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April 4, 2011

Civil War Memorial
Pleasant Grove Cemetery


Erected by the citizens of McGregor and Clayton county in grateful rememberance of all those who served and those who sacrificed their lives in the great civil war of 1861-65 for the preservation of our national union.

1861-1865 In Memoriam

That these dead shall not have died in vain. That this nation under God shall have a new birth in freedom that government by the people, for the people, by the people shall not perish from the earth.
A. Lincoln

Civil War Memorial, Pleasant Grove cemetery, McGregor - photo by S. Ferrall Sept 2007

The Civil War Monument is an impressive structure in Pleasant Grove cemetery. There is a full sized bronze soldier on top, a plaque bearing the bust of Abe Lincoln, plaques on four sides with the names of Clayton co. Civil War veterans and plaques bearing the symbols & names of the sponsoring organizations.

Hervey Dix W.R.C. No 69
Hervey Dix W.R.C. No 69
Hervey Dix Post No 371 G.A.R.
Hervey Dix Post No 371 G.A.R.

Members of the committee:

Henry H. Clark chairman
Quincy A. Sloan
Robert Quigley
Fred G. Bell
Albert Clemens
W.J. Knowles secretary

Names of the Veterans on the 4 large plaques (not in alphabetical order):

Allard, Thomas; Co C 24th Kan. Cav
Allen, Thomas; Co A U.S. Vet Resv Corps
Ankney, Samuel; Co B 7th Wis Inft

Bowers, B.P. ; Bat. B 4th Vt. Art.
Buck, Orville; Co F 7th Iowa Cav
Baylis, Jos; Co L 6th IA Cav
Bromley, Martin; Co K 16th N.Y. Inft
Billings, M.F.; Co F 11th Wis Inft
Benton, W.A.; Co G 21st IA Inft
Brooks, H.P.; Co K 1st IA Cav
Branderbery, Elias; Co C 128th Ohio Inft
Brown, R.P.; Co I 12th IA Inft
Boyle, Martin; Co C 6th IA Cav
Boyle, Miles; 83d Penn Inft
Bertsinger, J.; Co A 41st Wis Inft

Clark, Henry H.; Co G 92nd Ill. Inft.
Clifford, Michael; Co B. 4th Iowa Cav
Coyle, Patrick; Co B 30 R.I. Cav
Carmack, Sylvester; Co C 3d IA Inft
Church, Gilbert; Co G 140 N.Y. Inft
Culver, R.W.; Co H 12th IA Inft
Culver, D.W.; Co F 3d IA Inft
Cumley, Jacob; Co G 3d IA Inft
Cotant, Gordan; Co K 28th Wis Inft [see notes at bottom]

Davies, Daniel; Co A 16th Iowa Inft.
Davies, Thomas; Co B 4th Iowa Cav
Day, James E.; Co M 1st Mich. Cav
Douglas, George; Co H 12th Iowa Inft.
Drown, Charles A.; Co D 5th Wis. Inft
Dalton, Matthew; Co I 35th Wis Inft
Drummond, David; Co B 21st IA Inft

Eno, Lewis; Co B 21st Iowa Inft
Ellsworth, M.E.; Co K 1st IA Cav
Ecker, John; Co K 2d IA Inft
Edgley, Levy; Co I 23d Wis Inft
Edgar, Thomas; Co E 83d Ohio
Ellis, J.W.; Co H 7th IA Cav
Eull, Simon; Co A 1st Wis Inft

Fox, Benj.; Wis Inft. Mexican War
Foster, Collins; Co F 3d IA Inft

Gardnes, Eli; Co B 75th Ind. Inft
Groay, Duane; Co E 29th Wis. Inft
Gemmill, Thomas; Co. K 1st IA. Cav
Gale, S.P.; Co D 24th Wis Inft
Galagher, Chas.; Co G 18th U.S. Reg Inft

Haltmeyer, John; Co L 9th Ill. Inft
Haven, James D.; Co L 6th Iowa Cav
Hardin, Tim.; Co K 31st Wis Inft
Hatfield, Marshall; Co E 5th IA Cav
Hutchinson, Henry; Co C 16th IA Inft
Haley, Patrick; Co I 27th IA Inft

James, C.H.; Co C 3d IA Inft
Jones, Geo C.; Co F 1st IA Cav
Jones, W.L.; Co C 3d IA Inft
Kelly, John; Co B 4th Iowa Cav
Kurz, Fred; Co A 15th Ill Inft
Krohn, Geo W.; Co H 3d Wis Inft
Keene, Lewis; Co K 1st IA Cav
Kellogg, Chris V.; Co G 22 Reg Vet Res Cps
Kranert, William; Co I 41st NY Inft
Kiley, Mathew; Co A 18th U.S. Reg Inft

Larkin, Thomas J.; Co D 21st Iowa Inft

Madden, George W.; Co C 3d Iowa Inft
Massey, James L.; Co E 27th Iowa Inft
Minch, Jacob; Co F 17th Wis. Inft
Moore, William; Co B 6th Minn.
Minney, Charles; Co E 2d NY Cav
Moore, Alex; Co C 11th Penn Inf
McLaughry, Thos B; Co G 12th Wis Inf
Merwin, Curley; [blank]
Moody, Maple; Co G 21st IA Inft

O'Leary, Dennis; Co L 8th IA Cav
O'Donnell, John; Co F 3d IA Inft
Ohmer, Peter; Co G 43d Ill Inft

Payrick, James P.; Co F 3d Iowa U.S. Art
Presho, J.H.; Co B 21st IA Inf
Peck, Josiah; Co E 32nd IA Inf
Peterson, J.A.; Co L 8th IA Cav
Pierce, George; Co F 13th Wis Inft

Quigley, Robert; Co D 46th Iowa Inft

Ruddy, Thomas - Co F 3d Wis Cav
Rupp, J.A. - Co H 14 N.Y. Inft
Ryan, E.D. - Co K 1st IA Cav

Ruddy, Thomas; Co F 3d Wis. Cav
Ryan, E.D.; Co K 1st IA Cav
Rupp, J.A.; Co H 114 N.Y. Inft

Sloane, Quincy A.; Co C 74th Ill Inft
Starr, Edwin B.; Co D 13th Wis Inft
Sparks, Allen; Co C 3d IA Inft
Saacke, William; Co C 3d IA Inf

Tyler, Arza W.; Co E 27th Iowa Inft
Tromley, Joseph; Co C 6th N.Y. Heavy Art
Tromblee, Paul; Co E 27th IA Inft

Vernby, Jacob; Co C 3d IA Inft [see notes at bottom]
VanSickel, M.E.; Co G 33d Wis Inft

Walters, Henry; Co F 42nd Ind Inft
Wheeler, Ira J.; Co B 33d Wis Inft
Woodward, John W.; Co R 13th U.S. Inft
Wooden, William; Co F 10th Minn Inft
Wynn, Thos D.; Co L 6th IA Cav
Wooden, Alfred; Co I 36th Wis Inft
Watters, S.; 1st Ill Mex War
Washburn, Jas; Gray Beard Regt IA Inft

Zeigler, A.V.; Co K 45th Ill Inft

~photos by S. Ferrall, September 2007
~transcription of veteran names by S. Ferrall

Cotant, Gordan - "This is 2nd Lieutenant Gordon Conant, b. 1828/29 and d. 10/23/1873. He has a government-issued tombstone in Pleasant Grove cemetery, with no dates on it. He served in Co. K 28th Wis. Infantry. Gordon Conant's wife and children went back east after his death." .... from Jay Wright, April 2011

Vernby, Jacob - "This is my Great-Great Grandfather, Jacob Verhei. He served in Co. C, 3rd Iowa Inf. The various military records show his name as Verhie, Verhir, and Verhei.  They all are consistent as to his movement from the 3rd, to 3rd Veterans, to the consolidated 2nd & & 3rd Regt. created after Atlanta. Some documents also state he is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery. My Great-Grandfather was also named Jacob. He came west." .......from Bruce Verhei, May 2008. See also: http://iagenweb.org/civilwar/regiment/infantry/03rd/co-pz.htm

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