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Mendon Twp. Soldier List
published in the McGregor Times, April 6, 1882

Assessor Kenyon's List of soldier's in Mendon township:

Samuel Ankney, Co. B., 7th Wis. Infantry
Peter Bohen, Co. A, 54th Ohio Zouaves*
John Border, 1st Iowa Cav., 4 years
Charles Crouderi, Co. B, 22d Regulars
George Bowen, Co. L, 1st Mich. Engineers and Mechanics
Henry Brooks, Co. K, 1st Iowa Cavalry, 2 years
Charles Chase, Co. H, 137th N.Y. Infantry
John Childers, Co. F., 3d Wis. Infantry
T.S. Cooper, Co. K, 3d Wis. Infantry
George Douglas, Co. H., 12th Iowa Infantry
B.F. Fox, (Mexican), Dodge Guards Wis. Vol.
E.A. Gullbert, Co. A, 46th Iowa Infantry
Marvin Ellsworth, Co. K, 1st Iowa Cavalry
Marshall Hatfield, Co. E, 5th Iowa Cavalry
Timothy Hardin, Co. K, 31st Wis. Infantry
J.R. Justus, (Mexican), Co. D, 3d Ohio Infantry
Maple Moody, Co. G, 21st Iowa Infantry
Alex Moody, Co. L, 7th Iowa Cavalry
Alex Moore, Co. L, 7th Iowa Cavalry
George H. Otis, Co. I, 2d Wis. Infantry, 4 years and 2 months
Dennis O'Leary, Co. L, 6th Iowa Cavalry
Josiah Peck, Co. E, 32nd Iowa Infantry
Thomas Ruddy, Co. M, 3d Wis. Cavalry
Ed Ryan, 1st Iowa Cavalry, 6 months
Allen Sparks, Co. C, 3d Wis. Infantry
Moses Vansickle, Co. E, 33d Wis. Infantry
Lyman Varney, 5th Indt. Reg. Ohio Vol., Sharpshooters
W.A. Wassen, Co. K, 33d Ind. Infantry
James Washburn, Co. K, 37th Iowa Greybeards
Jas. P. Withrow, Co. G, 21st Iowa Infantry
Alfred Wooden, Co. I, 36th Wis. Infantry

*The Zouaves were a class of light infantry regiments of the French Army originating in the 1830's. In the 1860's, new units in some other countries called themselves Zouaves. Their uniforms were distinctive and colorful, often gaudy reds and blues. There were Zouave regiments in both the Union army and Confederate forces. (Wikipedia & Smithsonian)

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