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Spillers Cemetery

Union Twp., Section 7, Dallas County, Iowa

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Surname First Name Birth Death Notes
Barnett Dorcas - 29 Oct 1878 w/o W B (Age not visible)
Burnham Mary C 21y 7m 14d 02 Jan 1882 w/o Ira
Burnham Perry Frank 53y 4m 12d 22 Jan 1912
Cave Addison 05 Apr 1818 25 Nov 1894
Cave Eve - - cannot read dates; w/o John; nee Michael
Cave John - - cannot read dates; h/o Eve
Cave Mahala 18 *** 1825 19 Feb 1897 nee Welker; w/o Addison
Otis Golda B Spillers 1881 1948
Spillers Amelia R 1875 1963 s/s E Roscoe
Spillers E Roscoe 1875 1953 s/s Amelia R
Spillers Peter 81y 5m 17d 14 Jan 1918 h/o Rachel M
Spillers Rachel M 65y 6d 21 Feb 1905 w/o Peter
Thompson Elizabeth 76y 1m 15d 07 Mar 1902
Thompson Isaac 1825 1882 Father; h/o Jane
Thompson Jacob 64y 5m 8d 30 Oct 1885
Thompson Jane 1828 1898 Mother; w/o Isaac
Thompson John 69y 9d 09 Feb 1859
Thompson Susan 78y *m 12d 22 Jan 1889 w/o J

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall courtesy of the Gravestone Photo Project

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