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Mound School #4
Mallory township, Clayton co. Iowa

by Judith Mallory Holthaus

Mound School No. 4, Mallory Township, stood on the corner of the Mallory farm. The Mound got it’s name because the area is made up of a lot of large rocks as you can see in this picture.

Mound School #4, Mallory twp.
Mound School #4, Mallory twp

In the summer the students would sit on the large flat rock in front of the school and eat their lunch. We carried drinking water from a nearby farm. Several generations of area people, and my Mallory family went to school here. I went 1949-1951, K-1st grade, then the school was closed. The school mailbox can be seen by the 'mud' road going by the school in the picture below taken in about 1910.

The Mound Rock, 1910

The students often played on the big rock. The road now runs around the opposite side of this rock.


Mary White Mallory

Mary White, wife of Sam Mallory, my great-grandmother, taught at the Mound school October 1887-Summer 1888.

Mary was the mother of Dean S. Mallory, grandmother of Clark Allen 'Bob' Mallory, and great-grandmother of Bruce and Judith Mallory Holthaus.

~photographer: Farrington, McGregor, Iowa


Edna Every married Dean S. Mallory, my grandparents.

The photo (right) was taken while Edna was staying with Bid & Cass Hansel and teaching at the Mound School, 1910-1911.

Edna Every Mallory ca1910-1911

Edna Every Mallory with her students at the Mound school.

Teacher Edna Every Mallory & Mound School students, ca1910/11

Teacher Edna Every Mallory & Mound School students, ca1910/11
Edna Every Mallory and students.

L-R: Sam Stewart, Foy Hunt, Harvey Hansel, Les Patrick, Harry Penhollow, Harley White, Cecil Hansel, Max Palmer, Ralph Stewart, Merle Hunt, Clarence Moser, Edna Palmer, Opal Hansel, Golda Hansel, with Edna Every Mallory, teacher 1910-1911. Many of these students are in the picture above this one.


Bernita Moser, Alvina Palmer & Cora Hunt, ca1920

(Left) Mound School students about 1920.

Front: Bernita Moser and Alvina Palmer Hagen
Back: Cora Hunt Wolf


From 1921-1924 Edmund Burkholz taught at the mound. He sometimes stayed with my grandparents Dean and Edna Mallory. My dad, Clark Allen 'Bob' Mallory would walk to school with Mr. Burkholz. In the picture below dad had fallen asleep waiting to walk home. On the left side of the picture it looks like a light bulb is hanging down from the ceiling.

Clark A. 'Bob' Mallory, inside the Mound school, early 1920's


The photo on the right was taken after 1951 when the school was sold.

Someone stood on the large rock in front of the school and took the picture of dad Bob Mallory, Bruce Mallory, and me Judith Mallory Holthaus sitting on the front step.

We all had attended the Mound School.

Mound School, ca1953

Mound School being moved to Colesburg December 6, 1954

The Mound School was bought by Fred Mitzner for $800, and on December 6, 1954 it was moved to Colesburg. A large rock in front of the school had to be dynamited to get the building onto the main road.


~All photos & text were contributed by Judy (Mallory) Holthaus


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