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Clayton County Annual Spelling Contest, ca1937-1944

Elkader -Twelve of the 13 public schools in Clayton County will have teams in the annual spelling contest which will be held in the high school building here Saturday. Strawberry Point is the only school that will not be represented.  Contestants are as follows:

EDGEWOOD: Robert Glass, Verla Everett, Reva Hatch, Doris Stout, and Mary Barger

ELKPORT: Bernita Thein, George Hoffman, Luetta Hansel, Elizabeth Flaherty, and Helen Amsden

FARMERSBURG: Carroll Oelke, Keith Radloff, Carl Schultz, Jean Mathews, and Glenda Schievelbein

GARNAVILLO: Judith Kaiser, Melvin Thein, Marjorie Kregel, Irma Stickford, and Darlene Wehrkamp

GUTTENBERG: Lyle Wallace, Nancy Walters, Lavern Moser, Eugene Horstman, Junior Lehne, and Irene Horstman is the alternate

LITTLEPORT: Milton Ashline, Gerald Beck, Doris Corson, Marvin Rodas, and  Virginia Shaw

LUANA: Karlton Wagner, Judith Thoma, D'Elda Mae Palas, Virginia Moore, and Lyledene Engelhardt

MARQUETTE: Gene Goltz, Beverly Barr, Lorraine Geraghty, James Starkey, and Willard Loney 9or perhaps Looney)

MCGREGOR: Tony Huebsch, June Bacon, Beverly McDonald, Jane Lee Seybert, Margery Fields, and alternate is Mary McGhee

MONONA: Thelma Christensen, Shirley Wagner, Evelyn Franck, Wallace Farnham, and Kendall Benzing

VOLGA: Donald Curran, Thomas Borden, Joanne Borden, Gail Whitford, and Jeanne Martin
ELKADER:  Patty Nellie Davidson, Lois Martin, Marietta McCoy, Walter Saur, Allene Wagner, and Richard Eckheart is the alternate.


~source: Monona Leader newspaper clipping, date unknown but sometime between 1937-1944
~contributed by Connie L. Ellis, daughter of Evelyn Franck, one of the participants


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