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35th Anniversary Booster Edition
Wednesday, March 9, 1910

Fraternal Organizations Selections


That splendid organization for women known as the P. E. O. sisterhood had its inception among a group of college girls at the Iowa Wesleyan University of Mt. Pleasant, about forty years ago, and was organized by them as a college fraternity. They had little thought that within the life time of some of them the organization would spread as it has to almost every state in the Union.

The society is at present establishing a fund to be known as the Educational fund. This money is loaned to worthy young people who otherwise would be unable to secure an education.

The interests of the local chapters are many and varied and include work along philanthropic, social and educational lines.

Chapter D. E. of the P. E. O. sisterhood was organized in Perry Nov. 12, 190 with eight charter members, as follows: Mrs. Della Doidge, Miss Mildred DeLa, Miss Carolyn E. Forgrave, Miss Agnes E. Heightshoe, Miss Sadie C. Moore, Miss Lillian Parmenter, Miss Mary Walz and Mrs. Jessie Oldham.

The group includes the present officers and members: Mrs. Jessie Oldham, Pres.; Miss Agnes Heightshoe, Vice-Pres.; Mrs. Ena Rude, Sec.; Mrs. Ethel Richardson, Corresp. Sec.; Miss Adah Livingston, Treas.; Mrs. Sarah Robinson, Chaplan. Other members are: Mrs. Caroline Harvey; Mrs. Myrtle Brown; Mrs. Annie Walliss; Mrs. Helen Hill; Mrs. Golda Ainley; Miss Mollie Kelley; Miss Mary Walz, Miss May Miller; Miss Frances Hoff; Mrs. Roxa Goodrich and Mrs. Della Doidge.


Perry Chapter, No. 142, Order of the Eastern Star, has, in the seventeen years of its existence, taken a proud rank as the sisterhood of Masonry, ad the meetings have been a well spring from which have emanated charity, truth and loving kindness. The little band of devoted members who signed the charter on August 25, 1893 at a meeting held in the Odd Fellows hall, and later, on Oct. 4th of the same year, organized the chapter, have many of them remained through the intervening years and rejoiced in the steady and healthy growth which has been attained.

The membership, which was then 26, is now 140; the hopes which then buoyed up and urged the members to achievement have in large measure borne fruit; the good which then they sought to do is still being done; only the increased willingness, born of added numbers, makes possible what then was only a rosy wish and steadfast desire.

Upon the charter list are found the names of Mesdames Clara Blue, Lizzie Brotherton, Sadie Eaton, Rose Gilroy, Mary Keeley, Martha Leonard, Josie Leonard, Mary E. Lane, Anna Runyon, Anna Stoops, Addie Souther, Livey J. Stevenson, Mary Swearingen, Sarah Tolbert, Anna Walters, Miss Viola Tolbert and Messrs. Eli Brotherton, H. H. Davis, H. P. Lods/Lodi, C. L. Lane, Sidney A. Souther, Henry M. Stevenson, Milton Tanksley, I. J. Tolbert and William Walters.

At the time of installation and the closing of the charter the grand officers were: Mary B. Rathburn, Grand Matron; A. J. Small, Grand Patron; and Marie Jackson, Grand Secretary. Among the group are named which are still bright and welcome at every meeting, and names which have been transferred from the rolls of the quick to the somber edged scroll whereon are graven the list whose earthly course has closed. Removal has erased some and the changes of time taken others without the portals, yet the labors and the early faithfulness of the workers bear forth an inspired record which urge the present membership to the accomplishment of greater things.

The past matrons during the life of the chapter, and their years of service, are as follows: Mrs. Clara Blue, 1893; Mrs. Anna Stoops, 1894 and 1898; Mrs. Wary Lane, 1895; Mrs. Mary Gardiner, 1896; Mrs. Elizabeth Tryon, 1897 and a portion of 1908; Mrs. Anna Runyon, 1899; Mrs. Martha Leonard, 1900-01; Mrs. Fanne L. Thomas, 1902-03 and 1909; Mrs R. E. Zerwekh, 1904; Mrs. Isabel Manning, 1905-06; Mrs. Leanora Gilbert, 1907 and most of 1908.

The present officers are: Mrs. N. E. Hart, W. M.; R. E. Zerwekh, W. P.; Mrs. Josie Leonard, A. M.; Mrs. Anna Runyon, Cond.; Mrs. Mary Lutze, A. C.; Miss Lena Knell, Sec'y; Miss Sina Barnard, Treas.; Mrs. R. E. Zerwekh, Adah; Mrs. H. G. Giddings, Ruth; Mrs. Mrs. F. L. Johnson, Esther; Mrs. W. W. Phillips, Martha; Mrs. T. J. Gilbert, Electa; Mrs. Sarah Lutze, Warden; Mrs. H. H. Davis, Chaplin; Miss Luella Tolbert, Marshal; Miss Viola Tolbert, Organist.

A. F. & A. M. (Masons)

Otley Lodge, No. 299, A. F. & A. M. is one of the oldest orders in Perry. In the early days of our city there assembled together members of the order from various states, and in the life which followed the ties of the brotherhood held with a strong and friendly grip those hardy first comer. It was because of the mutual fellowship, one toward another, that they sought to foster this regard with the teachings of Masonry as expressed within the tiled portals of the lodge for their guidance.

On June 8th, 1871, the charter was issued, and the following officers and members are endorsed thereon: Samuel Pangburn, W. M.; Robert Hastings, S. W.; Ira S. Doty, J. W.; L. D. Gamble, Treas.; A. J. Chappelear, Sec'y; F. M. Hain, S. D.; Rev. Lemuel Gee, Chaplin; Horatio Hall, Tiler.

The past masters of the lodge, from the time of its organization, and the years they served, are: Samuel Pangburn, 1871-76 and 1888; A. D. Haskins, 1877 and 1881-83; William H. Chandler, 1878-80; H. J. Holmes, 1884-85; Henry J. Courtney, 1886-87; H. H. Davis, 1889-90; I. J. Tolbert, 1891; E. G. Perrott, 1892-93 and 1900; G. W. Johnson, 1896-97; Dr. H. M. Stevenson, 1898-99; H. L. Thomas, 1901-02; D. J. Pattee, 1903; W. H. Winegar, 1904; Dr. F. C. Hamlin, 1905-06; R. E. Zerwekh, 1907-08; N. E. Hart, 1909 and now serving another term.

The present officers of the lodge are: N. E. Hart, W. M.; Dr. E. Paul Edwin, S. W.; C. D. Oldham, J. W.; H. J. Holmes, Treas.; H. P. Ward, Sec.; R. E. Zerwekh, S. D.; A. F. Miller, J. D.; J. H. Goodrick, S. S.; Alfred M. Hoeye, J. S.; Charles A. Lutze, Tiler. Finance Committee-- John Runyon, H. H. Davis and E. O. Greiver.

The membership which in 1871 started with but nine is now 192. Within the lodge has blossomed, lived and died many a Masonic life, while the teachings herein inculcated has sprung that wider view of manhood and right living which urges men forward to better and nobler deeds and thoughts. Perry can justly be proud of the men whose names adorn the roll of membership, and whether they are to be found on the list of those in the higher Masonic bodies, or are content to remain within the fellowship which the blue lodge affords, they all stand for something done within an active life, and that something has aided in the making of Perry a city.


The Knights and Ladies of Security met in the Woodman hall Feb. 27, 1896. The man that named and organized this council were Bachelor J. A. Miller and Rev. Black, of Des Moines.

The charter members of this lodge were Dr. Pain, Messrs. and Mesdames Boblett, Elder, Aiken, Gray, Griswold, Hall, Biggs, Curl, Thornbrue and McDonald. Dr. Pain was elected president, Mrs. Elder, first vice president, Mrs. Charles Bobblett, second vice president, J. D. Hall, prelate, Mrs. H. S. Curl, recording secretary, Mrs. Charles Bobblett, financial secretary, Mrs. Ed Gray, treasurer, and Dr. Aiken, medical examiner. The trustees were Aiken, Griswold and Norwood. The order at the present time has a membership of 135. Officers at this time are Mrs. Habenicht, Mr. Courtney, Mr. Ogden, Mrs. Ogden, Mrs. Pantler, Mrs. Newberry, Mrs. Elder, Mrs. Capen, Mrs. Skinner and Mr. McCreery.


The Knights Templars of Perry include many of the very best men in the city. Established in 1892 with W. H. Chandler at its head, the Commandery has had a steady growth until now it is one of the strongest of that organization in a town the size of Perry.

The order has had the following Eminent Commanders: W. H. Chandler, J. R. Swearingen, G. E. Bartholomew, H. J. Holmes, F. L. Morgan, T. J. Gilbert, John Law, L. Gill, H. Nichols, D. J. Pattee, Dr. A. W. Trout, A. Smart, H. M. Pattee, Dr. F. C. Hamlin, Allen Harvey and T. H. White.

The following are the present officers of the Gerard Commandery: T. H. White, Eminent Commander; James Wimmer, Generalissimo; H. L. Thomas, Capt. General; T. J. Gilbert, Prelate; S. A. McCammon, Senior Warden; W. J. Edmondson, Junior Warden; M. A. Bills, Standard Bearer; M. Cole, Sword Bearer; H. H. Davis, Warden; Allen Breed, Treasurer; H. M Pattee, Recorder; F. M. Hoeye, Sentinel and A. L. Brown, D. D. McColl and J. G. Runyon, Guards.

Transcribed & contributed anonymously, November 2019.

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