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Adel Twp., Section 21, Dallas County, Iowa

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Located on the Dale farm northeast of Adel, or south of Clint Burkett's on the west side of the road.

This cemetery is not fenced nor has any care been taken of it, livestock has grazed there.

In the Dallas County History a family of Kinnick settled in the area. There is no sign of a road close at all to the burial plot.

Picture of old tree is inside of bricked plot, showing how old the stones are, as the tree is on graves.

Initialed stones could be Quakers, as they use this simplified form of identification.

Three pictures shows stones lying flat on ground.

Fenced area is only protection from ruination, contains only a couple stones.

Sarah Ann Charlton
Died 1868
40 yrs, 4mo. 24 days.

James Arta, son of ____ Greenwood
1870, 4mo. 5 da.

These *pictures were loaned to me by Dennis Shelley, they were taken 3-4 yrs. before we visited the gravesite and in that time the stones were covered by dirt and they had pigs turned in the pasture. A crying shame!

Provided by Velma Renfrow, circa 1970's

*the copies of photos were very poor and nearly impossible to read)

Added 21 May 2018

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