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Elkader Public Schools
Independent School District

Miscellaneous information from various sources

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The following are the officers and directors of Elkader Independent School District:
President - H. C. Grotewohl
Secretary - W. A. Preston
Treasurer - F. H. Carter
Directors - D. R. Mills, C. Reinecke, F. D. Bayless, Marvin Cook, C. F.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 28 March 1878 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

A meeting of the school board of Elkader Independent School District, held on Tuesday evening, the following teachers were employed for the departments named:
Principle - J. F. Thompson
Grammar Dept. - John N. Hamilton
Intermediate Department - Miss Caddi Richardson
Primary Department - Miss Kate Vaupel
German Department - George Kuessner
~Elkader Register, Thur., 20 June 1878 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


The Elkader public school opened on Monday with a largely increased attendance, the enrollment being 166. There were twenty-two foreign scholars enrolled as follows:

Rose Quinn
Elsie Simmons
Eddie Gates
Mamie Pimley
Mary Johnson
Cora Reynolds
Rose Downie
Eliza Reynolds
Stephen Donlan
Henry Schecker
Mary Lucy
Nellie Lown
Annie Hayes
Carrie Jacobia
Albert Meder
D. Donahue
Maria Roach
Martha J. Wooldridge
Hattie B. Pimley
Rosanna Underwood
John Behn

~Elkader Register, Fri., 8 Sept. 1882 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson
~note: "foreign" students likely are those new to the school and not necessarily from foreign countries


Elkader Girls Win
A very interesting game of basketball was played at Turner Opera House Saturday evening between the Volga High School Girls and the '02's of Elkader. The Elkader team played the more scientific game and were easy winners, the score at the end of the first half being 4 to 1 in their favor, and at the end of the game 9 to 5. The teams lined up as follows:

Volga -
Helen Whitford, C.
Ada Whitford, F.F.
Lizzie Brabrandt, B.F.
Gusta Brabrandt, F.G.
Frances White, B.G.
Elkader -
Amella Becker, C.
Kate Kramer, F.F.
Carrie Schmidt, B.F.
Eva Jack, F.G.
Anna Stemmer, B.G.

After the game light refreshments were served to the guests from Volga. About 30 of Volga's young people were over to cheer for the girls. Receipts at the door were over $30.
~Elkader Argus, Wed., January 27, 1903


Elkader HS Graduates, 1907

Class of 1907
Photo by Lodahl & Hover

Upper row, left-right: Tillie Tieden, Kenneth Canada, Jessie Wilke, Lewis Lilly, Lulu Kleinpell, Blanche Scovel

Lower row, left-right: Ella Nugent, Ernest Lake, Johannah Peterson, Francis Foran, Clotilde Roach

~Elkader Register, Thursday, June 6, 1907 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Elkader High School Class of 1922:

Leroy Bandow
Earl Ehrhardt
Florence Kitterman
Merle Oelke
Wm. Schrampfer
Valmah Wright
Greta Church
Sarah Connell
Adele Fascher
Edna Haltmeyer
Mary Rothmeyer
Clarence Bauer
Mae Feeney
John B. Donlon
Louis Gilje
Sylvena M_nti
Herbert Thoreson
Dorothy Wilke
Lillian Kjosa
LaVon Conboy
Verna Coutant
Evelyn Gulsvig
Mary Lucey
Mabel Steen
Helen Bauer
Mae Roac

~Elkader Register, Thur., June 1, 1922 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1924 Elkader Public school graduates:

Ruth Adele Bayless
A. Ivanelle Beamer
Mildred G. Becker
Gladys B. Cook
Leroy H. Benschneider
Stella M. Downey
Gerald G. Bock
Edith Marie Lange
Vernon A Coutant
Rosella Larson
Joseph J. Hyde
Ruth V. Perry
Marguerite Hyde
Alma B. Rugland
Clarence R. Jacobson
Eleanora W. Taake
Vallie Ress Klink
Zita I. Uriell
Cyril O. Koehn
Jeanette W. Walz
Orvald E. Larson
Marie A. Lenth
Veronica M. Mathews
Iva Meder
Helena Niemeyer
Pearl M. Taacke
Clarence E. Nugent
Marjorie Richardson
Carl F. Rothmeyer
Leota Ann Schmitt
Lillian R. Thompson
Milton W. Uecker

Salutatory - Joseph Hyde
Valedictory - Leroy Benschneider

~Elkader Register, Thur., May 29, 1924 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Organization of the various classes and clubs of the local high school has now been completed for the year 1927-28. Class elections have been held and the officers are as follows:

Senior Class
President - Dorothy Braucht
Secretary - Helen Lenth
Treasurer - Nettie Larson
Class Reporter - Mildred Heiden

Junior Class
President - Laurine Katschkowsky
Vice-President - Greta Hakert
Secretary - Mary Oehring
Treasurer - Jean Jeffers
Class Reporter - Elma Pollock

Sophomore Class
President - Vernice Gilje
Secretary and Treasurer - Howard Wacker
Class Reporter - Goldie Mae Lange
Sponsor - Mr. Woods

Freshman Class
President - Jeanne Bishop
Secretary and Treasurer - Harlan Lenth
Class reporter - Norma Geno
Sponsor - Miss Rice

Eighth Grade
President - Lorraine Buckman
Vice-President - Elizabeth Jeffers
Secretary - John Stemmer
Treasurer - Gladys Gmelin

Seventh Grade
President - Gladys Kikendall
Vice-President - Donald Wolf
Secretary - Richard Wolf
Treasurer - Hanna Gjertsen

~Clayton County Register, Thur., 29 Sept. 1927 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


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