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Myers Cemetery


Washington Twp., Section 11, Dallas County, Iowa

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The first person buried here was William Myers, July 14, 1863. This unique little fenced cemetery is near an old road bed which led to the North Raccoon River. Here lies the grave of Rebecca J. Woodley, a former slave and cook in the Union Army. She was with Sherman's troops whey they marched across Georgia. She died in 1887.

Source: Dallas County Conservation

It was one of the first cemeteries in the area. When they started the Elmwood in Minburn, Iowa, they moved a lot of the graves there. Then the cattle got into Myers Cemetery and knocked down a lot of the stones. They put up a fence but by then it was to late.

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Surname First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Aschan Anna Sophia 17 Jul 1830 16 Apr 1885 nee Adolphson; w/o Carl; b. Sweden
Aschan Carl 03 Dec 1830 21 Apr 1897
Bryant Josiah 30y 5m 29d 12 Jan 1897
Craig James H 51y 7m 19d 07 Sep 1876
Craig John 64y 9m 2d 18 Mar 1874
Ferris Eddie 8m 3d 05 Mar 1885 s/o AD & M
Knowles Infant 1d 30 Apr 1887 s/o Frank & May
Myers Daniel Boone 37y 4m 21 Aug 1867
Myers Florrance E J 7y 5m 25d 27 Jun 1878 d/o SH & SA
Myers Henry 84y 5m 16d 11 Dec 1882 h/o Margaret
Myers Margaret M 58y 5m 15 Dec 1870 w/o Henry
Myers Martha Jane 31y 27d 27 Oct 1867 d/o H & M
Myers Sylvester D 2y 1m 3d 30 Aug 1860 s/o DB & J
Myers William H 4y 29d 14 Jul 1863 s/o SH & SA
Newby Margaret M 76y 19 Dec 1881
Newby Mark J 72y 01 Jan 1879
Scott Maggie M 1y 6m 27d 06 Oct 1882 d/o C & ME
Stewart Andrew 58y 1m 20d 09 Nov 1865
Titus Ocie Newton 11m 22d 02 Apr 1874 s/o A & AE
Thompson Harry "Dee" 1926 2005 Father; WWII Vet; stone outside of fence
Thompson Ruth A 1936 2003 Mother; nee McCall; stone outside of fence
Unknown Unknown - 04 Feb 1894 stone is too deteriorated to read
Voas Albert Henry 1y 11d 29 Apr 1867 s/o H & EE
West Frances J 27y 1m 12d 03 Nov 1874 w/o Thomas
Williams Isaac 41y 30 Mar 1871
Williams Mary Etta 20y 9m 27d 27 Apr 1885
Woodley Rebecca 75y 30 Sep 1886 w/o J

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