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Monona High School

Left top & bottom: Prior to the fire this last weekend, the old Monona School building located on the block North of the Co-Op stands ready for demolition. A training session for firemen was held on Saturday in conjunction with Sunday's controlled burning, March 20, 1988.

Right top & bottom: On Sunday, the roof was set on fire first and after it caved in the rest of the structure burned. By the middle of the afternoon on Sunday the building was completely gutted with only parts of the brick walls remaining. The snow fence in front kept the large crowd at a safe distance.


On March 20, 1988, the Monona Fire Department participated in a training session in which the Old Monona School building was burnt. My mother, Evelyn D. (Franck) Kelly graduated from the Monona High School in 1944. She watched as the school burned and took many photographs. These are 2 of them.

~all of the photos on this page were contributed by Connie Ellis


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