25 Dec 186022 Apr 1913 Mother
DickinsonBryant E23 Nov 187111 Sep 1893s/o GW  & MI
DickinsonHattie L29 Nov 186801 Nov 1892d/o GW  & MI
DiddyA S53y18-Oct-1907 
DiddyAnna E18651948w/o Elmer J
DiddyCarl F05 Jan 188015 Mar 1907 
DiddyElmer J18571942h/o Anna E
DiddyHattie E24 Nov 185318 Feb 1894w/o ML
DiddyJohn W18451929h/o Nettie
DiddyLinnie18861962w/o Ray
DiddyMarion L11 Mar 184910-Feb-1918dates from Findagrave.com - could not read stone
DiddyMatie Ruth18971951nee Hoagland; w/o Ralph J
DiddyNettie18621941w/o John W
DiddyRalph J18981996h/o Matie Ruth Hoagland
DiddyRay W18861948 
DierksMary C25 Sep 18457-Jun-1926w/o William J
DierksWilliam J20 Sep 18447-Jan-1929h/o Mary C
DignanBertha F18901970 w/o M Leo
DignanM Leo18891857 h/o Bertha F
DilenbeckBurdett25 Jan 18789-Jun-1951  
DilenbeckCoral07 Oct 1878-1913 Aug 1856  
DilenbeckGeneva L08 Sep 18512-Nov-1936Mother
DilenbeckSandusky S06 Apr 184527-May-1926Father
DillonAnna B05 Apr 186330 Nov 1923 
DillonMilo O12 Jul 186120 Aug 1941 
DineGrace15 Aug 188910 May 1917w/o Ralph R
DineHoward Lee24 Feb 191127 Sep 1911 s/o RR & CG
DixonInfant19 Feb 188209 May 1882 d/o CW & EM
DoidgeAdelbert12-Oct-190227-Aug-1919s/o Mr  & Mrs CE
DoidgeAlbert18601944 h/o Mame
DoidgeBessie M18331886 w/o William E
DoidgeCharles E23 Nov 18587-Dec-1923  
DoidgeClara M10 Aug 186514 Mar 1896w/o CE
DoidgeClarence E11 Jun 190007 May 1927  
DoidgeDella18731968nee Moore; w/o Redfred E
DoidgeHattie B18741966 
DoidgeLillie J18711928Dau; d/o William E & Bessie M
DoidgeMame18671940w/o Albert
DoidgeNora M07 Oct 186816 Feb 1942 w/o Sidney B
DoidgeRaymond22-Jul-190430-Aug-05s/o CE  & HB
DoidgeRedfred E18621931Dr; h/o Della Moore
DoidgeSidney B31 Jan 186916 Oct 1947 h/o Nora M
DoidgeVaughn11-Jul-009-Jan-01s/o RE  & DM
DoidgeWilliam E18281897 h/o Bessie M
DolanJames F18831918  
DonahueGeorge T18681923 h/o Kate Donahue Mullen
DonelsonAurilla L18721959 w/o James H
DonelsonJames H18691950 h/o Aurilla L
DonivanDaniel18361918 Co F 26 Reg Ill V V Inf
DonnellLee M18831955  
DoranAnna M18711941 w/o Robert M
DoranRalph P19001918  
DoranRobert M18661932 h/o Anna M
DormanCharles W07 Sep 186926-Oct-1922  
DormanW J--Co G 28th Iowa Inf
DossAlta W18811943  
DossLouis F18931913  
DossLucy C18621928  
DossM A18981963  
DossWm J18671913  
DouglassElba A08 Apr 185808 Jan 1933 Mother
DouglassJohn J30 May 185704 Nov 1936 Father
DouglassPearl04 Jan 188101 Sep 1916  
DrennenGeorgie1y 7m 2d04 Jun 1888 s/o R & M
DubridgeCecil D10 Dec 190407 Apr 1908 child of DB & Martha E
DubridgeD B18 Feb 184618 Jan 1926 h/o Martha E
DubridgeHarvey B18921957h/o Pauline R
DubridgeMartha E18 May 186707 Jun 1909 w/o DB
DubridgePauline R18961973w/o Harvey B
DuckettVera O19091999Daughter
DuganFather30 Oct 184014 May 1934 
DuganMaggie R05 Dec 187022 Sep 1876  
DuganMother28 Jul 183817 Jun 1925 
DuganWilliam G19 Jan 186422 Nov 1911  
DunbarGrace18781927nee Adams; w/o Arthur
DunbarMary E18451920Mother; w/o Theodore M
DunbarTheodore M18441920Father; h/o Mary E; Co C 7 IA Inf
DundoreMary Ann18381934 
DundoreWilliam E18391925Co A 167 Reg
DunlapBlanche19041960 Mother
DunlapD G W53y11 Sep 1894  
DunlapHomer19021981 Father
DunlapJ J09 Oct 184408 Jul 1915  
DunlapLuvica25 Nov 186007 Jul 1940 nee Davis
DunlapMaude18851886 d/o ZB & Luvica
DunlapPhilip Bailey19081909 s/o HB & Ethel
DunlapZaccheus B24 Jul 185723 Nov 1922  
DyerGeneva14 Jan 185306 Apr 1951 Mother
DyerWilliam05 Nov 186127 Jun 1921 Father
EareyJohn27 Jan 183124 Jul 1898Co G 51 Ohio Inf
EarlRobert15 Dec 188714 Feb 1910 Son; Erected by his shipmates of the USS Hopkins
EarleyDonald M16 Nov 189308 Aug 1920  
EarleyMinnie04 Aug 186731 Mar 1903 nee Tarr
EarleyRuth17 Nov 183331-Jul-1909 
EasterlyEmma J18831961 
EbnerFerdinand20 Mar 185109 Mar 1928  
EbnerHattie E31 Oct 185403 Oct 1921  
EbnerMattie E06 Apr 187907 Jul 1949  
EckmanBertha E08 Nov 186424 May 1904 w/o Eli D
EckmanE D JrDec 28 189824 May 1899 s/o ED & BE
EckmanEli D04 Aug 184705 Sep 1909 h/o Bertha E
EckmanH Keith19041927s/s Ruby M
EckmanRuby M18851969s/s H Keith
EdmistonJames D17-May-18661-Jan-1910 
EdmistonWillard L10-Mar-19322-Jul-1971 
EdmondsonAmy14 Apr 189810 Feb 1944 w/o Horace N
EdmondsonCynthia N18891905 s/s Louis J & Nellie
EdmondsonE Frank18 Apr 186231 Aug 1940 h/o Sarah M
EdmondsonHannah01 May 183117 Jan 1910 w/o James E
EdmondsonHorace N20 Feb 189313 Sep 1945 Colorado Carpenter's Mate 1 CL USNR
EdmondsonJames E08 Mar 183129 Jul 1902 h/o Hannah
EdmondsonLouis J18951907 s/s Cynthia N & Nellie
EdmondsonNellie18541929 s/s Cynthia N & Louis J
EdmondsonSarah M28 Sep 186525 Feb 1851 w/o E Frank
EdmondsonSina E10 Mar 187120 Feb 1951  
EdmonsonMary E10 Mar 184018 May 1899w/o MD
EdmondsonWilliam J13 Mar 185815 Dec 1938  
EdquistAngeline M24 Apr 182825 Dec 1909 s/s Anna P Gillespie & N
EdquistN05 Sep 192915 Jan 1924 s/s Angeline M & Anna P Gillespie
EdwardsA M24 Jul 185920 May 1929  
EdwardsJames W18721942 s/s Nellie M
EdwardsM M26 Dec 187717 May 1924  
EdwardsNellie M18691932 s/s James W
EfkampJulie Ann23 Dec 196721 Jan 2000 d/o Sue Gordon; m/o TJ, Jenna & Alex
ElderEmma18501939 w/o James
ElderElla R25 Mar 185809 Mar 1916 w/o WH
ElderH A28y 4m 17d19 Mar 1883 s/o RH & N
ElderHomer Clyde12 Oct 187423 Aug 1904  
ElderJames18541939 h/o Emma
ElderLaura E12 Sep 186816 Feb 1895 w/o IS
ElderNaoma50y 9m 19d26 Feb 1898 w/o RH
ElderRobt H11 Feb 182813 Sep 1892 Co C 39 Reg Vol IA Inf
ElderWilliam H18511931  
EldridgeJoseph G18241898 h/o Lucinda Arnold
EldridgeLucinda18241908 nee Arnold; w/o Joseph G
EldridgeReuben F18581926 h/o Sarah A
EldridgeSarah A18771964 w/o Reuben F
EllettCalvin13 May 184428-Oct-1923  
EllettDavid C13 Apr 183925 Feb 1925 Father
EllettEdgar J05 Sep 187519 Sep 1898 Co C 4th MO USVI
EllettEllen K18491932 
EllettHarry M18721881 
EllettJessie05 Feb 187618-Jun-1937 
EllettJosiah S18421932  
EllettMalinda05 May 184928-Sep-1936  
EllettMargaret C22 May 184916 Feb 1918 Mother
ElliottB F18611913Father
ElliottEdwin F05 Feb 18569-Feb-1907  
ElliottFrancis80y 8m 7d22-Nov-1902h/o Lydia
ElliottKezia11 Feb 18484-Aug-1915 
ElliottLydia75y 8m 18d21 Sep 1896w/o Francis
ElliottWm Arthurs-29-Sep-1935 
EllisA M25 Jan 186414-Oct-1949s/s FF
EllisAmy3y 3m 30d22 Aug 1894d/o JC  & EI
EllisF F15 Feb 185001 Apr 1893s/s AM
EllisJoshua W20 Dec 181816 Jan 1897h/o Mary A
EllisMary A04 Jul 182014 Apr 1896w/o Joshua W
EllsworthHugh L02 Nov 190231 May 1939  
EllsworthSamuel N17 Dec 187013 Mar 1914  
EmberlingCharles D17 Dec 186726 Oct 1910  
EmberlingCharles D Jr19071924 
EmerickAgnes G18901986w/o Orlan Guy
EmerickOrlan Guy18871953h/o Agnes G
EmerickOwen Guy-1916 
EmmsB Roy18711934 
EmmsEsther Irene31 May 189910 Jun 1899  
EmmsEsther L18521934 
EmmsMinnie H1872- 
EmmsSamuel R18461937Co B 29 O Inf
EnbuskJoAnne12 Jul 194516 Jun 2009 nee Noon
EsslingerSamuel E17 Sep 188929 Sep 1910  
EvansAlbertha18771964nee Pierce; w/o John Sterling
EvansJohn Sterling18771962h/o Albertha Pierce
EverettCharles18711952h/o Nettie
EverettDee06 Sep 188726 Apr 1959 Iowa PVT 12 C9o 157 Depot Brig WWI
EverettNettie18841905w/o Charles
EverettsWilliam--Co D 19 Ind Inf
EwingEliza J05 Oct 186128 Jun 1913 w/o WH
EwingElizabeth28 Sep 186825 Aug 1919  

Photographed by Milton Piontkowski, transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall - Updated 30 November 2016

Violet Hill Cemetery History

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