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County Home Cemetery
Adel Twp., Section 7, Dallas County, Iowa

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Only two stones were found.  They were for:

Brown Robert 08 Feb 1922 24 Mar 1996
Moore Thomas J 25 May 1942 09 Oct 1998


County Home Cemetery, also known as Farmer's Cemetery or County Cemetery

The last burial recorded was in 1946.  The ashes of several homeless men were also interred here.

     There remains only one stone, that of James Sheckle, who passed from this life in 1885.  It is documented that the first patient was admitted to the home in 1870.  Therefore there are likely unknown others resting here for which records no longer exist.

     The Dallas County Hospital was located on these grounds from 1934-1954.

     Although there are no stones, the following are interred here as verified by Dallas County Records.

Anderson Gus 12-05-1927
Barker Jack 01-04-1935
Brewer August 12-11-1935
Bryan Thomas 03-26-1934
Bechtold Sam 05-22-1935
Buell James 02-07-1935
Burgess Issac 05-01-1931
Clovis Mack 03-03-1935
Crouse Carry 05-21-1933
Duncan Mary A 06-24-1946
Gascot Christine 05-14-1931
Hull Calvin 02-06-1934
Hildebrand Mary 07-30-1930
Kenworthy Guslina 03-30-1929
King Wm 06-21-1934
Laton Wm 07-06-1935
Meeker R E 07-18-1931
Mills Emma 06-29-1921
Palmer Lyman 07-07-1936
Perry Sarah 03-03-1929
Sheckle James 10-03-1895
Smith Wm 08-12-1940
Steiner Emma 09-18-1930
Thompson George 12-19-1934
Trustee Zachary T 09-27-1935
Wilgone John 09-27-1935
Wilson Alma 02-04-1934
Transcribed from the sign posted at the County Home Cemetery by Conni McDaniel Hall and the two stones that were still present, August 13, 2010.


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