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World War I Military Census
Clayton county, Iowa

Transcribed for Clayton co. IAGenWeb by Reid R. Johnson, October 2021

This page:
General information, County Council overseers
and the military census: Boardman through Highland townships

Jefferson thru Millville twps. * Monona thru Wagner twps.


General information & notes

The following database contains the names of some 2,000+ men, published in the Elkader Register & Argus on June 14, 1917. Called a 'military census' it is the list of Clayton county men of military age (21 to 30 years inclusive) who registered for the military on June 5, 1917.

As it occurred in 1917 ... between regular federal censuses (1910 - 1920) it seems invaluable in showing residency of families who may have come and gone between those regular census years. The names are arranged by townships, and are not in alphabetical order. Be aware that the spelling may be questionable, so browsing in addition to creative searching of the names is advised.

Published in the Register & Argus issues prior to 6/5/1917, were the following statements extracted from full articles:

"...the registration does not necessarily mean military service, and this is especially true in a strictly farming country like Clayton county."

"A first-class reason for a full and free answer to this call lies in the fact that the penalty for refusal or false statements is severe - one year's imprisonment and registration."

"One feature to be proud of in Clayton county is that this registration was made without any expense whatever to the nation, state, county or precinct. Every man served free and paid his own traveling expenses for both trips to the county seat Monday and Wednesday. This involved much time and a considerable outlay of money by those who served in the distant parts of the county."

"Each man who registers will receive only the regulation green card supplied by the government. This card will be regarded as the only evidence of registration, and its production may be demanded at any time by any government or state peace official, if doubt as to registration arises."


Clayton county council

The state council of defense executive committee met in Des Moines and completed compilation of a list of men who have been designated as members of the various county councils which are to co-operate with the state council [to oversee the registration]. Those named for Clayton county are as follows:

A.H. Andreae, Elkader
Albert Kloser, North Buena Vista
M.F. Howard, Strawberry Point
W.H. Beacom, Clayton
A.B. Albrecht, Mederville
R. Whitehead, Edgewood
F.H, Corlett, Farmersburg
Alvin J. Kregel, Garnavillo
C.J. Neill, McGregor
L.A. Williams, Postville
C.A. Benson, Elkader
W.J. Beerman, Guttenberg
J.W. Forward, Edgewood
A.J. Walter, Garber
Ray Jacobia, Postville
J.M. Berry, North McGregor
F.S. Richards, McGregor
W.J. Barrett, Turkey River
Geo. Gilbert, Monona
James Connell, Elkader
Fred Susie, Volga
Geo. Kriebs, Elkport
F.K. Orvis, St. Olaf
Frank Uriell, Elkader
A.J. Carpenter, Elkader


Clayton County's Military Roster

The full list of those men who were eligible and registered at the military census in Clayton County last week Tuesday is given in this weeks Register and Argus. The number reported last week is incorrect, caused by a clerical error. The correct figures are 2117, over two hundred short of the government estimate. The Sheriff and County Auditor were busy until Tuesday, assisted by a force of clerks, copying cards and making lists.

Boardman Township

Karl Alfred Barthel
Edward Nicholas Bink
Maurice Canada
Alfred W. Cassutt
Harry Degenford
Elmer H. Ehrhardt
Matthew D. Foran
Oscar Paul Meisner
Arnold Plagman
Henry W. Reinhardt
Joseph Leroy Downey
James F. Fitzpatrick
John Fremont Foster
Arno H. M. Franke
William F. Kaja
Arthur Louis Kuehl
Harry Pearson
Louie D. Staub
Valmah A. Shumacher
William H. Barske
Clement D. Gleason
James G. Kelleher
Jerry Patrick Liddy
Edward Daniel Luzurn
Henry Fred Mueller
Bernard J. McShane
James Noggle
Arthur Alan Shultz
Harry W. Schulte
Frank Thomas Talbert
James M. Cain
Harry John Conrad
Walter Carl Dittmer
Fred John Ehrhardt
Sylvester Grimm
Arthur F. W. Hochaus
John Adolph Larson
George Lau
Harvey Fred Witte
Charles E. Carpenter
George L. Cassutt
Elmer Raymond Cook
William Peter Crane
George Willis Berger
William P. Boland
Elmer Joseph Hyde
Ray Louis Koons
Eldo George Meyer
John Joseph Scheffert
George Harold Schmidt
Emil Schuety
Theodore B. Smersrud
Willis James Smith
Jake Martin Steen
Atwell Lowell Talley
Ray Wall
Raymond K. Wilmarth
Joel Clark
Otto W. L. Eggimann
Vital Hartman
Fred Hennig
Lyman H. Hewett
Edward Leonard
Bennie F. Meisner
Martin A. Miller
Rubert Anton Nading
Paul Milton Paine
James Joseph Quinn
Joseph P. Roach
Louis W. Stebor
Frances Wareham
Leo Joseph Cassutt
Arthur L. Eckheart
Edward H. Ehrhardt
Otto Eugene Flours
George A. Frederick
George J. A. Hochhaus
Harry Clem Kelleher
Frank M. A. Kuhse
Walter R. Marshall
George Harry Meyer
Robert Lester Morse
Leo Pious McLaughlin
Marion H. Little
Clarence F. Murphy
Henry M. Nading
William H. Schmidt
Ernest Frederick Seifert
Fred Seybert
Fred William Steen
William F. Storbeck
Orlo Harrison Boardman
James Arthur Chapin
Phillipp Dittmer
Edward C. Fitzpatrick
Gustav W. J. Graf
Louis H. Katschkowsky
Henry Louis Krieg
Freddie Amandus Kurth
Francis Oliver Peterson
Emery Preston
Devillo Ogle Prouty
Arno Carl Schmidt
Louis Seeland
Edward E. Stockman
Alvin F. C. Breitsprecher
Albert Doeppke
Frederick C. L. Eggimann
Carl Robert Ehrhardt
William John Ehrhardt
George W. Kuehl
William C. Reimer
Alfred Schneider
August C. Storbeck
William H. Walch
Lyle Harrison Bean
Jerry Cassidy
Clayton Louis Crider
Nicholas J. Finnegan
John Glawe
George Hubbard
Fred B. Katschkowsky
Benjamin F. Leonard
John Francis Maley
Frank D. Miller
Henry William Mohr
Alva Peter Purvs
James Warren Staub
Edward B. Tourtellot
Martin G. Tujetsch

Buena Vista Township

Edward E. Fitzgerald
Raymond J. Link
Alfred F. Curtiss
Earl E. Bralint
Joseph A. Dean
Alfred Frank Kennickee
John Nelson Saylor
Frederick H. Welty
John C. Riniker
John Juran
Jamer R. Fitz Gerald
Joseph A. Kennicker
Archibald Marsh
William I. Thomas
John Peter Hansen
Nicholas P. Zimmer
John P. Engling
Charles Ferdinand Cook
Emery Jacob Roe
Jacob A. Wick
Fred Tinkey
Joe M. Riley
Michael Engling
Ira Pierce
Thomas W. Saylor
Theodore Klein
Michael L. Meyer
Philip Cook
Albert N. Kloser
Joseph F. Nachendorf
Joseph John Riniker
Joseph D. Saylor
Leo Kloser
William Ott
Geo. E. Tinkey
Nick Lendovissy
Henry Philip Engling
Arthur Jefferson Walters
John Van Harrie
Thomas A. Cornwell
William J. Dean
Tom W. Browson
Charles E. Connelly
Frank J. Bakula
Albert P. Hobel
John Riley

Cass Township

Meron A. Oxtell
Edgar A. Asmus
Francis V. Dunn
Theodore P. Frederick
John H. Gerdes
Jerome A. Gloss
Harold H. Hesner
David James Hamlett
Ben T. Kleinlein
Edwin M. Miller
Edward M. Moser
Vernon H. O'Neal
Fred W. Otterbeck
Chester D. Rummel
Glen L. Steinhilber
Harry M. Stamp
Ernest J. Schug
Carl H. Vierow
Fred L. Dunsmoor
Walter H. Frederick
Clarence L. Hall
Albert G. Opperman
Theo. Opperman
Charlie H. Oby_
Carl P. Schug
Floyd M. Snyder
Roy D. Teesdale
James J. Costigan
Carl L. Dunn
Joshua Green
Ed. Chapman Long Jr.
Earl Rust
Raymond L. Walters
Arnold A. Beguhn
Freddie Baumgartner
Thos. R. Costigan
Carl M. Fults
Carl L. Gamm
Claire H. Hesner
Carl J. Hagge
Richard E. Homewood
Roy Jenkins
Chas. E. Jefferson
Eldo A. Kamoss
Clarence B. Moses
Cephos C. Malone
Fred H. G. Nodurft
Clarence A. Neunenkirch
Henry J. Opperman
Joseph W. Preston
Louis J. Schnidt
Edward Wenzel
Clifford A. Barnes
Henry J. Esch
Gus D. Fry
Otto C. Frederick
Hugh C. Huston
Robt. A. McTaggart
John Nelson
J. Percy Preston
Louis F. Scherman
Leon L. Sargent
Max E. Wendorff
Irving A. Burgin
Otto J. Baumgartner
Earl D. Cole
Leonard C. Connor
Fred J. Fenschel
Otto H. J. Fuelner
Edward C. Fink
Charles H. Green
Frank W. Imlau
Gilbert E. Lengard
Edwin G. Pebler
Nathaniel E. Scovel
Henry Stevens
Ernest A. M. Schmidt
Hirom B. Wheeler
Charles E. Bales
William H. Dunn
James E. Galer
Carl Hayer
Ed S. Jackson
Emil C. Rebaschus
Otto G. Skibbe
Percy F. Tarbox
William H. Arnold
Lester S. Ball
William M. Baumgartner
Howard C. Berry
George E. Frederick
Morris C. Hesner
William H. Hart
Willis C. Harding
Torrey E. Sargent
Derward A. Nading
Ralph L. Peck
Ed. J. Scherman
Bert L. Blanchard
Henry J. Forsythe
Clark Green
Alexander A. Holmes
Paul N. Kingsley
Joy H. Larty
Don S. Mitchell
Christian C. Otterbeck
John C. Rutledge
Ray B. Sinner
Roy Troup
Lorin L. Uhl
Gerrit W. Burrack
Geo. R. Baumgartner
John O. Frederick
Henry M. Fliehler
Mark G. Goodrich
Henry F. Kamoss
Amos J. Malone
Wesley Marshall
Bennie Neuenkirch
Henry W. Spibbe
Carl A. Schoeppe
Stanly T. Sargent
Otto F. Weger

Clayton Township

John L. G. Biederman
John B. Mahowald
Freeman J. Marlett
George W. Stearns
Anton J. Willie
John Joseph Regal
Erwin Lewin
Peter F. Beckett
Leo Maeinski
Elmer McMillin
Otto Troester
Lloyd H. Mueller
Theodore Oman
Raymond H. Hayden
Leslie A. Beckett
Fred J. Meder
David Alonzo Shaw
Clem Joseph Meder
Edwin B. Hultgreen
Frank E. Try
Earl George Greenly
William E. Faber
John Henry Tuecke
Wilbert Harnack
Wilford E. Gruver
William E. Hauschen
John Barret McSweeney
Orville A. Bass
Horace Fred Bettem
William Merril
Ray Corlett
Samuel E. Tinkey
Alois Wille
Elmer G. Dehn
Fred Bruckner
Peter Mahowald, Jr.
Arthur O. Huttgreen
Alfred I. Lindquist
George Philip Yake
William L. Staack
Fred Brozeit
Harry W. Eggan
Alvin J. Strukhoff
Willis G. Eglseder
Fred Lester Miller
James W. Lewis
Martin Hirsch
Louis C. Rohwedder

Cox Creek Township

Herman Nachtingall
Henry Lembke
Raymond H. Nading
Clarence Nading
Henry Otto Behn
Karl Ortman
Thomas H. Casey
Clarence Henry Stahl
Arthur R. Dittmer
Cyril J. Tinker
Ferdinand O. Kahrs
Raymond V. Luers
Lawrence P. Meyers
Clarence Mentzel
Earl F. Dunn
Jesse O. Stephens
Glen Hulbert
Reade D. Whipple
Louis Elmer Muller
Clarence R. Beck
George A. Behn
Eddie Robinson
Almond E. Hines
Charley Thein
Lewis C. Otterbeck
William Nading
Earl W. Meder
Harry Meader
Louis Miller
Merriet Gibson Alderson
Curt Coolidge
Otto H. Alvers
Harry L. Stephens
Edward M. Hakert
Milton M. Kellogg
Joseph Winkler
Clement Earl Whittle
Miles Melvin Scott
John G. Schrampfer
Lester L. Coonfare
Ellsworth A. Alderson
Claude L. Newton
Henry Kahrs
Harry E. Mitchell
William Henry Hakert
Wesley I. Carnicle
Thomas P. Reilly
Ralph Kellogg
Charles Meder
George M. Clinton
Ernest Gusta
Benjeman Hulbert
Ernest Kellogg
John Lamphere
John Moyna
Benj. F. Meyers
Michael O'Day
Harry Roeder
Sall Childers
Alvah F. Hulbert
Garl Whipple
Ernest Thurm
John P. Mayville
Miles Alderson
John E. Olinger
Robert E. McDermott
Ernest Clinton
Paul Kafir
William H. Wistrick
Howard Spray
Thomas C. Dunn
John Thurn
Grover Cleveland Kahrs
Clinton Cyrus Deber
Joe Childers
Albert Behrens
George Carl Ortman
Earl W. Batchelder
Joe R. Thein
Emmett Francis Whittle

Elk Township

Clarence W. Brockmeyer
Bert Andrew Elledge
Raymond S. Hansel
Frank Leo Lucey
Delbert Rentschler
Earl Floyd Shaw
Glen William Scott
Lester Raymond Schnack
Charley Schultz
John Thomas
Fred C. A. Waterman
Glen Dale Wiltse
Charles Winkler
Eldred Alton Ash
Paul Arthur Ackmann
Benj. C. Brockmeyer
Frank Merritt Barger
Chas. E. Brockmeier
John Raymond Porter
Frank Allen Smith
Bertie Sylvester Smock
Earl Stewart Tracy
Emil William Boehm
Ray Edward Brown
Thomas Jefferson Derr
Frederick Earl Harbaugh
John Lucey
Rudolph Rentschler
Benjamin Amsden
Robert Sylvester Ash
Otto Herman Berens
Henry William Fritz
Orlando John Krieg
Howard Learn
Elmer Clifford Morley
Harry Cephas Morley
Frank Roy Midkiff
Ray Forest Nimmo
Lyle Danforth Rowell
Oren Elbert Tracey
Edward John Van Talge
Nathan Hammond
Winfrey Strother Smith
Chester William Willard
Arthur Herman Wessell
Frank Combs
Oscar Fred Friedley
Cleveland G. Garretson
John Henry Keck
Gus Moser
Halsey Leonard Sabin
Edward J. Waterman
Roy Ray Appleton
Wm. Lyman Amsden
Charles Buol
Levi Henry Gleason
Walter Hageman
Alfred Emmet Hall
William Kafer
Edward Henry Krieg
Frank Benjamin Lighty
Bert Nimmo
Ralph Philip Rizer
Ray William Rizer
Roy Showalter
Otto Carl Ackman
Clifford George Ash
W. Christ Winch
Fred Amsden
Earl Floyd Culbertson
Frederick Hageman
Ernest Aug. Ackmann
John Alton Brookshier
Edward Henry Endriss
Jess Ernest Gleason
William Ross Smiley

Farmersburg Township

Elmer Henry Schmalfeldt
Irving H. Wohls
Arthur C. Wirkler
Odin E. Hagen
Arthur H. Glawe
Lloyd N. Nelson
Edward Dallmeier
Verne J. Miller
Richard J. O'Rieley
Albert O. Berns
Olto E. Heuer
Lester H. Lenth
Orlando W. Marting
Julius H. Pahlas
Elmer W. Seeland
Leigh Marion Mathews
Lorrence A. Oelke
Herman A. Hamann
Thomas Daniel O'Reiley
Linus J. Berns
Hugh H. Vogt
Wilbert J. Horstmann
Casper J. Schoute
John F. Lane
Herman C. Schlake
Elmer G. Klinge
William C. Fascher
Harvey A. Hamann
Pearley Peltit
Earl L. Dahlstrom
Arno J. Schmolfeld
Alvin F. Vogt
Kazmiesz Baklaiski
Elmer F. Weller
Fritz J. N. Seidel
Theodore W. Glawe
William F. Moeller
William F. Overmoller
Hugo H. Oelke
Fred C. Staade
Charles T. Barton
Helmuth F. Klinge
Frederick W. G. Meine
George C. Radloff
John C. Wahls
Benjamin L. Zurcher
Lloyd Brownson
Arthur E. Crary
Otto F. Fuelling
Oscar W. Henkes
John F. Hagensick
Arthur J. Klinge
David Kammerer
Henry Lewis Milewsky
Edmund E. Ruff
Carl A. Gall
William L. Jacob
Theodore H. Kjosa
Elmer J. Lenth
John Ludwicke
Marcus B. Merriman
James L. Mathews
Gustav A. Sabban
Frank A. Walter
Charles F. Behrend
Thomas David Cormacke
Alfred Hale Corlett
John Henry Heiden
Glendor Fred Hamann
Charley Kraus
Fred H. Luepker
Bernhard H. Palas
Charles J. Stade

Garnavillo Township

Lester W. Wilke
Walter J. Meder
Arno W. Mueller
Arthur Berns
Lester C. Gossman
Fred Eggerth
Alfred Christopher Pufahl
Oliver L. H. Mueller
Fred J. Schmidt
Eldo F. Dickman
Edward Bush
Oscar J. Aver
Arnold J. Stickfort
Haerman J. Wehrkamp
Erwin F. Dickman
John C. Ihde
Herman H. Kregel
Elmer H. Dettman
Leo J. Berns
Arnold H. Herch_rt
Paul Louis Brase
George C. Staade
Ray M. Gossman
Marvin Fred Hedemon
Harvey W. Backhous
Herman C. Seidel
Adolph Alt
Arno W. Kregel
Roland H. Moellering
Arthur C. Mohrman
Rueben V. Ihde
George A. Auer
Herman L. Mueller
Albert T. Schmelzer
C. Walter Dettman
John J. Walkeser
William J. Wille
Max J. Zapp
LeRoy W. Schroeder
John J. Auer
Karl J. Stehl
Asa Lenon Butts
James P. Degmon
Harvey P. Wilkler
Felix Anthony Degmon
Herbert Jacob Wirkler
Rall H. Fuller
Henry Eglseder
John W. Rodenberg
Elmer G. Mueller
Elmer Henry Brandt
Anthony Berns
Wm. Leo Schulte
Otto A. Siebrecht
William A. Henry
Eldo F. Kaiser
Edward Stickford
Edward Hoeger
Arthur John Kregel
Elmer C. Meier
Albert D. Mueller
George W. Rolfos
Wm. M. S. Schulte
John J. Auer
Horatior L. Daffin
Charles A. Reither
Henry J. Eulberg
Waldermar Keehner
Louis H. Brandt
Helmuth Arno Wilkler

Giard Township

Raymond Bohanek
Edward Geraghty
Fritz F. F. Hoss
Charles Thos. Havlick
Harry Henry Kuthe
Jacob Klima
Joseph Jacob Lotza
Herbert August Strien
Victor F. H. Trappe
Jay Elmer Anderson
Harry B. Klotzbach
Ewald T. Meyer
Ernest W. Stanfield
Frank Sukdol
Byron Christ Bernhard
George Victor Lestina
Leslie D. Seeland
Carl Harrison Welch
Oscar Paul Allert
Frank Irven Davies
Joseph Klima
Russell Lynn
John George Lestina
Clifton John Meyer
William John Blietz
Alonzo M. Burlingame
Michael Jos. Geraghty
Otto Carl Frank Hass
Roy Monroe Klotzbach
Alvin Fred Krueger
Fredrick Joseph Lestina
Algie Leroy Nichols
David Willard Ray
Fred Henry Strien
Herman DeWitt Snyder
Charles LeRoy Welch
Albert Charles Glawe
Benjamin Klima
Gilbert Nelson Meyer
Vance Joseph Macha
Arthur Henry Hensel
Clyde Moore Davies
Roy Ellenbolt
James Mark Geraghty
Arthur Fred Krueger
Benjamin Frank Lestina
Frank Thomas Tayek
Alexander Berns
William Carl Baade
Joseph James Geraghty
Edward Benedict Haas
Vaclar Huber
Charles Gerald Lestina
Alonzo George Sawvel
Conrad John Shlein
Floyd Ray Ames
Ed J. Fritz
John Edward Geraghty
Frank Vinct Lestina
Fenton Joseph Moore
Louis Nicklaus Steiert
Jake Tayek
Herbert Adam Wagner
Gilbert Haven Wiethorn

Grand Meadow Township

Louis C. Schultz
Ingwald N. Helgerson
Richard F. Williams
Gerhard S. Halverson
Leon Hard Casten
Glen H. Farmer
Verni H. Engle
Cevert William Meyer
Robert B. Wettleson
John Reuzman
Roland J. Brant
Elmer Trundo
Theodore C. Wettelson
Louie E. Christofferson
L. V. Candee
Harold L. Gass
Oscar L. Lien
Joseph T. Olson
Elbe R. Christofferson
Albert H. Erickson
Clarence H. Olson
Lorenze H. Casten
Laska Martins
Bernard J. Walter
Harvey Hill
Frank Calahan
Milton Gordon
Eddie W. Schlee
Carl A. Huebner
Leon Wersinger
Enno W. Lubbers
Erwin W. Schultz
Roland W. Gass
Olaf Ballangrud
Oscar W. Ceverins
William L. Miene
Harold A. Brewer
Henry C. Radloff
Elmer H. Christofferson
Arthur Muller
Henry T. Huebner
Fritz F. Meyer
Fred C. Schultz
Roy R. Pixler
Achillus B. Moberly
Henry T. Christofferson
Thomas Looney
Arthur E. Olson
Elmer J. Zieman
Fred Heusman
Nels A. W. Nelson
Oliver H. Fay
Albert J. H. Backhaus
Hewitt L. Williams
John B. Wersinger
Charles L. Moberly
Otto L. Oldog
Edward W. Newhring
Elliot M. Olson
Victor Ruckdaschel
Louie Olson
Herbert H. Gass
Carl J. Steglick
Victor J. Casten
Carl J. Schultz
John C. Harnack
Leighton E. Smith
Henry H. Larson
Elmer F. Weihe
William F. Radloff
Fred W. Lavenhagen
Henry W. Schroeder
Walter Ruckdaschel
Lawrence C. H. Welzel
Henry W. Miene
Frank Gordon
William Kugel
Melbert Folson
Wm. J. Schultz
Carl M. Carten
Wm. C. Schroeder
Max C. Scheelhorn

Highland Township

Francis G. Cummings
Adolph L. Benson
Levi Clarence Mathews
James Hugh Whitford
Theodore D. Hanson
William Cheeseman
Francis Joseph Shea
Luke J. Boland
Leo Charles Boland
Adolph Henry Larson
Carl Adams
Theodore O. Volquardts
Orlo Young
Enoch Holm
Matthew J. Feeney
Melvin Enoch Benson
Archie Melville Duff
Peter John Volquardts
James Michael Martin
Oscar Odegard
William Harry Shea
Carl Martin Raftis
Arthur Young
Albert Meyer
Elmer Edwin Benson
James Muncie
James A. Hummel
Oscar Arthur Benson
George Gregerson
John Levi Zuercher
Lawrence Joseph Raftis
Earl E. Peterman
John Francis Roach
Edwin Lewis Hanson
Philip James Boland
Orvie Scott Best
Clement C. Wilson
John Meyer
Leonard Elmer Benson
M. W. Leuchtenmacher
Michael F. Melary
Fred Charley Baars
Jerome Yearous
Oscar Gregorson
Allen Longmuir
William Young
Will Frieden
Henry Carl Baars
Oscar Holden
Pat W. Minihan
Carl August Benson
Edw. A. Cunningham
Water James Kennedy
George Thompson
Clem Moran
Julius Henry Voss

Jefferson thru Millville twps. * Monona thru Wagner twps.

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