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Unassessed Penalties Collected in the Third District of Iowa During the Month of November 1863
Clayton co. Iowa

Lee Moller, Assessor

Name Residence Article or Occupation Penalty
Andrew Gafney McGregor Eating House $00.67
Andrew Gafney McGregor Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
J. G. Zigelmaire Springfield Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
H. C.Hopkins McGregor Manufacturer $00.66
H. C.Hopkins McGregor Pe?aler 2nd class $1.50
H. C.Hopkins McGregor Retail Dealer $00.66
A. B. Hannah Elkader Physician $00.66
W. N. Palmer Monona Retail Dealer $00.66
King & Hunt McGregor Dentists $00.66
Henry Fry Grand Meadow Hotel 7th Class $00.66
L. Peary McGregor Photography $1.00
W. J. Paul Giard Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
W. J. Paul Giard Hotel 7th Class $00.67
Kavinaugh & Smith Springfield Brewers $1.66
Louis Sterm & Son Mendon Retail Dealer $00.66
W. P. Baker Strawberry Point Stallion Keeper $1.00
Drake & White Volga City Retail Dealer $00.66
Joseph Rodemier Volga City Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
W. J. Henke Monona Hotel 8th class $0.33
Andrew Tiets Mendon Hotel 7th Class $00.66
Jaines Law Volga City Stallion Keeper $1.00
R. W. Randall Monona Butcher $00.91
Jerimah Adams Volga City Retail Liquor Dealer $2.00
L. Barnett Giard Hotel 7th Class $00.66
I. T. W. Scott Monona Physician $00.66
Paul Cybert Monona Hotel 7th Class $00.66
James Neeling National Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
James Neeling National Hotel 8th class $00.33
Murry & Hand McGregor Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
Murry & Hand McGregor Hotel 6th class $1.00
J. H. Angies Farmersburg Stallion Keeper $1.00
J. S. King Strawberry Point Physician $00.66
A. H. Strouse McGregor Wholesale Dealer $1.66
A. H. Strouse McGregor Manufacturer $00.67
D. B. Dawson Garnavillo Stallion Keeper $1.00
B. Bushee Strawberry Point Cattle Broker $00.66
Morath & Pieck Little Port Retail Dealer $00.67
Morath & Pieck Little Port Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
Adam Snyder Giard Stallion Keeper $1.00
W. M. Childs Elk Stallion Keeper $1.00
Henry Berns ** Jefferson Stallion Keeper $1.50
J. F. Miller McGregor Civil Engineer $1.00
Edward Sifoir Sperry Stallion Keeper $1.00
Marcus Fisher Mendon Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
C. B. Sampson McGregor Retail Dealer $00.66
C. P. Sanford Harden Physician $00.66
T. V. Hodges Harden Hotel 7th Class $00.66
Paul Stockfield Garnavillo Physician $1.00
Joseph Meyer Elkader Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
Henry Muetus Guttenburg Retail Dealer $1.33
Henry Muetus Guttenburg Bowling Alley $00.50
D, B, Young McGregor Retail Dealer $1.00
Samuel Riddle Grand Meadow Physician $00.66
John McMullen McGregor Hotel 6th class $1.00
Andrew Kratzey Guttenburg Bowling Alley $00.50
L. & J. H. Merrill Millville Retail Dealer $00.66
James Farris Millville Stallion Keeper $1.00
Wm. P. Elliott Springfield Hotel 7th Class $00.66
Carl Schultz Guttenburg Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
John McMullen McGregor Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
D. Cortes Mendon Hotel 7th Class $00.67
D. Cortes Mendon Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
J. W. Fraser Giard Retail Dealer $1.33
J. W. Fraser Giard Hotel 7th Class $00.67
Silas Lamb Giard Hotel 7th Class $00.66
C. Decker Monona Hotel 7th Class $00.66
Douglass Co. Clayton Retail Dealer $00.66
M. B. Hodgkins Elkader Stallion Keeper $1.00
J. F. Kimble Elkader Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
Joseph Mooney Grand Meadow Hotel 8th class $00.33
G. W. Tetus Monona Hotel 7th Class $00.66
Wm. Campbell Giard Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
Wm. P. Brown McGregor Retail Liquor Dealer $1.33
Wm. P. Brown McGregor Eating House $00.67

** 50% added by assessor


~source: Heritage Quest Microfilm #M766-8; Internal Revenue Assessment Lists 1862-1866; District 3 division 1-14 Annual 1862, LDS microfilm #1534655, Item 1.

~transcribed by Constance Diamond for the Clayton co. IAGenWeb project

~note: Names in  red bold need to be verified!

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