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     A number of our local wheelmen held a meeting in Leonard French's office Monday evening for the purpose of organizing a club. The organization was duly effected, and some pleasant contests are expected to come off through the efforts of this club. The officers are J. G. Dutton, President; Harry Campbell, Vice-president; A. M. Harvey, Secretary; and Harvey Thomas, Treasurer. The charter members are J. G. Dutton, L. D. Blue, A. L. Hindert, H. L. Thomas, H. E. Campbell, B. T. Bussell, Harry Butler, B. E. Cutter, John E. Cogshall, F. W. Ling, F. S. Thornburg, O. O. Knell, A. L. Van Luven, W. H. Carris, E. N. Childs, A. M. Harvey, Chas. P. King, Will Lidgate, E. A. Tryon, John Ginn, W. H. Bollerman, Ira Melick, Les Morgan, George Overton, Vernon Anderson, Will Rall, E. E. Osborn, Fred Knell, George Markham and M. Glucklich.

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