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St. Joseph's Catholic School
Elkader, Iowa

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1935-1936 school year

Elkader: Class officers of St. Joseph's school were elected for the ensuing year as follows:

President - Lucy Neylan
Vice-President - Iola Vorwald
Secretary - Rita Ehrhardt
Treasurer - Gladys Burlingame

President - Thomas Looney
Vice-President - Geraldine Ehrhardt
Secretary - Blanche Teff
Treasurer - George Walz

President - Daniel Raftis
Vice-President - Margaret Berns
Secretary - John Garaghty
Treasurer - Dorothy Staub

President - Kenneth Meyer
Vice-President -Mary Katherine McGee
Secretary - Marie Willmes
Treasurer - John Meyer

~Clayton County Register, Thur., 26 Sept. 1935 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


St. Joseph's High School Class of 1937

Seven students of St. Joseph's high school will graduate at the annual commencement exercises held in the parish Church Sunday, May 30, at the 9:00 o'clock Mass. Honors ill be conferred by the Very Rev. James P. Taken. Diplomas for the completion of the four-year high school course will be conferred on Marion Barton, Dolores Boland, Geraldine Ehrhardt, Kenneth Fassbinder, Thomas Looney, John McGee and Georgia Walz.

~The Echo, published by St. Joseph's School, Elkader; May 28, 1937
~contributed by S. Ferrall


1938 Graduates

Diplomas for completion will be conferred on nine students of St. Joseph's high school at the annual commencement exercises, which will be held in the parish church, Sunday, June 5, at the 9:30 o'clock Mass. Honors will be conferred by the Very Rev. James P. Taken. The graduates are:
Mary Jeanne Boland ... "Her brains and her music will make her a success in life."
Margaret Berns ... "The girl who laughs and makes everyone about her merry."
John Garaghty ... "Believes that manual labor doesn't hurt anyone."
John Jungblut ..."One doesn't have to be physically alert to be of value to the class."
O'Donna Roethler ... "A real student with the qualities necessary to get her places."
Helen Rothmeyer ... "She proves that a small person can do her share of mental labor."
Dorothy Staub ... "A sports-minded girl who cares for a good show on the sidelines."
David Walch ... "To have a football under one arm as he reaches the goal line and a basketball he has just tossed zipping through the net is all he asks."
Mary Wagner ..."Personal attractiveness and studiousness are just two of her qualities."

~The Echo, published by St. Joseph's School, Elkader; May 27, 1938
~contributed by S. Ferrall



For the past twenty-two years Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Taken has been pastor of St. Joseph's church in Elkader. During this time he has made numerus improvements in the school. In September, 1924, the eleventh grade was added to the high school, and a year later, 1925, the twelfth grade, thus completing the four-year course. Two rooms were also added to the school. Science apparatus was purchased and the library was enlarged. In May, 1926, the high school was placed on the accredited list. In 1931 the commercial course was added. He has also had great interest in the athletic activities of the school, basketball being the favorite sport for both boys and girls.

~The Echo, published by St. Joseph's School, Elkader; March 24, 1939 (news article & photo)
~contributed by S. Ferrall


St. Joseph's High School Class of 1939

The names were written under each photo, but other than Rev. Taken, the print is extremely faint - the best I can determine the students are:

Girls L-R: Mary Kay McGee, Anita Boland & Marie Willmes
Boys L-R: James Phelan, Thomas Sculy & Kenneth Meyer


Six high school seniors will receive diplomas for graduation, June 4, at the 9:30 high Mass. Honors will be conferred by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. J.P. Taken. The graduates, namely Kenneth Meyer, Thomas Scully, Junior Phalen, Mary Kay McGee, Marie Willmes and Anita Boland will recieve Holy Communion at the Mass.

Kenneth Meyer .... Ambition: "Climbing with a giant's pride."
Mary Kay McGee ... Ambition: "Sky-aspiring, led her on."
Anita Boland ... "A very good piece of work, I assure you, and a merry one."
Thomas Scully ... "Restless ambition, never at a stand."
Marie Willmes ... "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know."
James Phelan ... "It is sometimes necessary to play the fool to avoid being deceived by cunning men."

~The Echo, published by St. Joseph's School, Elkader; May 26, 1939 (news article & photo)
~contributed by S. Ferrall


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