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......... advertisements or notices placed by persons looking for a relative


Misc. Ads from Clayton co. newspapers

~Sources are indicated with each entry
~Data transcribed, and notes added by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Information wanted of Ellison Tottingham, who resided in Massena, St. Lawrence county, N.Y., about the year 1835 or 1836, shortly after which time he went to Canada, and has not since been heard of by his brother, who is anxious to obtain intelligence of his whereabouts. Any information concerning him wil be thankfully received by Ellias Tottingham, at Garnavillo, Clayton county, Iowa. New York and Canada papers will confer a great favor upon the parties by copying this notice.
~Clayton County Herald, Elkader, Friday, March 9, 1855
Note: Elias Tottingham is enumerated in Garnavillo twp. as per the 1854 IA State census. He later removed to Eyota twp., Olmstead co., Minnesota, where he died in 1879. I could find nothing to indicate he ever located his brother Ellison.

Adam Grouse
left this place about eight weeks since, for St. Louis; since which time he has not been heard from. When he left he said he would not be gone longer than two or three weeks. Any one knowing his whereabouts will confer a favor on the subscriber by addressing a note to her at Guttenberg, Clayton county, Iowa.
Mary Grouse
St. Louis papers please copy.
~Clayton County Journal, Guttenberg, Thursday, May 27, 1858

Information Wanted - Roderick Fraser, born in Jefferson county, New York, in the year 1836, was brought when five years old to Illinois, by Aaron Gould - since then he has resided somewhere in Iowa. The undersigned, who is his sister, would be pleased to hear from him, and the press of the State will do a kindness to both parties by giving this notice publicity.
Delilah Finn, Garnavillo, Iowa, April 8, 1859
~Weekly North Iowa Times, Wednesday, April 13, 1859; pg 2

Anybody who can give information of the whereabouts of Albert Eugene Koenig, from Switzerland, who came to the United States about a year ago, and was, when last heard from, at Elkader, Clayton County -- will greatly oblige his Brother -- in giving him information. Direct letter to Andrew Koenig, Oakland City, California.
~Clayton County Journal, Elkader, Wednesday, March 24, 1869

Information wanted of the whereabouts of A.C. Lewis, aged 19. He formerly peddled notions between Elkader and Volga City, but is now supposed to be at work on a farm in Clayton county. Information as to his whereabouts will be very thankfully received by his brother, J. Lewis, Brush Creek, Iowa.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, June 23, 1892


Irish Immigrant Ads

~Source of the information below: "Searching for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in “The Boston Pilot 1831–1920”. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1989. Harris, Ruth-Ann M., Donald M. Jacobs, and B. Emer O’Keeffe, editors.
~Data on Clayton co. persons extracted from the book & transcribed by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


Of John Wall, or his daughter, Margaret, who came to this cuntry from Athlone, centre of Ireland, in 1836, and when last heard from were residing in Washington city, D.C. Any informaiton respecting them will be thankfully received by his brother Mathew Wall, Garnavillo, Clayton County, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 11/15/1851)

Of Bridget Culligen and Mary Ann Martin, of Burrane, parish Killimy, co. Clare, who landed in Quebec in '54; when last heard from was in New York City. Information will be received by their brothers Thomas or John Culligan, Little Port, Clayton co., Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 4/14/1855)

Of Mary Kelly (maiden name Nunan) formerly of parish Kanturk, co. Cork; when last heard from in 1852, was in New York. Please address her husband, Lewis Kelly, Littleport, Clayton county, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 4/24/1858)

Of Patrick Ryan, of parish Kilscully, county Tipperary, who sailed from Limerick in May, 1854, and landed in Quebec; when last heard from was in Clayton county, Iowa, with Patrick Malowney. Information will be thankfully received by his cousin, John Cunneen, in care of Patrick Sheahan, No. 24 Bow street, Charlestown, Mass. (Boston Pilot, 7/9/1859)

Of John and Johanna Baret, natives of the village of Collins-Ucherough, parish of Kilmore, west of Bantry, county Cork, who emigrated from London, England (where they resided for six years) in 1854 and landed in New York; when last heard from John was in Mitchel, Indiana, about seven years ago; Johanna was in Fall River, on or about the same time. Any information of them will be thankfull received by their brother, Patrick Barnet, of McGregor, Clayton county, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 12/24/1864)

Of Richard McKnight, when last heard of, in 1849, he was living in Lucas, Ohio. Any party knowning his address will confer a favor by sending same to Katie McKnight, Box 6022, Chicago, Ill. (Boston Pilot, 7/13/1867) Note: see advertisement dated 10/5/1867 below.

Notice - An advertisement inquiring for me appeared in the Pilot of July 27th, from Catherine McKnight. I have written to her three times, and received no answer. I take this means of informing her that my address is: Richard McKnight, Elkader, Clayton county, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 10/5/1867) Note: see advertisement dated 7/13/1867 above.

Of John McGee, a native of the parish of Laney Lackinwood, county Westmeath, Ireland, son of John and Catherine McGee. John left Falls Village, Conn., about 13 years ago. He went to Elkader, Iowa, to his mother and brother Peter. He left there and went to California, and has not been heard of since. Any information of said John McGee will be thankfully recieved by his brother, Thomas McGee, Harrison square, Dorchester, Mass. (Boston Pilot, 5/29/1869)

Of Michael Naughtin, stonecutter and mason, who left his brother John in Mauston, Wis., two years ago this fall; he worked some in Lanesboro', Minn., and last fall worked for B. & C. Lantry, masons, in McGregor, Iowa, or near it. Information of him will be received by his brother, John Naughtin, or T.P. Naughtin, Mauston, Juneau county, Wis. (Boston Pilot, 11/11/1871)

Of Michael Rogers, who left Clayton county, Iowa, for California, in the spring of 1864; he was in Grass Valley in 1865, Marysvile in 1866 and '67, and was in Nevada in 1869. Information of his will be received by his brother, James Rogers, Elkader, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 4/20/1872) Note: see also advertisement dated 9/28/1878 below.

Of Thomas Casey, parish of Dromin, county Limerick, who left Portland, Maine, May 16, 1866, to go West; when last heard from, August, 1868, was then at McGregor, Iowa. If this should meet the eye of any person knowning his whereabouts, they will confer a favor by addressing his brother, Patrick Casey, Portland Rolling Mills, Portland, Maine.(Boston Pilot, 6/2/1872)

Of Richard and David Dunne, natives of county Waterford; father's name is Edward Dunne, and mother's name Ann Dunne; wen last heard of was in Wisconsin. Information of them will be received by their sister, Mary Dunne, McGregor, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 08/09/1873)

Of Bryan Connors, and Timothy and Ellen Foley, born in Fargus, county Cork; when last heard from were in Clayton county, Iowa, to which place they went from Ithaca, N.Y. Information of them can be sent to their sister, Honora Foley, 83 Medford Street, Charlestown, Mass. (Boston Pilot, 2/2/1878)

Of Michael Rogers, who left Elkador, Clayton county, Iowa, April, 1864, for California; stopped in Maysville in that State 'till 1868, when he went to Nevada; when last heard from in May, 1867 [sic], had a ranch on the line of the south Pacific Railroad. Information of him, dead or alive, will be received by his brother, James Rogers, Elkader, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 09/28/1878) Note: see also advertisement dated 4/20/1872 above

Catherine McPadden would like to hear from her three brothers, Stephen, Francis and John McPadden, from Derrintewey, county Leitrim, sons of Michael McPadden. Address Kate Davis (maiden name Catherin McPadden), McGregor, Iowa. (Boston Pilot, 09/18/1880)


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