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King Cemetery


Adel Twp., Section 6, Dallas County, Iowa

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   This cemetery is about 1/4 mile west of the Four Corners or Black's Corner.

   It had been a private cemetery until 1881 when Kings deeded the 1 acre cemetery plot to Adel Township.  No knowledge is available as to when the first burial was made.  Isic King bought Sec. 6, Northwest 6 Adel Twp. land from the government in 1853.

   Horton Hays at the age of 19 yrs. helped move the corpse of "Cad" Adams father, John Adams, from the S.W. part to the central eastern part of the cemetery so his wife and son "Chad" could be buried together.  Cad's father drowned in the river while trying to lead a bull across the river.  The men were in a boat and expected the bull to walk and swim.  However, the rope got twisted and their boat upset.  Since this was at Adel just north of the dam, their boats and all the men went over the dam and were drowned.

   Another interesting burial there, was that of Howard Taylor, who lived 1 mile north of the cemetery.  Howard Taylor was driving a team to a spring wagon near the the Four Corners.  Dr. Criley and his driver came along in his new car and frightened the Taylor team.  They upset the wagon and Mr. Taylor's neck was broken, causing his death.

   Another burial took place about 1912 and that was an infant, the family was living in a cabin west of the river.  Horton Hay's father went to Minburn and got a death certificate from his cousin, purchased new lumber and made a little coffin.  Horton's mother lined the little box with pink material and padded it with cotton.  Horton read some scriptures at the burial, they sang a song and his mother had a prayer.  Horton was 13 at the time.

   Judge Loyd Burns is buried in the S.W. corner of the cemetery.  He was the 1st judge of Dallas Co. (1851-1855).

   George L. Rhinehart, grandfather of John & Helen came to Iowa after he was discharged from the Civil War in 1865.

   His father, Andrew had came to Iowa by covered wagon in 1853.

   Four of the Andrew Rhinehart children and Mrs. Rhinehart died of smallpox in an epidemic (1869-1871) era.  A traveler had asked for a night's lodging with them.  They kept him and it turned out he was sick with the smallpox and gave it to them.  Later Mr. Andrew Rhinehart, his second wife and their 3 year old brother, of Charles Rhinehart Sr. were buried there.

   This cemetery is maintained but stones are gone and broken.

Written by Velma Renfrow, circa 1970s.

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