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Strawberry Point Schools

Undated photo of the Strawberry Point High School. The attire of the people suggests early 1900's.
The date above the windows on the building is 1877.
Note the band assembled on the right side of the sidewalk, as the people file out of the school.
~photo contributed by Bart Hammlett


The Strawberry Point schools were graded in 1868, and K. W. Kingsley was Principal. The following have since served as Principals: M. J. Goodrich, Miss E. J. Peer, J. F. Thompson, C. P. Clark, Charles Brandon, A. E. Dean and E. G. Cooley. (from the 1882 History of Clayton County)


1902 Graduates

The graduating class of the Strawberry Point High School, consisting of eleven members, held their exercises in the opera house Tuesday evening, May 27th. The class motto was "Tis Mind That Rules". With Harriet Buckley at the piano, the class, preceded by Prof. Trotter, marched into the hall and to their places on the stage. The orchestra, Genie Pollard, pianist; Mildred and Mae Hoag, violinists; Lester Hines, cornetist; rendered a selection and Rev. A.F. Marsh delivered a very fitting invocation.

The Salutatory, by Luch R. Appleby was very well delivered by that bright young lady.
Leslie D. Davis treated his subject in a way that would have been an honor to an older graduate from a higher institution.
Lottie Smith did herself proud in the delivery of her chosen subject, "Strive for the Best."
William J. Scofield's subject was "heroes and Heroism."
Pearle E. Clough looked sweet and womanly as she delivered her oration on "Circles."
Gorda P. Ball's delivery of his address on "Self Reliance," was especially congratulatory.
Mabel A. Davis spoke on "The Marble Waiteth."
Jennie B. Cooper did herself proud in the delivery of "Buy Your Own Cherries."
Laura Hesner looked very pretty as she spoke on "Labor, a Moral Force in Character Building."
U. Amelia Opperman, chose for her subject the "Class Prophecy."
L. Belle Smith was chosen Valedictorian and selected for her subject "Development of the Mind."

Presentation of diplomas was by Pres. G. Cooley and the class address was given by Prin. J. F. Trotter. The Glee Club, with Mrs. G.W. Roe at the piano, sang several songs. Members - Messrs. Chas. Roberts, G.W. Roe, Walter Jewell, Elner Copeland and Mesdames Billmeyer and Steele and Misses Emma Chapman and Mae Hoag.

~source: Elkader Register, Thursday, June 5, 1902
~article condensed from much longer text & transcribed by S. Ferrall


1903 Graduates

The 21st annual commencement of the Strawberry Point High school took placee at the opera house Friday evening. Seven boys and six girls starting out on life's journey with the brightest of prospects. It is one of the finest classes that ever graduated from our school, and are as follows:

Victor Hardman
Eva Bauliff
Irva Chapman
Bert Pelley
Raymond Arnold
Myrtle Kirkpatrick
Lena Eppler
Guy Chapman
Carl Schoppe
Dick Cooley
Harriet Buchey
William Dunning
Marletta Peck

~source: Elkader Argus, Wednesday, June 10, 1903
~transcribed by S. Ferrall


1909 Graduates

The graduating class of the Strawberry Point High School number thirteen this year as follows:

Lucy A. Bassett
Elsie V. Hesner
Lillian A. Arnold
Anita G. Opperman
Susan Balluff
Bertha A. Shiek
Addie E. Gardner
Emma M. Warning
Hiram Wheeler
William H. Howard
Edwin Pebler
J. Percy Preston
Jesse Sloan

The graduating exercises will be held Friday evening, June 4th, at the opera house.
~source: Elkader Register and Argus, Thursday, June 3, 1909
~transcribed by S. Ferrall


1920 Graduates

Thursday evening twenty-one young people from Strawberry Point and the surrounding territory bade farewell to the Strawberry Point school and made their bow to the work-a-day world when the class address given by Hon. John E. Foster, of Des Moines, at the Davis Auditorium completed the exercises, for the class of 1920.

The auditorium was beautifully decorated in the class colors, purple and white, of the class and the graduates appeared to the best advantage possible before the audience. Their motto was, "Build for character not for fame." and the class flower white rose. It means more than those who have never had the opportunity of passing through the ordeal can realize for a class of young men and women just completing their last year in their High School career, to appear before a large and admiring audience of friends, relatives and school associates. The graduates were:

Eva Allenstein
Paul H. Barr
Harley F. Betts
Lloyd E. Carpenter
Eva R. Easton
Hazel E. Easton
Marion Fitzpatrick
Eric Fritschel
Mae G. Gibbs
Howard Hughes
Grace L. Hines
Helen L. Hurley
Paul B. Henry
J. Everett McTaggart
Florence E. Meyer
Elsie Moser
Leta E. Opperman
William W. Strehlow
Vern W. Troup
Victor H. Mahtz
Alice L. Wood

~source: Elkader Register, Thursday, June 10, 1920 (Strawberry Point column)
~transcribed by S. Ferrall


1922 Graduates

The class selected as their motto "Nihil sine Labore." This is one of the largest classes ever graduated from Strawberry Point High School and most of them intend to enter colleges or teach. Strawberry Point High School graduates - class of 1922:

Dale Lickiss
Vera Knight
Forrest Hamlett
Ethyl Hanes
Walter Kingsland
Henrietta Honnewood
Joe Gratke
D_n King
Ruth Eckert
Zelma Moser
Ray Fleming
Murwyn Eaton
Hazel Carpenter
Opal Coffin
Dorothy Bower
Beryle Ball
Ruth Bassett
Loylo Blake
Mildred Balluff
Vera Alderson
Ruth Nichols
Mabel Plagman
Erma Pilgrim
Flory Sauerbry
Walter Schug
Oscar Schmidt
Ruby Smith
Donna Shriver
Lloyd Tinkker
Donald Tarbox
Helen Terry
Sadie Walker
Lillian Wesender
Greta Mantz
Ruth Woods

~source: Elkader Register, Thursday, May 25, 1922 (Strawberry Point column)
~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


1925 Graduates

Dorothy M. Davis
Helen Anne Hock
Agnes M. Glennon
Donald E. Wing
Leota K. Hartbeck
Eugenia Lee
Blanche Belle Alderson
Clara B. Cordes
Katherine A. O'Brien
Raymond G. Shriver
Carl J. Nichols
Bernice S. Davis
Margaret S. Scofield
Georgia Wing
Grace Wilson
Zelda W. Miller
Bertha B. Brandenburg
Floyd H. Bush
Loyd L. Alderson
Ruth L. Glass
Maybelle Frizzelle
Donald F. Howard
Marcy F. Alderson
Harold C. Moser
George M. Davis
Dorothy G. Scofield
Ellen G. Ivory
Gertrude B. Waring
Helene Harwood
J. Donald Gladwin
M. Harriet O'Brien
James W. Henry
Edith A. Schmidt

Frank W. Jones, Supt.
Katherine E. Westfall, Prin.

~source:  original graduation announcement
~contributed by Michael F. O'Brien


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