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Guttenberg High School
"One Hundred Years of Excellence"

GHS Graduates

Note: The names of graduates are from the GHS Alumni Association Directory since no 'official' record exists. In the following list of graduates, the [female] married name and whereabouts (as of 1988) of the graduate is as complete as possible. It was assumed that graduates prior to 1913 are deceased, but this was not verified.

Year & Name Notes

Aulwes, Lottie deceased
Bosecker, Mathilda Harris; Guttenberg, IA
Eckart, Una  
Erie, Selma  
Froelich, Mildred  
Geuder, Ida  
Jacobs, Emma  
Kappen, Evelyn deceased
Kolker, Ruth deceased
Loesecke, Floyd  
Lorenz, Arnold deceased
Minger, Lorrell  
Moser, Mabel  
Overbeck, Walter  
Radamacker, Mildred  
Reuschel, Millie  

Bensnider, Wayne deceased
Biederman, Amanda deceased
Frye, Mervel deceased
James, Charles deceased
James, Dwight deceased
Kolker, Russell  
Lorenz, Lester deceased
Madden, William deceased
Moser, Merrill deceased
Musfeldt, Lawrence deceased
Pennecke, Henrietta deceased
Schulte, Oliver deceased
Walke, Viola Werges; Guttenberg, IA

Cassutt, Myrtle Smith; Elkader, IA
Fry, Leon deceased
Janzig, Agnes deceased
Jungblut, Helen deceased
Jungblut, Mattie Saeugling; McGregor, IA
Kappen, Evelyn deceased
Minger, Byron deceased
Moser, Myrna deceased
Musfeldt, Ralph Dubuque, IA
Purnhage, Dorothy Broga; Des Moines, IA
Schweikert, Murial Bigleo; Postville, IA

A list of the 1922 graduates was also published in the Elkader Register, Thur., 04 May 1922. Guttenberg column. It differs somewhat from the GHS Alumni Association Directory ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

The following young people will graduate from the Guttenberg High School this year:

Myrtle Cassutt
Roy Erie
Leon Frey
Violet Havill
Agnes Janzig
Mattie Jungblut
Helen Jungblut
Evelyn F. Kappen
Myrna Moser
Byron Minger
Dorothy Purnhage
Chester Saeugling
Lenona Schroeder
Muriel Schweikert

Ralph Musfelt will graduate in January, 1923

Year & Name Notes

Adams, Harold deceased
Ary, Lee deceased
Aulwes, Catherine Flagel; Garnavillo, IA
Duwe, Florence deceased
Geuder, Ewald deceased
Graybill, Myrle deceased
Heuer, Arnold deceased
Heuer, Paul  
Ingwersen, Virgil deceased
Jacobs, Irene deceased
Kramer, Elsie Defilippo; Boulder City, NV
Nagel, Laura  
Powers, Jenny St. Angelo, TX
Scholz, Lumilda deceased
Scholz, Oliver deceased
Walke, Delos deceased

Cassutt, Eleanor Rishell; Guttenberg, IA
Cassutt, Wallace deceased
Dietrich, Charles deceased
Eckart, Agnes Tangeman; Guttenberg, IA
Friedlein, Minnie Guttenberg, IA
Geick, Alfred deceased
Geuder, Hulda Thiese; Guttenberg, IA
Gilbertz, Albert Guttenberg, IA
Minger, Rita Christofferson; Postville, IA
Nagel, Elmer Dubuque, IA
Rademacker, Violet deceased
Reinitz, Vivian Burt; Wausau, WI
Scholz, Russell deceased
Schorg, Delbert deceased
Walke, Irene Torrey; Guttenberg, IA

Year & Name Notes
Becker, Gwendolyn deceased
Beerman, Harold deceased
Behrend, Alvina deceased
Biederman, Harold Guttenberg, IA
Cassutt, Beatrice Borcherding; Guttenberg, IA
Conley, John Sun Prairie, WI
Ditmer, Dorothy Sauegling; Rock Island, IL
Duwe, Harold Garnavillo, IA
Erie, Russell deceased
Ferris, Jennie E. Fort Dodge, IA
Geuder, Olga Luft; Delavan, IL
Heuder, Lora Larson; St. Olaf, IA
Latta, Helen Tiffany; Manchester, IA
Madden, Louise Heil; Dubuque, IA
Marshall, Sophia Smith; Guttenberg, IA
Moser, Vera Kooser; Cedar Rapids, IA
Ortman, Adele Peterson; Spooner, WI
Rantzow, Carl E. deceased

Bowman, Winifred Moser; Guttenberg, IA
Friedlein, Julia Finch; Guttenberg, IA
Hedeman, Ruth Eucher; Elkader, IA
Scholz, Mable Woits; Cedar Rapids, IA
Tinkey, Dorathy deceased
Walke, Evelyn deceased
White, Bernita Tarbox; North English, IA

Abbott, Veryle Guttenberg, IA
Beerman, Gertrude deceased
Bitner, Roma Minger; Guttenberg, IA
Borman, Maxine deceased
Cassutt, Ivanelle deceased
Drenkhahn, Raymond Guttenberg, IA
Duwe, Violet Knocke; Elkader, IA
Erie, Loren deceased
Ferris, Evelyn Callahan; Dubuque, IA
Groth, Howard deceased
Jacobs, Wanda Eggen; Dubuque, IA
Jungblut, Mae Abbott; Guttenberg, IA
Kann, Carl J. Guttenberg, IA
Lehne, Luther deceased
Nuehring, Dorothy Sing; Worthington, MN
Sassen, Edmund deceased
Strauss, Hannah deceased
Strauss, Minnie deceased
Tueke, Lorraine deceased
Walter, Victor deceased

Bittner, Violet White; Guttenberg, IA
Borrett, Alfred Guttenberg, IA
Clefisch, Lenora Schove; Luana, IA
Ferris, Elmer deceased
Friedlein, Dorothy Kinyon; Keosauqua, IA
Friedlein, Wiley deceased
Graybill, Babe Behrend; Waldron, AR
Livingston, Hazel Young; Guttenberg, IA
Schlake, Leighton Postville, IA
Schweikert, Juanita Kann; Guttenberg, IA
Schweikert, Theodore deceased
Tucker, Archie Port St. Lucy, FL
Tuecke, Bernice Bowles; Decorah, IA
White, Lucille Marsh; Brabenton, FL
Winch, Anna deceased

Abbott, Curtis H. deceased
Behrend, Helen W. Dubuque, IA
Cassutt, Elizabeth A. deceased
Duwe, Raymond deceased
Endered, Ruth I. Heller; East Dubuque, IL
Ferris, Mildred E. Fort Dodge, IA
Goeshcel, Wilda A. Westman; St. Angelo, TX
Groth, Eva C.L. deceased
Harnisch, Irene L. Miller; Guttenberg, IA
Ihm, Robert E. Hastings, NE
Kruse, Arius A. Bettendorf, IA
Larson, Lucille M. Hockett; Guttenberg, IA
Muschewske, Arleen L. Wolf; Edgewood, IA
Ortman, Bernice H. McConnell; Webster City, IA
Schroeder, Joseph W. Guttenberg, IA
Schultz, Marie Franklin; Belle Plaine, IA
Thiese, Magdalen M. deceased
Troester, Emma E. deceased
Wenkstern, Woodrow H. Las Vegas, NV


~Source: The Official Souvenir of the Guttenberg High School Centennial: "One Hundred Years of Excellence" 1888-1988.
A Commemorative Booklet Marking the 100th anniversary of Guttenberg High School's First Graduating Class of 1888

~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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