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The National Woman's Relief Corps was organized at Denver, Colorado, July 26, 1883, as auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic. It remains to this day a patriotic organization dedicated to preserving the memories & records of the G.A.R. They provide assistance to veterans of all wars, their widows and orphans.

Extracted from a "Brief Sketch of the WRC" by Kate Sherwood, secretary of the organizing convention, July 26, 1883:

The work of American women in the great war for the preservation of the Union was that of relief. Relief on the battle field and in the hospitals ... in homes .... of the wives and children of the soldiers at the front ..... for the widows and orphans
~Source: Womans Relief Corps website (read more by clicking the History tab)


Unless otherwise credited the information on this page was contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Clayton county W.R.C. Organizations

Harvey Dix Corps, No. 69, McGregor
Organized April 28, 1886

Henry Howard Corps, No. 89, Strawberry Point
Organized November 17, 1886

Hiram Steele Corps, No. 258, Edgewood
Organized August 27, 1892

~Source: History Department of Iowa; Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic 1884-1934; compiled by Emma B. Robinson, 1933 historian
~Contributed by Roseanna Zehner



Monona: The installation of the officers elect of the W.R.C. took place last Friday evening, Mrs. Parma Wilson conducting the service. Those officers installed were:
President - Clara Curtis
Senior Vice - Sarah Neilings
Junior Vice - Martha Gregg
Treasurer - Esther Davis
Chaplain - Elizabeth Cassaday
Conductor - Minnie Sebastian
Guard - Amanda Renshaw
Ass't Conductor - Kate Otis
Ass't Guard - Alice Mason
Pat. Instructor - Phoebe Hopkins
Musician - Addie Egbert
Press Correspondent - Parma Wilson
Color Bearers:
No. 1 - Sarah Gilbert
No. 2 - Julia Howard
No. 3 - Lydia Burgess
No. 4 - Amanda McGoon
Sec'y - Lizzie Russell
~Elkader Register, Thur., 26 Jan. 1905. Monona column



Monona: The following W.R.C. officers were installed Jan. 14th, 1910:
President - Parma Wilson
S.V. Pres. - Clara Curtis
J.V. Pres. - Phoebe Hopkins
Secretary - Lizzie Russell
Treas. - Nellie Olmstead
Chaplain - Martha Smith
Pat Inst. - Amanda Renshaw
Press Correspondent - Kate Otis
Conductor - Minnie Sebastian
Guardian - Sarah Nelings
Asst. Conductor - Jennie Walker
Asst. Guard - Maude Thomas
C.B. No. 1 - Sarah Gilbert
C.B. No. 2 - Julia Howard
C.B. No. 3 - Lena Wellman
C.B. No. 4 - Esther Davis
Musician - Addie Egbert
Installing Officer - Elizabeth Cassday
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 27 Jan. 1910. Monona column



Strawberry Point: The W.R.C. installed the following officers Tuesday afternoon for the ensuing year:
Pres. - Mrs. Martha Schug
Sr. Pres. - Mrs. Clara Sloan
Jr. Pres. - Mrs. Amelia Nace
Chap. - Mrs. Alma Nace
Treas. - Mrs. Sophia Malone
Cond. - Mrs. Libbie Davis
Guard - Mrs. Lizzie Barker
Sec. - Mrs. Donna Taylor
Asst. Guard - Mrs. Ida Hughes
Asst. Cond. - Mrs. Edith Young
Press Cor. - Mrs. Carrie Roberts
1st Color Bearer - Mrs. Fannie Gilchrist
2nd Color Bearer - Mrs. Carrie Roberts
3rd Color Bearer - Mrs. Addie Little
4th Color Bearer - Mrs. Mary Hesner
Musician - Mrs. Mary King
Patriotic Instructor - Mrs. Maty Opperman

Mrs. Alma Nace was the installing officer. The members of the G.A.R. were invited to the installation, but the old soldiers are so reduced in numbers and their activity curtailed by old age that only six were present.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 11 Jan. 1917. Strawberry Point columns

Monona: The W.R.C. installed their new officers, Friday afternoon, February 9th. Miss Etta Fonda acted as installing officer, and placed in office the following:
Pres. - Lizzie Russell
S. Vice - Louise Zollinger
Jr. Vice - Esther Davis
Sec. - Edwina Perry
Treas. - Nellie Olmsted
Cond. - Hattie Briar
Guard - Viola Owen
Pat. Inst. - Anna Tapper
Musician - Addie Egbert
Color Bearers - Lena Wellman, Julia Howard, Carrie Montgomery, Etta Fonda
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 15 Feb. 1917. Monona column



Strawberry Point
The W.R.C. installed the following officers Tuesday afternoon for the ensuing year. Mrs. Martha Schug was the installing officer.
President - Mrs. Alma Nace
S.V.P. - Mrs. Sophia Malone
J.V.P. - Mrs. Eva Davis
Chaplain - Mrs. Amelia Nace
Conductor - Mrs. Libbie Davis
Treasurer - Mrs. Addie Little
Guard - Miss Lizzie Kramer
Asst. Con. - Mrs. Edith Young
Asst. Guard - Ida Hughes
Secretary - Carrie Roberts
Pat. Inst. - Mrs. Martha Schug
Press Cor. - Mrs. Carrie Roberts
Organist - Mrs. Mary King
Color Bearer No. 1 - Mrs. Fannie Gilchrist
Color Bearer No. 2 - Mrs. Donna Taylor
Color Bearer No. 3 - Mrs. Daisy Nace
Color Bearer No. 4 - Mrs. Mary Hesner
Delegate - Mrs. Martha Schug
Alternate Delegate - Mrs. Sophia Malone
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 10 Jan 1918. Strawberry Point column

The W.R.C. held installation services in the I.O.O.F. hall last Friday afternoon, Jan. 11th, and Mrs. Clara Otis as installing officer inducted into office the following:
President - Amanda Jordahl
S.V. Pres. - Alice Mason
J.V. Pres. - Esther Davis
Secretary - E__yna Perry
Treasurer - _lora Davis
Chaplain - Elizabeth Cassidy
Conductor - Janie Walker
Pat. Instructor - Anna Tapper
Press Correspondent - Clara L. Otis
Musician - Addie Egbert
Asst. Cond, - Hattie Buear
Color Bearer No. 1 - Lena Wellman
Color Bearer No. 2 - Julia Howard
Color Bearer No. 3 - Carrie Montgomery
Color Bearer No. 4 - Etta Fonda
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 17 Jan. 1918. Monona column



Strawberry Point: Women's Relief Corps
The W.R.C. elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
President - Mrs. Mary Hesner
Sr. Vice President - Myrtle Anthony
Jr. Vice President - Miss Belle DeShau
Secretary - Mrs. Mary King
Treasurer - Mrs. Addie Little
Guard - Lenora Norris
Conductor - Anna Preeston
Musician - Florence Thyne
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 18 Dec. 1919. Strawberry Point column



Strawberry Point: Women's Relief Corps
The W.R.C. held a public installation Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Martha Schug was the installing officer an Mrs. Anna Preston was Marshal. The following officers were installed:
Pres. - Mrs. Hannah Scofield
Jr. Vice Pres. - Mrs. Ella Mantz
Secretary - Mrs. Eva Balluff
Treasurer - Mrs. Mae Laity
Chaplain - Mrs. Bessie Nichols
Conductor - Miss Leta Mitchell
Asst. Conductor - Mrs. Mayme Alderson
Guard - Mrs. Mayme Opperman
Asst. Guard - Mrs. Cora Eckert
Patriotic Instructor - Mrs. Mary Hecner
Press Correspondent - Mrs. Addie Little
Musician - Miss Hannah Gratke
Color Bearer No. 1 - Mrs. Lillie Alderson
Color Bearer No. 2 - Miss Mildred Balluff
Color Bearer No. 3 - Mrs. Leta Gipper
Color Bearer No. 4 - Miss Hazel Easton
~Elkader Register, Thur., 15 Jan. 1925. Strawberry Point column



Strawberry Point: The W.R.C. installed the following 1932 officers Tuesday evening, Jan. 12:
President - Mrs. Leta Mitchell
Junior Vice President - Mrs. Mae Brockmeyer
Secretary - Miss Josephine Thyne
Treasurer - Mrs. Florence Courtnage
Chaplain - Mrs. Nettie Oldfather
Conductor - Miss Mayme Alderson
Asst. Conductor - Mrs. Adah Nichols
Guard - Mrs. Lillian Lyons
Asst. Guard - Mrs. Velma Berger
Patriotic Instructor - Mrs. Irene Bowman
Color Bearer No. 1 - Mrs. Irene Quinlan
Color Bearer No. 2 - Mrs. Arlene Opperman
Color Bearer No. 3 - Mrs. Anna Preston
Color Bearer No. 4 - Mrs. Gertrude Fenchel
Musician - Mrs. Clara Steward
~Clayton County Register, Thur., January 21, 1932



Strawberry Point: The Women's Relief Corps met here Tuesday evening for installation of 1934 officers. Mrs. Martha Schug was the installing officer and Mrs. Anna Preston, installing conductor. The following are the officers installed:
President - Irene Quinlan
Senior Vice President - Arlene Opperman
Junior Vice President, Secretary - Josephine Thyne
Treasurer - Vivian Kellogg
Conductor - Anna Preston
Chaplain - Josephine Burke
Guard - Lucille Staudt
Patriotic Instructor - Martha Schug
Press Correspondent - Addie Little
Assistant Conductor - Gertrude Fenschel
Assistant Guard - Edith Bowman
Color Bearer No. 1 - Leta Giper
Color Bearer No. 2 - Leona Esch
Color Bearer No. 3 - Clara Steward
Color Bearer No. 4 - Marie Shaffer
Musician - Florence Courtnage
Delegate to District and State Convention - Mrs. Martha Schug
Alternate Delegate - Marie Schaffer
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 18 Jan. 1934



STRAWBERRY POINT: The Women's Relief Corps met Tuesday evening in the I.O.O.F. hall. Election of officers resulted as follows:
President - Mrs. Arlene Opperman
Senior Vice President - Mrs. Mae Brockmeyer
Junior Vice President - Mrs. Gertrude Fenchel
Treasurer - Mrs. Florence Courtnage
Secretary - Miss Josephine Thyne
Chaplain - Mrs. Josephine Burke
Patriotic Instructor - Mrs. Vivian Kellogg
Press Correspondent - Mrs. Ruby Baker
Musician - Miss Helen Peterson
Color Bearer No. 1 - Miss Irene Quinlan
Color Bearer No. 2 - Mrs. Alice Bowman
Color bearer No. 3 - Mrs. Jessie Schmitz
Color Bearer No. 4 - Mrs. Edna Fenton
Guard - Miss Lucille Staudt
Assistant Guard - Mrs. Edith Bowman
Conductress - Mrs. Anna Preston
Assistant Conductress - Mrs. Clara Steward
Delegate - Mrs. Irene Quinlan
Alternate Delegate - Mrs. Martha Schug
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 20 Dec. 1934


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