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Ninety-one to Camp Dodge and
Seven to Fort Riley This Week

Special to the Times-Journal.
Elkader, Ia., Sept. 5 -- Ninety-eight men left here this week, ninety-one
going to Camp Dodge on Thursday morning and seven men of Group C, physically qualified for limited service only, left for Fort Riley, Kan., Tuesday, Sept. 3. They are all young men, having reached the age of 21 since the 1917
registration, and were registered June 5, 1918. The young men mobilized here at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning and in the afternoon they were entertained at the Elkader fair. Following is the list:

Roy J. Hyde, Elkader.
Geo. Wiedeman, Guttenberg.
LeRoy J. Schlake, Garnavillo.
George Hulbert, Elkader.
Alfred Bink, Elkader.
Edmund C. Dell, Luana.
John P. McTaggert, Strawberry Point.
Horace B. Farrington, Strawberry Point.
Lester Carrier, Clayton.
Chas. A. Carr, Monona.
Johnnie Latteyer, Elkader.
Huber W. A. Sass, Monona.
Martin R. Friedlein, Osterdock.
Atharton R. Wickershiem, McGregor.
Pete Dutka, Elkader.
Elmer H. Mueller, Guttenberg.
Fred J. Rirrer, Strawberry Point.
Leonard C. Wagner, Monona.
Curtis J. Landon, Elkader.
Orin R. Ferris, Turkey River.
Glen M. Penhollow, Turkey River.
Valdick E. Macha, Giard
Verni Schultz, Postville.
Cornelius D. Dietrich, Guttenberg.
Clarence Saeugling, Guttenberg.
Aug. L. Kirscht, Elkader.
Geo. Butikofer, Elgin.
Ralph Schmidt, Strawberry Point.
Dale S. Brown, Osterdock.
Harry J. Lenth, Luana.
William C. Refle, Elkport.
Carl A Roeder, Elkader.
Harry H. Hinman, Luana.
Frederick C. Macha, Iona, Iowa.
Albert William Gratke, Strawberry Point.
Edward J. Hackett, Monona.
Francis Sherman, Edgewood.
Alfred C. David, Monona.
Leo A. Moon, Farmersburg.
Clarence F. Amling, Edgewood.
Harvey Gottschalk, Elkader.
Gilbert Garts, Strawberry Point. *
Louis Martie, Elkader.
Otto A. Phelps, Edgewood.
Leo Louis Behrens, Elkader.
Owen E. Koltzbach, McGregor.
Henry W. Roloff, Monona.
William Berger, Volga.
Archibald S. Campbell, North McGregor.
Milton Klink, Elkader.
Helmuth H. Bentien, Monona.
Wesley K. Lenth, Farmersburg.
Roy Green, Strawberry Point.
Claue Gleason, Elkport.
Aloysius Pins, Turkey River.
Michael J. Martin, Volga.
Ralph L. Barger, Edgewood.
Burt Thoman, Elgin.
Joseph B. Hahn, North Buena Vista.
Ernest F. Winkler, Elkport.
Louis H. Goltz, North McGregor.
Rich J. McNally, Postville.
LeRoy G. Larson, Farmersburg.
William M. Erickson, North McGregor.
Bennie G. Meyer, Elkader.
Karl H. Erbe, McGregor.
Walter R. Tinkey, Osterdock.
Louis H. Perinjaquet, Edgewood.
Bennie A. Gulsvig, St. Olaf.
Henry B. Meyer, Glen Haven, Wis.
Arthur Z. Wilkinson, North McGregor.
Hugo Kalke, Elkader.
Clarence Wachendorf, North Buena Vista.
Welby Walker, Strawberry Point.
Walter A. Bruehahn, Monona.
Richard E. Bachtell, McGregor.
Vern C. Puffet, Strawberry Point.
Ora T. Marlett, McGregor.
Gilbert F. Fox, Monona.
Frank H. Baker, Volga.
Wm. ?. Hansel, Osterdock.
Emil A. Rekow, Luana.
Ralph H. Reardon, Farmersburg.
Clarence Rinniker, North Buena Vista.
Rudy G. Cassutt, Guttenberg.
Clarence R. McMillen, McGregor.
Clarence E. Henkes, Farmersburg.
Arthur Baumgartner, Strawberry Point.
Elmer Hulgren, McGregor.
Otto A. Gunspp, Strawberry Point.
Chas. C. Hummel, Volga.
Thorwald Thompson, Farmersburg.
Martin G. Roeben, Crookston, Minn.
Edward H. Niemann, Guttenberg.

Seven men of Group C., physically qualified for limited service, left for
Fort Riley, Kan., leaving here Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 12:10 p.m. They are:

Louis C. Rohwedder, Garnavillo.
John G. Lestina, Monona.
Lester W. Wilke, Carroll.
Herbert W. Hesner, Edgewood.
T. D. Brady, Monona.
Fred E. Olson, Brainard, Minn.

*Submitter's note: this name was very hard to read (newspaper print was smudged) With all due respect, I hope I got it right.
Source: The Dubuque Times-Journal; September 5, 1918
Transcribed & submitted by Mary Durr

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