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Ellis Cemetery History

 Adams Twp., Section 14, Dallas County, Iowa

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This cemetery is north-east of the I-80 and Highway 90 junction in Adams twp.


Donated and deeded by Peter Ellis, June 26, 1869.  A plaque is on the fence

stating this.

The oldest stone found was 1854.

One stone stated, Robert O. Green. Died.

Epitaph:    Call not back the dear departed.

                   Anchored, safe where storms are over.

                   On the border land we left him

                   Soon to meet and part no more.

Carefully maintained, beautifully located, peaceful.


Provided by Velma Renfrow, circa 1970's

Peter Ellis's will specified that 2 acres were reserved as the graveyard and not willed to his son.

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