Perry High School Alumni Directory

Classes of 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925.

Madge Kurtz--In Oregon.
Roger Orman--At home.
Lee Wiese--Radio Shop.
Joseph Elsasser--Attending Drake.
Harold Graney--Employed at Nash Book Store.
Valoris Baum--Ames.
Garrett Mathis--Chicago.
Dorothy Crawford--Minburn.
Mabel Narver--(Mrs. Paddock) living in Florida.
Anna Hight--(Mrs. Whitter)
Dorothy Diddy--(Mrs. Pleshek)
Dorothy Parcel--(Mrs. Dan Payton) living on a farm near Minburn.
Kathryn Donahoe--(Mrs. Bowberg) Cuba.
Edna Colburn--Teaching school.
Edna Doidge--Attending Simpson College.
Mildred Baum--Employed at Woolworth's Store.
Raymond Birdsall--In Florida.
Frank Daniels—St. Louis, Missouri.
Mary Hill--At Telephone Company.
Wayne Jones--Salesman for Jones Electric Co.
Ray Motsick--Employed at McCammon's Clothing Store.
Vernal O'Connell--At Ford Motor Co., Des Moines.
Frances Shenton--Employed at Globe Mfg. Co.
Lavina Sinclair and Harold White--Employed at Iowa Railway and Light Office.
Gerald Smith--Employed at Thornburg's Clothing Store.
Helen Turner--Stenographer for Michler-Mac Insurance Co.
Helen Walton--Employed at Rohr's Store .
Harley Woods--Clerk at C. M. St. Paul Railroad.
Ernest Banyard--Des Moines.
Claretta Hollis--Public stenographer, Modlin's Office.
Chancey Swartz--Newton, Iowa.
Arvilla Benshoof, Margaret Hullerman, Grace O'Connor, Mae Morgan--Teaching.
Cecil Collins, Charles Joy, Bernice Richardson, Marjorie Mowrer, Edith Stenson--At Iowa State University.
Helen Graney--Greeley, Colorado.
Don Graves--Salesman, City.
Raymond Haupert--Marshalltown.
Elba Cox, Lawrence Heightshoe, Lucille O'Malley--At home.
Arthur Merkle--Ames.
Paul Steward--Florida.
Allene Johnson, Lorraine Farr--In Simpson College.
Paul Jones--With Des Moines Register.
Stanley Rouse--Attending University of Chicago.
George Simpson--Attending Drake.
Marie Goss--(Mrs. Smith) living in Oregon.
Martelle McCarthy--(Mrs. Pierce)
Ethel Repp--(Mrs. Frank Daniels)
Blanche Werner--(Mrs. A. Pastor, Jr.)
Kathryn Pendy--Married.
Melva Boblett, Erma Wightman--At Drake University.
Fae Borg, Kathryn Diesner, Donald Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Marian Peterson, Elinor Ryner--Attending school at Ames.
Charles Parsons--Employed at the post office.
Elvin Kibby--In the Navy.
Theodore Overton--Peoria, Illinois.
Merle Bryant--Employed at Smith Hardware Co.
Beulah Coleman--Employed at Denniston & Partridge.
Ambrose Cunningham--Chicago.
Bessie Feeley--Des Moines.
Ena Harris--Employed at Reynolds Ice Co.
Duane Jenkins--Attending school in Detroit.
Elowene Kibby, Iris Nelson and Helen Rowe--Attending Grinnell.
Leona Kugler--Employed at H. E. Ringheim Store.
Lillian Lones--Employed at the telephone office.
Lee Lones--Employed with the C. M. & St. Paul Railroad Co.
Blanche McClurg--Teaching school at Nevada.
Raymond McCrory--Storekeeper at Iowa Railway and Light Corp.
Dwight Mills--Attending school at Iowa City.
Lester O'Connell--Living in Des Moines.
Reith Patterson--California.
Ardis Rawson--Employed at Ray Smith Drag Co.
Mary Repp--Employed at the Condensory.
Max Searles--Employed in Rochester, Minnesota.
Gwendolyn Schuchardt and Glenn Reed--Employed al Hausserman Packing Plant.
Harold Schaeffer--Employed in Schaeffer Grocery.
Wilma Veatch--Employed with Successful Farming, Des Moines.
Ivan Wightman, Howard Haberer, Helen Haberer, Gaylord Martin, Wanda Clark, Lucille Burrell--At home.
Donno Mulder--Farming.
Olivia Hausserman, Laura Lantz and Zola Alborn--Teaching school.
Genevieve Orbin--(Mrs. Hopkins)
Mildred Anderson--(Mrs. Velman) Ames.
Ruth Council--(Mrs. Robinson) Pilot Mound.
Margaret Loudenback--(Mrs. Wicks) Perry.
Melba Nunn--(Mrs. Lones) Perry.
Ollie Olson--(Mrs. Wagner) Perry.
Alma Swanson--(Mrs. Lantz) Perry.
Bertha Russell--(Mrs. Springer) Perry.
Ruth Aylwood--St. Teresa, Minnesota.
John Barton, John McCammon and Elizabeth Denny--Attending University of Iowa.
Mae Rose Bast--Grinnell College.
Blanche Bever--Employed at Iowa Railway and Light Co.
Elver Bonine--Employed at Bell Telephone Co.
Ruth Black--Employed at Rohr's Store.
Arthur Brenton--Employed in Des Moines.
Lucille Brown--Employed at Woolworth's Store.
Leo Brewer--Employed at Produce Co.
John Collings--Attending Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Raymond Colburn--Clerk for C. M. & St. Paul Railroad Co., Marion, Iowa.
Elizabeth Carris---Teaching school.
Dean Cox--Employed in Des Moines, Iowa.
Newton Cunningham--Employed in Chicago.
Rose Shenton--Employed at Rude Auto Co.
Gerald Riffle--In Florida.
Jack Richardson--Employed for C. M. & St. Paul, round house.
Marguerite Scanlon -Attending Des Moines University.
Herbert Schell--Attending Drake University.
Ernest Skinner--Attending University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
Rebecca Walker and Edna Paasch--Attending Iowa State Teacher's College.
Junior Diesner--Working in Minnesota.
Dorothy Emms--Employed at City Library.
Gerald Flinn--First National Bank.
Margaret Flinn--Mason City.
Donald Gardner--Employed at Rohr's Store.
Gail Heasley--Employed at Woolworth's Store.
Frank Heightshoe-Bailey's Clothing Store.
Eunice Herrold--Employed at Fair Store.
Bernard Hohanshelt --Post Graduate Course, P. H. S.
Anna Jones--Stenographer at Bell Telephone Co,
Willard Hunter-Employed at Home Bakery.
Gerald Hunter--Employed in Des Moines.
DeVere Krohnke--Employed in Marshalltown, Iowa.
Jesse Kropf and Charles Meacham Employed at Condensory.
Bernice Lewiston --Employed at State House, Des Moines,
Olive LeVack--William's Wood College, Fulton, Mo.
Esther Lympus--Employed at Bell Telephone Co., Indianola, Iowa.
Herrold Mann--Employed at Bankers Life Co., Des Moines.
Marion Marckres--Attending school in Ames.
Hazel McHenry--Employed at Conner's Store.
Madeline Nunn--Employed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Florence Beers, Helen Burrington, Opal Busby, Marie Carpenter, Laura Mowrer, Anthony Scanlon, Fae Stevenson, Charles Simpson, Charles Sumpter, Miles Ellis, Donald Gannon, John Howarth, Kathryn Lass, Adelaide Giddings, Eva Loudenback--At home.
Helen Giddings--(Mrs. Walter McHenry)
Kathryn Wagner--(Mrs. George Simpson)

Source: "1926 PHS annual, "The Eclipse". Transcribed and contributed anonymously February 2020.

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