Dallas County, Iowa

Townships - 1860

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The township divisions of Dallas County at the time of the 1860 census were as shown on the map above.  As can be seen, the irregular division between Washington and Sugar Grove townships was caused by utilizing the North Raccoon River as a common boundary.  The area set off from Linn and Added to Union township was "for the purposes of accommodating persons living there for school facilities."

(For the many township boundary changes see The History of Dallas County, Iowa . . . 1879, pp 494-542, also Dallas County Supervisors Minute Book A, pp 176-180, 203, 210.)

Source:  Dallas County Records, Vol. II compiled by Howard E. Snedden and Barbara A. Snedden, 1972

Transcribed and formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, August 2013

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