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3rd Annual Encampment
September 1888

.... on the pleasant banks of the Turkey, between beautiful hills

Notes: Below is not a full text transcription of the encampment article. The lenghly "Address of Welcome" by D.D. Murphy was printed in full in the article, but not transcribed. The description of the encampment activies was also quite long; so was either paraphrased or abstracted by the transcriber. All names in the article were included.

A Grand Success
A Large Attendance and Fine Weather Contribute to Make a Happy Time

The third annual encampment of the Clayton County Veterans' Association, which was held at this place last week, was the most successful yet had. There were many causes contributing to its success - among which was the splendid weather, which was neither too hot nor too cold, the advertised attractions, and reputation our city has got for treating their guests royally. These combined drew together nearly two hundred of the old veterans with their families, while many others were present as spectators. Ample accommodations had been furnished. All were well cared for, and everybody went home happy and praising our town for its hospitable treatment.

Opening of the Encampment

Wednesday afternoon came the formal opening of the camp grounds, with music by the drum corps, song by the glee club, a prayer by Rev. L.S. Cooley, after which D.D. Murphy delivered the Address of Welcome. At the close of Mr. Murphy's speech, President Geo. H. Otis responded on behalf of the Association in his usual happy manner. Mr. Otis' remarks were followed by a song from the glee club, after which announcements were made, and the comrades devoted their time to visiting. In the evening a camp-fire was held, the principal speech of the evening being by Col. J.H. Sweney, of Osage, who delivered a stirring address to the soldiers, which was received with frequent applause.

Speeches, Parade & The Storming of Lookout Mountain Reinactment

On Thursday, Gen. Milo Sherman spoke, and the speeches of Judge C.T. Granger and Gen. Sherman were listened to by a very large and appreciative audience. Other speeches by the comrades were in a happy frame and were cheered to the echo by the old boys. The dress parade at four o'clock brought out a large number of veterans, and they performed their evolutions in a highly satisfactory manner.

The event of the encampment took place on Thursday evening - a reproduction of the storming of Lookout Mountain. The announcement of this battle had drawn together many thousands of the people from surrounding towns. The boom of the cannon, the sharp crack of the muskets, together with the brilliant display of fire-works in the hands of the opposing forces, presented a spectacle that will be long remembered. After the battle the victorious union forces returned to the camp grounds with their prisoners, a court martial was had and the reports of the officers read.....

Gen. John Everall, Headquarters 2nd Division, Union Forces, Elkader, Iowa, Sept. 6th, 1888: "....my command arrived at the base of the mountain about 8 o'clock p.m. and established communication with Gen. Cooley, in command of the 1st division. By his direction, got into position on his left, extending around the base of the mountain nearly to the river, being in charge of Col. Leach. The signal for the assault was given our skirmishers, under command of Capt. Griffith. The attack was a complete surprise to the enemy, but although surprised they soon replied with spirit. I gave the order for a general charge ... they advanced, firing rapidly, and finally captured the fort with a grand bayonet charge. We found that Gen. Quigley, the fort commander, had escaped through a gap in our lines, but Gen's. Moody and Larkin surrendered their commands and turned over the fort to Gen. Cooley of the 1st division. Upon investigation I think that one of Capt. Griffith's command had the honor of capturing the rebel flag. I cannot speak too highly of the officers and men of my command. My extreme left being the Elkader Rifles, under Capt. Corlett, although under fire for the first time, behaved like veterans. Color Sergt. Hartman, with men falling all around him, kept the colors well to the front. I cannot forbear mentioning one member of the gallant "Irish Brigade" by the name of Jas. McGee, who did much to encourage the men by his cheers in the thickest of the fight."

Business Meeting

On Friday during the business meeting, the Association elected officers for the ensuing year: President - Geo. H. Otis, McGregor; Vice President - John Anderegg, Guttenberg; Secretary - J.M. Leach, Elkader; Commissary and Q.M. - F.D. Bayless, Elkader. Appointed by the president were J.M. Leach, John Everall and T.M. Davidson to the auditing committee. A motion by comrade G. Cooley tendered a vote of thanks to all who contributed in any way towards the success of the reunion.

The vast numbers who witnessed the display of fire-works and saw the battle of Lookout Mountain, were more than satisfied and were loud in their praise of the affair. The battle will be one of the features of the next encampment, and will be added to by a flotilla of gun boats on the Turkey.

Notes and Incidents

Found - a watch chain and charm on the camp grounds.

Lost - Col. Otis is short one rubber coat.

Incident - the night of the battle one or two sky rockets discharged prematurely. The only damage was the buring of the dress of a lady from Strawberry Point.
Artilleryman Border, of McGregor, deserves much praise for his efficient work with the field piece. He did his work without any damage to anyone.

Music - splendid music was furnished by the Volga and Read cornet bands, and by the Elkader drum corps.

We were pleased to welcome Jason Kinsly at the reunion. Jason has been a great sufferer the past year.

Among the visitors in camp was Rev. Mr. Pye, of McGregor. The reverend gentleman "took the cake" in his eulogy and restoration of the duck. His remarks on the dead duck, and the presentation of the live one to the presiding officer, brought forth loud peals of laughter, to which the duck added its quack, quack.

Roster of Attendees at the Encampment

[Transcription note: The list is arranged pretty much by regiment and is not alphabetical by surname. If residence was other than a Clayton co. community, the county of residence was added by the transcriber.]

Name Regiment Residence (1888)
Saacke, William Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. McGregor
James, C.H. Co. C, 34th IA Inf. McGregor
Littler, J.J. Co. G, 3rd IA Inf. Fredericksburg (Chickasaw co.)
Madden, G.W. Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. McGregor
Dohrer, John A. Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Elkader
Davis, O.F. Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Elkader
Heiden, August Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Elkader
Meyer, George Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Communia
Reinhardt, John Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Elgin (Fayette co.)
Butts, C.M. Co. B, 4th IA Inf. Froelich
Sargent, I.H. Co. D, 4th IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Krueger, W.J. Co. H, 8th IA Inf. Elgin (Fayette co.)
Law, Christian Co. C, 9th IA Inf. Elkport
Boyd, Alex Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Littleport
Hofer, A.F. Co. E, 9th IA Inf. McGregor
Fuller, E. Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Fayette (Fayette co.)
Partch, Wilber V. Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Elgin (Fayette co.)
McCabe, Wm. Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Volga
Kaiser, Christian Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Osborne
Hill, Darwin Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Elkader
Huskey, A. Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Leighty, David Co. G, 9th IA Inf. Elkport
Schrunk, J.A. Co. G, 9th IA Inf. Osterdock
Bachtell, T.D. Co. C, 12th IA Inf. Volga
Eaton, J.J. Co. F, 12th IA Inf. Edgewood
Moine, F.W. Co. C, 12th IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Ulisch, Casper Co. F, 12th IA Inf. Watson
Steen, J.F.H. Co. F, 12th IA Inf. Elkader
Wooldridge, George Co. F, 12th IA Inf. Elkport
Quigley, Robert Co. K, 15th IA Inf. McGregor
Schrunk, T.F. Co. C, 15th IA Inf. Osterdock
Ernst, Frederick Co. K, 12th IA Inf Highland
Klingman, Lewis Co. K, 12th IA Inf Highland
Little, A.T. Co. H, 16th IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Haskins, L.M. Co. A, 16th IA Inf. Elkader
Gaiser, Gottlieb Co. K, 16th IA Inf. Elkader
Harms, Henry Co. E, 16th IA Inf. Communia
Davidson, W.S. Co. C, 16th IA Inf. Volga
Eaton, H.R. Co. H., 18th IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Carpenter, J.J. Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Osborne
Kellogg, Wm. F. Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Littleport
Knight, M.E. Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Edgewood
Bendy, William Co. C, 21st IA Inf. Greeley (Delaware co.)
Cooley, Gilbert Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Thurber, J.W. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Mederville
Snedigar, E.B. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Maynard (Fayette co.)
Hale, R.A. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Whalen, John Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Elkader
King, H. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Larkin, T.J. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. McGregor
Monlux, William Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Wagner
Lowe, J.W. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Volga
Weeks, B.T. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Jewett, M. Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Graybill, H. Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Guttenberg
Moody, Maple Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor
Warn, Edward Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Luana
Ray, Isaac Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Millville
Robbins, Charles Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Osborne
Halfhill, George Co. I, 21st IA Inf. Wood
Niblock, Williams Co. A, 27th IA Inf. Waukon (Allamakee co.)
Minger, Rudolph Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg
Schorg, Henry Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg
Anderegg, John Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg
Hall, John L. Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport
Oelkers, Chris Co. G, 27th IA Inf. St. Joe, Missouri
Acord, Hugh Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Littleport
Lemcke, John Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Osborne
Fleming, Jas G. Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport
Everall, John Co. E., 27th IA Inf. Elkader
Leach, J.M. Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Elkader
Fonda, James M. Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Bellevue (Jackson co.)
Casaday, Warren Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Monona
Nielings, Wm. H. Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Monona
Allyn, Wm. A. Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo
Behrens, Chris Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Littleport
Stratton, Chas. Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Bismarck
Mulvaney, Wm. J. Co. F, 27th IA Inf. Elkport
Garrison, C.M. Co. F, 27th IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Sargent, J.W. Co. F, 27th IA Inf. Elkader
Tinker, J. Co. G, 27th IA Inf. Osborne
Knodt, Carl Co. I, 27th IA Inf. Postville (Allamakee co.)
Sweney, J.H. Co. K, 27th IA Inf. Osage (Mitchell co.)
Granger, Chas. T. Co. K, 27th IA Inf. Waukon (Allamakee co.)
McDonald, J.R. Co. H, 31st IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Williams, E.B. Co. C, 32nd IA Inf. Strawberry Point
Robertson, Geo. Co. E, 38th IA Inf. Frankville (Winneshiek co.)
Smith, Wm. M. Co. H, 38th IA Inf. Watson
Radbah, J. Co. F, 46th IA Inf. Greeley (Delaware co.)
Robbins, Jerome Co. D, 46th IA Inf. Highland
Adams, Jeremiah Co. A, 47th IA Inf. Volga
Chapman, J.D. Co. A, 47th IA Inf. - also served in Co. B, 8th OH, Mexican war Volga
Ely, T.C. Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Elkader
Adams, Nicholas Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Elkader
Truman, S.C. Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Volga
Cunningham, M. Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Volga
Ellsworth, M. Co. K, 1st IA Cav. McGregor
Kinsley, J.W. Co. K, 1st IA Cav. McGregor
Shelhamer, J.W. Co. K, 1st IA Cav. Elkader
Oathout, Geo. Co. K, 1st IA Cav. Luana
Wolf, Geo. Co. E, 5th IA Cav Elkader
Dahlstrom, Carl Co. L, 6th IA Cav. Elkader
Scott, T.J. Co. L, 6th IA Cav. Strawberry Point
Tompkins, E. Co. L, 6th IA Cav. Strawberry Point
Bissell, J.E. Co. C, 6th IA Cav. Volga
Chapman, O. Co. K, 6th IA Cav. Brush Creek (Fayette co.)
Radabah, T.J. Co. G, 6th IA Cav. Greeley (Delaware co.)
Durfey, A.B. Co. G, 6th IA Cav. Edgewood
Michal, J.D. Co. H, 7th IA Cav. Elkport
Adams, J.A. Co. I, 8th IA Cav. Rowley (Buchanan co.)
Dean, Geo. M. Co. E, 9th IA Cav. Waukon (Allamakee co.)
Penniton, Patrick Co. J., 9th IA Cav. Elkader
Kramer, J. Co. I, 19th IL Inf. Strawberry Point
Brookshier, J.P. Co. E, 41st IL Inf. Elkport
Ziegler, A.M. Co. K, 46th IL Inf. McGregor
Sherman, Milo Co. I, 6th IL Inf. Fredericksburg (Chickasaw co.)
Franklin, C.S. Co. D, 68th IL Inf. Strawberry Point
Hanson, B. Co. A, 72nd IL Inf. Strawberry Point
Larson, Peter Co. H, 74th IL Inf. Elkader
Boots, James Co. D, 100th IL Inf. Elkader
Smith, W.B. Co. G, 126th IL Inf. Elkader
Smothers, E. Co. A, 136th IL Inf. Wood
Truain, H.A. Co. L, 16th IL Cav. Strawberry Point
Otis, Geo H. 2nd WI Inf. McGregor
Stanton, E.W. 3rd WI Inf. Elkader
Ankeney, S. Co. B, 7th WI Inf. McGregor
Larson, Halver Co. H, 15th WI Inf. Elkader
Daggett, P.B. Co. F, 16th WI Inf. Strawberry Point
Haroing, W. Co. B, 17th WI Inf. Elkader
Hosier, J.E. Co. B, 22nd WI Inf. Elkport
Maker, J.C. Co. C, 43rd WI Inf. Clayton
Conners, J. Co. C, 49th WI Inf. North McGregor
Griffith, D.G. Co. G, 2nd NY Art. Elkader
Hook, Anton Co. H., 48th NY Inf. Elkader
Irish, Wm. Co. F, 5th NY Inf. Colesburg (Delaware co.)
Minney, Chas Co. E, 2nd NY Cav. McGregor
Perkins, H.S. Co. G, 118th NY Inf. Hardin
Westcott, M.L. Co. B, 57th PA Inf. Wood
Bolsinger, J. Co. E, 140th PA Inf. Colesburg (Delaware co.)
Bothel, John Co. A, 78th PA Inf. Monona
Walthenbaugh, Wm. Co. F, 139th PA Inf. Volga
Wolf, Geo. Co. F, 4th PA Reserve Corps Strawberry Point
Hartman, Chas. Co. F, 4th MO Inf. Elkader
Nicol, John Co. G, 4th MO Cav. Elkport
Boder, B. Co. F, 4th MO Cav. Guttenberg
Flaherty, John Co. B, 1st MO Inf. Elkport
Meyer, Nic Co. A, MO Reserve Corps Strawberry Point
Litchfield, James Co. I, 10th IN Inf. Elkader
Chapman, C.L. Co. E, 9th IN Inf. Highland
Chapman, A.B. Co. C, 9th IN Inf. Highland
Sisemore, J.A. Co. D, 153rd, IN Inf. Elkader
Bayless, F.D. Co. H, 3rd MN Inf. Elkader
Hammond, C.F. Co. A, 10th MN Inf. Waukon (Allamakee co.)
Norman, J.R. Co. E, 1st MN H. Art Independence (Buchanan co.)
Hutchins, Asa Co. G, 34th MA Inf. Monona
McGee, Jas Co. I, 42nd MA Inf. Elkader
Goodsell, J. Co. D, 61st MA Inf. East Elkport
Osgood, J.S. Co. K, 6th OH Cav. Maynard (Fayette co.)
Flethler, Isador Co. H, 13th OH Cav. St. Sebald
Hill, John H. Co. C, 15th ME Inf. Elkader
Marble, E.W. Co. K, 6th MI H. Art Volga
Davidson, T.M. Co. F, 16th U.S. Inf. Elkader
Bente, Wm. JR Co. F, 16th U.S. Inf. Elkader
Olson, Asgrim Co. F, 16th U.S. Inf. St. Olaf
Hanna, A.B. Co. B, 16th U.S. Mexican War Elkader
Halverson, K. 16th U.S. Inf. Elkader
Moser, Anthony Co. C, 16th U.S. Inf. Colesburg (Delaware co.)
McDermott, M. Co. A, 16th U.S. Inf. Elkader
Boyce, Robert Co. H, 16th U.S. Inf Monona
Hennessey, John Co. H, 16th U.S. Inf Colesburg (Delaware co.)
Kennely, Thos. Co. H, 16th U.S. Inf Osborne
Stratton, E. Co. F, 12th U.S. Inf. Crown Point, N.Y.
Harrington, D.E. Band, 13th U.S. Inf. Postville (Allamakee co.)
Klingman, Martin Co. I, Engineer Corps Highland
Woodall, W.G. Ordnance Corps, Mexican War Elkport
Williams, J.H. U.S. Navy, sloop Oneida not given
Boots, Thos L. U.S. gun boats Essex & Pittsburg Brush Creek (Fayette co.)

~source: The Elkader Register, Thursday morning, September 13, 1888
~transcription, paraphrasing and abstractions were done by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, April 2016


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