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Clayton co. Marriage Licenses

January - September

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Date Issued to Issued to Witness / Record Notes Transcribers notes
January 1860        
2nd Walker, James M. Wollers, A.J. Baker, Albert  
2nd Linder, Anthony Bennett, Boina Brown  
5th Callaghan, Michael McGee, Elizabeth    
7th Foley, Anthony Francis, Catherine M. Consent  
7th O'Conner, Bernard Doyle, Mary Ann Sworn  
9th Thurber, Henry H. Martin, Mary Ellen Consent  
9th Haggarty, John Haggarty, Joanna Sworn  
9th Yang, Stephen Hewit, Margaret   groom surname may be 'Jang'
16th Edo, Conrad [blank] Edo, Conrad  
16th Sutter, Lewis Brown, Catharine Consent  
16th Kleinling, John Swingel, Anna Consent  
17th King, H.H. Oslewin, Caroline    
17th Agslagran, Peter Olsdatter, Ari Olson, Targan  
21st Volker, John H. Tucker, Mary Ann M. Tucker, Henry  
21st Smith, John J. Olmstead, Lucy By consent  
23rd Wirker, G.H. Krogel, Anna M.    
26th Oleson, Hulber Sinesdauck, Cornetra   bride's name is 'best guess'
31st Birchhole, Fridench Hine, Mary    
February 1860        
14th Wiuhenrd, George Besengrong, Catherine   both surnames are 'best guess'
13th Partet, Warner Smith, Melvina    
10th Febel, Caspar Cresencia   not known if this is bride's first or surname
3rd Smith, William Partes, Harriet Known  
3rd Backhouse, Henry Smith, Anna Maria Consent  
25th Wood, Pelson Gardner, Cynthia S. Consent  
March 1860        
2nd Beckhouse, William Birnhard, Anna B. Known  
7th Lang, Charles Shaw, Anne E. Known  
3rd Tackard, James Dorland, Harriet    
7th McWilliams, J.B. Peiling, Sarah    
8th Cross, Erysa Livingstone, Jenah   Groom surname is 'best guess'
8th Wilkes, John Meyer, Osas    
10th Word, Wm W. Combel, Catherine    
12th Vanbehsen, Henry Perebauer, Wilhelmine Known  
10th Grase, John Young, Maria A. Jinnings, Albert T. Groom surname is 'best guess'
16th Reglo, Adolf Hoppe, Sophia By consent  
19th Barker, James Edsan, Harriet Known  
19th Schmidt, John Greenwald, Catherine    
23rd Winterfield, John Wirnnehen, Rieca    
27th Allman, Abner Asher, Henriette Consent of parents  
April 1860        
29th Rother, Thomas Besenc, Mary Consent both surnames are 'best guess'; this record may still be March
26th Meyer, John H. Meyer, Margrett Vanstader, Wm. G. this record may still be March
15th Gaylord, William F. McEatan, [illegible]   bride's name may be [illegible] W. Ealan
[illegible] McMorrow, Michael Bayler, Margaret    
19th Nocher, A.J. Shaffer, Mary   groom surname is 'best guess'
20th Matteh, Robert H. Lauie, Sarah Jane   both surnames are 'best guess'
23rd [illegible], Lyman H. Dayton, Cecito   bride first name is 'best guess'
23rd Sauerbrer, Andrew Hubleen, Margaret    
24th Bassett, Elias Dusan, Malissa   bride surname is 'best guess'
24th Benty, Henry Camed, Louise    
27th Rieser, Frederick Kenny, Julia Ann    
28th Meyrs, Jas Lamm, Mary    
28th Simeon, P.R. Prisrd, Melissa J.   both surnames are 'best guess'
May 1860        
2nd Sollow, Paul Trots, Anna    
6th Brandt, Helmich Strother, Siena   bride surname is 'best guess'
7th Nicholas, Luther Woodmansee, Eveline H.  
8th Hempler, Gerhart Shied, Regine    
8th Nehser, Henry Staefler, Margaret    
7th Basler, James W. West, Malissa S.    
14th Hagerty, Jeramiah Looby, Catherine    
20th Clemen, John Wabes, Jolana    
20th Hilgason, Peter [blank], Anna   groom surname is 'best guess'
20th Alsan, Peter Hilgason, Anna Hilgason  
June 1860        
4th Schuller, Clemens Back, Dasa    
6th Pollard, David Ebole, Elmisa    
5th Sirbeotz, John Hiachen, Matilda    
9th Sulivan, Andrew Mcguth, Bridet    
13th Crofferd, Milo D. Woodcock, Mary A.    
14th Davidson, R. Haister, Louisa    
27th Wallace, Jasset T. Wardwell, Leavena $27,00 not known what this indication of money may mean
July 1860        
2nd Bohlky, Joakim Barcka, Mina    
6th Donner, Henry Lawrence, Cordelia    
10th Beeman, John Nutt, Catharine    
19th Boedes, George Baumer, Mary    
11th Bautes, Jacob Herrington, Susannah    
21st Green, Barnhart Weis, Juliana    
30th Dockerill, James Law, Mary Jane    
August 1860        
3rd Humphreys, Hiram S. Hains, Phihart    
9th Rup, Lawrence Nott, Catharine    
15th Wortland, Frederick Fraburg, Fredericke    
17th Lace, William Peak, Louisa Jane    
20th Daniels, Daniel Fasdney, Sarah    
22nd Kane, Adam Gregory, Catharine    
5th Riches, George Mathews, Lucy Ann    
5th Varley, Martin Allen, Sarah Ann    
6th Grieck, William Vorrbehson, Merna    
7th Landen, Charles C. Lemky, Dorah    
September 1860        
11th Whisman, Henry Clark, Mary    
14th Triffry, Edwin Cooby, Mary H.    
14th Wadsworth, David Knight, Amelia    
20th King, Edmond Rollins, Mary    
21st Garber, Abram Jewel, Hannah    
22nd Vankuset, Hisam Breeker, Mary    
27th Cosby, William Gransen, Lina    
28th Pholen, David McMorrow, Catherine    
April 1860        
29th Scudder, David Rous, Amey    
29th Fluhern, Jacob Sampson, Louisa    


Source: Clayton County, Iowa Marriage License Record, 1855-1860, FHL US/Can microfilm
#1255482, Item 3
Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

Every effort has been taken to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are very possible. The old handwriting was very difficult to decipher! Please use this transcription only as a guide & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

Thank-you to IAGenWeb volunteer Constance Diamond for her generosity in making these records available for transcription!

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