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Clayton co. Marriage Licenses

January - December

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Date Issued to Issued to Witness / Record Notes Transcribers notes
January 1858        
1st Clement, Henry Alford, Anna M. Hollister, Hiram; Consent Father  
2nd Drury, Chas Wolstencraft, Sarah A. Wolstencraft  
2nd Kreimer, William Fischer, Louisa Known
4th Olsen, Tornsden Holsdater, Margaret Olsen, Oley  
4th Scovel, Sylvester Clappe, Mary Known see also Mar 9, 1858
6th Hines, Herman Kinkenberg, Wilhemina Meland, Henry  
11th Burheart, John Vaughn, Bridget Rogers, Eugene  
12th Bestwith, Towman Aingier, Salinda Known; Consent of Father not sure of bride surname
15th Moraend, Diederich Schroeder, F. Consent of Father  
16th Barger, Nathaniel S. Ferris, Genet C.R. Barger, N.S. sworn  
18th Acord, Enoch Wooster, Mary   no witness noted
19th Piper, Thomas J. Lawrence, Estelle H. Jersey, Frank  
20th Bierbaum, John C. Johansmeier, Florentine M.   no witness noted
21st [illegible], John C. Vansick, Francis Olmsteadt, S.B. Consent Mother  
26th Welzel, John Schumoecher, Savine Schumoecher, Henry  
30th Olinger, Inglebert Hanson, Susanna Hanson, Nicholas  
30th Engle, John Henrich, Johanna James, Wm  
February 1858        
1st Lybrock, Charles Christ, F.E. Updegraff, T.  
2nd Hurley, Michael Feeney, Ann Feeney, P.H.  
5th Wahrkamp, John H. Schlaka, Mary E. Schlaka, Joseph  
10th Barth, Frederick Scbrowsky, Ludsvicka [illegible]  
10th Chase, Hiram C. Lyon, Eunice B. Lyon, H.G.  
13th Keen, Peter Critshley, Elizabeth Hurlbut, Amosa  
13th McCollum, Calvin Wooster, Elizabeth Wolf, John  
19th Bascom, John S. Spencer, Phebe A. Bascom, Luman  
22nd Knutsen, Torguil Olsdater, Arinda Olson, Ole witness  
22nd Reuf, John Fischer, Catharine Schumoecher, Henry  
23rd Ford, Marous D. King, Ellen P. with mother acquainted  
26th Wells, Willoughby France, Louisa Egbert, Elmer  
March 1858        
2nd Stearns, Martin Tinkham, Catharine    
6th Welch, Patrick Dibble, Ann Marets Parties known  
6th Smith, Frederich Toney, Harriet Smith, Jacob  
8th Limberg, Joseph Stamenn, Eva Stamenn, August bride & witness surname is 'best guess'
9th Scovel, Sylvester Clapper, Mary   see also Jan 4, 1858
9th Best, Solomon Henderson, Martha C. Henderson, C. bride middle initial may be 'E'
9th Sewis, Andrew Handsell, Harriet Consent of father  
18th McAlvan, James Fox, Harriet A. known  
23rd Carner, Jason Phillips, Martha Ann Consent of father  
23rd Phillip, Benj. F. Maxwell, Mary Jane Consent of father  
24th Bergmann, Christian Travis, Catharine Bergmann, Henry  
24th Rosenkraus, William Smith, Jane Rosenkraus, Benj Consent parents  
25th Smith, Thos L.W. Carter, Elizabeth Snoen, L.M.  
30th Goodwin, Wallace W. Ambrose, Ann Johnson, M.M.  
April 1858        
1st Klingmann, Lewis Lowe, Elizabeth Klingmann, Martin  
1st Heath, C.C. McCann, Hannah Scott, Alpheus  
2nd Cowan, David Elmore, Sarah L. Elmore, Wm  
2nd Seyster, T.J. Enstow, Cornelia C.   no witness noted
3rd Anderegg, Ulrich Steffen, Verena John Anderegg  
6th Countryman, Daniel Carter, Lucy M. Severance, B.F. witness sworn  
6th Nacher, John Stamm, Phena   no witness noted
7th Wiedle, John Mayer, Anna   no witness noted
13th Suetheit, H.H. Bergmann, H.H. Bergmann, Henry groom surname is 'best guess'
15th Ridenour, James Leavinstine, Lydia A. party affirmed  
17th Reddrick, David Trumann, [blank] Heavens, Isaac  
19th Hottinger, Geo Albertus, Paulina Hottinger, A.  
19th Wolf, Gottlieb Liebman, Liena Krophwaite, Christian  
20th Breggemann, John Helm, Wilhelmina known  
22nd Evans, Job Evans, Lucy   no witness noted
23rd Madison, William Robinson, Sarah M. Heardmann, William  
26th Buck, Samuel H. Goodall, Emma Parties known  
27th Sampson, Frederick Beake, Christina Sampson, Christopher  
30th Henneken, W.W. Harvey, Gertrude   no witness noted
May 1858        
3rd Haislit, Geo. W. Wood, Emily C. Burbridge, J.M., Guardian consent it is unclear if the words 'Guardian consent' are for this record or the next record
5th Porter, John T. Beatty, Harriet   it is unclear if the words 'Guardian consent' are for this record or the previous record / also no witness noted for this record
5th Bergmann, Henry Bergmann, Caroline   no witness noted
6th Jones, Freedom Ross, Nancy known  
6th Randall, Joseph Howes, Polly   no witness noted
7th Dessel, Conrad Weltes, Mary Parties known bride surname smeared, is a 'best guess'
17th Winkowitch, George Hirix, Mary Consent of father  
17th Read, Robert R. Williams, Mary Ann Known  
18th Borden, Henry Smith, Ellen   there are two entries for this license, see below/ no witness noted
18th King, John T. Sloeuns, Mary C. Fox, B.F. bride surname is a 'best guess'
17th Brown, Almond Bomig, Susana M. consent of Parents  
18th Borden, Henry Smith, Ellen Fox, B.F. there are two entries for this license, see above
19th Butter, Henry Carnahan, Martha Jane consent of parent  
31st Warnke, John Meien, Margaret   no witness noted
June 1858        
1st Casey, Stephen Mattox, Alice [illegible] sworn  
2nd Waters, Gardner Carr, Elvina   no witness noted
4th Weyer, John S. Hubbard, Eliza Lunch, Patrick  
5th Schultz, Henry Staen, Sarath   no witness noted
5th Cords, Henry Borghan, Sara   no witness noted
8th Patterson, John Christ, Catharin   no witness noted
  Plotnal, Christian Davis, Dorina   this entry is written in-between the above & below entry, no date; surname of groom is 'best guess'
9th Meyer, Michael Leas, Barbary   no witness noted
14th Hines, Thomas Dunean, Louisa Consent of father  
14th Ryan, John Kelly, Mary   no witness noted
15th Dortland, Joseph Dorweiler, Mary   no witness noted
16th Mitchell, Andrew Carner, Lydia consent of Parents  
17th Cord, Frederick Ruthorp, Ann C.M. Consent of father  
18th Lietgen, Christian Eberhard, Hennina   no witness noted
21st Leibel, Dieder Rogmann, Marie   no witness noted
21st Phalling, John Schoermann, Mary   no witness noted
21st Ebert, Frederick Roeder, Catharine   no witness noted
22nd Quigley, Jeremiah Gales, Elizabeth consent of Parents  
22nd Miller, Henry Hesslein, Rosa   no witness noted
22nd Casey, Michael Bill, Mary   no witness noted
25th Weinnan, Frederick Steinmeier, Doris Nieman, W. Chas  
25th White, Frederick Meyers, Sophia   no witness noted
28th Webs--n, Herman Mann, Elizabeth consent groom surname is 'best guess'
28th Hanson, Peter Lane, Mary   no witness noted
July 1858        
3rd Britz, J.L. McAlpin, Martha E.   no witness noted
5th Tidner, Emil Wagner, Magdeline Parties known groom surname is 'best guess'
5th Kinnen, W.W. McLeamy, Sarah A.M. Kinnen, W.W. Sworn both surnames are 'best guess'
6th Peck, Douglass Haught, Mary Cullet, Wm  
9th Schirber, Michael Adman, Annie   no witness noted
12th Neill, Wm Whitney, Amorritla Whitney, John; father; sworn  
13th Garber, Peter Been, Catharine Minger, Fred  
13th Kuhlman, Henry Trusce, Trancisca   no witness noted; bride surname is 'best guess'
13th Condon, Thomas Kneeland, Ellen Collins, Michael groom surname is 'best guess'
19th Kramer, John Schrmke, Fredericke   no witness noted
20th Fowler, W.W. Henry, Martha   no witness noted
23rd Schneider, Joseph John, Mary   no witness noted
23rd Strang, Henry Fobes, Adaline   no witness noted
31st Whipple, Abel Pierce, Eliza Quimly, Horace  
August 1858        
2nd Bushee, Braton Morley, Abagail Parties known  
6th Santer, Michael Rehoul, Welhermine   no witness noted
6th Conner, John Leeary, Joanna   no witness noted
7th Kirschbergher, Johan Von Berg, Maria Meary, Andreas  
7th Freck, Ferdinand Willman, Magdelina Burkhart, Jos  
7th Burchart, Joseph Frick, Mary Freck, Ferdinand  
9th Johnsen, Gilbert Klein, Gertrude Parties known  
23rd Rees, John Bowles, Lucretia   no witness noted
24th Shephard, Wm S. Trunkey, Mary Ann   no witness noted
25th Moon, O.H. Frisbee, Sarah Jane   no witness noted
26th Frischell, G.L.W. Koebule, E.E.   no witness noted
28th Bonstelter, Michael Dorweiler, Catherine   no witness noted
September 1858       no witness noted
1st Ellis, Bernard Linder, Mary   no witness noted
3rd Harvey, Hiram Gould, Henrietta M.   no witness noted
4th Linon, Asa Chesnut, Nancy   no witness noted; groom surname is 'best guess'
6th Oldham, Thomas Stodebaker, Eliza   no witness noted
6th Seward, Anson Heags, Paulina   no witness noted
7th Kaiser, Ludowig Adrian, Elizabeth   no witness noted
11th Pallas, John Penst, Caroline   no witness noted
11th Heins, Freeman B. Christman, Olivia   no witness noted
13th Dash, Jasper F. Dennis, Jane   no witness noted
14th Beeman, H.F. Stratz, Dora   no witness noted
14th Hindel, Emanul Hindel, Reba   no witness noted
18th Holdman, Herman Kramer, Hannah   no witness noted
18th Wick, C.F. Brien, Sarah C.   no witness noted; brides name may be Sarah O'Brien
20th Fisher, George Fishler, Miss E.   no witness noted
20th Merk, Andrew Spiser, Mary M.   no witness noted
21st Knutson, Knut Nielson, Camiel   no witness noted
23rd Gilmore, Wm W. Flanahan, Emily W.   no witness noted
27th Weston, John Hofeldt, Wilhelmina   no witness noted
27th Eberherd, M. Webzer, Alpolmia   no witness noted
29th Slitor, R.M. Winters, Sarah C.   no witness noted
29th Eckert, C. Nicolay, Ann E.   no witness noted
October 1858       no witness noted
1st Davis, Francis Grossman, A.M.C.   no witness noted
11th Lemon, R. Price, Harriet   no witness noted; bride surname is 'best guess'
15th Kooch, Henry Geitine, Sophia   no witness noted
15th Locomeyer, Henry W. Meyer, Wilomina   no witness noted
20th Willman, Paul Wagner, Caroline   no witness noted
21st Platt, Norman Ames, Catherine E.   no witness noted
22nd Shew, William Oster, Hester Ann Howell, Andrew  
23rd Fenkuk, John Hoop, Sophia   no witness noted; groom surname is 'best guess'
25th Schaffer, Charles Guttman, Mary   no witness noted
25th Greeley, Atemas Weier, Jane   no witness noted
25th Gruenwold, Henry Wolgas, Elizabeth   no witness noted
25th Kendlomey, William [??]ssler, Mary   no witness noted, both surnames are 'best guess'
30th Read, Laar E. Douglass, Ida A. Westren, Jerman groom & witness names are 'best guess'
30th Lockridge, John Byers, Wilhimina   no witness noted
November 1858       no witness noted
1st Thompkins, A.P. Smith, Mary A.   no witness noted
1st Bruchner, Wolfgang Lemmermeir, Lyetta   no witness noted
8th Schneider, Henry Barnhard, Ann M.   no witness noted
8th Lent, John Johnson, Annie   no witness noted
10th Welsch, Thomas Carol, Catherine   no witness noted
11th Willman, Richard White, Elizabeth   no witness noted
12th Wapper, John Park, Mahala   no witness noted
13th Deyo, Hiram Patterson, Hellian   no witness noted
14th Shrunk, Mortimer Adams, Magdalena   no witness noted
15th Simmons, Thodere Simmons, Harriet E.   no witness noted
17th Goshin, S.M. Knight, Harriet E.   no witness noted
23rd Price, A.P. Wood, Elizabeth   no witness noted
24th Will, Henry C. Pohlman, Louisa Parties known  
27th Stichlich, C.G. Stegemann, Mary   no witness noted
27th Callaghorn, Timothy Garrahty, Mary Carter, Wm  
December 1858       no witness noted
1st Holmes, Peter Williams, Fanny   no witness noted
3rd Wagoner, John Kolasck, Joanna K.   no witness noted
6th Gladden, William Cooley, Emily E. Consent of father  
7th Cleveland, Chas Green, Sarah Jane   no witness noted
8th Carter, John H. Smith, Jane Smith, Thos. L.  
9th Eade, Christian Johnson, Eliza Miller, John  
10th Noble, L.L. Hidner, Elizabeth E. Consent of father bride surname is a 'best guess'
14th Egbert, Elmer Turner, Ann   no witness noted
14th Warner, Chester Smith, Mary A. Butts, C.M.  
15th Doty, John Syder, Ruth Ann Consent of father  
17th Meyers, Charles Peterson, Elizabeth   no witness noted
18th Ring, David Pardee, Susan Consent of father, Groom known no witness noted
20th Mentzel, Frederick Max Fucks, Anna Teresa Mengel, Charles  
24th Scott, Thomas J. True, Mary Jane Hughard, F.  
27th Rawson, C.H. Brownell, Carrie A.   no witness noted
27th Baker, John G. King, Jane S. King, R.J witness name is 'best guess'
29th Burtell, John L. McKinnis, Martha J.   no witness noted


Source: Clayton County, Iowa Marriage License Record, 1855-1860, FHL US/Can microfilm
#1255482, Item 3
Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

Every effort has been taken to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are very possible. The clerk's handwriting was very difficult to decipher! Please use this transcription only as a guide & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

Thank-you to IAGenWeb volunteer Constance Diamond for her generosity in making these records available for transcription!

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