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International Correspondence Schools
Scranton, PA

Founded in 1891, ICS offered courses on the installment plan. Ten Courses could be paid for in advance or on a "sixty-days-same-as-cash" basis, but most students opted for paying in three, five, or ten-dollar monthly installments. The installment plan was extremely important because some of the ICS courses were expensive. For example, in 1906, the "Complete Architecture" course cost $110 if paid in advance. The price rose to $122 on the ten-dollar plan, $130 on the five-dollar plan, and $135 on the three-dollar plan. The payment plans allowed people who did not earn much to take advantage of an incredible educational opportunity on a budget.

Name Address Year No. of Subjects and/or Drawing Plates completed Course of Study Diploma or Certificate
Wessel, A.H. Edgewood 1904 12 S, 26 P Complete Architectural  
Beeler, N. Monona, Box 88 1903 18 S, 23 P Complete Architectural  
Gratke, G.E. Strawberry Point, Box 105 1902 12 S, 10 P Complete Architectural  
Entwisle, V.A. Monona 1903 2 S Complete Commercial  
Peterson, B.H. St. Olaf, R.F.D. 1, c/o O.S. Olson 1903 2 S Bookkeeping & Business Forms  
Humes, L.R. North McGregor, c/o West Yard Hotel 1906 3 S Complete Commercial Law  
Halt, L.H. St. Olaf 1907 3 S Complete Commercial Law  
Herchert, E.J. Elkport 1901 7 S, 2 P Stationary Engineers' Diploma
Bittner, R.E. Guttenberg 1903 12 S Engine & Dynamo Running  
Carpenter, Laura B. Strawberry Point, R.F.D. 1, Box 20 1905 5 S, 9 P Teachers'  
Moore, I. Strawberry Point, R.F.D. 1 1904 3 S Teachers'  
Rankin, I.P. Strawberry Point 1898 12 S Locomotive Running, Complete  
Cassaday, G.W. Monona 1906 9 S Shop Practice, Blacksmithing & Forging Division  
De Lang, A.C. North McGregor 1906 6 S Locomotive Running, Complete  


~source The International Correspondence Schools, Education by Mail; publication date 1908
~photo is of the cover of the publication listing the students and graduates
~names extracted by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Note: ICS, now Penn Foster Career School, is still in business today.


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