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"On Elkader"

by the 1930 Senior Class
Elkader High School

"On Elkader" cover

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"On Elkader"


To Mr. J. Dale Welsch, Superintendent of Elkader High School, we do hereby dedicate this annual in recognition of his unselfish service to our class, enabling us to succeed in our many undertakings during the three short years he has been with us.

Many will be the kind thoughts which we, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty, will cherish as we remember the good he has done in helping us to advance thus far along the difficult road of life.

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The Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Lorine Lenth
Business Manager: Doris Cassidy
Assistants: Marjorie Downie, Rosalyn Sabbann, Eunice Ulish, Mildred Sadewasser and Elmer Larson
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J. Dale Welsch Superintendent, Debate
Ruth Davis Home Economics
Catherine Patterson Physical Education
Rose Horn Commerce
Lawerence Wood Athletic Coach
Harry Mahannah Band Instructor
Ralph Nichols English, Speech
Vaughn Thornburgh Normal Training
Kenneth Greenly Science
Erma Shostrum Music Instructor
Ruth Bothne French, Junior College
Carlton Crane History, Junior College
Catherine Kuehne Dramatics, Junior College
School Board: P.C. Buckman, Pres.
W.G. Allen, W.C. Dittmer, G.H. Schmidt, H.J. Conrad and W.W. Davidson, Sec.
Janitor "Fritz" Wistrick

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Senior Class

Yellow Rose
Lavender and Gold
"Deeds; not Dreams"
President Goldie M. Lange
Secretary & Treasurer Iowa Ericson
General Service Representative Doris Cassidy
Honor Student Lorine Lenth
Sponsor Superintendent Welsch


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Who's Who

Gretchen Behrens, Valmah Bunting, Doris Cassidy, Richard Dopp, Marjorie Downie, Dale Debes, Iowa Ericson, Vernice Gilje, Helen Jacobson, Newell Kramer, Goldie Mae Lange, Lester Lembke, Elmer Larson, Lorine Lenthe, Donald McTaggart, Ruby Olson, Louise Reimer, Marguerite Roeder, Mildred Sadewasser, Rosalyn Sabbann, Lois Schmidt, Malcolm Stoops, Leo Walther, Louis Wolf, Eunice Ulish, Ina Weymouth

Briefly Told

Name of class member, what they are usually called (nickname), their pet saying, hobby & what they are noted for


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Junior Class


President .... Katherine Becker
Secretary & Treasurer .... Selma Thompson
General Service Representative .... Averil Barghahn
Sponsor .... Miss Davis

Class Roll

Averil Barghahn
Katherine Becker
Viola Benson
Mary Davis
Norma Geno
Marietta Grimm
Violet Gulsvig
Ruth Kill
Alvin Klink
Bernice Kuehl
Harlan Lenth
Milton Leonard
Addie Peake
Opal Phelps
Karl Reimer
Sylvia Rickert
Robert Stebor
Burnell Stoops
Selma Thompson
Clinton Turner

Sophomore Class


President .... Elizabeth Jeffers
Secretary & Treasurer .... Esther Cords
General Service Representative .... Kathleen Bock
Sponsor .... Miss Kuehne

Sophomore Class Roll

LaNelle Ehrhardt
Viola Heiden
Louise Wacker
Geneva Zimpfer
Leroy Cords
Harvey Kane
Arleta Wold
Lorraine Buckman
John Stemmer
Florence Pettit
Esther Cords
Kathleen Bock
Eunice Leonard
Robert Stockman
Gladys Gmelin
Selma Taake
Edward Fitzpatrick
Robert Katschkowsky
Elizabeth Jeffers
Alexander Perlin
Luella McTaggart
Esther Weymouth
Clarence Reimer
Francis Farmer

Freshman Class


President .... Katherine Kramer
Secretary & Treasurer .... Donna Debes
General Service Representative .... LaVerne Meyer
Sponsor .... Miss Thronburgh

Freshman Class Roll

LaVerne Meyer
Richard Wolf
Donald Wolf
Maxine Debes
Clint Debes
Donna Debes
Harril Larson
Alfred Kramer
Hannah Gjertsen
Charles Coutant
Charlotte Speck
Edison Lenth
Mae Gulsvig
L'Dean Smith
Malcolm Kramer
Nellie Turner
Dorothy Jungblut
Gladys Adams
Hilda Storbeck
Homer Olson
Walter Cords
Katherine Kramer
Ivanell Katschkowsky

Junior High

Eighth Grade
President, Inez Behrens
Sec. and Treas., Maryl Bailey
Gen. Serv. Rep., Winnifred Antwine
Sponsor, Miss Horn
Seventh Grade
President, Donita Stendel
Sec. and Treas., Helen Gmelin
Gen. Serv. Rep., Elizabeth Witt
Sponsor, Miss Patterson

Junior High Class Roll

Winifred Antwine
Blanche Bailey
Meryl Bailey
Inez Behrens
Edith Conrad
Doleen Coutant
Helen Gossman
John Gjertsen
Daryl Huggins
Russel Huggins
Evelen Katschkowsky
Harold Knoke
Russell Martin
Marvin Meder
Mabel Miller
Harry Powell
Ervon Eggimann
Clarence Hagensick
Blair Coutant
Marion Bailey
Elizabeth Witt
Lorimer Perry
Alva Possehl
Elizabeth Reimer
William Sadewasser
Donald Wacker
Kenneth Witherall
William Witt
Edna Zimpfer
Melvin Schneider
Herbert Katschkowsky
Marion Nichols
Ross Powell
Helen Gmelin
Ivanell Heitkamp
Nordene Olson
Harold Crouse
Ralph Gjertsen
Donita Stendel
Dwaine Stendel
Kathleen Leonard


Class History

Class History - Click to Read
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Class Will

Class Will - Click to Read
pg 10
When We Are Alumni

When We are Alumni - Click to Read
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Society, Championships &
1930 Productions

Society, championships & Productions - Click to Read
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The Janitor, Fred Wistrick

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We, the Class of 1930, wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Wistrick for the splendid service he has given, not only to our class, but also to the entire school. If our class has been a success, no doubt he has contributed his share with the cheerful smiles with which he has confronted us for the 12 years we spent with him. When we entered the primary department 12 years ago, "Fritz" met us with a smile. When we left old E.H.S. this year the same old "Fritz" with the same old smile bade us farewell. Keep on smiling "Fritz"! It's worth millions to a bunch of hard-working students like we were. Lots o'luck to our dear old Janitor!

~*~*~ ~*~*~ ~*~*~ ~*~*~ ~*~*~

~Source: Original class booklet, "On Elkader", scanned by Ann Rock
~Contributed by Ann Rock, granddaughter of Rosalyn Sabbann Smith, Class of 1930.  Rosalyn Sabbann is in the class photo, the fourth row, second from the left. Ann Marie's email address can be found in the surname registry for 'Smith'.


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