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Clayton co. Marriage Licenses

August, September, October, November & December

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Date Issued to Issued to Witness / Record Notes Transcribers notes
August 1857        
13th Wagner, W.C. Baxter, Rebecca J. Baxter, Bethuel  
14th Reed, John Camahan, Elizabeth Reed himself sworn  
14th Shulte, Conrad Hyler, Catharine E.   no witness noted
17th Brown, Oliver P. Hyde, Sarah consent of girls parents  
21st Duncan, Tillman Sworbry, Catharine L. Certificate from Georg Sworbry the Father of bride groom first name on marriage license is given as Tillman, but appears in both index entries as Fillmore
24th Eggarth, Ernest Dobrowsky, Caroline Certificate from parent  
25th Reinhard, Herman Jarnnish, Mrs. Jane M.   no witness noted
29th Wakeman, Edwin B. Russell, Rosella R. Party sworn  
September 1857        
1st Bucholtz, William Tickey, Mary Rand, Moses not sure of witness first name
3rd Hesse, August Herringer, Juliana Lamle, Jacob  
11th Shutte, H.C.L. Perrhring, Eliza Fox, B.F.  
12th Klute, Joachim Shumacher, Mary Eddy, Christian  
12th Lambert, Joseph Rheinhart, Louisa Wetter, David  
12th Torry, Alvan Smith, Linn Richardson, Kahes N. witness may be two surnames: Kahes & Richardson
14th Patch, Charles N. Smith, Eliza C. Patch, G.A  
15th Morgan, Cornelius Hudsen, Mary R.   no witness noted
15th Brownnell, Geo W. LeWott, Sarah Wilkott, Barley  
18th Carnahan, Robert C. Boldvia, Ann Carnahan, John  
19th Smith, Joel Wilson, Esther L.   no witness noted
21st Lovell, Thomas B. Sterns, Laura E. Studholme, Joseph  
21st Beach, Jonas Denton, Laura   no witness noted
22nd Peterson, Heinre Bolest, Catharine Schmolfeldt, John  
23rd Warn, Edward Hamilton, Mary Hesley, N.F. not sure of witness name
26th McCrum, Thomas Kreglon, Martha A.   no witness noted
26th Hines, Azariah Prigh, Sarah certificate from parents  
26th Heart, Adam Bolsinger, Mary license returned no witness noted
26th Tangermann, S.F. Bush, Elizsbeth Brieth, Johan  
October 1857        
2nd Noland, Adam M. Bretz, Esther S. Consent of parents  
5th Thurber, Joseph S. Chipman, Nancy Consent of parents  
5th Cook, James Chipman, Amarilla Harkus, Christian, Consent of parents  
6th Brockman, Christian Meyer, Maria Harkus, Christian  
9th Stocks, Geo A. Groth, Rosalin N. Warn, S.  
10th Fitzpatrick, James Malone, Mary   may be James Fitz Patrick
12th Martin, John C. Schurholtz, Anna M.   no witness noted
12th Everingham, B.D. Moon, E.B.   no witness noted
13th Easton, Joshua King, Caroline E. Witness Sworn to the consent of parents  
15th Trescott, Elmer Richardson, Angeline   no witness noted
15th Koe, Joel Richardson, Julia Trescot, Elmer  
24th Eckert, Henry Logan, Mary Emily Eckert, H.C. not sure of witness initials
28th Stackleburg, Henry Spicker, Sophia Spicker, H. may be Shicker or Snicker
31st Palas, John Henry Fullmann, Doretha Bump, Friederic may be Pales
November 1857        
2nd Henning, Christian Schumacher, Barbara   no witness noted
2nd Peterson, Henry Wilruth, Dorethea   no witness noted
2nd Brinkman, William Christian, Barbara Smith, Geo  
2nd Stuthert, Henry C. Wilker, Sophia   may be Wilkes, no witness noted
2nd Meyer, Fred Wm Brant, Mary E. Kessel, G.W.  
3rd White, Levern McNamarra, Mary Heasting, John F.  
3rd Smout, Edward McBrum, Julia Ann McCunit, Thomas  
3rd Ulrich, John Wagner, Catharine Kolthennsee, John  
3rd Harting, John F. McNamarra, Catharine White, Trewin  
5th Bomer, Andrew Truasr, Angeline Scott, Alpheus  
7th Arnold, George Henry, Elizabeth Consent mother, Witt: B.F. Fox  
11th Wells, Alphouse J. Keifover, Nancy Consent of guardian, Witt: James D. Walker middle initial may be something other than J
14th Clair, Davis B. Crosby, Ellen Carpenter, Francis  
19th Krookewait, Christian Hossfeldt, Elizabeth Hammond, Peter  
20th Phillips, William Monet, Deriz Nieland, Henry  
21st Musselman, John Hurion, Jane Scott, Alpheus  
24th Pearson, Ebenezer Jr Henry, Frances F. Henry, G.W.  
24th Cunningham, John Dugan, Catharine Downey, Michael  
24th Crawford, Moses Creagar, Mary D. Updegraff, T.  
24th Downey, Michael Holden, Margaret Thompson, T.  
24th Wagner, Emelies Keen, Mary   witness name is illegible
25th Runner, David Wolf, Elizabeth Dimend, Daniel may be Runsier
December 1857        
1st Meyer, Christian Beckman, Sophia Maria Beckman, Wm  
3rd Casey, Michael McNamarra, Bridget Casey, John  
7th Brainard, H.B. Simmonds, Sarah F. Simmonds, Wm A. H.B. is a guess, ink blot partially obscuring initials
21st Lyons, Erastus B. Puckering, Matilda Lyons, Levi  
22nd Carty, John Renshaw, Adaline Acquainted  
22nd Schultz, Charles Best, Katharine M.E. Schaffer, Charles  
22nd Predmore, John C. Peters, Nancy F. Acquainted  
23rd Norman, James R. Adams, Hannah Consent of parents  
24th Roberts, Justus R. Watkins, Eumise H. Watkins, Henry  
30th Bradley, Alonzo Bell, Jane Cox, B.F. not sure of witness initials
30th Bradley, John Murdock, Mary Croft, Nelson not sure of witness name


Source: Clayton County, Iowa Marriage License Record, 1855-1860, FHL US/Can microfilm
#1255482, Item 3
Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

Every effort has been taken to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are very possible. The old handwriting is sometimes very difficult to decipher! Please use this transcription only as a guide & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

Thank-you to IAGenWeb volunteer Constance Diamond for her generosity in making these records available for transcription!

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